2016-2017 Kitten Standings: 601-798

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sat Jun 24 17:26:04 2017.

RankKitten Standings: 601-798
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
6017012Curlydolls Unrooly Wench SCDR1980
602538Marimaki Shion AATO1978
6035770Echoglen Bambi of Puffydolls NWRD1977
6045416Azureblue Kauderni AANF1974
605T5111Chiahoo Ribbon INHI1973
605T7119Acirrekatz Eno Resolve SCSX1973
6075232Blue Generals Zeus INBS1962
6086436CocoChannel Piper of Sandkatzle SEPS1959
609T6513Blupaw Travis Tritt SEDR1956
609T3771Keepurrs Jojo GLRD1956
6116610Carocats Catch A Rising Star SEAS1955
6127219Bershar Teena SCOS1953
6135372Moedolls Amazonica INRD1945
6142885SaraJen Patrone Margarita MAMC1943
6156720Basilicblessing Legendary Leonid SESB1940
616T7320Acirrekatz Evanee Egon-Essence SCSX1939
616T21735starrags Sweet Sophie MPRD1939
6185713Rusmild Nikol ENSFL1938
6195412Amysbowzi Eclipse INHI1935
620T4617Dexter NEAB1932
620T303Chisholmtrail Rebel Without A Cause SWOC1932
620T4811Mowgleaves Feather Fairy EWAS1932
6233874Keepurrs Paris GLRD1931
6245886Coonamor Seven Seasof Rhye NWMC1925
6255533Kanesei Mero AABS1921
626T7437Garnicats Verenna Marisol SCPS1919
626T56877storm Gabriel AAMC1919
628T391Shovalon My Princess GLSCL1913
628T4975Londondoll Harry Potter EWRD1913
6305588Ikevnnicky's Nicky Minaj INMC1912
631T688Highlandkatz Son-of-a-Gambling-M/CF SESRL1907
631T5914Facehuggers Belleruth NWDR1907
6333115Cambrena Von Walant-Cats ESDR1898
6345818Cukrus La Niomana ENAB1895
6354719Canterpurry Tail NEAB1890
636692Balimoor Sunset Bell SEBA1888
6372916Megarex Bow Tie Bootlegger MADR1884
6385089Dotcom Crazy Beautiful EWMC1882
6393221Vips For Elisa Le Monty Rey ESSX1879
6404012Kits California Chrome of Richson GLAS1873
6415776Farandoll Colette AARD1869
6427013Godspeed Surprise Hazel SECR1864
643518Pantherajedi Jellybean EWBU1862
644317Taiyos Ao Midol SWJB1860
64522775starrags Deandre of Adorabledolls MPRD1849
6464878Bellapalazzo Twilight Mist NERD1846
647564Caesar Grand Pompom*RU INKBL1845
648219Tajhara Straight Into The Sunrise SASO1834
6496024Hollowhills Lotus Elise NWES1833
6503317Devonheaven Blue Velvet ESDR1831
651612Mishikoonz Mount Jumper NWMCP1829
652T4114Rumin Grace Kelly Mio Mio GLSFL1828
652T5979Lil Magics Tobago ENRD1828
6543252Angelsiam Spellcaster of Sonoita SWBG1827
6554980Ivy Rose Ragdolls Lady Delilah NERD1824
656T345Overear Diamondsandpearls ESACL1822
656T712Mysticamist Coco of Bravura SEAUM1822
6583090Tremethick Mnemoth MAMC1816
6595821Minamifuji Cali Ranca of Cmaterrace AASB1814
6605917Herbalmeow Nino AANF1812
6617220Mysticpaws Witch Upon A Star SEAB1811
6627381Oaksides Code Blue of Pagatos SERD1810
663T2338Twilight Skies MPPS1803
663T5734Joye INBS1803
665743Rakiscats Piter De Vries SEOL1801
666T7520Siblings Pop Tart SCOS1800
666T225Aldan SAKBL1800
668T756Catpal Feliks Focalin Fudge SEKBL1797
668T523Rachael Dionis of Cwtchycats EWBL1797
6707610Frontrange Kelvin SCSO1796
671T333Thatsthepoint Phantom Tinsel SWJBL1784
671T5882L'Clover King Ares of Elsa Ragdoll INRD1784
6735083Purrrealdolls Stella Rose NERD1782
6747721Mysticpaws Magical Storm SCAB1781
6752313Betunes Mocha SAAS1776
6766035Kanesei Kyary AABS1774
677T6091Mainelynx Big Boss ENMC1773
677T3539Kranewitter's Jackpot ESPS1773
679T5392Silverfern's Playboy EWMC1771
679T2484Adorabledolls Darius Blu MPRD1771
681592Luo Luo INTH1770
6825422Divine Sphynx Donatella EWSX1769
6836036Crystal Flame's Wanna be a Cookie INBS1768
6846185Puyo Lionheart INRD1765
6853653Mad Max des Griffes De Feu/LO ESBG1762
686T2423Sherezada Dubidubidu SASX1761
686T557Jezebel Balthazar EWPD1761
6882540Sherezada Leono SAPS1760
6896218Rainingrexes Daintree NWDR1758
690T783Souslesaule Dentelle of KLM SCBA1754
690T5693Silverfern Tu Mi Piaci EWMC1754
692343Catherder's Blue Agave SWMKL1746
6935121Argentia Pepper Spots NEOS1745
694T5754Pantherajedi Rocco EWBG1744
694T2625Knebel'Katze Jackie Tequila SAES1744
6962594Classycoon's Nemo of Auryn MPMC1743
697375Mithril de Sylvabelle ESBI1742
6986355Bengalflats Maverick NWBG1741
699T6422Stegra Camille NWOS1740
699T5837Pampurred Fionn Mac Cumhiall EWBS1740
701796Bumblebe Natasha Purringood SCBI1735
7028019Jobaras Ooh La La of Curlydolls SCDR1734
7036510FelineCurly Sugar Ray NWSR1732
704269Graymark Dr Strange MPBU1730
705356Preciouscurl Dorey SWACL1728
7062724Catax Menta of Betunes SASX1720
7076286Keepurrs Ricky of Chinesedolls INRD1718
708384Sirin Emilia Romagna ESTA1717
709523MX Station Kingston NECY1716
7108187Cajunragdolls Krewe Delusion SCRD1715
711T7656TGulfbeach Cabana Boy SEBG1712
711T6356TJumpertew Courage Rupert INBG1712
7132725Scantilyclad Still Prim And Proper MPSX1709
714613Safarimagic Horizon Chase AASV1704
7156122Regtime Mon Ame ENAB1695
7166438Smurfs Lucky Star INBS1690
717T62T3Egyptsila Svarog ENEM1688
717T6595Decepticoon Vesper INMC1688
717T62T41Almathea Devil in Disquise ENPS1688
7208296Oslona Wild Cats Fines Pearl SCMC1682
7216620Hei Hei INDR1681
7226211Vert Pico Pico AARB1678
7236339Minamifuji Marie Pomme AABS1677
7246723Ivy INOS1667
7257742Bercats Ted Eber SEPS1666
726597Nicadaemus Cause Celebre EWBI1665
727T8340Ellis Eliteline of Rejinald SCBS1662
727T6658RipHis Purple Majesty Prince NWBG1662
727T6497Caitlyn of Night And Eclipse ENMC1662
7302843Betunes Torresmo SAPS1661
7316523Regtime Vermouth of Des Cavalier ENAB1651
7328459Aloracats Cicero SCBG1650
7336760Fraser Valley Ginny NWBG1649
7346826Miranda INES1648
7353927One O One Nike Alata ESES1644
7366941Miaowumiaowu William INBS1643
737404Melody des Ptis Kachotiers ESBL1640
7388588Familytimerags Little Miss Sunshine SCRD1637
739536Tinytoy Rus Cattleya of Singville NESG1636
740T7014Futou INAS1634
740T6098Kizzacoons Nikkita EWMC1634
7425499Merrimac Fenrigh NEMC1622
74328100Ttcats Holden of Jusfurumaines MPMC1617
7446610Murburg Kalyaka Malyaka ENBU1615
745415Magic Mirabell Moon Sissi*CZ ESBL1614
7467814Godspeed Graceful Gloriosa SECR1611
7474289Ragville Forget Me Not ESRD1609
7488644Star Olympus Morgan SCPS1607
749423Wundrland S Dark Shadows GLMNL1606
7507161Mydreamcat Diamond INBG1604
7515562Rimarbengals Pavarotti NEBG1599
752T31101TCloistercoon Criterion of Rivabell MAMC1598
752T68101TWilliamina Koko NWMC1598
754T32103MTNest Moneypenny MAMC1592
754T7245LianLian Cats Madlax INPS1592
7568722Bronza of Ratush of Charodey/WC SCSB1587
7572946Starolympus Bella Mia SAPS1584
7586418Dorrymama Moco Moco AANF1581
7597390Supermodel Eva INRD1580
7606519Queen Panther's Shuuka AANF1579
7617463Gandalfbengals Ramy INBG1578
7625647PearlyPond Great Red Bear Horus NEPS1575
7637964Gulfbeach Strawberry Wine SEBG1574
764293Graymark Velvet MPBO1573
7654365Medoz Pearl Jam GLBG1571
76675104Elite Planet Marcel INMC1567
767882Oberlin Just Peachy SCHB1566
7683023Los Andes Ambar of SarahSiberian SASB1564
7696615Amour Imoco-Ono AAAS1563
7707616Qinyi's Baby INAS1558
7714415Filagrewaves Rosalita La Guapa GLCR1552
77245105LAPD Flying the W of Chemicoons GLMC1551
773T89106Dawntreader Duchess SCMC1548
773T6748Selenwey Thorin ENPS1548
775313Leon of Saint Maur SAHB1547
776T6891PL Yourcat Virginia ENRD1545
776T7742Oreo INBS1545
778T7826Tina INSX1544
778T464Javahut Kopi Luwak GLHB1544
7806949Arrowlakes Viviana NWPS1539
781T3228Star Olympus Olimpia SAES1535
781T4321Curlycloverleaf Minion ESDR1535
783T309Susens Irreplaceable MPSRL1534
783T9092Ruby Chantall Perseus SCRD1534
785T7929Doubao INES1531
785T6743Kanesei Hana AABS1531
787T9122Tx-Elfkatz Chantilly Lace SCDR1530
787T6912Tcarskii'Dvorik Elmeri Is For Fu/FI ENRB1530
7898030Litter Dream INES1529
7906166Authenticats Platinum Wind Genie EWBG1525
791368Thatsthepoint Egg Nog Call Me Al SWJB1522
792928Purrsia Cherie Amour SCPD1515
7937020Stark Uroczysko*PL ENNF1514
7944424Margherita Anima Siberiana ESSB1509
795T9327Distinct Where Furr Art Thou SCSX1505
795T718Shiva Da Makaja ENBI1505
7977093Celestrail Leona of Softmiracles NWRD1504
798T81T23Honey Cranberry's Korita INDR1499
798T81T94Uranus INRD1499
798T47107TCalicoon End Point of Chemicoons GLMC1499
798T45107TLionheartcoon Eddie ESMC1499