2017-2018 Alter Standings: 1203-1331

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun May 20 00:22:36 2018.

RankAlter Standings: 1203-1331
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1203T13927Richie Rich Grandia ENBU164
1203T9514Mykro's Dancing-With-The-Stars/CF NWCR164
1203T96144Ishcus Casper The Friendly Ghost EWMC164
120689160Ziadolls Bandette SCRD163
12075815Timez Spice GLTH160
1208T132145Chatile Mienne Nana AAMC159
1208T14036Nalittna Miss Malibu ENOS159
121014138Pleskava Mr Vani ENES158
1211T142T8Abcsavannahcats Amani ENSV157
1211T142T15Hiacynto Kici Kici Miau*PL ENCR157
1213131161Carpat Ragdolls Kincsem ESRD156
1214T974Pfunkyfeet Bentley Rogue EWMCP155
1214T9626Koala Bear NWBI155
1216T7723Blupaw Toby Keith SEDR154
1216T13376Azureblue Mjuk Pepparkaka AANF154
1218T5937Synergy Marjoram of Leafdance GLOS153
1218T423Dixiemunchkins Picalow SWMKL153
1218T9778Columbia River Roaren Wind NWBG153
1218T14412Macrory Belladonna ENSF153
1218T4417Kitti Kat Fire Opal MPSR153
12234279StarAngel Yukmine SoundOfSnow MABG151
1224T4316Sandypoints C S Lewis of Archenland SWTH149
1224T90T77Ouijakatz Domino SCNF149
1224T90T26Greystoke Seal Team 6 of Indrio SCAS149
12277811Fujicats Origami SEJB148
1228T9878Zelandoni Blueberry Pie EWNF146
1228T4580Sunshine Wildkatz Exotic Rocky MPBG146
1228T1459Shanna's Sun & Sand ENTA146
1228T9826Da Bruddahs Cassandra/CF NWSI146
12327981Tailwinds Prince Jasper I SEBG145
12338018Susens Good Vibrations SESR144
1234T14348Sphynxkingdom Iriss INSX143
1234T4433Shardi Versace of Kelela/CF SWAB143
1236T134T82TSeryubengals James Dean AABG142
1236T1464Banderas von Carella ENSCL142
1236T8127Penelane Tequila Sunrise of Lahoni SESI142
1236T4517Marveloo Archenland Corinthunderpaw SWTH142
1236T134T82TLaulea Minato AABG142
1241T9916Arpeggio Too Too Divine NWSO141
1241T132146Majestycoon Xenia ESMC141
1243T136147Tommy's King AAMC140
1243T6013Emmers Kizzmet GLSF140
1245T6184Vskbengals the Chase is On GLBG139
1245T9979Tiganlea Tsarina Galatea EWNF139
1247T8234Mysticpaws Witch Upon A Star SEAB138
1247T147148Joka-san Des Sables Dyon ENMC138
1249T9224Txelfkatz Pennylane SCDR137
1249T469Allearz Jasper SWSV137
1249T8328Nudawnz Penne Pasta SESI137
1249T10085Jewelspride Rocket NWBG137
1253T841Napoleonlane S Bubba SEMNT135
1253T148T149Madepi-coons Uschi Udaya ENMC135
1253T148T53Gemmingstal's Ronda of Szariwari ENPS135
1256T7021SugarCats Dante SAHI131
1256T137T9Dalbodre's Xen AASCS131
1256T137T86Laulea Allen AABG131
1259T623Hugo Victor Crmi GLBM129
1259T139150Farina of Joyful A.K AAMC129
1261T9387Boutiquecats Nymeria SCBG127
1261T133T151Nessie De Riviera Coon ESMC127
1261T4354MCJax Casper The Friendly Cat MAPS127
1261T133T49Katshaven Fifi ESSX127
1261T10038Fiordiliso Eternal Flame EWOS127
1266T140T152TWilliamina Miss Chivas AAMC126
1266T140T152TShonancats Lionheart AAMC126
1266T52T162TAngellcats Sir Charles Alexander NERD126
1266T1353Pixy Sphynx Pocok ESDSK126
1266T140T162TPetitchaton Ema AARD126
1266T10111Melur Ruben/FI NWSG126
1266T9439KLM On The Darkside of Tersanctus SCOS126
1266T52T27KCDancers Sir Francis of Timilew/CF NEAS126
1266T10155Heathrose Outof Eden EWPS126
12758525Ciandor's Chantilly Lace SEDR125
1276150154PolysRock Andy Warhol ENMC124
12779526Megarex Salem of Txelfkatz SCDR123
12786380Swanskovkats Prince Quillan of FarhaGLNF122
1279136155Dolcezza Hakuna Matata ESMC121
1280T15110Akkedi Serhan ENTA120
1280T143T2Rin AAHS120
1280T7122Micifuz Facundo SAHI120
1280T143T12Hikoma Saten AABO120
1284T96164Ziadolls Jaspurrs Jazzmine SCRD119
1284T4719Kitti Kat Connor Lee Maggard SWSR119
1284T102156Elmcoon Prince Dastan EWMC119
1287T14529TCandy May Takuo AASB118
1287T5429TNikolai NESB118
1287T10312Janamel Dewa Aim EWSG118
1290483Chisholmtrail Miroku of Kitti Kat SWOC117
1291T86157TTremethick Enchanted Dreamcatcher SEMC116
1291T6411Kokiri Bonaire Yellow Rocks GLBA116
1291T152157TJules de Storybrooke ENMC116
1291T10239Hoaloha Kamehameha Zeus NWES116
1295T10350TSkinisin Tinkerbell NWSX115
1295T146T165TSilktree Maya of Helichrysum AARD115
1295T87T50TShelgren Phantom Menace SESX115
1295T153T17Dushara Tatters and Rags ENSO115
1295T146T13Candy May Raira AASG115
1295T146T165TAmmycrystal Kouga AARD115
1295T153T88Africasia The Star Of The Season ENBG115
1295T4431Prekrasne Rachmaninoff MASB115
1295T153T159TPolysrock Chablis ENMC115
1295T146T165TPetitchaton Cielo AARD115
1295T87T159TMainesuspect Sammie Natango SEMC115
1295T10429Mafdet Mister Titian/GC EWSI115
1295T9728Greystoke Steel Dragon of Conexa SCAS115
1308T72T89Katarik Killari SABG110
1308T72T56Guillever SAPS110
1310T5532Dachakoshka Maksim NESB104
1310T89168Rags2dazzle Remi of Ragsbdazzled SERD104
1310T137161Lionheartcoon Valentino Rossi ESMC104
1313T15628Xarabi of Magicat DK ENBU93
1313T104162Woodpile Sharpshooter NWMC93
1313T4910Tonkville Queen Anne SWTO93
1313T90169TChiffondolzz Dylan of TNTDolls SERD93
1313T150T7Candy May Sumie AARB93
1313T46169TAdorabledolls Shawnee of 5starrags MPRD93
1313T150T81TSalablue Kanna AANF93
1313T150T81THerbalmeow Quince Jam AANF93
1321T157T163TVilliar ENMC82
1321T56163TTuftscoons Huckleberry NEMC82
1321T14414Snow INSF82
1321T91163TSarajen Casey Natango SEMC82
1321T453Metastar Rafiki MABGL82
1321T157T5Macrory Zarex ENSCL82
1327T15314Candy May Jakky AASG71
1327T6527Caleita's Novel Edition GLBI71
1327T15990LookMaewDao Mambo ENBG71
1327T1385Geronimo P Upland Road's ESMCP71
1331T139166Damian Meinface *LT ESMC60
1331T154171TClub Alice Gipsy AARD60
1331T145171TMoussedoll Lucas INRD60