2017-2018 Kitten Standings: 1002-1201

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun May 20 00:22:36 2018.

RankKitten Standings: 1002-1201
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
10025358Dsonanns Picasso SAPS1285
1003267Graymark Evening Star MPBU1284
1004T21974Jue Ye INBS1282
1004T5942Sphynxabastet Leila EWSX1282
1006272Graymark Samuel MPBO1281
100722022Anita INDR1279
100855143Sherlynx Like A Tiger of Sarajen/WC MAMC1278
1009T805Leonprime Nimiko ESMNL1276
1009T5638Herus Fantasy of Grape Arbor SWAB1276
1009T736Wyldthingz Mozart In The Jungle SCSV1276
1012579QT-Tonks Marquee of Tonkville SWTO1274
101381144MTNest Kennedy ESMC1273
10145559Chat D'or Ruby NEPS1272
101522143Acc INSX1271
1016777Singville Vanda of Singasarang AASG1270
1017T60145Ishcus Kattily EWMC1266
1017T826Planeta Neo Evgenika ESPD1266
1017T74T85Mirabell Kassy SCBG1266
1017T74T23Mariposa Xmen Colossus of Comix SCDR1266
1021T5520TRakiscats Regor SEOS1263
1021T20TChipmunk Ramblin Rose --OS1263
1023T7622Dianysus Pepsi Blu SCOS1262
1023T8339Absinthe La Niomana ESAB1262
1025T2886Solanaranch Madness of Silverink MPBG1261
1025T5675Emeraldy Diana NEBS1261
1027T8411IT* Kind Of Blue Crianca ESRB1259
1027T82146Amuletcoon D'Artagnan ENMC1259
1027T5615Beaconwood Wintertime MACR1259
1030T5840Wil-O-Glen's Giulia/CF SWAB1258
1030T7787Bengaluvrs Maryanna SCBG1258
10328341Soom Emma ENAB1257
1033T549Gavigat Salma SASO1256
1033T5988TSonoita Silk Doll SWBG1256
1033T7188TWildrosebengals Ocean Jasper NWBG1256
10368520RO*Phoenix's Cats Bullet ESNF1255
1037T8423Ilikethis Woody Woodpecker ENOS1252
1037T7219N-Theodora Felisia NWSF1252
1037T7810Allafold Romeo Aristocat SCSFL1252
1040T222T76TRockey's Neltharion INBS1250
1040T5552DeAbaete Jordana SAES1250
1040T222T76TBaby INBS1250
1040T6176TCalmcat Corall EWBS1250
1044T8660Stefilla Eyecatcher ESPS1249
1044T5619Beso del Olimpo Carolina Herrera SASI1249
10467890Bengal Family's Daia AABG1248
1047T4824Synergy Szibarack GLOS1247
1047T224135Eria Pro Perfection INRD1247
1049T22579Da Tou INBS1246
1049T607Betelgeuse Ru Malvina of Purrsia SWPD1246
1051T794Lesplushes Nemo AACX1245
1051T22644Beerus INSX1245
105322791Kellybengals Apollo INBG1244
1054T874Florentinegang Casablanca ESLY1243
1054T8021Azureblue Luna Eclipse AANF1243
1056T627Jezebel Flynn EWPB1242
1056T496Synergy Vodynoy GLOL1242
1058T228136Teeny Karoma of Shsylvanas INRD1241
1058T5780Mukascat Prada SABS1241
106057137Bellapalazzo Hisoka NERD1240
1061T61138Ragmatical Nanouck of EntrancingdollSWRD1235
1061T2294Banlaoshi INMCP1235
1063T8553Dark Diamond's Russian Lover of LandENES1233
1063T568Caterablu Cracker Jack SESG1233
1065738Legendtales Pocahontas NWPB1230
1066882Pixy Sphynx Panka ESDSK1229
106789147RU*Unicum Yipsy ESMC1226
10682307Angelru Roro's Brownie INSCL1225
10692316Moecat Waha INSCS1223
1070796Blueskies Catrice Purrgeron SCMNL1222
10715020Radiance Wild Mustang of Balihoo GLSI1221
1072T5724Nada In Your Wildest Dreams SEDR1220
1072T81139TCleverdoll Lisa Simpson AARD1220
1072T232139TCallistedoll's Lili INRD1220
10755892Bengallys Ares NEBG1219
1076T8021Ranchcats Summer Rain SCSI1217
1076T233141Blueice Zoe INRD1217
1078742Frisson BC Urban Legend NWLP1215
10796381Pearlescent Nala Queen EWBS1211
1080T8182HMS Bianca Del Rio SCBS1209
1080T514Amaure Lion Guard GLEM1209
1082T59T148DCFD Firestorm of Abscatz NEMC1206
1082T59T142Bellapalazzo Virtue NERD1206
1084T8616Petit Bon Bon Flower Garden*RUS ENCR1205
1084T8242Brouillard Moon-Ny of Insuubunkai AAAB1205
10866412Kimcatz Darceys Dream of Bradbritz EWBL1204
10875861Dclass Bambuco SAPS1203
10882347Fa Po INMNL1202
1089T8293Lunakatz Tusheeka of Bengaluvrs SCBG1201
1089T7554Velvetdamour Captain of Starlore NWES1201
1091T8345Lunarami Violeto SCSX1200
1091T5962Moroni's Fatima SAPS1200
10938312Daiji Sasha AARB1199
10947694Traipse Up Into The Sky NWBG1197
1095T235T55Dudu INES1196
1095T84149TChatile Soori of Amangroup AAMC1196
1095T84149TAlwaro Black Mochitto/ID SCMC1196
1095T235T25Anne INDR1196
10996083Salomonkingdom Matilda SABS1193
11008595Lunakatz Sir Gabriel of Bengalmanor SCBG1191
1101T23784Sweetcookies Da Shuai INBS1190
1101T87151Forest Beauty A.Il 'Ya Muromets ENMC1190
11038585Minamifuji Naru AABS1188
110486152McHolic White Moon AAMC1186
1105T23820TLittle Cream INSF1185
1105T8620TAllafold Prince Charming SCSF1185
11077746Simplynude Fat Albert of Fantcfur NWSX1183
1108T8843Holoserica's Tumaini of Dushara ENAB1181
1108T9047*MT Bare-Naked Dita Von Tesse ESSX1181
1110T8786Riddikulus Elandrea AABS1180
1110T587Rellax A Smooth Criminal of Jagcat SESCS1180
1110T239T96Lv William INBG1180
1110T239T13Bluevika Jason Moonlight INRB1180
1114T5225Synergy Hello Sweetie GLOS1177
1114T915Niki de L'Elegance Bleu ESCX1177
1116T8922Kilka 24 Karata*RUS ENSI1176
1116T8814Vert Pico Papico of Supersmile AARB1176
1118T5326Minghou Mr Ed D of Karissimakat GLOS1174
1118T2997Angelsiam Justified MPBG1174
1120T9023Kaspektin Meowth ENSI1172
1120T24156Starforest Thomas INES1172
112224257Niu Niu Ex Tuanzi INES1171
1123T7898Traipse Calla Lily NWBG1170
1123T24387Squirrel INBS1170
1125T5744Aradia Blonde Ambition of Divabys MAAB1168
1125T89153Bacchus Mimosa AAMC1168
1127T244T9Jiang Xiao Bai INMK1167
1127T244T143Pawsdoll Cutie INRD1167
1127T8725Windleaves Top Gun SCAS1167
1130T24688Xue Niang INBS1166
1130T545Alicats Charlemagne of Timez GLTH1166
1132916Frodo Bun Me Chalai Dara ENTH1165
11336127Cotton SAOS1163
11349089Mountteine Hokuto AABS1162
1135927Jazz Elegant Step ENTH1161
11368826Txelfkatz Sunshine And Whiskey SCDR1160
11376299Lovelyrita Hedwig SABG1159
1138T92T28Tara Perly Orientu*PL ESOS1157
1138T92T63Agapi Mou Be Still My Heart ESPS1157
1140T247T17Thor INCR1156
1140T247T144Puffydolls Chopper INRD1156
114224990Chill Cat Bobo INBS1155
114363145Sulraggies Shiva SARD1152
114489100Bengaluvrs Snickers of Lunakatz SCBG1151
114593101MurenaCat Ace ENBG1150
1146T9010Balnamore Stargazer of Sazikatz SCTO1148
1146T9122Bluedryad Son of Can Can AANF1148
1148T947Tigervisions Malaya ENTG1147
1148T250146TPawsdoll Lily INRD1147
1148T146TPandora --RD1147
11519223Ticktack Julia of Rain AANF1143
1152T62102Arkham Shatheed SWBG1142
1152T95154Bestseller Jagger Forest Beauty ENMC1142
1154967Avyonah Yara ENTV1141
115525122Da Niu INSF1140
1156647Aiko Kumiko SABI1139
11576545Aconcagua Guerrera SAAB1137
1158T252148Rainbow Baby W of Lollipopdoll INRD1134
1158T598Wyndchymes Andi Mack SEJB1134
116097155Mainlynx Just-a-Gigolo ENMC1132
11616358Pawkavenue Flash O'Fire SWES1130
1162T9846Bonbon Mon Valeur ENAB1129
1162T668Aiko Naomi SABI1129
1164T9491Silmaril Mici Felici ESBS1128
1164T6748ES* Hayana Masai SASX1128
1166998Curly Tiki Taki Vita ENSR1126
1167T1003Amour From Little City ENMKL1123
1167T79156Bigrivercoon Calista of Larhae NWMC1123
1169T101157Vespertine Neko Love Bari ENMC1122
1169T68149Blumenkatzen Snow SARD1122
1171T25326Hexagram Small Arno INAS1121
1171T608Stagelight's Axl Rose SEBU1121
117325411Tom Cat Cher INSFL1119
1174T9592Evening-Star Madeline ESBS1117
1174T69158DeAbaete Pepa SAMC1117
117658103Bengaland Elsas Echo MABG1116
1177T93150Helichrysum Grace AARD1115
1177T2558Xin Xin INMNL1115
1177T80159Williamina Starburst NWMC1115
1180T65160TIshcus Killian EWMC1113
1180T256160TMCGarden Monste INMC1113
1180T811Dreamtime Sean O'Catty NWAUM1113
1180T9149Acirrekatz Evanee Egon Essence SCSX1113
1184T82T7Tau Savannahs Stirling NWSV1108
1184T82T162Bigrivercoon Smokejumper NWMC1108
1186T6430Prekrasne Fake Ruby SWSB1107
1186T9264Carisma Holiday of Garnicats SCPS1107
1188T8493Triumpher Golden Lina NWBS1106
1188T257151Maroonblue Gadot of Pinkblue INRD1106
11909665Shenny's Cristoforo ESPS1105
1191949Singville Percival Jr AASG1104
119230152Adorabledolls Precious Alexandria MPRD1103
119325811Tuoba INSRL1102
1194T259153Pawsdoll Patton INRD1099
1194T47Abyqueen Logan --AB1099
1196T26029Zhangliang INOS1097
1196T7059Deabaete Cacau SAES1097
1198261154Dreamtw Kaelyn INRD1095
1199T262104Guinjinbengal Kira INBG1093
1199T1029Sun Way Daenerys of Rangpurcat ENBU1093
1201T9750Nudesphynxbydee Olga Von Dee ESSX1091
1201T9524Azureblue Oscar AANF1091