2014-2015 Kitten Standings: 1404-1603

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankKitten Standings: 1404-1603
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
140428Nekomori Honey AS702
1405T104Dclass Okavango PS701
1405T43Zivago Del Falco d'Oro ES701
1405T17Tonkville Gorgeous George TO701
1408T137TSpeakeasy Barefoot Bluejeans BG699
1408T195Rumford Roary MC699
1408T137TMisty Bengals J Silver Surfer BG699
1408T127Gentle Time Seira RD699
1408T137TBengalchateau Kenia of Balboa BG699
1408T34Publicitys Blesk SB699
1414T196M-Pawz Wolfgang MC698
1414T10Balimoor Snow Imp OL698
1416T23Bonne Chance Marshall SFL697
1416T51Waterfjord Kayla of Norestar NF697
1416T26Zinas What A Ham HI697
1419T128Bloomdolls Luce RD696
1419T197Nascat Saleen Mustang MC696
1419T140Bengalflats Candy Kisses BG696
142224Raya's Black Jack of TX-Elfkatz DR695
1423T51Hello Mimmy Cobalt Blast AB694
1423T21Colombina Ocean Eyes*UA BU694
1423T49Rock'n'Cat's Jumbo OS694
1423T61Cakecake Wu BS694
1427T129TDsjewels Keegan of Ragnificentdoll RD692
1427T129TFairymoon Lum of Gentletime RD692
1427T141Salvador Geronimo BG692
1430142Solanaranch Unalienable Right BG690
1431198Ishcus I Am I Said MC689
143225Idem De Luxe CR688
1433T143Dust of Glitter Augustine BG686
1433T35Azorez Peony Baggins SI686
1433T6Lucid Marron's Ludolf OC686
1436T131TUsapurrs Jersey Blu of 5Starrags RD684
1436T131TRags2dazzle Louis v Ragsbdazzled RD684
143835Perun Sladkoe Pyatnyshko SB683
1439T62Purrceptive Some More BS682
1439T15Drako Dajatera*PL RB682
1441T144Yoohyun Benny BG681
1441T199Cascademtn Pink Floyd of Coonquest MC681
1441T133Angeliqdoll Maylie RD681
1444T105Wallycats Spooktacular PS680
1444T200Chatile Kiri MC680
1446T63Bighead Sugar Dumplin BS678
1446T17Alistsavannahs Sweet Elysia SV678
1448T51Wrynkleskyns Memento Vivere SX676
1448T50Balihoo Mocha Kisses OS676
1448T145Starkittie Taygeta BG676
1448T27Just Jude Zoe Melody'S HI676
1448T8Specialagent Badge Ofhonor PB676
145364Alejandro Bug Jam BS675
1454T52Bareskin Petite Pietra of Bemisu SX674
1454T44Befalsetto Peaceful Character ES674
1456T45Terracats Ramona of Kiara ES672
1456T134Maximus II of NY Divine Dolls RD672
1458T146Simplyblessed Zelda BG671
1458T201Pitho R8 Spyder MC671
146014Hunnybears What Is Love BL670
1461147Heimdall Frigga BG669
146253Vandvis Sweetest Perfection SX666
1463135Creekcats I Got You Babe RD665
1464202Wistariantale Lucius MC664
1465T22Graymark Summer BU663
1465T18Exotictails Ruxpin of Tuminello SV663
1467T51FL*Clamoris Inessa OS660
1467T148Catridingtrees Conan BG660
1467T24Cedarwood Ginger Snap of Catpal SO660
1470T203Merrimak Beka Cooper MC657
1470T136Reddoor Elliot of Littlealice RD657
1472T106Mystere Goldengirl PS656
1472T52Sunfox Scarlet Fool AB656
1472T28Lauretta Zorron HI656
1475T107Laurettas Kimba PS655
1475T149Kanesei Rola BG655
1475T16Devei Fold Klod SF655
147854Nudistcamp Cohen of Angelsoftbc SX653
1479T150Wildwoodbengals Mystik Mirage BG652
1479T46Dclass Choco ES652
1479T52Europa's Mester Jacob NF652
1479T204Peshewafarm Tupac of Coonamor/ID MC652
1483108Lofoten Cuba PS650
1484T25Curlyyoda Lauren DR649
1484T151Rainforest Mango Mojito BG649
1486T205Kelimcoons Teagan MC648
1486T6Deveifold Idgie Rose SCS648
1488206Jupiter De Larrea-Isla MC647
148922Whinner Della Valle Bianca BI646
149065Bighead Lady Yeats BS645
1491152Lagallerie Triple Ripple BG644
149236Masha Krasnyj Jar*PL SB643
1493T207Broadsway Sultan of Cozycoons MC640
1493T55Fantcfur Bare Scoutin SX640
1495109Jack Sparrow PS639
1496T153Medoz Sorecrous BG638
1496T208Finchamberlain Young At Heart MC638
1498T19Rollinridgesv Dandro SV637
1498T53Regtime Gan Eden of Abylicious AB637
1500T110Dclass Gael PS636
1500T54Briarvalley La Luna of Trendsetters AB636
150256Sphynxcraft Rufus SX635
150316Mondschein's Blue Moon RB634
150447Pleskava Chernika ES633
15059Sirin Coconut Kiss TA632
1506T52Skan Miss Chrome OS631
1506T48Vannies Paws Betty Davis Eyes ES631
1508T53Leafdance Ratri OS630
1508T49Brio Company Jacotte ES630
1508T154Zorlacbengals Playboy of Southlynn BG630
1511T50TNightcastles Chacha ES629
1511T50TMickey Su Carrots ES629
1513T26Rextasy White Hot Rock Star CR628
1513T111Nitram's BonBon PS628
1515155Purrgold Dolce Delia/FI BG627
151626Curlydolls Yoko Ohno of Blupaw DR626
151757Bemisu Summer Shandy of Blaylar SX625
1518T37Agatha Khaleesi Delia of Zimowylas SB624
1518T137Ragalong Frigate RD624
1520T7Wild Rain Enchanted of Calumetcats OC623
1520T209Wind In Willows Titan MC623
1522T156TJungletrax Longshot BG622
1522T156TMedoz Dobby of Highcaliber BG622
1522T210Calicoon Calina MC622
1525211June de Caval'cats MC621
1526112Sierra Madre Chapoteo PS620
152727Ridgways Save The Last Dance For Me CR619
152836Skan Once In A Blue Moon SI618
1529T27Comix Zen Master DR617
1529T138TFamilytimerags All That Jazz RD617
1529T58Shalnavazz Brie SX617
1529T138TChamidolls Forget Me Not RD617
1533T158Russicats Muze Pearl BG616
1533T28Gatodouro Finley CR616
1535T17Silverlake Frozen Lance RB614
1535T66Willowwick Figgie Bobbin Ewok BS614
1535T29Brontti Colonel Bluford HI614
1538T212TShelter Bastet Dodge Durano MC613
1538T113Katzeye's Its Just A Little Crush/CFPS613
1538T67A Day At The Races Genesis BS613
1538T212TCankcats High Noon MC613
1542T11Kremlincats Kinky Love PD612
1542T28Marsparadise Elzahime DR612
1544214Silverferns Be My Valentine MC611
1545T29Corn-bred's Anie of Filagrewave CR610
1545T140Raggymay Claudette of Crabapple RD610
154768Britishblue Duke Cockenshire BS609
1548T141Blossom Lindie of Keepurrs RD608
1548T114BiangBiang PS608
155055Insuubunkai Chinatsu AB607
1551T52Panei's Southern Comfort ES605
1551T29IL*Karavella Maple DR605
1553159Catridingtrees Chingizkhan BG604
155459Ninavetta Azure Likeit Wrynkleskyns SX603
155512Curlysue Luca SRL602
1556T215TGloriasterra Vesna MC601
1556T215TCloistercoon Callme Of Archoong MC601
155869Ralette Belami BS599
1559T217Mainelyclassic Night Thyme of Cober MC598
1559T160Brownsugar Spicy BG598
1561T161Authenticats Silk Lace Stellaris BG597
1561T142TRiterags Bubble RD597
1561T142TAppledolls Bbang RD597
1564T218Cuzzoe Rikki Tikki Tavi MC596
1564T11Amaurie Ariel EM596
1566162Amazongold Infiniti BG595
1567144Diamondsriver Rachel Zoe RD593
1568T56Herus Far Away Laughter AB592
1568T145Izzadorablerags Hot Stuff RD592
1570T60TRandazzleme Tip Me Over SX590
1570T115TAgaro Pers Meg PS590
1570T60Tde Bliss Patrick of Taberetb SX590
1570T115TJoris De Dumont-Casteval PS590
1574T117Katzeye's Leather And Lace! PS587
1574T163Misty Bengals Jad'Or BG587
1574T146TBrightstone Beauteous Sir Spartacus RD587
1574T146TFishbone Victoria Jane RD587
157857J*Ilinel D'Ulunlae AB586
1579T118Katzino Jillian of Pams Persians PS585
1579T53Layan-Zots Blodwen ES585
1581T7Sunsmoke Texas Thunder SCS583
1581T219Tikasi F.P. Schubert MC583
1583T12Totem Inya of Topshotscattery PD581
1583T62Couleesphynx Belle of the Ball SX581
1585119Equinox Xotc Pearl of Mt Baker PS580
158624Jessie-Cat De La Via Domitia SFL579
1587T12Aita Heihe KBL578
1587T148Issur Helion.CZ Of Crazy Love Dolls RD578
1589T70Emeraldy Golden Puff BS577
1589T164Jungletrax Tangental Gold BG577
1591T165Big Feliks of Asiafauve BG576
1591T120TMonella Vanilla Surprize PS576
1591T120TMonella Rosabella PS576
1591T54Pinkatz Coconut Sugar of Cavalier ES576
1595166Sofysticats Junkie BG575
159638Siberian Heaven Iris SB574
1597T122TPurejems Dolly Parton PS573
1597T122TKatzeyes Next Top Model/CF PS573
1599124Snugglebug Irresistible Truffles PS572
1600T58Abyfelicity Gloire de Mon AB570
1600T30Sheroncats Caruso HI570
1600T25Rene Foldberry SFL570
1603167Moulinrouge Jungle Love BG569