2018-2019 Household Pet Kitten Standings: 202-333

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 22 13:40:47 2019.

RankHousehold Pet Kitten Standings: 202-333
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
202T39Dori NW1291
202T6Amelia SW1291
2045Lu Lu de La Monarquia SA1286
20510Momo AW1265
20611Orange Sherbert a la Mode NE1264
20711Baibai AW1254
2087Cowboy SW1248
2094Crncica ES1242
210T25Roc A Mic Like A Vandal of Elagans SC1220
210T5Felix of NewEnglandCoons ES1220
21240Andre of Mollywood NW1214
21312Macchiato AW1210
21414Artemis EW1208
21510Gulliver Gossips On The Yacht MA1203
21618Miss Blossom GL1182
2172Milan IN1165
218T15Jezebel Freya EW1164
218T7Hiiragi AE1164
22026Mbalia SC1143
22142Lt Dan SE1132
22213Beauty AW1122
22311Lucy MA1121
2246Jango Conte SA1120
22527Queeble The Wonder Cat SC1105
22619Jelly Bean GL1104
2277Aphrodite of Yisenia SA1100
2283Cola IN1099
22916Tigress EW1094
2308Toulouse SA1067
2313FI*Beneloben Iki-Ihana Indiana EN1066
2324Dagman EN1044
2334Omc Be Honest IN1011
23417Truevine Cedric EW1006
23520Sweet Pea GL1004
23621Wild Blue Rose GL994
2376Kate Mosse ES992
2385Mia IN956
23941Anne NW950
2406Neptune IN945
24128Stonehaven Angel SC944
24214Sun AW935
2437Fai Fai IN934
244T7Toshi ES913
244T15Diana AW913
24618Here Comes Trouble [EW] EW907
2479Queen Sophie SA906
248T43Wyatt SE880
248T16Queeniedolls Siren AW880
25022Neville GL873
2518Tinkerbell IN868
25242Gus Larry NW852
2538Pocket SW851
25423Colby GL842
2555Papageno EN840
25624Galina GL824
2579Manny SW805
25810Lola SA802
25943Dark Prince Romeo NW797
26044Penelope Le Pew SE782
26125Listen To Your Heart of Chriscat GL780
26219Captain Paws EW775
26329Vanilla SC773
26430Tall Tails And Legends Clyde SC762
26545Zandi-kat of Nada SE747
26626Tucker GL725
26746Clara SE715
26847Calee Anne SE709
26948Tiana SE699
27049Valentino SE693
27120Minnie EW687
27210Locket SW686
27311Ryuji SA671
27421Dorabella EW670
2758Felix Felicis ES660
2769Miu Nee of Arcapada IN659
27744Funboy NW643
278T10TLala IN637
278T10TCleo IN637
278T10TArcas of Kanazri IN637
28145Teddy NW610
28250Elmo SE606
28313Christ IN593
2849Pirate Of The Black Sea ES582
2856Eife's Emil fra Lonneberg EN577
28622Widget EW576
28751Ronni SE574
28827Micro Mini GL572
28914Una IN571
29031Twix SC570
29123Kikicatchoo EW565
292T8Rin AE560
292T7Nublu EN560
29411Ginger SW550
295T8TEife's Ronja Roverdatter EN544
295T8TBolette EN544
29728Kermit GL521
298T10TModany Halley ES500
298T10TAhil ES500
30052Nero of Kapekatz SE490
30129Katniss GL463
30253Dorrie SE429
30330Tempest GL427
30424De De EW417
30554Cindy SE373
30631Twister GL368
307T12Merengue SA340
307T15Harry IN340
309T55Kayzeye Faster Than A Silver Bullet SE302
309T16Er Yi Yi IN302
31132Dory GL300
31233Vincent GL282
31356Cookie SE272
31457Chloe SE265
31512Ricky SW258
31634Petey With Stripes GL242
31758Miley SE234
3189Seiya Takeuchi AE230
31935Bobbie GL224
32012Buffon ES220
32159Kristof SE210
32212Tinaz Andy MA196
32313Porsche SW187
32460Novacore Commander SE165
325T61Mixer SE121
325T13Ava SA121
32714Mercedes SW118
328T62Mr Ash SE110
328T17Hei Hei AW110
33063Rhinestone Cowgirl SE90
33164Bender SE79
33265Merida SE71
33336Hermione GL63