2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 401-599

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun May 20 00:22:36 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 401-599
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
4015757Avocado Lovely Fiona/FI INRD3459
4021742Medoz Cooper MABG3426
4033052Woodpile Peregrin Took of Harcoon NWMC3424
4045727Winter Fairytale La Canela Tierna AABS3423
4052719Beaubell's Obsidian Lux of Elagans SCPS3389
406582Danjuan INAC3375
407181Snowdreams Lily of Bellesnbeaux MASN3369
4082143A-Kerr's Vanna Rusa GLBG3352
409593Hong Dou INMK3343
4103858Oakside's Code Blue of Pagatos/CF SERD3342
4112853NewEnglandCoons Emily ESMC3335
4122020Dclass Bambuco SAPS3334
4132859Snugglerags Grady SCRD3331
4142916Maybach of Barvinok/WC ESSB3318
415193Arietta Pavarotti MASG3313
4161444Coolspots Game Changer of Angelsiam MPBG3306
4175816Azureblue Kauderni AANF3302
4186060Queeniedolls Duke INRD3298
4196161Mirumkitty Serend of Teeny INRD3278
4206216Ilan Kratos INES3252
4215962Laladoll Mof Hibiki AARD3234
4222045Arkham Deadshot SWBG3233
423201Kitzn Bastian MABM3230
424192Korrigan Number 9 of Chipie NEMKL3223
4253121Alpine Ridge They Call Me Mister NWPS3222
426292Vicketales Peanut SCHI3211
4276063Furreal Polaris of Dolcemadre AARD3206
4286328Golden Edwin Akmur INBS3195
429T6464Mirumkitty Oguri Shun INRD3180
429T284Chicsweet Misty Night EWACL3180
4316529Edner A Son Pride INBS3175
4323954Willowplace Bigfoot of Sassietat SEMC3161
4332922Livandas Red Power EWPS3151
4346665Darlinlildols Aslan of Moussedoll INRD3139
4356755Qing Tian's Land Rover INMC3135
436216Theadvengers Odan-Urr Jedi SADR3130
437222Synergy Vodynoy GLOL3109
4383046Miaohana Arwen ESBG3108
439228Curlysue Rafaella SASR3103
440403Wyndchymes Indiana Jones SEJB3093
4412023Meisha Massimo NEPS3089
4421530Allure's Chelsea of Dolcitesori MPBS3087
4432147Jungletrax Effortless Attraction MABG3084
4446866Maroonblue Eric of Wenflyfly INRD3073
445694Amethyst Dreamy Smurf INMK3071
4463010Hojpoj New Kid In Town of Radiance SCSI3065
4473124Hotstuff Shyanne SCPS3058
4482148Coolspots Sorbet SWBG3051
4492356Country Gulliver's Vicento Boy SAMC3044
4507057Zoretta Sky Beyrouth INMC3040
4517115Qiaqi INSX3037
4527231Bule Generales Duke INBS3016
4536158Chatile Jasmine of Chatjardin AAMC3000
4543867Adollrags Candyboy ENRD2997
4553116Nudelook Vendetta Divinorum ESSX2996
456324N'Shere Khan de La Brique Rose ESTG2995
4572268Rockcreek Frankie W of Manidolls SWRD2992
4587369Brown Bear Mario of Leoz INRD2991
4597470Tiger INRD2975
460232Emmers Love To Hate Me GLSCS2961
4613249Wildrosebengals Ocean Jasper NWBG2957
4623317Cieloch Eternal Flame NWSB2956
4632425Azahares Clark Kent of Starolympus SAPS2955
464T6250Kanpur Jam Master Jay of Laulea AABG2951
464T757Rocky INSFL2951
4663217Yorubacattery Le Prince Louis SCSX2940
4676351Catridingtrees Lucia AABG2933
4687671Darlinlildols Aslan INRD2929
469332Florentinegang Kukla ESLY2924
4703959Mainelynx Big Boss ENMC2915
4717772Amethyst Panamera INRD2913
4724152Gulfbeach Buddy Love SEBG2911
473342Mysticamist Nestles NWAUM2901
474T1653TSimplyblessed Gun Runner MPBG2896
474T3453TBatifoleurs Donatello Ofsilvercrown ESBG2896
476789Maoshangyage Shan Dian INAS2895
4774060Forest Beauty F.Nesquik ENMC2890
478335Clawed Lemieux of Tinylions SCMNL2888
479353Flodocats Indiana Joey ESBL2887
480255Perbast Zeus SASO2886
4814118Komilfo D*Pryanik ENSB2882
4827973Clumsy Angel Hamlet INRD2881
483345Siblings Painted Lady SCOS2870
484243Synergy Ankaa GLOL2855
4858032Brithcat Lora INBS2844
4868110Da Niu INAS2836
487823Meimei INSCS2830
488T428Lukor-Fold Russia Sailormoon ENSFL2826
488T2155Windyridge Chais Guy NEBG2826
488T8361Atlantic Acadia's Rainbow River INMC2826
4916417Nyangiras Cheryl Brown of Laves AAES2823
492221Alistsavannahs Black And Spicy NESV2822
493T6574Lynfield Alex Taro AARD2804
493T303Vikers Miranda EWHI2804
493T3526Burley Q Ferocia Couture NWPS2804
4963662Amayalynx Origami ESMC2798
4974316Descavalier Stefani ENAB2797
4983763Luscinia Nina Hagen Sensation ESMC2788
499237Devonity Ghost NEDR2783
500T8475Dreamtw Kaelyn INRD2780
500T665Amosbeebee Dawn Purple of Kirarakan AATG2780
5023819Orpheus Onix Gloria ESSB2777
5033656RainForest Bennett of CamasLily NWBG2773
504314Gatodouro Zayka Moya EWCR2768
505393Estilia Ryn ESBU2746
5063264Migatobonito One Love Manchester EWMC2737
5072257Tailspin Romeo of Giannisbengal MABG2725
508T8576Novadolls Baize INRD2718
508T176Bugsy Siegle of Shortfootfalls MPMNL2718
510674Dalbodre Uriel God Is My Light AASCS2700
5113518Marleevo Fast N Furious SCES2696
5122333K-La Satu Splash of Silvercharm MABS2681
5133727Wallycats Beso NWPS2677
514863Amethyst Medivh INMKL2663
5154018Sphynxantiquus Iskra ESSX2661
516364Zirkove Sayivo Demmy Moor SCSF2645
517T2511Karissimakat Mia of Minghou GLSI2643
517T8734Qingtian's Victor INBS2643
5194417Mirrorofsoul Hillarion ENAB2641
520881Sandy INHH2638
521389Dramatails Magic Mike NWSR2605
5228977Xiongxiong INRD2584
5234517Forelsket Dali ENNF2577
5242620Basilic Blessing My Silver Lining GLSB2572
525904Moli-Yz Qiu Qiu INBL2571
5262758Barrottsdream Celestial Angel GLBG2552
527T4259Gulfbeach Southerncharm of Darkmoon SEBG2551
527T246Wildfx Blaze O Thunder MATG2551
5296835Bighead Liu Shifu AABS2550
5302878Keepurrs Lillie GLRD2545
5314621Nelius' Nastasiia ENSB2544
532915FCFCats Alina INCR2543
533T331Ulalume Dejlige Dhoolise EWCY2540
533T3760Aspengold Moon Shadow SCBG2540
535925Greno INMK2535
5362479Nydivinedolls Plato NERD2532
5376965Chatile Klara AAMC2519
5384118Gallifrey's Donna Paulsen/FI ESNF2518
5399380L'Clover King Ares of Elsa Ragdoll INRD2515
540424SheDar Uillord ESPD2490
541434Chamourais Nowaki ESSG2489
542706Milkymyus Rica AAMK2470
5437136Bighead My Desire Koo AABS2457
5443812Sukhotai Pale Rider SCSI2456
545256Ominouches Dorothee NECR2455
5464437Nusscats Ebby ESBS2454
547T9481Dreamtw Arthur INRD2452
547T2628Dclass Louis of Vistin SAPS2452
549396Chipmunk Dreamin Mo Snow NWOS2450
550293Midnite Moon Bodhisattva GLOC2444
5519582Chinesedolls's Archer of Wenflyf/CF INRD2433
552472Touch O Katz Thor Fatal Attraction ENEM2426
553397Siblings Pop Tart SCOS2422
5542619Sphynxroyals Beyonce NESX2419
5554529Maradan Jaguar ESPS2410
5564083Countrysiderags Mischief Maker NWRD2408
5574619Lusi Maor Little Prince ESES2405
5584820Dark Diamond's Trandy ENES2404
559T7266Yatazaka Kaji of Ohedo AAMC2403
559T4013Klazeekats Fancy of Ranchcats SCSI2403
5612538Silvercharm Satu Storyteller MABS2393
5624918Asili's Belle ENAB2388
5632720Isida Cosima of Kalato SASX2385
5644161Traipse Forged In Fire NWBG2372
5654210Cheshirelady Urfin NWSR2367
566345Overear Dropsofjupiter EWACL2362
5679667Uralridge Umka INMC2354
5685030Kranewitter's Scarlett Of SilverdancENPS2350
5695114Naavanutun Neitoneilikka ENSI2346
5704768Wistariantale Ghinga ESMC2332
5712784Echoglen Yena of Lavidaragdoll NERD2325
5723521Zendique Paisley Park EWES2324
573T262Nuchnoppakao Jaoying of Ashknoll MAKM2319
573T9739Golden Marrakesh Holyland INBS2319
575522Havvanur's Instant Crush ENTA2315
576432Seasedge Stealth Mode of Kitzspa NWBO2308
5772822Leader of Barvinok/WC NESB2304
578T4311Highlandkatz Rippling Waters SESR2303
578T5319Saphira La Niomana ENAB2303
580444Iruskha Zeus SEOC2302
5813020Rulissa Bonnie Blu of Briarvalley GLAB2300
5827331Nozomi Kuroyamakun of Worldstar AAPS2291
583444Legendtales Pocahontas NWPB2287
584458Facehuggers Bobs Your Uncle NWDR2275
5859869Keke INMC2273
5862721Yoruba Cattery Julius MASX2267
5875470Unicum Intrique ENMC2262
5882971Cloistercoon Isaiah Little Prayer NEMC2258
589T555Tchibo Rafs Dynasty ENPD2250
589T2811Schooner Outrigger of DeAlles SAAS2250
5919922Heiqi INSX2249
5922922DeAbaete Mira SAES2246
5934123Posh Ydris Elba of Bemisu SCSX2245
594469Dramatails Logan of Felinecurly NWSRL2242
5954824Black Pearls Velux ESSX2240
596T452Rakiscats Quinnis SEBA2237
596T2372Calicats Aruna of Mainesuspect SWMC2237
5983062Wobengals brave of Bengalleopard NEBG2233
599T10025Fox INSX2230
599T5673Amuletcoon Dartagnan ENMC2230