2016-2017 Championship Cat Standings: 2214-2413

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sat Jun 24 17:26:04 2017.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 2214-2413
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2214T160Bytko Straightup Butch of Kitti Kat --BS292
2214T30231Bluevika mini a sweet INRB292
2216T303216Jumpertw Sean INBG291
2216T124230Dotcom Ei Ei Oh GLMC291
2216T22076Avantgarde Charlie of Charle TabushiAANF291
2219T51107Royal Class Konstanca of Carver HillMPES290
2219T160T7Munchkinlane S Hairyette SEMKL290
2219T149230TMaleficent of Bakerviewrags NWRD290
2219T243T230TLuxus Tosh's Last Shot ESRD290
2219T243T231Lilou de Saint-Paul ESMC290
2219T160T32Gilvtales Galahad SEHI290
2219T160T141Belcats Summer Time Blues SEPS290
2219T14826Aiko Mina SABI290
2227T19451Sukhotai Necromancer SCOS288
2227T12540Nightmagic Choculla of Lochmaere GLDR288
2227T150232Hugaragdoll Neal Caffrey NWRD288
2227T245111Fenrir Esmeralda Azul ESSX288
2231T82233TRubyridgerags Honolulu of Creekcats SWRD287
2231T195217Oriana de Baracoa-E/WC SCBG287
2231T149233TMuņeca de Trapo Rojito SARD287
2231T24618Magic Mirabelle Moon Sissi*CZ ESBL287
2231T1234Krazycurls Lapis Purdy NEAC287
2231T240233TBoss ENRD287
2231T304233TB-Coffedoll Aimee INRD287
2238T247218Silvercrown Meredith Grey ESBG286
2238T8327Partypaws Mischief Maker SWBI286
2238T60108Berryhille Bennie Arnorld MAES286
2241T1962Skiboots Didgeridoo SCSN285
2241T248109Look And Like Exothelli ESES285
2241T1635Katsmists Doren Song SEAUM285
2244T16428Spiritcat Elphin Prince Taryn SECR284
2244T241237PL*My Butterfly Hayley ENRD284
2246T16551Sartoris Amalyne SEAS282
2246T242232Grand Meriil's Mr.Vostorg ENMC282
2246T249161Foxyland Bluegolden Beauty Blair ESBS282
2246T22177Dorrymama Emily Temple Cute AANF282
2250T12641Charjanie Turtle Dove GLSI281
2250T124238Angellcats Enzo Ferrari Fireball NERD281
2252T52219Gulfbeach Noahs Ark MPBG280
2252T15141DavonDream Mr. Bombastic of KabukiAmNWDR280
2252T129110TBriiz Tiki Shelley of Myneco EWES280
2252T250110TBlue-Heavan Angel's Benett ESES280
2256T13071Musrafy Dancing Star of Sayadaws EWSB278
2256T251T19Jasmine de Peyrat ESBL278
2256T251T220Brownsugar Spicy ESBG278
2256T243233Adrastia Callas of Kiyaras ENMC278
2260T1661Sun pride's Plusha of Catpal/WF SEKB277
2260T30534Lukor Fold Aibolit INSF277
2260T125142Char-O's Beautymarque NEPS277
2263T306239Wanzi of Small Dimple INRD276
2263T12642Su-su's Iskanwaya NESI276
2265T1678Munchkinlane S Princess Ozma SEMKL274
2265T197240Misiangashnawi Itayetzl SCRD274
2265T8472Iriska Russkiy Suvenir of Kunapaws SWSB274
2265T222112Cattery Kitty House's Glay AASX274
226930735Peanut INSF273
2270T152234Mishikoonz Whitney T NWMC272
2270T223143Candy May Kurumi AAPS272
2272T168221Tuminello Polar Eclipse SEBG271
2272T150162MukasCat Sofia SABS271
2272T13112Izzi Royal Star EWSCS271
2272T24452Eirecogteils Barcelo ENOS271
2276T25311L'Nefertitit du Jardin D'Elise ESEM270
2276T30821Do Do INMK270
2276T198163Britishempire Feta SCBS270
2279T30952Zhuyingtai INAS269
2279T6125Vindouro Mister Mister of Selella MABU269
2279T8511Specialagent Tiger Track SWPB269
2279T199T164Neal Diamiland*PL SCBS269
2279T15373TGlorious Neapolitan NWSB269
2279T199T73TCharodey Taya SCSB269
2285T224112Nenneko Anzu AAES268
2285T25436Flash ESSF268
2287T16933Tranquility Hot Sauced SEHI267
2287T3103Lanbaobao INMNT267
2289T245235Genevieve Angel Savage ENMC266
2289T20113Calitonk Mighty Mike D Warrior SCTO266
2291T255165Midnight's Cat Honey ESBS265
2291T24617Domusfelina Zahra ENSV265
2291T3114Aurora INMNT265
229412753Chicago Snow Mystique GLOS264
2295T31253Xiao Mei INAS263
2295T25637Amanda von Alexi Star ESSF263
2297T1326Polypassion Havelock EWMCP262
2297T225166Mountteine Kentaro AABS262
2297T154T5Mountaineer Griffin NWMNT262
2297T62222Jungletrax Cascading Rhythm MABG262
2297T154T241Izzadorablerags Diamond NWRD262
2297T12817Houseofblues Lynn-Z of Forever-Moor GLCX262
2297T247113Gold Reserve Solfrio ENSX262
2297T12715Curland Oscar NEACL262
2305T151T22TVamaschis Herbs of Ekster Hejmo SAMK261
2305T63223Traipse Furiosa of Jungletrax MABG261
2305T12922TRugrunners Nick in Time GLMK261
2305T151T167MukasCat Sissi SABS261
230931354Wu Mei INAS260
2310T314T24Persimmon INMK259
2310T15326HU* Alba Regia Tepsifules SABU259
2310T133168THitomi Pantera Viola*UA of Celtic MiEWBS259
2310T314T168TBaton Imperiya Serebra INBS259
2314T17018Tilsim Dan Elektra SESO258
2314T226242Reddoor Bianca AARD258
2314T53236Koontyme Madeleine MPMC258
2314T24875Blue Topaz BMW ENSB258
23182027Ttcats Yukon P of Dawntreader SCMCP257
231922722Heart Rutile's Bianca AASG256
2320T13076Slava Call Me Regal GLSB255
2320T128224George Zolota Mriya of Maracaja NEBG255
2322T64237Tremethick Bilbo Baggins MAMC254
2322T24938TMacrory Urania ENSF254
2322T31638TKindlycat's Coco Chanel* INSF254
2325T15628Pirateslair Magique of MikaSu NWBI253
2325T134113D'Eden Lover Miss Cacahuette EWES253
2327T317T238Unicum Aya INMC252
2327T317T243Sein of Meow INRD252
2329T31914Sweet Dream of Munchkitty INMNL251
2329T203244Arcattarags Romeo of Ariaragdolls SCRD251
2331T204245TRagissa Pireus of Beecaveragdoll/FI SCRD250
2331T257225Honeybear Sharons Dream, CZ ESBG250
2331T154245TAR*Ilari Misi Wasi Finjam SARD250
2334T320114Milky Tea INES249
2334T135170Libby Bonicat EWBS249
2334T228247Irisplace Suger Leaf Pie AARD249
2337T22932Supersmile Noah AARB246
2337T321248Onemgee Cookie INRD246
2337T13177Ideal Colors of Life GLSB246
2340T155114TThe Kitten House Tamino SASX245
2340T258114TRedangel Abraille ESSX245
2342T23014World Star Ken AATO244
2342T250T171Silver Nence Akmur*RU ENBS244
2342T259144Genasaqua's Dane ESPS244
2342T250T33Ballyblue Bastet ENRB244
2342T132226Bailiwick Forest Pixie GLBG244
2347T13616Queenanne Merlin EWTG243
2347T252227Beatris Fairysavage ENBG243
2349T5411Valintino MPBA242
2349T253239Frizzy's Fortune Cloud Nine ENMC242
2351T156240Woodpile Baci of Patacoonia SAMC241
2351T32255Nai Tang INAS241
2351T653Magicbobs Double Vision MAABT241
2351T231T172Leonix Princess Hayley of Tinyti/ID AABS241
2351T231T228Dalbong Kuki AABG241
2351T26014Belle Bob's Zlatovlaska ESKBL241
2357T23340T-Root's Arion AASF240
2357T261241Cascademtn Buffy of Lionheartcoon ESMC240
2357T323173Bai Xiaonian INBS240
236015742The Avengers Sharad Hett Jedi SADR239
2361133145Dreamquete The Demimonde GLPS238
2362T324249Ohemgee Lucky of Renatakitty INRD237
2362T262T29Giverny Kerdalyan ESBI237
2362T262T54Angel Felis Nemo ESOS237
2365158146Von & Von Poly SAPS236
236623478Blue Kitty's Aeroboat AANF235
2367T325T43Y-Camellia Henry of Snowbuttons INDR234
2367T8616Thatsthepoint Egg Nog Call Me Al SWJB234
2367T20517Staci SCTG234
2367T325T250Rockcreek Paddington INRD234
2367T264147Bigpurrs Hollywood ESPS234
2367T23521Alcyone TTT Baloo AASR234
2373T17134Rubanthom Bluey of Caterblu SERB233
2373T206229Exotiquebengals Razors Edge SCBG233
2373T134115Carriekatz Regina GLES233
2376T327T242Urania Sky Beyrouth,CZ INMC232
2376T137174Regaliscats Marmot Soul EWBS232
2376T23679Littlemew Wakka AANF232
2376T327T25Huangjin INMK232
2376T20778Charodey Uslada SCSB232
2381T254243Riddlecoon Rumba ENMC231
2381T23780Minamifuji Neko Rio AANF231
2381T13518Mabuhay Landi of Forever-Moor GLCX231
2384T129230Wildtempation A Star Is Born NEBG230
2384T238251TFurreal Depend On You of Appledolls AARD230
2384T208251TBeehive Elsa Snowqueen of Hugidolls SCRD230
2387T255T79Neva's Legend Keks ENSB229
2387T255T16Magicurl Irwin True Silver ENACL229
2387T265116Latin Lover I Eyes Wide Shot ESES229
2390266117One O One Cucu Sette ESES228
2391T267244TKasandra Laguna Leo ESMC227
2391T172244TCoberman Thom of Mainelyclassic SEMC227
2393T329253Ragben Land Cindy INRD226
2393T17334Gilvtales Guinevere of Kopykapp SEHI226
2393T13056Beauchador Stella of Sunnysgang NEAS226
2396T268231La Khaleesi des Griffes De Feu ESBG225
2396T17466Blueriver Redhot Mess SEAB225
2398T269T13Myrtille des Pebbles Cats ESSCS224
2398T269T246Felis Admiranda V'Zingaro, HR of SilESMC224
2400T1578Mishikoonz Mount Jumper NWMCP223
2400T257232Alcarinqua Demeter ENBG223
2402T258T254Ragmagic Tony Chocoloney ENRD222
2402T258T247Neobiotas Future ENMC222
2402T271175Edmond Dantes British Red ESBS222
2405272176Modany Xanadu ESBS221
2406T66233Therealms Perpetual Passion MABG220
2406T158177Danila Marvelous Lord *RU NWBS220
2408T273T178Tscha's Oh Mandy ESBS219
2408T33057Getrichcat's Autumu INAS219
2408T273T67Des Entrechats Luna ESAB219
2411T275248Mystic de Mourre-Frais ESMC218
2411T13843Abicasa Babooshka/GC EWSI218
2413T276T255Methodius Charles Xray Tumbev ESRD217
2413T276T118Le Clulb d'O Van Cleef ESES217
2413T131249Dracoonfly Deva River NEMC217
2413T139179Admirari Cat-King Coal EWBS217
2413T276T68Abyfelis Ladiva ESAB217