2014-2015 Kitten Standings: 1805-2003

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankKitten Standings: 1805-2003
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
1805T57Endelosglede Wynter NF454
1805T73Taberetb Titania SX454
1805T179Ragalong MagicalMantra of Ragahimsa RD454
1805T6Bluetreasure Joshua CX454
1809T34TCherrybirdie Blossom HI452
1809T34TPurr-Star Intelligent Design HI452
1811T6Tasurt Titan CU451
1811T83Diorella of Eman's Regnum BS451
181360Hoaloha Blue Danube Dreamin ES450
1814T10Fukumaneki Jojolion OC449
1814T180Ragalong Django RD449
1816T243Deabaete Edu MC448
1816T58GB Charismakatt Amber Pearl NF448
1818T34Megarex Salem of TX-Elfkatz DR447
1818T10Alpine Legends Okee PB447
1820T18QT-Tonks Amoreena of Sazikatz TO446
1820T202TAlcarinqua Catelyn BG446
1820T202TSilvercastle Ignition Starts BG446
1823T204Traipse Conquistador Don Diego BG445
1823T244Mainlysilver Silver Scout MC445
182574Sweet Berry Fifa of Gateway Sphynx SX443
1826T10Kazzakatz Leoncatbello SG442
1826T26Merrymong's Bella Romaine SFL442
1826T20Rubleme Shine RB442
1829T75Taberetb Titania of Distinct SX438
1829T39Flutterby Lavinia SI438
1829T35Rextasy Vive L'Amour! CR438
1832T84TTian Ci BS437
1832T84TUA*Leo San Lilliana BS437
1834T245MTNest Kitai MC436
1834T10Sarsenstone Daenerys TH436
183640Ragzcats Mintaka SI435
1837205Traipse Moto Macchiato BG433
1838T86Tschas Josephine BS432
1838T14Amaure Jasmine EM432
1840206Fractal So What BG431
184161Pantufas Amora ES430
184259Rikar Katts Serena NF429
1843246Chamberlain Vanilla Sky/FI MC428
1844207Gloriousbengals Merlin BG426
1845T62Dahongbao ES425
1845T35Sakuraquiet Pinaco DR425
1847137De Salsanos Invisible Touch PS424
1848T11Eeyaa Sunrise Show TG423
1848T63Ternura Pepper Pots ES423
185012Toytigercat Sumo TG422
185111Jungle de L'Oree Boreale PB421
185226Suphapearl Bosco BU420
185327Mak Sim Somarineko SO419
1854T208Marbleous Pacem Meam BG418
1854T36Curlyyoda Sandy DR418
1856247Velsbechmann Oswald MC417
1857T36Silk Agnus Gay Ritchi CR416
1857T60Featherland Capella NF416
1857T30Murrznpurrs Sweetdreams for Alandor AS416
1860T11Antiguo Reino de Siam Maite TH415
1860T181Vavidoll And Justice For All RD415
1862T2Clevercats Jack MKL414
1862T209Medoz Maybe I'm Amazed BG414
1864T1Rumfold Primerose Darling Blue SingiSCL413
1864T138Nightcastles Flufay PS413
1864T6Deydream Smart Alec CY413
1867T60Nyx Kumho OS412
1867T182Cajunragdolls Baily RD412
1869T7Tasurt Darvadora of Coeursauvage CU411
1869T183Olympodolls Calinda RD411
187139Mittelmeijer Pioneer SB410
1872T61Minghou Raindrop OS408
1872T8Javahut Dora The Espresso HB408
1874T139Love Face Fire On Ice of Sawah PS407
1874T210Gulfbeach Pretty Boy Swag BG407
1876T37Neosfera Rex Vishenka of Stanrex DR406
1876T61Prince Princess Sherry NF406
1878248DCFD Wild Fire MC405
1879T64Starbourne Anna Bell Lee of Illumme ES404
1879T13Eeyaa Ties That Bind TG404
1881T211TKamrita Skimbleshanks BG402
1881T211TAustral Bengal Bamboo BG402
1883T140Cherrybirdie Chanel of Pawsitive PS397
1883T213TCoppertone Cadillac Jack BG397
1883T184Lollicat Pinkie Pie RD397
1883T213TBengalflats Arm Candy BG397
1887T185Rose Koci Eden Of Aquamarinedolls RD396
1887T15Ancientmau Dal-Sherbet EM396
1887T41Sensay Sapphira SI396
1890T186Riterags Lovely To Look At RD395
1890T25Azur Aqua La Peter BI395
1890T62Quincess Brooke Rat OS395
1893T249Jokaya Du Dolmen Imperial MC394
1893T42Sanmaurs Glace Violet SI394
1893T65Brettachtal's Joli Coeur ES394
1896T215Felisludens Jack Frost BG393
1896T187Ragdonuts Strawberry Custard French RD393
1898250Wildbeautycoon´s Flower MC392
1899T8Legato Mukay SCS391
1899T7Tyheracles Cerisier of Laladoll CX391
1901T216Sunstorm Staroftheshow BG390
1901T63Silvan Garmony OS390
1903T251Azonia Laplamiz MC389
1903T38Devonheart Puddin And Pie DR389
1903T27Tamila Dostoyanie Sibiri SFL389
1903T141Jude Law Des Sopranos PS389
1907T188Elonadolls Casanova RD388
1907T217Spice n Spots Mint 2 B BG388
1907T142Nannan2 PS388
1907T11L'Arcobaleno Corleone ACL388
1911T64Synergy Paprika OS387
1911T8Lesplushes Jouir de La Vie CX387
191315Coomakista Elatha SRL386
1914189CatsIndoor Aurora RD385
1915218Asiafauve Capucine BG384
191687High Arctic Snow*PL BS383
1917219Lamancha Oliver BG382
1918T190Laladoll MCG Sherry RD381
1918T11Juciful Bella De La Symphoriane SG381
1918T9Havacat Brown Bonnie Bigover HB381
1921252Muusa Balin MC380
192262Prince Princess Rooky NF379
1923T253TPopokilani Ange of Fairypaw MC378
1923T253TKizzacoons Bandit MC378
1925255Tribalcats Janel Chanel MC377
1926T88Maxfold Tobias of Topeng BS376
1926T143Dclass Belive me PS376
1926T191Dsjewels Princess Leia RD376
1929T220Thundercatbngl Whiskey BG375
1929T89Raincoastca Scotia BS375
1929T192Palacedolls Tristan of Heavenlyrags RD375
1932193Five RD374
1933T256LAPD Olivia MC373
1933T144Vaimaca Piru Rosa PS373
1935T90Tetiaroa Onlybricat BS372
1935T31Gahlee Richard Sherman AS372
193776The Kittens House Patch SX371
1938T66TPams Persians Blythe ES369
1938T66TZotcatz Murphy Brown ES369
1938T257Bearcloud Dr Jeep MC369
1938T65Mythicakats Truly A Miracle OS369
1942T194Sonroserags Torena RD368
1942T258Windwalker Indigo Moon MC368
1942T11BlackLabel's Rianna BO368
194577Nudistcamp China of Angelsoftbc SX367
1946259Sandy Beaches' Indy Paintbrush MC366
1947T66Simply O Ceasar OS365
1947T221Silvercastle Tigris of Dynamic BG365
1947T195Keepurrs Uno RD365
1950222Bennvoyagee Russian Paradise BG364
1951T68Mystere Diego ES363
1951T15Gulfcats Easy Ryder of Angelbear JB363
1953T18Starryeyed Jellybean BL362
1953T11Balimoor Lady Bug of Stegra OL362
1953T65Rebecca of Geliodor AB362
195624Hybrideal Ulysse SV361
1957T18Devil SF360
1957T69Qiu Shui ES360
1957T37Rexplus Business For Self CR360
1957T223Jumpertw As Murray BG360
1957T145Jobiniere It'S Me PS360
1962T224Jazzle the Mighty Quinn BG359
1962T78Wrynkleskyns Bambinoccino SX359
1964T21Lamerbleue Green Revolution RB358
1964T260Macavity Spumoni of Coons'kin MC358
1964T66Abydale Solar Flare AB358
1964T2Owhl Beeper SCL358
1968225Sweetchile Hollyday BG357
1969196Groovicats Ivanhoe RD356
1970146Abalone's Britney PS355
1971T43Hojpoj Lucy of Radiance SI354
1971T28Just'in Love De La Belle Romaine SFL354
1973197Shal-Shire Zipporah RD353
1974226Medusa kyoakuwa Nemurasenai BG352
1975T227Wildgold Calliope BG351
1975T261Dixiekatz Kiss Me Im Irish MC351
1977T70Dirose's Lady Tulipa ES350
1977T44San-Toi Play Girl of Jaysun SI350
1979T262TWindwalker Quantum Leap MC349
1979T262TBigrivercoon Goodness Gracious MC349
1979T262TLe Beau Minu Serenade of Windwalker MC349
1982T228TKanpur Morpheus Dreams of Traipse BG348
1982T228TRussicats Baby Doll BG348
1982T147Wallycats Luciano PS348
1982T91Catusparkunio Atlas BS348
1986T92Pretty Paradise AF Clipper BS347
1986T265MTNest Yankee Rose of Mainevu MC347
1988T198Willowtreerags Copenhagen RD346
1988T79Armani Axioma SX346
1990T230TRowan Sargent Argentum of Lamancha BG345
1990T230TTraipse Celestial Comet BG345
1990T230TFractal Naughty N Nice of JT BG345
1993199Angellcats Princess Annabelle RD344
1994T3Lovelycat Ryota MKL342
1994T266Shonancats Miss Big MC342
1996T233Heavensdoor Cinder of Fraservalley BG341
1996T63Orangemarmelad Alexander Povetkin NF341
1998234Julamor Elegance BG340
1999235Aljannes Exotic Thunder BG339
2000T200Adorabledolls Lorenzo Alfani RD337
2000T267Yatazaka Tanba MC337
2000T80Nada Is Nunya Bizzness SX337
2003T16Rockinashi Now You See Me JB335
2003T81Sphynxantiquus Forever Together SX335
2003T29Rumfold Warrior Firestar Lukel SFL335