2014-2015 Championship Cat Standings: 2214-2413

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 2214-2413
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
221496Sundancenbare Chulak of Sofskins SX257
2215T217Pemicha Imperatrice Sissi RD256
2215T68Loupblanc Grigio AB256
2217T11Queen Panther's Frontier MKL254
2217T218Dsjewels Ember of Ragnificentdoll RD254
2217T25Ailin Hitraya Mordashka SFL254
2217T82Treveri Tanga ES254
2221266Bengalmanor Lord Catsby of Chalkmtn BG253
2222T17Stanley Himeji of Hikoma BO252
2222T25Bazilik of Libaupride SF252
2222T36The Kittens House Chimuela CR252
2225231Suryamainecoon Suryamco Vanity MC251
2226T136TGriffindors Golden Yella BS250
2226T83Dark Diamond Dias of Dar-Liz Dol/CF ES250
2226T219Furreal Rejoice Abby of Amazndolls RD250
2226T136TVanadis of Kotoffski BS250
2226T232Atlastcats Onyx MC250
2231T233HookedonCoons Alley Anna MC249
2231T267TKirarakan Grace Rock BG249
2231T267TMinamifuji West Single BG249
2231T17Cloudcity Rhaego of Targaryenthai TH249
2231T82Asterfull Saint Malo NF249
2236T234Waterproof's Ziggy Stardust MC247
2236T58Fiesta Siberian Magic/WC SB247
2236T22Synergy Aster of Foxglen OL247
2236T84Vannies Paws Betty Davis Eyes/CF ES247
2240220Rouletii Sweet Ballad RD246
2241T97The Kittens House Anastasia SX245
2241T85Libaibai ES245
2241T235IT* Lynx Lynx Blue Bear MC245
2244T39Regina Teenybean Molinero Y CisnerosBI244
2244T59Siberian Dynasty Eleanor SB244
2246236Langstteich's Magnum Blue MC243
2247269Cherokeerose Slater of Albeng BG242
2248221Methodius Garry Thumbev RD241
2249T237Madepi-Coon's Irenchen MC240
2249T270Sunstorm Set The Style BG240
2251T238A Winerau's Quintus MC239
2251T271Traipse Zaz Has Our Hearts BG239
2253T272Rubyclaw Catnip BG238
2253T222Usapurrs First Lady RD238
2253T98Nabucodonosore Warren De Lyndsay SX238
2253T44Candy May Anne AS238
2257T13Cupidon Venustus KBL237
2257T12Avyonah Nuala Nuray TV237
2257T25Candy May Lucy SG237
2260T99Cerisier Cat Camilla SX236
2260T12Rockinashi One Good Luck Charm JB236
2260T239Popokilani Natalie MC236
2260T273Coolspots Hope of Spotsgalore BG236
2260T138Pavarotti Rubio D'Oaxaca/ID BS236
226586Sheroncats Mytra ES235
2266T18J'Adore Dior The Cats Love BO234
2266T223Glorydolls Alan Jackson RD234
2268139Britishempire Feta BS232
2269T8Svetliy Klubok Zephyr SCL229
2269T37White Claw Gwendji Wonder CR229
2271T83Epona Thokk NF228
2271T100My Perljoker SX228
2273T274Realcat Amaterasu BG227
2273T10Dreamsong Sky Watch OC227
2273T52Karamushi Skydance OS227
2273T15Fiorire Montblanc CX227
2277101Dare2B-Bare! Jax of Bareenough SX226
2278T60Barbariska of Barvinok SB223
2278T224RockNRaggies Ballooto RD223
2278T13Coloradopixies Okies Dustie Girl PB223
2281275Shurwin Lady Liberty of Starkittie BG222
228284NandinaKatts Baby Love NF221
2283T13Kitti Kat Aurora of Curlysue SRL220
2283T102Lespleiades's Kaoru SX220
2285T40Blue Caramels Samantha BI219
2285T16Tyheracles Daijiro CX219
2285T103Joser Kortney SX219
2285T225Riterags The Eyes Have It RD219
2289T240MainelyClassic Billy Mitchel MC218
2289T276TBatifoleurs Akilah BG218
2289T276TRealcat Susanoo BG218
2289T276TAuthenticats Bronze Pearlescent Sun BG218
2293279Therealms Lorelei of Leopardkind BG217
2294T140High Line Margarete BS216
2294T13Natalia Princess's Jupiter EM216
2296226Marlcreek Cattin Jax Purreston RD214
2297T141TEmpireofGlamour Tiramisu BS213
2297T141TKarma From City Of Angels BS213
2299143Breeston of PW BS212
2300T85S*Pax Fersen Silver Falco NF211
2300T18Maewkaew Bjorn Wirkola TH211
2300T53Kaetzchen Katniss OS211
2303227RU*Eria Pro X-Ray RD210
2304T241TPajocoons Dynamite MC209
2304T30Hullabaloo McCartney of BeautyBurm BU209
2304T86Estrilda Anagard NF209
2304T241TWilliamina Susanoo of Pontahouse MC209
2308T243TAndy Garcia Sibyla MC208
2308T138TMonella Sunrise PS208
2308T280Indian Taboo de La Clairiereofee BG208
2308T228Heartnsoul Blue Ivy of Adorablerags RD208
2308T138TNewlegend Violet PS208
2308T87Newexoticats Harmonie ES208
2308T243TZoey of Tree Hill/ID MC208
2308T104De Bliss Marfusha SX208
231631Hex's Pride Boorduex BU206
2317T229PL*Dollyland Uschi RD205
2317T140Missionhill Timeless Enchamtment PS205
2317T32Starburms Heidi Klum of Pandora/CF BU205
2317T17Grandbois Iteuil CX205
2317T88Jacobine Du Trone Delfief ES205
2322T245MTNest Leann Rimes of Mymains MC203
2322T26Candy May Tiffany SG203
2324T69Ohmy KD 35 AB202
2324T16Overear Lovebug ACL202
2324T141Hoaloha Keiki PS202
2324T281Catreine A BG202
2324T105Joco Remoto Dymon Style SX202
2324T33TPanthat Mir Belarusskiy BU202
2324T33TSacred Spirit Julia Jewel BU202
233116Hotspotexotics Togo SV201
2332T282TAlessandria Ramsette BG200
2332T11Derry Downs Astaire of Thai Silk BA200
2332T45Hebe Palmaris DR200
2332T282TRainforest Equinox BG200
2332T41Heure Bleue des Gants de Velours BI200
2332T38Richibell Pamela CR200
2338T284Purebliss Stormtrooper of Kamrita BG198
2338T12Lakemountain Daemos TG198
2338T142Softrax California Dreamin' PS198
234110Athena MK197
2342T246Trail Dayger MC196
2342T48Smeraldo Topas SI196
2342T285Abookisgun Nanuq BG196
234526Silverado Lacy Star Rumfold SF195
2346T286Benz BG194
2346T87Amangroup Aqua NF194
2346T144Doris of Kotoffski of Silvercharm/WCBS194
2346T70Hayati Yapi Descavalier of Kenzoo AB194
2350T247TShonancats Love Rainbow MC193
2350T247TMainely-Ours RJ Princess Jasmine/CF MC193
2350T287Hotfuzz Relentless BG193
2353T27Purrceptive Curly Tips SR192
2353T37Skeemen Silver Nord SO192
2353T230Hugaragdoll QT Lucy of HighlanddollsRD192
2353T45Festina De La Belle-Cara HI192
2357T288TCatkingdotw MA DI BG191
2357T17Zoo Cat's Indian Summer ACL191
2357T288TSimplyblessed Blowing Angel Kisses BG191
2357T231Blossom Incredible Violet of RTT RD191
2357T106Acirrekatz Poetic Justice SX191
2362T11Strawberry Baby Lento MK190
2362T46Indian Summer Du Joyau Saharien HI190
2362T89Livingcolor Murphy Brown of Zotcatz ES190
2365T47Sugar Cats Thor HI189
2365T71TBeniko of Nymeria AB189
2365T71TSilver Quinty Van Ermelinde AB189
2365T26Devei Fold Grove Robert Moses SFL189
2365T143Ma-Griff It Is Fatal Beauty PS189
2365T71TAbyfelis Horlane AB189
2371T249Eastwood Kind Force MC188
2371T144Inessa Snow Drop de Havilland PS188
2373290Coolspots Cody Phoenix BG187
2374T145TStefilla Slavica PS186
2374T291Africasia Alaska BG186
2374T14Sunnykurilians Sergei of Orchidbobs KBL186
2374T46Hostahaven Marcel DR186
2374T45Friendly Fujii's Saloon AS186
2374T145TMei Mei PS186
2380T292TLagallerie Vega BG185
2380T107TNinavetta Azure Likeit Wrynkleskyns SX185
2380T49Sanmaurs Laduree' SI185
2380T292TSunshimmer Lady Eleanor BG185
2380T27First Love's Alex SF185
2380T48Cacao Mucho Macho Man HI185
2380T107TMoon Pet Odessa SX185
2387T294Lookmaewdao JB BG184
2387T13Fairyberendev Felix TG184
2387T46Russellers Casey Boy of Coppelia AS184
2387T109Nada Fumbles Minime Lena SX184
2387T19Murmurcats Barbados BO184
2392T250Leiko Grey Shadow MC183
2392T23Balimoor Little Lady Bug of Stegra OL183
2394T295TJumperTW Hsin Lori BG182
2394T251RU*Eastwood Harley MC182
2394T147Eldridge Benyamin of Angel Cakes/CF PS182
2394T28Angel Ins's Tadeusz/ID SF182
2394T295TElkridge Bentley of Bengalbabiesca BG182
2399T297TSuntouched Jack The Lad BG181
2399T148Gatykey Lady Catalina La Grande PS181
2399T297TKirarakan Moon Walker BG181
2399T47Candy May Ion AS181
2399T3Abccats Sassy Curly Sue BC LPS181
2399T297TTraipse Blown Away of Bengalivo BG181
2405T74Dushara I Believe In Miracles AB180
2405T50Koblizek Blue Curacao of Xiu SI180
2405T17Jinger Des Gummis En Sucre BL180
2405T110Queen Katrin Xenytmira Gloria SX180
240990Jikem Du Royaume Demoska ES179
2410T61Orthalan Slonce Sajan*PL SB178
2410T145Ua*sun Dynasty The Mokko of Anahata BS178
2410T232Angellcats Dream Weaver RD178
2413T300TWillowblues Jacqueeze BG177
2413T233Willowtreerags Javapurrose RD177
2413T300TJumpertw We Reginald BG177