2017-2018 Kitten Standings: 601-800

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun May 20 00:22:36 2018.

RankKitten Standings: 601-800
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
601T12240Kitty Miyake Hello INBS2057
601T5314Dorrymama Kain of Worldstar AANF2057
6034077Siempreamar Fayette ENRD2049
60412313Chperson Cyclone INSI2048
6052426Betunes Kaique SAES2046
6065410World Star Forty-One AASF2044
6071891Whatatrill Smitten MPMC2042
6083554Speakeasy Craving You NEBG2040
609442Golentowncoon Chitos ESMCP2038
61012478Teeny Chicken Dinner INRD2037
611293Thaimich Sikuami of Alicats GLTH2036
612417Pocketcharm Little Bo Cheep MASR2035
61312541Green Soybean INBS2034
6144679Bluedolls Jasmine SCRD2033
6152524Betunes Maria da Penha SASX2028
616T3520Sayadaws Glorious Raze of Rusik EWSB2025
616T3680Riterags Jumbo Junior SERD2025
6184522Bombproof Netflix And Chill ESAB2024
619557Vert Pico Monaca AARB2014
6202625Yorubacattery Olivia Royale SASX1999
62112627Mozi INES1989
622363Precious Purrly Girl of Blue-PeachesNESCS1985
62312728Miaowu INES1983
624373Rakiscats Tupile SEBA1980
6253055Foxcreekbengals Keeping Faith GLBG1977
6261981Darlinlildols Bentlee of 5starrags MPRD1976
627313Nudawnz Ashiato of Ja-koi GLJBL1974
628T3740Anouchka Lucifer NEPS1972
628T12818Bei Bei INAS1972
630533Mishikoonz Parvati Pass NWMCP1971
6314729A'tien Hubba Bubba of Whozz SCES1970
6325692Fairypaw Still In Love AAMC1969
633T2793Paracoonia Wences SAMC1966
633T12942Charlie INBS1966
633T2082Adorabledolls Alena of 5starrags MPRD1966
63613094Alice INMC1962
637413Egiptsila A'Reyna Elisabeth ENEM1960
6384695Nigel des Blus Coons ESMC1952
63913126Lingchongge Kori INSX1937
640T13256KTLC Keke Tangguo Sugar INBG1936
640T363Shalnavazz Darya EWLY1936
642T5423Herus Spellbound NWAB1925
642T4714Beuatifulstars Sargas ESSI1925
6444815Ghosth Ipar Basoko ES ESNF1917
6453730Zendique Jiminy Cricket EWES1910
6464831Whozz All That SCES1907
6473583Thelittlemiaow Snowy of Newmoondoll SWRD1906
648324Emmers Love To Hate Me GLSCS1898
6493841Riverbin Hoss Catwright SEPS1897
650495Watashi - Wat Del Alerdengole ESBI1896
6513810Golden Elf Hilary NEDR1889
6525714Traumkatze Weiss AAOS1888
6534296Unicum Vanilla ENMC1886
654434Chris Korse Golden Lady ENSCL1885
6553911Nada's Never Go Outta Style SEDR1879
65613343Yinlong INBS1873
6574284Riterags Vanda of Rocketbell MARD1871
65813485Teeny Kitty INRD1869
659T5Arietta Pavarotti of NYDivineDolls --SG1868
659T3357A-Kerr's Vanna Rusa GLBG1868
661T407Gilvtales Just Jack SEHI1865
661T13586Pinkblue Bluestar INRD1865
663383Aalspotz Beauty and a Beast EWSV1862
6643921Folie a deux Taboo NESB1858
66513687Moedolls Cappuccino INRD1854
6664424Wijelo's Jazzy Jezebel ENAB1845
66713788Mauclub River Flows in You INRD1843
668T367Rexplus Roses Are Red SWCR1842
668T5012USA*Meikai's Silver shadow ESDR1842
670T4932A'tien Tiara of Whozz SCES1841
670T2189Adorabledolls Our Romantic Bethany MPRD1841
672T4542Two Witches Godzilla ENPS1839
672T3722Mysticmelody Trickster Angel SWSB1839
67413815Duoduoj INOS1837
6753997Fifi Tiili*PL EWMC1834
6765558MountainMist Chianti NWBG1833
67713990Dazhuang INRD1832
67814033Blue Fairy INES1829
6794159Gulfbeach SouthernCharm of Darkmoon SEBG1828
68014144Rou Rou INBS1826
68114291Maroonblue Mini Rocket INRD1823
6825127Katrina Solfrio ESSX1820
6834213Blupaw Electric Barbarella SEDR1815
684436Blueriver Renegade of Andredie SEJB1814
6854698Mishuikoonz Syl of Leatherandlace ENMC1813
6864045Skyota Jada EWBS1804
6874360Bengaland Midas Touch Jr MABG1803
68814346Hu Zhi INBS1802
689T526Hunnybears Famous Girl ESBL1801
689T5047Brigattos Birti SCBS1801
69114499Jia Jia INMC1797
69234100Whatatrill California Girl of LAPD GLMC1796
693516Frontrange Bluetiful SCSO1795
69414528Magic Queen Koala INSX1793
6952843DeAbaete Heloísa SAPS1791
69648Golden Crystal Cheshire Cat --BS1790
6975292Familytimerags Calamity Jane SCRD1789
6984149Oilily From Arthur's Garden EWBS1788
69914661Kellybengals Bonbon INBG1783
7004025Khamsin Monte Carlo NEAB1782
701388Rexplus Ghetto Fabulous SWCR1780
702T14744Miluku House Ballerina INPS1779
702T2993Blumenkatzen Hermione SARD1779
7045894Petithouse Asil AARD1777
7055945Mysweetheart Make A Wish AAPS1774
706538Nirvana By Flash Arian ESRB1773
7074462Jungletime Talladega Nights MABG1772
708148101Leopard INMC1770
7093063Lovelyrita Mister T Jr. of BombonplaSABG1768
710419Kerlie NECR1765
71114950Sunny INBS1760
712T150T95Huawuque INRD1758
712T150T51Duan's Blue&white INBS1758
714549Russicatblue Proud N'Loud ESRB1756
71515226Onistuka Tiger of Flashastar INAB1755
7164219Mowgleaves Maleficents Pride EWAS1754
7175552Puck-Lynn Van Black Lake ESBS1750
7183520Murrznpurrz Allspice GLAS1747
71915311SimpleLife Big Tiger INSF1745
7205653Angel Eyes Abby ESBS1743
721154102Midnight Chasseur City Wench INMC1741
7225629Skinisin Miss Agatha NWSX1739
723474Vinnimur Caramelka ENACL1737
724T155T34Sixi INES1736
724T155T96Diamondkitty Gone With The Sun INRD1736
7264846Dark Diamond's Mishka Yaponchik ENPS1734
7274364Wildwaters Beau EWBG1732
72815797Minos Full Moon INRD1727
729T534Jubalkatz My Teddy Winked SCTG1726
729T4498Sunnyshores Deep Blue Sea SERD1726
731456Sunbriar Holiday Lights MATA1722
7325715Somsinai Skys The Limit of Stegra NWSI1719
733T457Tortiesrus Invictus SEJB1718
733T3699Keepurrs Cammie GLRD1718
733T4230Sphynxsroyals Lagertha NESX1718
736446Oneofthefamily Ragnar Rothbook EWBU1715
73715823Exsibit's Lisa INSB1714
738T574Lildarlynns Never Seen Paris ESMNL1712
738T15921Hudiejie INAS1712
7403147Sherezada Deadpool SAPS1710
74116024Cieloch Princeps INSB1708
74237100Keepurrs Give Your Love Sweetly GLRD1707
743T4935Luiane's Dominic ENES1706
743T46103Sherlynx PC-Pauffman of Sarajen/CF MAMC1706
745161101Teeny My Overlord of Maroonblue INRD1704
746397Je Ris Mace Windu of Sunfox SWTA1703
747381Foxcreekbengals Big Kash Money GLBGL1701
748326Dolcesguardo Cecilia SABI1698
7495416Pippastro Prince-Hairy SCOS1697
750455Shadycombe Calendar Girl EWTV1696
75116214Yiliya INDR1693
752T4654Gisell of Peria Poludnia PL EWBS1684
752T4325Sterlingcatz Libby NESB1684
75444104Koonstler Timothy O Sullivan NEMC1682
75547105Sarajen Bacardi Razz Rum MAMC1679
756T5827Nightrox Sprout NWAB1677
756T4065Equistice Amaya SWBG1677
758586Chamourais NuitDeReve ESSG1676
7595926Elizar Maris Stella *RU NWSB1675
760163106Seven INMC1674
7614610Barmont Just One Look SECR1671
762T164T107Sweet Graden Babe Emily INMC1668
762T164T55Wu Kong INBS1668
764166108Jumbo Xianyue INMC1664
76555109Tuftsntrills Bella SCMC1662
76650110Kuniza Verdict ENMC1661
76756111Dawntreader Texas Calboy SCMC1659
768224Sarsenstone Lucilla of St Valentine MPTH1650
769T16728Orlandove Michaux INAB1648
769T517Cream Cookie Van De Nekker ENBL1648
771T15NRG The Cats Love --DR1644
771T4717Xerena Faeton EWOS1644
773T6056Kanesei Teru DR Beaver AABS1642
773T41112Coonyham Timberlands of Cascademtn SWMC1642
773T5929Abyfelis N'Aby Bleu ESAB1642
776T168102Siempreamar Elsa INRD1639
776T5718Ricochetridge Adahlia SCOS1639
778169103Maroonblue Candy Kiss INRD1638
779395Shovalon Olive of Katiebird GLSCL1635
780605N'Shere Khan de la Brique Rose ESTG1626
7813310Rusdekiev Lady Blue SARB1620
7823466Losandes Tomillo SABG1619
783459Selquirkz Cocoa Puff NESRL1614
784526Lukor-Fold J.Lo ENSFL1612
785T6067Traipse Hugs N Kisses NWBG1608
785T6116Azureblue Confetto Tobias AANF1608
78717031Qishi INSX1607
788T61104Legendbastet Santiago ESRD1604
788T3536Star Olympus Buen Mozo SAES1604
790T4832Newans Marzipan Divine Sphynx EWSX1603
790T6110Dramatails Fifty Shades Darker NWSRL1603
7924668Akerrs Bruno Marvelous NEBG1602
79353105Hovicastle Dekker ENRD1601
794T171T17Moon Shadows's Apple of your Lady INNF1599
794T171T106Moedolls Ic Cream of Catmqc INRD1599
7966257Mountteine Subaru AABS1596
797368Top Greys Callie SABL1594
798T6369Minamifuji Bisco Luna AABG1591
798T47107Bellapalazzo Veronycka NERD1591
800T37108Muntaz-I-Mahal Themis SARD1590
800T6270Dreamquest Venus NWBG1590