Estimated Standings by Breed - Selkirk Rex

Kittens (32)
Rank Name Region Score
1Dramatails Goodbye Girl of Zoomies SC5919
2Alcyone TTT Baloo AA5544
3Dramatails Frozen of Curlyflats NW5150
4Highlandkatz Dynomite SE4982
5Dramatails Whiskey Tango Foxtrot MP3442
6Susens The Curl Rider MP3123
7Kitti Kat Tiger's Eye MP3096
8Susens Tequila Sunrise of Curlysue SA2159
9Dramatails Rogue One NW2078
10FelineCurly Sugar Ray NW1732
11Modany Qurly Cleopatra MA1463
12Felinecurly Jack Frost NW1395
13Kitti Kat Patrick McGregor SW1151
14Doudou Frizzle Sizzle Viola AA1074
15Dramatails Magic Mike NW878
16Dramatails Huntsman NW867
17Dramatails Harry Potter NW861
18Luohan IN717
19Highlandkatz Jonpaul SE716
20Dramatails American Hero NW657
21Tulamor IN463
22Sofa Tigers Michigan of Tzari EN362
23Modany Qurly Divine ES291
24Moonlake BamBam SE287
25Modany Qurly Deep Purple ES274
26Makinwaves Ultra Violet SW268
27Kitti Kat Rose Quartz SW258
28Jingang IN246
29Dramatails American Honey NW235
30Kitti Kat Kyrian SW171
31Modany Qurly Columbus ES158
32Susens Help Me Rhonda MP131
Championship Cats (22)
Rank Name Region Score
1Lamancha Cinnabar of Kitti Kat MP11889
2Dramatails Frozen of Curlyflats NW7686
3Modany Qurly Cleopatra MA5186
4Doudou Muget Bonheur AA2801
5Kitti Kat Patrick McGregor SW2467
6Elitegemes Madam Elite EW2079
7Susens Tequila Sunrise of Curlysue SA1841
8Woodwillow's Einstein of Medkitty GL1441
9Rachidian Smoke N Toke of Hashtag GL1347
10Susens Help Me Rhonda MP1294
11Mirror Alvin of Alcyone AA1233
12Curlyheart Tadeo SA1025
13Susens The Curl Rider MP966
14Ja Da Do Ya Think I'm Sexy GL861
15Precioushearts Prince Charming ES851
16Makinwaves Ultra Violet SW825
17Mirror Juicy IN462
18Dramatails Million Dolllar Baby NW368
19Moonlake BamBam SE342
20Highlandkatz Betsy SE312
21Alcyone TTT Baloo AA234
22Purrceptive Gis Asimi of Kitti Kat MP135
Alters (17)
Rank Name Region Score
1Kitti Kat Balcones Fault MP10549
2Kitti Kat Connor Lee Maggard SW1837
3Mirror Adair/CF IN1604
4Magnacatta iBruiser NW1190
5Alcyone Lili AA1037
6Kitti Kat Fire Opal MP1031
7Katomymme Silver Fox of Dramatails NW1014
8Precioushearts Chicago ES918
9Modany Qurly Columbus ES890
10Doudou Louis AA637
11Lamancha Danny SW461
12Doudou Espoir Magritte AA452
13Doudou Uzura Egg AA343
14Starrycat White Side IN324
15Curlysue Santiago SA291
16Dramatails American Sniper SE200
17Doudou Kofuku AA191