Championship Cat Standings : 1204-1402

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu May 23 21:19:49 2013.

RankChampionship Cat Standings : 1204-1402
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
1204T146KCsJungleBabes Storm Cloud BG797
1204T22Colombo of Viser DR797
120621Sayang PDS Beau SG795
1207T34Phatpaws Sumo SX794
1207T24Murrznpurrz Sugar N Spice AS794
12095Wildfx Star Raider TG792
121013Cedarwood Prince Dekkar SO791
121129Daris Lady Sharlotta HI790
1212T147Belgobengals CJ Wurthy of Junglejem BG788
1212T129Frizzle Calvados of Coonwild MC788
1212T27Rubanthom Silvester RB788
121545Sensay Soulseeker OS785
121617Silky Shadow's Grinch BU784
1217T34Gabbana d'Arioska SB783
1217T28Blue Mister Yanush/WC RB783
1217T18Bon Marshe Gilda of Beautyburm BU783
1220T5Rugrunners Trinity MK782
1220T12Lukor-Fold Virginia of Silver Kotan SS782
1220T70S Bokbackens Fideli of Singlike BS782
1223130Degoonacoon Sokoki of Windwalker MC781
12246Calitonk Sequoia Pepperdine TO780
122535Luniktyen Berezka SB777
122616Selena Light's Palaniuk CR773
1227T8Alicats Phai-Lin of Maewkaew TH772
1227T29Silverlake Frozen Throne RB772
122990Kitty Charm All Fired Up PS771
1230T131TCherry Coconut MC770
1230T131TWoodpile Ready To Rumble of Betunes MC770
1232T102Bordeaux LTD Altesse of Sal-SH/CF RD766
1232T41Hanako Jet Win AB766
1234T71Laura of Kotoffski/WC BS765
1234T42Ruddy Gizeh de Mar Oby AB765
1236T46Swancamelot Princess Princess OS762
1236T17Selena Light's Wonders Princese CR762
1238T103Sunnybrook Leonardo RD761
1238T91Persefelis Jesse James PS761
124047Night And Day Alien Invasion OS760
1241T92Santiago Braveheart of Kiara PS759
1241T9Songgwangsa Crashcourse Bunny Race JB759
12431Hillwizard Lady Blue KT757
1244T6Designerstripes Born To Be Wild TG756
1244T8Tiffany Only Me PD756
1246T104Dkkittyrags Minik of Appledolls RD755
1246T18Wavy Silk Donatos of Yeoman CR755
1246T43Lightdancers Amun Ra AB755
1249T9Miss Barselona Manzoni PD754
1249T19Sweet-Rex Merilyn Monroe CR754
1251T35Marushoff Umbali Red Star of Naked SX753
1251T105Heartnsoul Major Tom of Hovicastle RD753
1251T52Ghattas Garibaldi ES753
1254148Texasstar Kaleidoscope BG752
125572Sterlingbrits Benson of Wcblues BS751
1256133Catna Pepper of Silverluna MC750
1257T149Alcarinqua Aldaron BG749
1257T53Insta-Purr Mzbehavin ES749
1259T134Kiss Me of Vingilot, CZ MC748
1259T20Elf-Tinati Magic Star CR748
1261150Planetabengal Aries of Starkittie BG745
126223Columbia Rexclusive*SK DR744
126335Fafnir Gaissa*PL NF743
1264T36Kuz'Kin Dom Deviz SB741
1264T151Simplyblessed Snow Bound BG741
1266106Willowtreerags Neptune RD740
1267T73Xavier Bursztynowy Gryf BS738
1267T54Marvonack Genuine Risk ES738
1269T152Kamrita Christmas Blessing BG737
1269T55Aamukasteen Zubr ES737
1269T36Ksnorskatt Chloe of Ouijakatz NF737
1272T44Instinct S Saint Simeon of Apelsina AB736
1272T107Glorydolls Pink Floyd RD736
1272T30May I Kiss You Guapa HI736
127556C-Matrix Sweet Teddy of Sibriaczar ES734
1276T93Catflower's Lunar Eclipse PS733
1276T57Templeparlor Tiphereth Ra ES733
1276T153Mainstreet Harley of Aldeabengals BG733
1276T45Omniamea Quia Nominor Leo AB733
1280154Angel Sun Golden Savannah BG732
128158Kamisha Macflurry ES731
1282T135Gglegacy Jasper Dandy of Kimbacats MC730
1282T37Sarah's Siberian Dali SB730
1284136Alwaro Gladiator MC729
1285T137Javacats High Tea of Pantherhill MC728
1285T59Kis' Herbas The One of Carriekatz ES728
1285T30Supersmile Subaru of Vert RB728
1285T25Lucas Geppetto AS728
128913A1savannahs Huritt of Rollinridge SV727
129026Murrznpurrz Pink Lady of Silverash AS725
1291155Angelrose Kalavinka BG723
129260Carolcollection Aiba ES721
129331Balbinka Rekinicha*PL RB720
129474Silver Ferdinand From Sunnyplace BS719
1295T19Alures of Sweetlife Diva Mur BU718
1295T108Colinsgarden Regina RD718
1295T13Vincouro Kiss N Tell BO718
12987Mistymogwai Tarika Paprika TG717
129975Queen Mary of Linlithgowshire BS716
130023Bender Solarland SI715
1301T13Acozni Swifty Mazou SR714
1301T48Granola Des Mages d'Emeraudes/LO OS714
1303T61Deserhita Gummi Bear of Purrfectly ES713
1303T49Edo Og Island Snaegerdi OS713
1303T156Lookmaewdao Gloria BG713
1306T76Blueridgecats Trade Winds BS712
1306T157Divasden Cairo of Birchbark BG712
1306T14Tajhara Elson of Chatoublie SO712
1309T77Ministr VS Darling Child BS711
1309T46Carolcollection Mei AB711
1311138Williamina Trixie of Wistariantale MC710
1312T12Ambercat's Jackpot SF709
1312T2Catcurls BC Lamathiyah LP709
1312T36Classy Touch Sheba/CF SX709
1312T47Insuubunkai Junco Chan AB709
1316109Angellcats Princess Charity RD708
131748Fenix Irson de Amor AB706
131894Dclass Serafin PS705
1319T15Catika's Carlos Cayetano Dushara SO703
1319T95Gospel Du Petit Duc PS703
1321T38Mashalabizbul Telma of SarahsiberianSB702
1321T139Cosmas Simba MC702
1323110Raganddoll Bowie of Bunchoragdolls RD700
132427Beauchador Calligraphy AS698
132539Formula Uspekha Zevs SB696
1326T50Sensay Soulmate OS695
1326T37TSkinsosoft Kahlua of Malichat SX695
1326T37TScantily Clad Happily Ever After SX695
1326T140Zefir Forest Beauty MC695
133023Giverny Kerdalyan BI694
133151Injoi's Pee Patch of Perfection OS693
1332T24Towleroad Cuvee Cuddles SI692
1332T78Feniks Misiowe Marzenie*PL BS692
1334T37DK*europa's Humle Tyv NF691
1334T13Rumfold May Flower SS691
1336T79Cookcyn Nickoftime of Moonlake BS690
1336T158Guru Khubaba BG690
1336T111Polestar Rafael RD690
1339T141Kuniza Chanel Dolce Vita MC688
1339T96Sancancat Rockstar Rowdy PS688
1339T52Clamoris Fabricia OS688
1339T6Ladakedi Garuda TA688
1343142Spirrritz Tartan Trembler MC687
134414Hunnybears Oops I Did It Again SR685
1345T1Orchidbobs Inka KB684
1345T112Montfort Happy RD684
1345T9Rakiscats Laith OL684
1348143Riddlecoon's K. Foresight MC681
1349T14Demaris Stefania Happy Star SS679
1349T38Hemingway de Ramatuelle/ID NF679
1351T113TBleuregardoux Joshi RD676
1351T53Ideal Cat Romeo OS676
1351T113TDollinska Lolita of Jerseyragdol RD676
135462The Kittens House Tirate Un Paso of ES675
135580Anahata Zorro BS674
1356115Blossom Azalea Joy RD673
1357T39TFantcfur Good Morning Coco SX672
1357T10Ginchika Heart And Soul JB672
1357T116Luvleedolls Will I Am RD672
1357T39TGladys de Chatminath SX672
136149Herus Lacey Underalls AB668
1362T50Pentaclecats Star Magic AB667
1362T144Pillowtalks Fancy Lady MC667
1364T31Ilgen's Bombshell HI665
1364T81Ladiabla Ultraviolet BS665
1364T159Starglitter Lucca of Cecistwilight BG665
136711Sehnsational Blue Willow BA664
1368T82DK Hammershoei's Mystic Milima BS663
1368T117Diamondsriver Richard Gere RD663
1370T51Abymystica Luigi Bevilacqua AB660
1370T24Mikasu Isadora BI660
137263Dreamquete Gravity Storm ES659
1373118Kasseldolls Ghirardeli of Creekcats RD658
1374T28Lucas Silvestre AS657
1374T6Char's Twistle Gayle AW657
1376T40King Newskoe Tsarstvo SB654
1376T119Daisydolls Faith of Willowtreerags RD654
1378T10Fahrenheit de La Riviere Des Ambres CX653
1378T83Blueridgecats Billy Whizz BS653
1380T145Makalina Hubba Bubba MC652
1380T32Sirenias Ice Flake of Micifuz HI652
138214Grand Pad Du Miaou's Club BO651
138322Starlooserus Pepilotta Olivia SG650
13848Enrike Dikiy Shelk KL649
138539Sterrekatten's Honey Bunny NF648
138684Orangepekoe Pink Floyd BS647
1387T52Blueriver's Merida AB646
1387T547TH Heaven's Bentley of Skan OS646
1387T16Dushara Fine & Dandy SO646
1387T160Spotsnglitz Impala BG646
139140Elfik Anagard*PL NF644
139253Tigstigers Miss Swan AB643
1393T146TAmangroup Kaede of 7storm MC641
1393T146TTipsntails Kaeptn Hook MC641
1395T148Chatile Kiduki MC640
1395T161Helderberg Cats Sultan BG640
139741Santamary Once In A Blue Moon NF639
139855Tassam Cal OS638
1399T149Jina Yellow Storm of Silverluna MC637
1399T64Tassorosso Elliot of City ES637
140141Kendercat Toujours Pur SB636
1402T120Usapurrs First Lady RD634
1402T41Apela Jolemur*LT SX634
1402T162Rowan Absolut Zero of Secretspot BG634