2014-2015 Championship Cat Standings: 2007-2205

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 2007-2205
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
2007T25TKitti Kat Peanut Butter Pizazz SR320
2007T200Usapurrs Rock Me Baby of 5starrags RD320
2007T208TGigantcat Oswald MC320
2007T25TRussellers Lancelot of Fultonblue SR320
2007T208TIslandcat Druzy Bounty/CF MC320
2007T74Ch Amfion'S How To Wow Of Abrim ES320
201386Coquette de Bemisu Paradais-Sphy/WC SX319
2014T11Aquila From Ainu Island KBL318
2014T210Red Gates Beowolf MC318
2016T46Cattrekker Starwind of Bershar OS317
2016T242Akupella Khaseesi BG317
2016T52Vonleibchens Bars Cogsovich SB317
2019T211TArgencoon Tigrasha MC316
2019T211TColdstreamLK Absoloms Smokycheshire MC316
2021T27Temple Bar Beautiful Banshee BU315
2021T53Hille Polish Prestige SB315
2021T243Beauxmondes Heavens To Betsy BG315
2021T87Afrika Tokia Madam*LT SX315
2025T20Aegon Dru-Zod/ID SF314
2025T201Puppy Toy's Fleece RD314
2025T11Splendid I Love Lucy SCS314
2025T126TI Love You Ars Britannica BS314
2025T126TZevs Golden Eloso Risado BS314
2025T12Tip Top Of Royal Angel PD314
2025T6Galifray Des Glens SCL314
2032T75Instapurr's Rockin Robin ES313
2032T4Carcurls BC Katniss of Mikadosan LP313
2034T128Dignity's Junior Modus Vivendi BS312
2034T36Djibouti Des Lutins Diris BI312
2034T131Steeplechase Madrid of Sansol PS312
2037T202Amorusangels Lovely Lucy RD311
2037T132Persefelis Unbelievable Uranius PS311
2037T11Sangureisu Melissa TO311
2040203Adorabledolls Sterling Percy Blu RD310
2041T244Jumpertw Michelle BG309
2041T204Blueskydolls Chasing Tail RD309
2043T245TSupernova Ripple in Time BG308
2043T129Delicious's Bonbon BS308
2043T245TSupernova Ripley BG308
2046T213MTNest New Horizons MC307
2046T54Dushka Moya Verooka of Charodey SB307
2046T247Glitterglam Sunrise BG307
2046T205USAPurrs Mr Hilmes RD307
205016Toriland Samoa BO306
2051T47Narkiayun Omerta OS305
2051T76One ES305
2051T206Adorablerags Buster Keaton RD305
2054T42Seismic's Rhombus'N the Rough DR304
2054T248Tailwinds Fly Girl BG304
2056T4Curlniques Crimson River AC303
2056T249Kanesei's King BG303
2056T6LegendTales Fluffernutter PBL303
2056T21Iron Malden Of Chasheba SF303
2056T63Ruddy Gizeh De Mar'Oby AB303
2061133Starlore Kappa Crucis PS302
2062T214Volgaland's Carre MC301
2062T48Swancamelot M-Shia OS301
2064T33Guriguri Flores White Ietta SO300
2064T75Prince Princess Letasu NF300
2064T9Dreamsong Peepster OC300
2064T22Mcpurrs Chips & Salsa SF300
2064T77Himalaya's Road Jazzy-Cat ES300
2064T250Leopardcats Raja of Hypnoticbengal BG300
2070T215Williamina Rhapsody In Blue MC299
2070T6Caaleigh April Mist CY299
2072T88Paradais Ramsez SX298
2072T78Dlcass Amore Mio ES298
2072T9Trybalturk Kooler Than Jesus TV298
2072T23Candy May Emerald SG298
2076T41Purr-Star Stormy Weather HI297
2076T207TDollinska Black Velvet RD297
2076T207TSiempreamar Siola Gratia Of MirumkitRD297
2076T64Chocolatecherry Ventura Lion AB297
2080T251Sofysticats Onyx of Bengallys BG296
2080T11Alpinelegend Gold Placer Pawli PB296
2080T37Angel Eyes Lollipop Emily Blue BI296
2080T42Cacao Mountain High of Ktwo HI296
2084T5Catcurls BC Zantara LP295
2084T209Ferid Noa Moje Laleczki PL RD295
2084T216Polysrock Ms. Dynamite/ID MC295
2084T76Rien Kanata NF295
2088T134Thundapurr Zeus PS294
2088T49La Moore Vodoley OS294
209065Wijelo's Blue Hawaii/ID AB293
2091T77Prince Princess Steve NF292
2091T252TLeospride Stryker of Lunakatz BG292
2091T252TMystre Hot Hot Hot of Boutiquecats BG292
2094T210Ragalong Legolas RD291
2094T89Amabel Gangster SX291
2094T13Purrsia Ivan The Great of Topshots PD291
2094T7Lukor-Fold Aquarelle SCL291
2098T43Vulcanico Zelio DR290
2098T78Batcave Yasmine NF290
2098T79Brontti Lady Shadow ES290
2101T79Endelosglede Chauncy NF289
2101T12Qttonks Butterfinger of Sazikatz TO289
2103T43Tincarbell Toranomon AS288
2103T7Queenpanther's Convent MKL288
2103T47Su-Su's Border Legend of Vanderpawz SI288
2103T80Dorrymama Anlucea of Evilmagic NF288
2103T254Angelicbengals Golden Warrior BG288
2103T38Snowwitch Odin BI288
2109T8Rugrunners Wasnt Born To Follow MKL287
2109T14Curlpassion Isys ACL287
2109T217Dechado'BoyLunar Soir de Luna*RU MC287
2112T23TBytk Down For The Count SF286
2112T255Authenticats Copper Moon Mirage BG286
2112T23TRumin Figaro Mio Mio SF286
2112T20Juliet de La Cour Divine OL286
2116T81Thunder Duszek Lasu*PL NF285
2116T13Alistsavannahs Zahara Noir SV285
2118T256Purrlawnrouge Caesar of Allaglitter BG284
2118T34Skeemen Good News SO284
2120T14Shaka Zulu SV283
2120T211TLa Belleza Ragdolls Fantastico GiannRD283
2120T218TMerrimac Black Mist MC283
2120T211THeavenlyrags Kera RD283
2120T218TSummerplace Cocktail MC283
2120T9Judyscuties Molly MKL283
2126T130Your Majesty And Heavenly Angel/WC BS281
2126T14Molly Emerald PD281
2126T220Bountymainecoon Baby Love MC281
2129T221Averill She's A Brick House MC280
2129T12Zoloti Favorit Tails KBL280
2129T90Pharaon Cats Zucarka/ID SX280
2129T44Iden Du Royal Palace DR280
2133T12Irresistible Roxane Des Terra De SRL279
2133T12Potomac Salem of Doktari PB279
2133T15Geraylar Siegfried TA279
2133T1Kebekat Basted of Sulraggies RG279
2137T50Azorez Mahogany Sugar Bear OS278
2137T43Devanchire Maxwell of Maxim Cats HI278
2137T9TRakiscats Corrin BA278
2137T222Kairosdomos Juice of Bajacoon/ID MC278
2137T9TDerry Downs Sugar Babe BA278
2142T213Cajunragdolls Scarlett O Hara RD277
2142T51Balihoo Kopi Susu OS277
2142T91Kitten Skinisin Sassy Girl SX277
2142T12Acapella Carmel Machiato of Javahut HB277
2142T5Zno TailZ Miss-Tickle of Rosethorn MX277
2147T257TCoolspots Chantily Lace of Tikiroad BG276
2147T15Asianstars Rigel TH276
2147T257TJungletrax Obsidian Onyx of Traipse BG276
2147T92Skinisin Miss Arianna SX276
2147T10Ilveslinnan Amir Akanyildiz TV276
2147T15Exotictails Drogon SV276
2153T223Black Is Black Ursel Albus MC275
2153T7Romos Wish Upon A Star PBL275
2155T93Randy SX274
2155T16Riviums Dollydot of Henke BL274
2155T8G Bar G Ranch Carol Anns Gunslinger PBL274
2155T259Jungletrax Dream Defendr BG274
2155T16Antiguo Reino de Siam Nuc TH274
2160T224Leaena Welcome To My Heart MC273
2160T135Marmis Touch And Go PS273
2160T131La Diabla Real Love BS273
2160T260Platinumcat Jeremy BG273
2160T12Egyptsila Hathor EM273
2165T21Balinesis Heaven's Door of NoahsarchOL272
2165T24Arietta Lisette SG272
2165T44Angelion Brandon HI272
2168T34Spiritcat Loki CR271
2168T261Sunshine Everest BG271
2168T214Snugglerags Titus of Newdawnrags RD271
2168T225Hataricoon Fatima MC271
2172T262Rowan Fudge Dip N Dots of Southlynn BG270
2172T226Aglowcoons Quiritis MC270
2172T3Silverkat Nitestirm of Milehikatz ABT270
2172T28Estera Minora*PL RB270
2172T66Semerchets Etosha AB270
2172T136Seabisquit Trudy PS270
2178T11Eeyaa Shadows Legend TG269
2178T227Sappyclasse Uno Utchi MC269
2180T13Blue Melody Uriel CX268
2180T67ODakota Fearghus of Majorus AB268
2180T4Nudawnz Alaskan Tundra ABT268
2180T1Barebabies Henry Squeker SP268
2180T15Celestialblue Bunkybare of Hobbits PD268
2180T132Baby Leaf's Watt BS268
2180T228Top Coon Wolly of Coolsense MC268
2187T133TMaxfold Tobias of Topeng BS267
2187T11Vancity Ayran of Mandelas TV267
2187T133TAviva Cotton Candy of Pumpkin BS267
2187T28Graymark Summer BU267
2191T229Bajuncat's Yumi MC265
2191T135Creme D La Creme BS265
2191T94Cerisier Cat Calista SX265
2191T29Fortune Choko Cookie Heart & Soul BU265
2195T215Echoglen Purrpetual Bliss RD264
2195T263Lonestar U B A Star 2 BG264
2195T137Monarch Oscar Harrison PS264
2198T264Platinumcat Sarah BG262
2198T230Candycoon's Proud Mary/FI MC262
2200T55TItchy Des Crunnchu SB261
2200T14Bonheur Silky Sally CX261
2200T55TRegalsiberian Misha Nikolas SB261
2200T80Alexanna Casanova ES261
2200T95Kira Tauride SX261
2205T35TGavigat Shantal SO259
2205T35TKharn-Ka Tsula of Fryga SO259
2205T10Josiesmunchkins Snowcake MKL259
2205T81Hokulani ES259
2205T57Hemingway Nevskiy Modern SB259
2205T265Wildgold Lei Aloha BG259
2205T15Curlpassion James ACL259
2205T35Pikkupirun Micro Cuts CR259
2205T216Reddoor Kallen of Fluorite RD259