2016-2017 Championship Cat Standings: 1204-1403

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sat Jun 24 17:26:04 2017.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1204-1403
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
120411341IT*Frozenlake Atlas SCNF891
1205T71107TLeopardstrail Strikes Gold GLBG890
1205T114107TBalboa Frida SCBG890
120711512Bumblebe Mary Poppins SCBI888
120810558Jules Au Clair De Loire ESES887
1209T7928Seahorse Lorenzo of Lucas SAAS885
1209T1166Rokstarr Rama of Oro Ojos SCBO885
1211347Graymark Nova MPBO884
1212T117109Joy Too of Baracoa SCBG883
1212T12642Dorrymama Sophia of Littlemew AANF883
1212T8013Aiko Ketta Daniela SABI883
121510652Mikki Elf Sph Baffi ESSX881
121611826Clowntown's Tadashi Dianysus/CF SCSI879
12179722Barmont Masquerade SECR877
1218T119T86Mishkitten Duquesa SCPS876
1218T119T53Lunarami Calel SCSX876
1218T127128Dolcemadre Hishou AARD876
12217228Kaetzchen Natalie of Albeng GLOS875
1222T136T19Futejia INDR872
1222T136T129Dreamtw Caesar INRD872
122413117Lirika Flor de Azur ENRB870
1225T10771Xentous Di Marmo ESBS869
1225T12154Muggleborns Huckleberry of Teoli SCSX869
1227128130Rockcreek Claude of Mimicats AARD868
122812918World Star Ellsa AARB866
122975131Rockinblues Rascal of Brightstone NERD865
123013829Holy Star Shine INOS864
123146110Bengalxpress Turbo SWBG863
1232T13972Yun Bao INBS862
1232T10815Ikarus vom Salzkammergut ESBU862
1232T13244Amberberry Max Fray ENAB862
1235T7314Ja Da Do Ya Think I'm Sexy GLSR861
1235T14073Grey INBS861
1237T7416Shovalon Ibiza Gia of Marifolds GLSFL860
1237T8187Daruma Diva SAPS860
1237T895Balimoor Isabelle NWBA860
1240133133Vostorg's Chelsea Star ENMC859
12413727Glor-ee Chocolate Flash MASI856
1242T141T74Pedigree Certificate INBS855
1242T141T132Joss Gold Shine Cats*UA INRD855
1244T143T134Rose INMC854
1244T143T59D'edenlover Gossie INES854
1244T122111Amazonbengals Cruise of Lunakatz SCBG854
1247T90112TSpeakeasy Tail Blazer of Traipse NWBG853
1247T76112TClairedelune Pure Snow EWBG853
1249T145T15Xiao Kouzi INSF852
1249T145T75Star INBS852
1251T109T133Ragissa Oaza ESRD851
1251T109T15Precioushearts Prince Charming ESSR851
1251T12388THotstuff Shyanne of Scandal Cats SCPS851
1251T14788TGarfieldmao Mickey INPS851
1255124134Marlcreek Tony Thyme of Blossom SCRD850
1256111135Maynelynx Pacific ESMC848
1257T112T60TIberis Joan Jett ESES846
1257T13043Fantarja Princess Sissi AANF846
1257T112T60TAndrea's Alice ESES846
12607641Ilay Nord Grace NESB845
1261T3855Yoruba Cattery Julius MASX843
1261T148135Koc-Pol Cat Roni INRD843
12639162Hollowhills Lotus Elise NWES840
1264T149T136Rockinblues Santorini of Maroonblue INRD839
1264T149T114Mitao of Coolcathouse INBG839
126615130Chperson X-Man INOS838
126792136Mymains Loretta Lynn NWMC836
1268T35115Solanaranch Unalienable Right MPBG835
1268T9856Shelgren Rumor Has It SESX835
1270T11442Neva Angels Factor X ESSB832
1270T125116Bengaluvrs Alexzandria SCBG832
1272T13490Lionsealcats Linus ENPS829
1272T11544I*Sevenfjord Freyr ESNF829
12749910Thatsthepoint Noel-Shelby SEJB827
1275T4716Makinwaves Ultra Violet SWSR825
1275T126137Dsjewels Ayano of Familytimerags SCRD825
1277135137Yelisey from LuKoshkino ENMC824
1278136117Amazongold Major ENBG822
1279T100T138Luckypaws Henrik SEMC820
1279T100T63Bravlion Pandora of Blupaw SEES820
1281T7716Mami Daisy Duke of Blue Peaches NESF819
1281T131118Jungletrax Rose AABG819
1283T152119THotsytotsy Rola INBG818
1283T137119TBengallegends Everlasting Love ENBG818
12853991Mikkat Thriller MAPS817
128613229Ammycrystal Danjuro of Jykfield AAAS816
128710217Anixtar Deluxe SESFL815
12887745Noynarock Goffy's Girl EWNF814
1289T116138Naorahdolls William Shakespeare of DESRD813
1289T4028Glor-ee Jezebel MASI813
129113811Bibigon Bongartz of Vidi Vici/CF ENSG812
129211729Ratibor Torin of Bastetbeauty ESSI811
12939357Nudistcamp Emma of Fantcfur NWSX810
1294T13964Siberiaczar Sweet Bandit ENES809
1294T9431Chipmunk Arctic Dreams NWOS809
129614030Inverness Unity Forever of Korstar ENAS808
129711858Lunabella Klaus ESSX807
12989565Marvonack Zeny D. NWES805
1299153121Jumpertw KTLC Toro INBG804
1300T119139Ronan Sky Beyrouth, CZ ESMC803
1300T133T46Nzurisana Joli Ange of Littlemew AANF803
1300T133T9Milkymyus Aleck AAMK803
13039616Sacredspirit Irish Fairy NWBU802
1304T13566Nenneko Daichan AAES801
1304T15459George INSX801
1304T7820Bonduell Meinu Rojus EWDR801
130782140Betunes Tamara of DeAbaete SAMC800
1308T7812Chamourais My Fair Lady of SingalegaNESG799
1308T103122Bengaltherapy Buddy Buspar SEBG799
131014132Noxx Dancing Queen ENOS797
1311T155139Willowtreerags Cannoli of Amethyst INRD794
1311T12733Senrabe Ziggystrdst of Sacerdosfele SCOS794
1311T10492Pink Palace Panache of Beauadlai SEPS794
131413645Marino Blue Marrone AAAB793
1315T9717Timberpaws Champagne Fizz NWSF792
1315T142140Ragmagic Leonidas ENRD792
131712076Ralette Lapis Lazuli ESBS791
1318T1566Miowoo Rameses 11 INEM790
1318T7993Livandas Red Power EWPS790
1320T12146Urias Berenetto ESAB789
1320T14330San-Toi North Star of Plan-A ENSI789
1320T15743Chesire Cat Baraj INSB789
1320T982Catcurls BC Aibhlinn NWLP789
1324T13719Marimaki Rio AARB788
1324T12860Nudelook Enzo Vittorio of Bemisu SCSX788
1326158141Ragbrigitta Boo-Boo INRD787
132714418Urfo Unique ENSF786
132814531Fairy 4 U Ruby ENAS785
1329T1292Ttcats Ginger of Dawntreader SCMCP784
1329T122141BG*Eva-Arya Galis Evmolpias ESMC784
1329T8014Airavata Merlin of Namrib EWBI784
133215915Backkara's Tabasco of Silky-Angel INBI782
133313847Herbalmeow Victoria With Wing AANF781
1334T12313Mythaidiamond Hendrix ESTH780
1334T79123HelderbergCats Exotic NEBG780
1334T14667Black Pearls Candy Barberry/CF ENES780
1337756Balihoo Tara GLBA776
1338147142Riddlecoon's I.Brioche ENMC774
133916068Wang Zi INES771
1340161142Belialqing Merida of Shinysnow INRD770
1341T16261Seven INSX769
1341T10577Kelcobber Winston Purrchill SEBS769
1341T483Halima Sansa Stark of Kingturks SWTV769
1344163143Lovelystory Mars INRD768
1345T12434Love Oriental Otello ESOS767
1345T10611Highlandkatz Marine Rain SESRL767
1347T164124Saphirs De Lune Loonid INBG766
1347T7694Purrmunn's Odell GLPS766
1349T14812Lanacats Sampo ENSO760
1349T8362Amelia Dambiro of Blandior SASX760
13518095PearlyPond To The Moon of Anouchka NEPS759
135212513Flicflac Firlefanz ESSG756
135316563Man Di INSX755
1354166144Athenadolls Venus INRD754
13551268Marinday Jnana Remo ESTA752
1356T776Synergy Cetus GLOL751
1356T14931Eirecogteils Alamos ENSI751
1358T150T19Quintin Murrius ENSF750
1358T150T143Atlantic Acadia's Norther Star/FI ENMC750
136036125Wildernesswell Taboo of Wildlegacy MPBG749
136110710Chocolatefactry Dream On SEMK747
1362152126Bennvoyagee Celebrity ENBG746
136312778Ronaldo Royal Secret*PL ESBS743
1364T10832Willowblue Moon Shine SEAS742
1364T16721Xiao Red INDR742
1364T153145Make It Mine Close To Purrfection ENRD742
1364T1282Little'D' Munchkin Alwin ESMKL742
1364T13069Dclass Julia SCES742
136981127Katzizi Zorina EWBG741
1370139144McLapis Kopi Luwak AAMC740
1371817Von Anomis Tutti Frutti of LeberceauNEBA738
13728479Luna Morena Happy Boy SABS736
1373997Balimoor Gypsy Belle NWOL735
1374T131145Myluckystars Pesky Perseus SCMC734
1374T16870Jun Haos Tiger of Youyuo INES734
137612920Sweet Boy ESSF733
137716935Betty INOS731
1378T15464Darling ENSX730
1378T13047Abyzza Affaireblacktie of Abystyle ESAB730
138013222Amidala of Fifth Element/WC SCDR729
13818533DeAlles Agatha II SAAS728
1382828Le Berceau Sidonie NEBA727
138313396Di-Saronno Objet d'Art of Elagans SCPS726
1384T41146TKennebec An Der Tiazan MAMC725
1384T131146TAlipaws Byron ESMC725
1386134146Adorablerags Serendipity SCRD724
1387T8271Zendique Paisley Park EWES722
1387T8611Ekster Hejmo Kami SAMK722
1389T1354Sunsmoke Texas Thunder SCSCS721
1389T155147Lil'Magics Tobago ENRD721
1389T14034Amour Iyohime AAAS721
1392T132T6Selkie's Cezanne Du Reve A Sissou ESMX719
1392T132T148TLionheartcoon Mr.Spock ESMC719
1392T87148TFelinaFolia Malluk Fuad of Muusa SAMC719
139515680Jacinthe Des Grenadines De Celan ENBS718
139614148Littlemew June AANF713
1397T17036Ranning Osh Fairy INOS712
1397T157150Bonneamie Winter Wonderland ENMC712
139913644Bronza of Ratush of Charodey/WC SCSB711
1400T15820Sunnanordica Yngwi ENRB710
1400T83148Londondoll Dove EWRD710
1400T49128Angelsiam Amotozensation SWBG710
140313737Siblings Pop Top To Go SCOS709