2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 1201-1400

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun May 20 00:22:36 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1201-1400
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1201T22739Niannian INSB1014
1201T9623Stegra Raphael NWOS1014
1201T113109Afrikatte Yukon Gold ENBG1014
120478134Tuftsntrills Lady Bella SCMC1012
1205T11445Eldeboro Larson ENAB1011
1205T7936Fantarja Matthew of Azwegie SCNF1011
1207T773Shanavazz Teddy Lupin EWLY1010
1207T12837Rain Real Love AANF1010
1207T8210Clevercats Athena SAMK1010
1207T228100Brits Xiao Bi INBS1010
12118040Vostorg Vilzhskaya Krasa SCSB1008
1212113101Modany Almost An Angel ESBS1006
1213115153Bluegrasrags Sameen ENRD1004
1214789Jomarc Bell of the Ball EWBU1003
1215229154Londondoll Chocolate Pie of Yadolls INRD1002
1216T62135Mainevu Ring O Fire SEMC1000
1216T1168Queenanne Vladmir of Wildjungle ENTG1000
121823046Omnia Mea Golden Miracle INAB999
1219T23147Magicshine Atasha INAB997
1219T5855Three Wishes Thanks a Latte GLES997
122112913Diamond Dust Sarah of Teruminbl AARB996
122263136Mainelyclassic Sundanz of Mainesail SEMC995
1223T1179Daniela Dolce Zefiro ENBL994
1223T7912Overear Copper Cloud EWACL994
1225T975Dreamtime Paddy O'Catty NWAUM993
1225T435Sunbriar Holiday Lights MATA993
12278141Prekrasne Missouri Mosely SCSB992
122811848Des Cavalier Maverick ENAB991
12299814Angel Eyes Mighty Valhalla NWBI990
1230T8024Flutterby White Dragoness EWOS989
1230T232155Bellapalazzo Hisoka of Candylulu INRD989
12328156Black Pearls Narino EWES987
1233233102Handsone Tzarevich INBS986
1234591Foxcreekbengals Big Kash Money GLBGL985
1235T62156TPurrrealdolls Stella Rose NERD984
1235T130156TAmmycrystal Renge AARD984
12379913Dramatails American Pie NWSRL982
1238T8310Lunamorena Zarzuela SABL981
1238T131158Appledolls Himawari AARD981
12408462Betunes Alvinho of Deabaete SAPS980
124141159Ragissa Tibet of Dollyave SWRD979
1242234103Sunny INBS978
12431141Chloe Concordia Fuzzy Wuzzy-E ESNB976
124464110Callista Tritan of Sunmoonbengals SEBG975
1245T119111Minileo Bounty ENBG974
1245T82137Le Beau Minu Firefly of Spirithill SCMC974
1245T23523Latiao INAS974
124865112Angelsiam Icicle of Mysticalangels SEBG973
1249T83138Dawntreader Hercules SCMC972
1249T23614Fieldmoon Lavender/CF INRB972
1251857Beyondlimits Amelie SAPD970
1252T23720Dar Bogov Billion Kisses INDR969
1252T10013Primaria Quintavius NWSF969
1252T132139McHolic Noel AAMC969
125512038Bolt Kocie Zakamarki*PL ENNF968
1256T140Silverlunar Livais Jr --MC967
1256T115113Brownsugar Viky ESBG967
1258T8260TNudus Deus Never Ever EWSX966
1258T11660TJuguete Ayacata's Dreams*ES ESSX966
1258T8457Dclass Macedonio SCES966
1261121141Redaddicts Fricka ENMC963
1262T66142Coberman Thom of Mainelyclassic SEMC962
1262T1229Lanacats Nargiz ENSO962
12641172Selectcats Gasira ESSV961
1265118143Jupiter Galkin Coon*BG ESMC960
126613311Milkymyus Chaco AAMK958
126723821Xiangxiang INDR957
12686715Purr-Star Solar Storm SEHI956
1269T12325Naavanutun Noituu ENOS955
1269T85144Beargapcoons Augustus of Magnacats SCMC955
1271T1244Diesel Don Mary Bianco of Dunkan ENDSK954
1271T866Reyegipcio Elvis SAKBL954
127323939Snow Eden's Edelweiss of Magic M/CF INNF952
1274T83114Hotfuzz Zazu EWBG951
1274T240104King INBS951
1276T8662Taberetb Broadway SCSX950
1276T63115Akerrs Storm Warning of Speakeasy NEBG950
1278T119160TNirvana de Kind Of Magic ESRD949
1278T64160TBellapalazzo Twilight Mist NERD949
128010163Elysium Iliana NWSX948
128110226Chipmunk Safaria NWOS947
1282T125T116Dimira Best Vin Diesel of AmberYard ENBG946
1282T125T162Siempre Amar Elijah ENRD946
128465163Angellcats Sir Pierre Cardin NERD943
12851275Elizabete's Caprice of Macrory ENSCL942
128612012Flicflac Firlefanz ESSG939
128724124Dalin of Darlinghouse INAS938
1288T44117Jungletrax Preservation MABG935
1288T128145Zlata Gentle Predator ENMC935
1290T129T6Ornella of Diord ENSCL934
1290T129T64Moon Pet Charlize Theron ENSX934
1290T121T58TSwiss Cat P'tite Peste ESES934
1290T121T58TCattage Barbie Doll ESES934
1294242164Reflection Whiskey INRD933
1295T243118TMydreamcat Quick Silver INBG931
1295T123118TBrownsugar Bridget ESBG931
1297T244105Mario INBS930
1297T124146Cankcats VeniVidiVici ESMC930
1297T13114Articfold Guinevere ENSF930
1300132165Lil'Magics Tobago ENRD929
130112549Difference's New York City Boy ESAB926
1302T2910Graymark Venus MPBU924
1302T245166Spongia INRD924
1304T87147Zaida de Maruny SCMC923
1304T13Nini De La Symphoriane --SG923
1304T24660Pansy Angel Supra INES923
1304T60120Badabing Gryffindor of Savoirfaire GLBG923
130884106Albafold Winston Churchill EWBS922
1309T133107Don Papa Rum Made By God, SK ENBS920
1309T12616Magic Dream Charming ESHI920
1309T87167Sulraggies Shiva SARD920
1309T3065Scantilyclad Quite Quintessential MPSX920
1313T247T108Money INBS918
1313T247T66Abb INSX918
131585109Emma of Perla Poludnia PL EWBS915
1316134148Infanta Bast Tractor ENMC914
13174217Countrygal Majestic of Cherrybirdie SWHI912
131810363Missionhill Mystical Illusion NWPS911
1319T135T3Egyptsila Mara ENEM906
1319T135T11Fatima of Magicat ENBU906
1321T31121Solanaranch Patience MPBG905
1321T8814Boucles Brisa SASRL905
13238615Dansy Tinkerbelle EWSF904
1324T24925Zeemao Zero of Darlinghouse INAS903
1324T134168Kiwimagic The Magic In Me AARD903
13261048Legendtales Fitzi NWPB901
1327137149Gigantcat Angie ENMC899
1328127169Darlinlidolls King Merlin ESRD895
1329T88150Dawntreader Elizabeth Swan SCMC890
1329T250170Rosie INRD890
1331T8961Monolito Sherezada SAES889
1331T251110Ming Men of Huo Jun INBS889
1331T87151Mabalakat Northern Lights EWMC889
1334T12842Quazar Siberiada ESSB886
1334T619Alicats Charlemagne of Timez GLTH886
13368926Sartoris Prufrock of Bayouash SCAS885
133743122Arkham Firefly SWBG884
13386667Destynys Wild Child NESX883
133925262Kayakaya Coffee INES882
13406818Crittertales Tikimoon SEHI881
1341T1296Composercat James Brown-St-Evroult ESHB878
1341T13810Catika's Cashmere Mist of Fryga/ID ENSO878
1343253171Bellapalazzo Muse of Melifluo INRD877
1344T13068Nudelook Amleto To Be Or Not To Be ESSX876
1344T44123Penasquitos Blazing Sun SWBG876
13469050Elamante Toruck SCAB875
1347254111Brits Jindoudou INBS874
1348T255152Honey INMC873
1348T6911Hermes Nevada/ID SEBL873
1350T131T63Jerba Nicol'S Caballero Of Gatti CalESES872
1350T131T172THugo Skalia*PL ESRD872
1350T135172THelichrysum Grace AARD872
1350T45153Mainesuspect Sheru SWMC872
1354T256154Noracoon Rincewind of Tmazontw INMC871
1354T13627Birdie Super Daigo AAAS871
1356T139155Mainewood Agrafena of Forestbeauty ENMC870
1356T1052Catcurls BC Allyshiah NWLP870
1358T62124Wvscenicbengals Haedi of Starkittie GLBG869
1358T106156Bigrivercoon Violet of Larhae NWMC869
1360T257T112Pudding INBS868
1360T257T13Cabbage INACL868
1362T13740Dorrymama Moco Moco AANF867
1362T9011Gavigat Ismael of Larivera SASO867
1362T8814Chicsweet Kaleidoscope Glimmer Girl EWACL867
136513364Manhattan de l'Instinct Félin ESPS866
13669143Sestra Russell Taylor Skclover SCSB865
1367T13844Soulcat Hakuna Matata Arthur AASB864
1367T13416Angel Ins*RU Pandora ESSF864
1369259157Sweety INMC863
1370140125Amazongold Jean Bapiste ENBG859
1371141158Yelisey From Lukoshkino ENMC858
13721359Myrtille des Pebbles Cats ESSCS857
1373T4612Marvee-Lus Knick-Knack/CF SWBU856
1373T26018Cadelonia Eumann INSFL856
1373T92126Bengaluvrs Snickers of Lunakatz SCBG856
1376T14217Iskander Merrty*EE ENSF855
1376T26116FCFCats Ada INCR855
1376T7051Aksum Carbon Copy of Blueriver SEAB855
137926222Trisha INDR854
1380T14310Letizia Thai Shining ENTH853
1380T7164Starbourne Spaceodity of Blueyonder SEES853
1380T8910Austen EWSCS853
13831368Siamotal Diamond Mr. Rossi ESPD852
1384T45127Jungletrax Essential Elements MABG850
1384T26312Littel Silver INMK850
138672159Carolinameows Senoras Spirit SEMC849
1387T26469Mo Ka INSX848
1387T144113Galeksy's Golden Everest ENBS848
1389265174Maroon Blue's Sweet Afternoon Tea INRD847
13909165Purr Elli Blue Dragon SAES845
139114541Niers Duszek Lasu*PL ENNF844
1392T137T27TJubatus Marilyn Kerro ESOS843
1392T9212E-Addison Ariosto SABL843
1392T137T160Winerau Magnus ESMC843
1392T10727TChipmunk Trillium NWOS843
1396T14611Shimmon Thai Shining ENTH841
1396T10866Ashlin Zots Powder Puff Girl NWES841
1398T1395Tihomir Chudo Don IT* ESDSK840
1398T3229Bajimbi Botany Bay Bell of McIncats MPOS840
1400T14717Joy Of Janis RexInk/FI ENCR837
1400T266128Cheetahli Venus of Amazingbengals INBG837
1400T90114Aizek of Gerulis*LT EWBS837