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TkScore User's Guide

About TkScore

This program is free software. It was made possible by the contributions of a host of talented people in the Open Source software community.

TkScore is written in the Perl programming language, which was created by Larry Wall.

The Tk graphical user interface toolkit was developed by professor John Ousterhout while he was at U.C. Berkeley. TkScore uses the lightweight Tkx bridge between Perl and Tcl/Tk.

On Microsoft Windows, TkScore is bundled as a wrapped executable using PAR, developed by Audrey Tang.

The TkScore installer is generated by the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS).


TkScore software, documentation, images and design are Copyright (c) 1998, 2004 and 2012 David Thomas, all rights reserved.

The TkScore application may be freely distributed or re-distributed, without modification, provided that all of the files in the package are included in the distribution.

TkScore includes ActiveState Perl 5.14.2, Community Edition, as provided under the ActivePerl Community License Agreement, part 3.b.(iv). Unfortunately, bundling the application, as required by the terms of that license, precludes distributing the software in a form that exposes the Perl language interface. The source for TkScore is included in the package for reference, but the application cannot be modified by editing those files. As a result, the binary TkScore distribution is "free as in beer" (gratis) but not "free as in speech" (libre).

The TkScore source files are covered by the Artistic License v2.0.

Perl itself (as distinct from the ActiveState distribution) and all its library modules, are covered by the Artistic License 1.0.

The ActivePerl distribution also includes a Tcl interpreter and the Tk user-interface toolkit, both of which are covered by a BSD-style open source license.

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