2018-2019 Championship Cat Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon Jun 18 14:05:55 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1-200
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
11Purrsia Pardonne Moi PD8211
21Siempreamar Armin of Cooperdolls RD5680
31Willowblue's Gen Stonewall Jackson AS5230
41Havacat Teddy Tea Maker of Oberlin HB4862
52Riterags J J RD3719
61Azureblue Kronos of Lovery Charlie SV3558
73Countrysiderags Mischief Maker RD3406
81Aconcagua Guerrera AB3245
91Mistysprings Blow My Dice! CY3160
101Ricochetridge Adahlia OS3156
114Fluorite Sweet Sorbet of Irisplace RD3034
121Quiringa Velvet Aristocrats ACL3033
131Borya Klaus Der Erste SX2926
142Osterfen Tahlulah OS2877
151Willowblue's Kaidu BG2799
162Dbliss Delfina SX2769
171Zendique Jiminy Cricket ES2575
182Betunes Traventino of Chamonix ES2556
191MTNest Paint To Sample MC2404
201Owhl Irn Bru Im A Pip SF2378
211Blupaw Electric Barbarella DR2369
221Silverine Stardust of Russicatblue RB2300
232Piraju Felinos Zeus of Brazucats BG2248
241Makelas Oliver PS2228
251Rusich Nebesnaja Lazur Of Neva AngelSB2214
265Farandoll Dai of Charlietabuohi RD2169
273Atien Tiara of Whozz ES2161
281Endelosglede Aspen NF2067
292Shadeaby Double O Seven of Taco VillAB2029
303Guru Apu Illapu BG1995
312Mainevu Ring O Fire MC1991
322Toy Tricksy Bomboncito of Chante/CF PS1976
331Minamifuji Naru BS1964
34T4Angelrose Lakshmi BG1956
34T6Ragmatical Nimbus RD1956
36T1Dushara Laugh And A Half SO1945
36T3Ttcats Ushi of Mousseecoons MC1945
384Bacchus Feilong MC1938
393Chieko Blue Beads PS1934
405GigantCat Buzz of MaisonMagique MC1912
415Novak Des Griffes De Feu BG1875
421Havvanur's Instant Crush TA1862
432Tiganlea Baron Igor NF1832
441Dodo Shillana*PL SRL1812
451Blueskies Catrice Purrgeron MNL1799
461Goldentowncoon Chitos MCP1774
476Coolspots Paprika BG1773
483Blueriver Kodak Moments AB1735
496Bajacoon Theodoro MC1713
501Countrygal Majestic of Cherrybirdie HI1686
513Nudelook Cringles of Kristilmist SX1682
527Countrysiderags Sapphire Rose RD1655
532Jobara Princssbride of Curlydoll/CF DR1642
547Speakeasy Star Ofthe Show BG1622
554Dirose's Lord Hantaro PS1584
562Ironforge Cloud of Fantcfur AS1581
574Glamourcattery Cosmo SX1577
588Dsjewels Red Hot Iron Man RD1576
592Boucles Monsieur Incroyable SRL1568
609Hovicastle Kygo RD1566
615Maradan Goya of Moroni's PS1549
623Apocalyptica Twix OS1522
631Barmont Just One Look CR1521
641EbonyCatz Mr Spock BO1512
655Mon Tresor Edelweisse SX1500
661Garfy Zarilla of Sayadaws BL1488
674Herus Dreamboat Annie AB1463
682Overear Storm Rolling In ACL1446
698Sonoitas Spellbound BG1440
707Tiger Bastetto MC1428
711Wyndchymes Changes JB1420
724Sherezada Manolito ES1400
73T6Juguete Ayacata's Dreams*ES SX1392
73T2Makdissy Rupert The Bear BS1392
758Migatobonito Dangerous Woman MC1385
766Miro Shimmer And Shine PS1341
772Hug Love Addjo East PD1339
781Iruskha Lakota OC1337
792Chateaumane Ev Sunak TA1329
809Guru Rialto of Tikkasky BG1327
813Nirvana du Caramy DR1317
827Jemineve Tee Bow PS1289
832Shiekspurr Ricciolini HI1269
847Betunes Maria Quiteria SX1266
859Larhae Magnum Opus MC1262
8610Bajacoon Filomena MC1258
872Javahut Christofur HB1253
881Marvee-Lus Knick-Knack/CF BU1240
894Facehuggers Bobs Your Uncle DR1238
902DK Meldgaards Magdalina SB1236
918Samlilah Mozarts Requiem PS1223
92T3Cmaterrace Dahlia SB1207
92T9Lorishakatz Michelle PS1207
94T1Antiguo Reino De Siam Allegra TH1202
94T10Minamifuji Ami Antonio BG1202
961Amisti Im A Carbon Copy KBL1194
9711Bengaluvrs Snickers of Lunakatz BG1193
9811Woodpile Peregrin Took MC1191
992Zirkove Sayivo Demmy Moor SF1183
10012Kizzacoons Jon Snow MC1169
10113Mewstone Geronimo MC1147
1023Luna Morena Sereia of Britsh Brasil BS1140
1031Primprau's Khun Ped Sii Fah KT1121
1044Savuti Sacrdwarrior of Sacerdosfele OS1119
1055Rulissa Hamilton of Briarvalley AB1113
1061Odesseycatz Logan TO1109
10714Mainefield's Lucky Charm MC1107
10812Bengalfamily Dyck BG1104
1094Mountteine Sapphire BS1080
110T1Coloradopixies Okies Crissy PBL1066
110T5Purrluxe Sterling Zazzlenchrome BS1066
11210Blumenkatzen Freya RD1056
11311Laladoll Mof Rion of Irisplace RD1053
11415Carolinameows Rumble In The Jungle MC1042
1151Jakoi No End to Trouble JBL1041
1164Prekrasne Gaudemaude of Pawsitively SB1028
117T6Makdissy Talulah BS1025
117T5Mysticmelody Trickster Angel SB1025
119T1Ayshazen Arfur Crown AUM1021
119T1Shadycombe Calendar Girl TV1021
12116Silverlunar Livais Jr MC1008
122T12Lynfield Alex Taro RD983
122T2Mysticamist Marblu AUM983
1242Murburg Avatar of Supurrnova BU977
1255Myzots Buzz of TCB/ID ES970
126T2Jump For My Life Flash Arian*CZ RB959
126T17Yuna Hobby Cat's Red Taiger MC959
1283Aithan HI949
1293Delicious Ikura SF935
130T18TAmayalynx Thor of Newenglandcoons MC930
130T18TBigrivercoon Calista of Larhae MC930
1321Penelane Far Away Eyes SI929
1337Alimur's Destiny BS926
1344Himalaya's Road Morning Dew HI917
13510Sweet Moom Mustache Of Sheron Cats PS914
13613Lagallerie Ripple Delight BG911
137T20Carolinameow Marie Laveau MC909
137T1Emautions Nabo Polassar EM909
13911Stupendus Horrible Henry PS906
1408Noun House Haidely BS904
1413Betunes Nutrella AS898
1421Chocolatefactry S Yuengling MK895
143T13TLa Piazzeta Benedetto RD894
143T13TRockcreek Artemis of Im4evrdolls RD894
1459Crystal Flame's Blackjack / ID BS893
1465Vikers Cream Caramel HI890
14714Goldnglitz Luca of Aurora Bengals BG889
14821Shonancats Ryokichi of Minamifuji MC874
14915Authenticats Platinum Night Voyager BG855
1501Arohanui BC Muddy Cup Cake of MadelaLP851
1516Betunes Kaique ES847
15216Silverstorm Phantom of Valleykatz BG842
15315Farymoon Hana RD837
1542Kiwendo Chewbacca of Elevated TO833
155T1Demi Zvezda Velesa DSK829
155T2Milkymyus Candy MK829
155T3Qttonks Traveling Man of Sazikatz TO829
1588Rich Gift Your Love of Dnilesphy/WC SX820
159T6Abylife Tyrion Lannister AB819
159T6Tranquility Mango of Shiekspurr HI819
1613Horoshun Ishmer Bravo of Curlzz SRL812
1629Sphynxantiquus Iskra SX804
16310Silverbrook Wonder Girl BS788
164T22Arturo Iuxta Fontem MC787
164T3Hummingcat Tamyu of Newslabel NF787
16616Keepurrs Lillie RD778
1671Singville Ares SG776
1687Pampa Mi Amor of Thai's Star AB773
16917Realcat Lizzy of Cha Cha BG759
1701Sazikatz Rocket Queen BM754
1713Kazuki Anikachi*Es PD752
17217Mitzi Garnet RD751
1737Ma Petite Robe Noire du Royaume FeliES747
1746Charodey I Am So Handsome SB740
1752Oreille Anchors Aweigh SO735
1762Tortiesrus La Ferrari JB732
17723Mainesuspect Rocky Racoon MC727
17824Mainelyours Rocky Road of Ttcats MC721
1794Betelgeuse *RU Uralochka/WC PD691
18011Delicious's Pokky BS676
1811Excatiburfolds Batman SCS673
1821Starghatts Osirus of Txsbirmans BI672
183T18Aspengold Moon Shadow BG666
183T2Karissimakat Mia of Minghou SI666
18512K-LA Freckles of Pearadise BS660
18613Abbi Boto The One of Britsh Brasil BS656
187T4Delicious Nozomi SF654
187T2Miss Lulya of British Harmony BL654
1895Izarra Phanagoria of Comix DR653
1901Urfo Golden Rain SFL641
1913Kenipurr's Sign-of-the-Times JB640
19219Panachebengals Passion BG635
193T10Acirrekatz You Only Live Once SX634
193T2Dawntreader Chrissie Hynde MCP634
19512Elviskitkats Sweet Emotions PS633
196T7Ignat Taiga Star*RU SB630
196T14Riddikulus Elandrea BS630
1986Txelfkatz Simply Sinfur DR629
1992Nina Minted BM628
200T20TKindle Veneno BG626
200T20TLovelyrita Hedwig BG626