Championship Cat Standings : 1004-1202

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu May 23 21:19:49 2013.

RankChampionship Cat Standings : 1004-1202
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
10045Russellers Frizzie Issie AW1005
1005T27Siberian Heaven Deja Vu SB1004
1005T81Rhetoricalrags Honeybun Hansdatter RD1004
100782Sonroserags Lori of Rags2riches RD1003
10085Zarina Favorit Tails KL1002
100942Sheroncats Violeta of Kenebelkatze ES999
101076Jewel Eyes Friendship 4-Ever PS998
101177Sweet Love d'Eden Lover PS997
1012T10Bayoufoxes Yazoo SO996
1012T106Williamina Matias of Versus MC996
101418Mariols Feenchen SI995
1015T78Ghost de L'Edelweiss PS994
1015T10Elisey Foldberry SS994
1015T12Kapercats Wesley PB994
101883Calirags Good Vibrations RD993
101928Georg Golden Fleece HI992
1020T43San-Fe Amanda ES990
1020T28Lady Laurina von Mittelmeijer SB990
102228Sundancenbare Hairless Potter SX988
1023T57X-Man For English Charm BS987
1023T25Supersmile Wish Moo RB987
1023T107Ghandara de La Rosa Alba MC987
10265Tiramisu Magic Cat TH986
1027125Zawadi Lulu of Medusa BG985
1028T3Senan Chohito of Catastery JL984
1028T12S* My Twiggs Grand Cherokee CR984
1030T36TBluecourage Misha of Pentaclecats AB982
1030T58Prosper Silver Mormot BS982
1030T36TCarolcollection Jin AB982
1033T19Plamya Vostoka Simon SI981
1033T29Izhitsa Zaimka*ua SB981
103544Canon Ball Chacha ES980
103638Aksum Tequila Sunrise AB979
103730Dachakoshka Grigori SB977
1038T59TFeliland George The Great BS975
1038T59TFarceur Du Domaine Du Magnolia BS975
104045Sybarit Zeus ES970
1041T126Starstudded Razzle BG967
1041T84Izzadorablerags Patriot of Rouletii RD967
1043T108TGlorias Terra Dikaja Orchideja MC965
1043T108TMegatherion Marching Out MC965
1045T36Sensay Annie Getyourgun OS963
1045T5Catsheavens Maikel PL963
1045T79Ferrkat Ganter of Sanpietro PS963
1048T85Farandoll Mt Rainier RD961
1048T127Glitterglam Runee BG961
1050T11Securitazz Charizma BO959
1050T110Top Coon Di Caprio MC959
1052111Williamina Lucy of Jullyginger MC958
1053T1Smeraldas BC Juluka LP956
1053T86Beachcityrags Amazing Grace RD956
105580Dark Diamond Leila of Comilfo PS954
105618Dandy Curls Alecai/CF DR951
10575Noblescuores Sabeha PD950
1058112Degoonacoon Elvis of Missy MC948
1059T87Dsjewels Royal Blue Diamond RD947
1059T19Curlydolls Betsy Who of RainingrexesDR947
10616Jozef Aurum Excelsior PD945
1062T113Williamina Takeshi MC943
1062T61Singlike One Day BS943
1062T37Hemlock Eternal-Star OS943
1065T39Stinger's Witch Doctor of Blueriver AB942
1065T114Dallantines Dragon Nicolas MC942
1067115Omkaracoon Moon Spell of Coongals MC941
106862Mainefolds Little Bear BS940
1069128Safaripraid Joker BG938
1070T129Mariebengal Rock Star BG934
1070T116Gatofeliz Sepia MC934
107288Holybabe Beluga of Farandoll RD933
107320Flicflac Devilishly Cute SG932
107411Nightrox Tia of Purriwinkle SO931
107520Flutterby Forever Yours SI930
1076T15Vindouro Victoriasecret of Pandora BU929
1076T117Aglowcoons Niala Fee MC929
1078T130Therealms Vanilla Ice of Lamancha BG924
1078T4Munchkinlane S Flash Back MK924
108089Bluestone Lady Gaga RD923
108131Ksnorskatt Colby NF921
1082T13Potomac Artful Dodger PB919
1082T46Steadham Ring-of-Fire ES919
1082T13Mykro's Alexandro CR919
108529Skeenville Skindependence Day SX916
1086T30Gizmo Le Mogwai de Chatminath SX915
1086T131Bodcaubayou Maxwell BG915
108890Izzadorablerags Cookies And Cream RD914
108963Uki-Bess Crazy Blue BS913
1090T91TBluegrasrags Emmy of Methodius RD911
1090T81Neoplanta Space Oddity of Marmis PS911
1090T91TDollhouse Boyka's Top Secret RD911
109393Furreal Tristan RD909
109411Rumfold Bianca Klaris SS908
1095T8Karrklan's Sasquatch/CF OC906
1095T21Meesona Alexis-Blue SI906
109712Dushara Takes My Breath Away SO903
1098T118Pajocoons Bo of Vineyardroad MC902
1098T94Rouletii Sweet Nectar RD902
1098T47Walkingstick's Apache Sun Dancer ES902
1101132Leopardettes Rapier de Soarelui BG900
1102T95TNabidoll Sugar Biscuit RD899
1102T7Kayserai Aslan TV899
1102T95TC's Choice Camilla RD899
1105133Enumaelisch Sweet Nightmare BG897
110619Lucas Geppetto of Covercats AS896
110732Sinbad Artemisa of Forestkatz NF894
110833Epona Ragnar NF893
11099Derry Downs Tomfoolery of KLM BA890
1110T119Honeydevil In Rock Style MC888
1110T40Petrovna Gagarin AB888
1112T20Alirose Zulu AS887
1112T16Chagall's Mahalath of Nfusion/FI BU887
1114T38Nakiayun Hippie Chic OS886
1114T5L'Il Fox Rudy At Wiskerridge SL886
1116T39TSinergia John Slattery of Stegra OS881
1116T64Laziblues Madeleine BS881
1116T120Betunes Andy of Deabaete MC881
1116T39TChickitty Qookiemonster of Trulya OS881
112014Ideal Dream Godzilla CR878
1121T65Busykitz Bumble Bea BS876
1121T41Loveoriental Cupido OS876
112320Golden Dew Monel DR875
1124T21Rainingrexes Shaak Ti of Curlydolls DR874
1124T48Chulpan Ice Queen of Sunspirit ES874
112697Reddoor Ichiro RD872
1127T10Rakiscats Lord Ushar Al-Qair BA871
1127T3Magicbobs Sugar Bear BB871
11297Tip Top of Royal Angel PD870
1130T134Dazzledots Show Stopper BG867
1130T82Riascatz My Blue Heaven PS867
113283Bigpurrs Triniti PS866
113315Rexband Jaunty Jamba CR865
1134T98Ragmagic Sgt Pepper of Hovicastle RD864
1134T49Boobella Mikko ES864
1136135Helderbergcats Fire Storm BG863
1137T31Grand Oray Billy Agapetes SX858
1137T121Zeitgeists Anna Leee MC858
1139122Sarajen Jagermoo of Juniatas MC857
114050Eragon d'Agassac ES855
1141T136Casarocca Legilimens BG854
1141T9Radiant Gavris OC854
1143T123TFaoghan de Patayan MC853
1143T123TPsycatics Hagrid of Cdreams MC853
1143T20Kissyfurs Hallelujah Rose BI853
114684Chieko Rikuoh PS852
114710Ovidius Regards Sauvage of Santa AnaOC851
114832Rmpljustskin Spaulding of Fantcfur SX850
1149T137Birchbark Apollo of Wildwoodbengals BG849
1149T42Kaotik Kiwi Klassik OS849
1151T51Black Pearls Josephine ES848
1151T10Summerwood Georgie Boy SV848
1153T12Cuddle And Kiss Gloria Mae Swanson BO847
1153T66Sterlingbrits Blustar of Magnacatta BS847
1153T31Timberbend Patchwork And Powderhorn SB847
1156T32Sibirskaya Znat'Luchezar/ID SB844
1156T85G'stardust R'Mes PS844
11586Kuril Pearl Gloriya KL843
1159T86Riascatz Simply The Best PS841
1159T11Myafricats Tracy SV841
1159T6Magic Thai Goblin's Candlelight TH841
116299Regencyrags Simply Delicious RD840
1163T87Enchantedpaw Adele PS839
1163T34Endelosglede Chauncy NF839
1165T21Dealles Picasso of Betunes AS838
1165T43Hobbits Shyer Rose of Kremlincats OS838
1167T22Rakiscats Valerius Alya SI837
1167T12Lyricurls Is He Street Legal SR837
1169138Pettypoo Xtra Frigit BG836
117021Gnocchi de Chatterley BI835
1171T26Supersmile Pripri Pretty RB832
1171T125Honeydevil Jamaica MC832
117333Lyndongraey Grigori SB831
1174139Simplyblessed Angelpearl BG829
1175T7Tzar Lynx Bingo KL828
1175T11Markissa Destiny SF828
1175T44Adonis Adoro LT OS828
11786Kolinga Willow BL827
1179140Starglitter Zelda of Zorlacbengals BG826
1180T141Dreampaws Boston of Angelic Bengals BG823
1180T5Hades de La Mer de Marmara TA823
118267Dariy Veronica Vincento BS822
1183142Tailspin Glory BG820
118468Debby Bonicat BS819
118588Vannies Paws Midnight Blue Nitro PS817
118622Murrznpurrz Phoenix AS815
1187143Spotsnglitz Burrito BG814
1188T69HMS Facundo of Red Cat BS812
1188T144Freedompride Firesgift of Kataklysm BG812
1188T23Zpurrz Andy of Betunes AS812
1191T100Izzadorablerags Bloomin At Rouletii RD809
1191T126Darmove's Dorian MC809
1191T89Hoaloha Keiki PS809
119414Arietta Smokin Aces of Tarjjika EM807
1195T7Ebu Gogo TH803
1195T127Candycoon's Big Lebowski MC803
11976Lykken Peer Gynt SL802
1198T101Creekcats Bonbon RD800
1198T145Minamifuji Charel BG800
1198T12Myafricats Mirage SV800
120122Annbirwaves Lovely Joelene BI799
1202T33Vandvis Autumn Kiss SX798
1202T128Assur Igor MC798