2016-2017 Championship Cat Standings: 1804-2001

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Mar 28 11:51:38 2017.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1804-2001
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1804T20323Sladkiy Son Beyonce ENSFL335
1804T189176Dollsnrags Xena ESRD335
1806T124T119Hollowhills Lady Paisley NWPS334
1806T124T177Heavenlyrags Freya NWRD334
1806T13221Desperitlliure Harmony SABI334
1809T13327Zafiroskats Amy SAHI333
1809T19312Marimaki Tsubaki AATO333
1809T106198Allywood Merida of Noracoon EWMC333
1809T12631Devinedevons Ouiser NWDR333
1813T1909Hug Of Khons Ambrosia ESDSK332
1813T53112Golden Fabris Akmur/WC MABS332
1813T11438Charjanie Dudley Didley Do GLSI332
1816T19418Heart Rutile's Soarer AASG330
1816T141178Rubyclaw Ezio Auditore Da Atlanta SEBG330
1816T1835Legendtales Chancellor Esteban SCPBL330
181914212Moonstone SETG329
1820191179Benberry Czar ESBG328
1821T10764Kajulaz Pelle/FI EWNF326
1821T175113Bonicat INBS326
1821T192178Darlin'Lil'Dolls Golden Penny ESRD326
1824T6122Quailridge Mcjagger of Kyatwo SWBI325
1824T193179Mirumkitty Touch The Stars ESRD325
1824T14315Meowmeow Basco Blue Monarch SEBL325
1827T13454Pampa Africa Mia of Aconcagua SAAB324
1827T204199TAllywood Mavis ENMC324
1827T195199T7storm Yoshino AAMC324
1830184180Motoctyexo Sonata of Boutiquecats SCBG323
183119614Tyhercless Noel AACX322
1832T194T120Stefilla Nefelejcs ESPS321
1832T194T181Wildbengals Katana ESBG321
1832T17636Tincarbeu Top of the World INAS321
1832T10893Boothia Ksiezycowy Kot*PL EWSX321
183654121McJax Patton Pending MAPS320
1837T177T39Jasyr Perly Orientu*PL INSI319
1837T177T180Moussedoll Daniel INRD319
1837T205201Flammisque'Jacobnail Soir de Luna*RUENMC319
1840T18565Bywater Frigga SCNF318
1840T14494Gabriella SESX318
1840T19786Dog & Cat For Tou Pon AAES318
1843T109202Silverfern Quantum Leap EWMC317
1843T19632Viser Sonia ESDR317
1843T18695Malelam Harley Davidson SCSX317
1843T19827Lockyblu Fleu AARB317
1847T13555Pampa Bellota of Aconcagua SAAB316
1847T1278Nefertiti Maus Charms Legend NWEM316
1847T17915Kayman Angel INMK316
1847T62T182Coolspots Infiniti SWBG316
1847T62T122Cherrybirdie Diamond Junior SWPS316
1852T180183Guanjingbengal Miki INBG315
1852T206T10Rumfold Miracles Pearl Scottish BlueENSCS315
1852T206T4PolyRock Jean-Michel Basquiat PP ENMCP315
1852T19756TNemo Sandy Lion Blue Pearl ESAB315
1852T19956TBleuelechat Dolca AAAB315
1857T200114Kanesei's Mero AABS314
1857T9837Beauchador Ma Blanche NEAS314
1859T115184Starkittie Mintaka GLBG313
1859T145203Sinas Little Giants I Love You SEMC313
1861T14618Highlandkatz Betsy SESR312
1861T198123Seventh Heaven Isolda ESPS312
1863T20113Toganekojima Destiny of Kirarakan AATG311
1863T11016Kissiopeia Nova Delilah EWPD311
186511611Sky Flower Onix of McPurrz GLSCS310
1866T136124Sweet Star Nedd Stark SAPS309
1866T187185Otelo de Marineda/FI SCBG309
1866T649Karrklan Chip Off The Old Block SWOC309
1866T11758Briarvalley Petit Jete of Rulissa GLAB309
1870T19963Hiros Colorofthesun of Tavaloga ESSB308
1870T12841Azorez Silver Belle NWOS308
1870T20866Europa's Drenge Rov ENNF308
1873T4210Uriel Prihot Bogov MPDSK307
1873T20224Large Bird's Frill AASF307
1873T9996Baby Joy Tammy NESX307
1876T118186Sephora Dream of Californication GLBG306
1876T43T16Wjdwarfcountry Bugatti MPMK306
1876T43T17Susens Halo Mccurl MPSRL306
1876T20359Licca Rhodo Angelique AAAB306
1880T181187Saphirs De Lune Lee/ID INBG305
1880T100181Rhetorical Rags Pixie Dust NERD305
18826564Siberian Beauty Pavel SWSB304
1883T20065Max Moonlight Shadow ESSB303
1883T119188A-Kerr's Mariana GLBG303
1885T20133Penate's Lucette ESDR302
1885T101189Toskhadots The Mad Hatter NEBG302
1885T18897Chessie Yellow Sunshine Antares SCSX302
1888T45182TSnugglerags Paisly of Adorabledolls MPRD301
1888T20467Proud Lovely Ichigo AANF301
1888T182182TWanderduene's Allen of Small Bell INRD301
1888T18998Tomasa Ayacata's Dreams/FI SCSX301
1888T111204Kizzacoons Nikkita EWMC301
1893T102184TIvyRoseRagdolls Delilah NERD300
1893T120125Lil Luv Lyns Starry Starry Night GLPS300
1893T6619Kazzakatz Jolly Time SWSG300
1893T183184TCattydolls Vision of Glory INRD300
1897T103190Akeerabengal Hermes of Bengallys NEBG299
1897T11234Devonheaven Blue Velvet of Mewstone EWDR299
18991475Dzhumana Tan Tsvetalina SESCL297
1900T190T66Winterbrook Ragnar The Red SCSB296
1900T202115TMerlin Van Blake Lake ESBS296
1900T121115TFencroft Hannah Fiona GLBS296
1900T190T87Dclass Macedonia SCES296
1904T209191Yorkky Harley Davidson ENBG295
1904T13723Namaskar Enigma of Aiko SABI295
1904T6714Eeyaa Bangup Up SWTG295
1904T129186Echoglen Bambi of Puffydolls NWRD295
1908T148126Night Castle Daenery of Sandkatzle SEPS294
1908T138192Lovely Rita Agatha SABG294
1908T184T187Lollipopdoll Sisia of Dollykattz INRD294
1908T184T25Galvatron INSF294
1912T186T117Zuzzy Diamiland INBS293
1912T130193Vividcats Aria of Wildrosebengals NWBG293
1912T186T68Violin Koyama AAF of Topazcat/CF INNF293
1912T203T26TSweety La Luna ESSF293
1912T203T127Malaika Black Hero ESPS293
1912T1044Korrigan Maharadjah NEMKL293
1912T11326TAbsolu Admiral EWSF293
1919118Bytko Straightup Butch of Kitti Kat --BS292
1920T188T188Yogi Ameleony of Royalbaby/FI INRD291
1920T188T194Jumpertw Sean INBG291
1920T20569Avantgarde Charlie of Charle TabushiAANF291
1920T122205Dotcom Ei Ei Oh GLMC291
1924T149T5Munchkinlane S Hairyette SEMKL290
1924T131189TMaleficent of Bakerviewrags NWRD290
1924T205T189TLuxus Tosh's Last Shot ESRD290
1924T205T206Lilou de Saint-Paul ESMC290
1924T149T128Belcats Summer Time Blues SEPS290
1929T132191Hugaragdoll Neal Caffrey NWRD288
1929T19242Sukhotai Necromancer SCOS288
1929T12335Nightmagic Choculla of Lochmaere GLDR288
1929T20799Fenrir Esmeralda Azul ESSX288
1933T68192TRubyridgerags Honolulu of Creekcats SWRD287
1933T193195Oriana de Baracoa-E/WC SCBG287
1933T139192TMuņeca de Trapo Rojito SARD287
1933T20816Magic Mirabelle Moon Sissi*CZ ESBL287
1933T210192TBoss ENRD287
1933T190192TB-Coffedoll Aimee INRD287
1939T6924Partypaws Mischief Maker SWBI286
1939T5588Berryhille Bennie Arnorld MAES286
1941T1942Skiboots Didgeridoo SCSN285
1941T191196Willowtreerags Lemon INRD285
1941T20989Look And Like Exothelli ESES285
1941T1515Katsmists Doren Song SEAUM285
1945T15227Spiritcat Elphin Prince Taryn SECR284
1945T211197PL*My Butterfly Hayley ENRD284
19471332Catcurls BC Aibhlinn NWLP283
1948T210119Foxyland Bluegolden Beauty Blair ESBS282
1948T20670Dorrymama Emily Temple Cute AANF282
1950T12440Charjanie Turtle Dove GLSI281
1950T105198Angellcats Enzo Ferrari Fireball NERD281
1952T11490TBriiz Tiki Shelley of Myneco EWES280
1952T21190TBlue-Heavan Angel's Benett ESES280
1954T212T17Jasmine de Peyrat ESBL278
1954T11567Musrafy Dancing Star of Sayadaws EWSB278
1954T212T196Brownsugar Spicy ESBG278
1954T212207Adrastia Callas of Kiyaras ENMC278
1958T1531Sun pride's Plusha of Catpal/WF SEKB277
1958T19228Lukor Fold Aibolit INSF277
1958T106129Char-O's Beautymarque NEPS277
1961T193199Wanzi of Small Dimple INRD276
1961T10741Su-su's Iskanwaya NESI276
1963T7068Iriska Russkiy Suvenir of Kunapaws SWSB274
1963T1546Munchkinlane S Princess Ozma SEMKL274
1963T195200Misiangashnawi Itayetzl SCRD274
1963T207100Cattery Kitty House's Glay AASX274
1967T134208Mishikoonz Whitney T NWMC272
1967T208130Candy May Kurumi AAPS272
1969T11612Izzi Royal Star EWSCS271
1969T155197Tuminello Polar Eclipse SEBG271
1969T140120MukasCat Sofia SABS271
1972T2149L'Nefertitit du Jardin D'Elise ESEM270
1972T196121Britishempire Feta SCBS270
1972T19417Do Do INMK270
1975T719Specialagent Tiger Track SWPB269
1975T5624Vindouro Mister Mister of Selella MABU269
1975T197T122Neal Diamiland*PL SCBS269
1975T197T69Charodey Taya SCSB269
197920992Nenneko Anzu AAES268
1980T15628Tranquility Hot Sauced SEHI267
1980T1952Lanbaobao INMNT267
1982T213209Genevieve Angel Savage ENMC266
1982T19913Calitonk Mighty Mike D Warrior SCTO266
1984T215123Midnight's Cat Honey ESBS265
1984T1963Aurora INMNT265
1984T21416Domusfelina Zahra ENSV265
1987T215210Mainelynx Berenice ENMC264
1987T12543Chicago Snow Mystique GLOS264
198921629Amanda von Alexi Star ESSF263
1990T135201Izzadorablerags Diamond NWRD262
1990T12615Houseofblues Lynn-Z of Forever-Moor GLCX262
1990T216101Gold Reserve Solfrio ENSX262
1990T1175Polypassion Havelock EWMCP262
1990T210124Mountteine Kentaro AABS262
1990T57198Jungletrax Cascading Rhythm MABG262
1990T10813Curland Oscar NEACL262
1997T12718TRugrunners Nick in Time GLMK261
1997T141T18TVamaschis Herbs of Ekster Hejmo SAMK261
1997T58199Traipse Furiosa of Jungletrax MABG261
1997T141T125MukasCat Sissi SABS261
2001T14325HU* Alba Regia Tepsifules SABU259
2001T118126THitomi Pantera Viola*UA of Celtic MiEWBS259
2001T197T20Persimmon INMK259
2001T197T126TBaton Imperiya Serebra INBS259