2016-2017 Championship Cat Standings: 1604-1801

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu May 11 12:45:30 2017.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1604-1801
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1604T9174Otomi Oskar of Divine Sphynx EWSX557
1604T159162Macablessing Felice Chihiro AARD557
1606203102Timon Bentley Mur INBS556
1607T9213Bedazzlecats Rozlyn EWSRL555
1607T9149Khamsin Tailgate NEAB555
1607T152112Concertomoon Nikitta SCPS555
1610T155103Tscha's Nemo ESBS554
1610T16012Laladoll RSB George AACX554
1612T105113Starolympus Forever SAPS553
1612T11475Angelsoftbc Moody Blue NWSX553
1614161104Minamifuji Releve AABS552
1615T16223Supersmile Blue Totoro AARB550
1615T156105Encinstorf Harry Bo ESBS550
1617T115153Mountainmist Mimosa NWBG549
1617T182163Eria Pro Perfect Style ENRD549
1619T204164Bluegrasrags Lisa of elvira INRD548
1619T10619Snowfeet Polaris SABI548
1619T15750Jokercats Bingo ESAB548
1622T10714Beyondlimits Akansha SAPD547
1622T932Pantheon Lukerya of Gandes EWSCL547
1622T9510Divasden Till There Was You GLSV547
162515376Yorubacattery Sarabi of Lunarami SCSX545
1626T94165Silverfern's Playboy/ID EWMC544
1626T205106Dashuiai INBS544
1628T163T24Mondschein's Wunschtraum AARB543
1628T163T165Cleverdoll Silky Sugar AARD543
1630T108166Muņeca de Trapo Blue SARD542
1630T95166Millennium Volgo-Don-Coon EWMC542
1632T158T167TWasabi de Vademar ESMC541
1632T96154Sephora Roebling of Pouncing Paws GLBG541
1632T158T167TCankcats Nighty Shadauex ESMC541
1635T160T169Starqulity X'Stefani ESMC539
1635T9241Amourichat Buddha NEOS539
1635T160T6Hug Of Khons Andromeda ESDSK539
1638T1167Kaperkats Hallmark NWPB537
1638T165170Popokilani Ange of Fairypaw AAMC537
1638T9617Pantherajedi Jellybean EWBU537
1641T16223Klementina Eridan Cats ESSF536
1641T20683Ilan Xiaobao INES536
1643T38155Leopardcats Tao Tao MPBG534
1643T12214Meowmeow Bona Blueberry SEBL534
1643T11739Ironforge Step A Side NWAS534
1643T1637Glamisway Neapolis ESSCS534
1647T164156Gensaurea Wow Aslan of Gryfo ESBG533
1647T109171BR* Katzecoon Miss Kitty SAMC533
1649T18318Billy-Boy ENSG532
1649T123157Silverstorm Ottos Legacy of Elysium SEBG532
1649T110107TLuna Morena Huilen SABS532
1649T207107TLucky*scklondaik INBS532
1653T11877Skinisin Mister Gizmo NWSX530
1653T16651Licca Chocolat Francis of Bleu Rose AAAB530
1655T15428Txelfkatz Baby Blue SCDR529
1655T1843Luxurykissa Anastasia ENSCL529
1655T208109Nina INBS529
1658T16529Viser Kroshka Ru ESDR528
1658T155114Cinema Tequila SCPS528
1660209167Surabaya's Nat of Ziyu Cat INRD526
1661T166T172Arturo Iuxta Fontem ESMC523
1661T166T78Freya Esmeralda Azul ESSX523
1663T18584Paw-Wally Dorian Gray ENES522
1663T9759Forestfriend Firebird/GC EWNF522
1665186173Dechado'BoyLunar Soir De Luna/FI ENMC521
1666T16822Rumfold Angels Wish Shu-Ko ESSFL520
1666T98110Adurton Garfield EWBS520
1668T187168Bluegrasrags Magnolia of Ragmagic ENRD519
1668T16979RU*Moon Pet Oprah Winfrey ESSX519
1668T99111TAmarena Kitten Cafe EWBS519
1668T210111TCat Forest Llucky Bloke INBS519
1672T93169Bellapalazzo Twilight Mist NERD518
1672T18851Arkhip Sladkoe Pyatnyshko ENSB518
167416752Basilic Blessing Silphyde AASB517
1675T1564Tribes Cleopatra SCCU516
1675T94174TMarikoons Ursula Honey Ryder NEMC516
1675T111T85DiRose's Lady Hivy SAES516
1675T111T174TBR*FelinaFolia Usher Kevin of DeAbaeSAMC516
1679T9511Savvypaws King Drax Brimaz NESV515
1679T21186Alex Jiang INES515
1681T1707Seleli Terra Kurilia ESKBL514
1681T189176PolysRock Ms. Dynamite ENMC514
1683168158Medusa Exposes Scandals Spotlight AABG513
1684190177Allywood Good Charlotte ENMC512
1685T171115Lady Marmelade D'Eden Lover ESPS511
1685T21215My Gracefull Cat Shagall INPD511
1687T124159TSumarum Fabio Storm of Darmoon SEBG510
1687T45159TJungletrax Enduring Acclaim MABG510
1687T213178Qing Tian Benjamin INMC510
1687T16912Nefertiti AASV510
1691T125179Webecoons Conrad Birdie SEMC509
1691T172T40Beauchado Tip'N Top ESAS509
1691T172T52Moutad du Vianey ESAB509
1691T21487Lyukorn Rowen Ratana of Star Forest INES509
1691T39113Eadlyn MPBS509
1696T1917Wrinkleface Ghost Rider ENDSK508
1696T119170Ragdollsea Annie NWRD508
1696T170114Minamifuji Mario AABS508
1696T9613Chansonbleu Mystical Rose NECX508
1700T10016Jezebel Little Bear EWPD507
1700T1138Otrada Reval Dream EE SAKBL507
1702T9788Shamall Solstice NEES506
1702T6112Curl Essence Mighty Rushing Wind SWACL506
1704T114180TXenxo Del Cuetu of Marsise Coon SAMC505
1704T171180TWilliamina White Lightning AAMC505
1704T12042Balimoor Evangeline of Toreador NWOS505
1704T1269Catpal Butterscotch Belviq SEKBL505
1708T9880Xarmax Quasar of Bluskin/CF NESX504
1708T12721Tranquility Zigzag SEHI504
1708T192T116Sugarcubes Roco ENPS504
1708T192T171Gadget Dom Elzy*PL ENRD504
1712T194182Assur Milonezhka ENMC503
1712T115161Kanpur Raymi of Katarik SABG503
1712T215115Tiger INBS503
1712T17418Mythaidiamond Hera ESTH503
1716175183Baris Ayishka ESMC502
171717689Newexoticats Mao ESES501
1718216116Nearcats Mashu of Mizcat INBS500
1719468Doktari Sampson MAPB499
1720T177T184TYes Man Olimpian*RU ESMC498
1720T177T81Tyras Myrtille*UA ESSX498
1720T195184TIspolin Beshtaucoon ENMC498
172321715Pioncchio INMK497
17244719Sandypoints Lillie Heart MATH495
17256211Eeyaa Lines Of Force SWTG494
1726T157117Truebrit Finnigan of Beansidhes SCBS493
1726T218172Supermodel Eaton INRD493
1728T121117Wallycats Chibbs NWPS492
1728T219118Ami De Luxe Amadeus INBS492
1728T9724Ongcat Winter Soldier GLSF492
1731T128119Ya ya of Royal Sapphire/WC SEBS491
1731T19614Tzari Partytrooper ENSRL491
1731T4890Starbourne Sunny Boy of Vondolei MAES491
1734T179186Waterproof's Ziggy Stardust ESMC490
1734T22091Miramacats Dexter of Asia Fancy INES490
1736T221173Pure Chocko INRD489
1736T4018Graymark Ivie Anderson MPBU489
173822216Xiao Ban Deng INMK488
173918060York North Cape*RU ESNF487
1740T158162TUniqueprints Hot Rod Lincoln SCBG486
1740T49162TKSBengals Autumn Storm MABG486
1742223174Yokodoll Heiyu INRD485
1743T116118The Skarry's Endora of D Blaze SAPS484
1743T6353Prekrasne Kaz 2y5 SWSB484
1745T224T120Ji Jin Ken INBS483
1745T172187Amangroup Amber AAMC483
1745T224T92THupo* INES483
1745T9892TCarriekatz Tap Dancer GLES483
17491597Celestial Spots Stardust SCEM482
1750T11753Pampa Electra of Aconcagua SAAB481
1750T18194Brettachtal's Joli Coeur ESES481
1752T99175Ariokkierags Shabby's Blue Shades NERD480
1752T1229Legendtales Charlotte NWPB480
1752T197188TMadepi-Coon's Irenchen ENMC480
1752T41188TDawntreader Fiona of Ttcats MPMC480
1756T226164Mydreamcat Putao INBG479
1756T182176Dollsnrags Xena ESRD479
1758T11815Sable Klan Rhea de Perbast SASO478
1758T198177TRagmagic Princess Kako ENRD478
1758T1016Kuukissan Buyulu Bey EWTV478
1758T183177TMarlcreek Hamilton of Ragville ESRD478
1762T184121RO*Sunquest Elton ESBS477
1762T22725Perfect Eleonor Pinega INRB477
1764T18554Anys Wana-Vara ESSB476
1764T17313Safarimagic Road Show AASV476
17661998Egyptsila Nefertiti of Silvermau ENEM475
1767T10055Zhulik Verooka NESB474
1767T129165Boutiquecats Riversong of Rubyclaw SEBG474
1767T17461Rain Real Love AANF474
1767T18654Memphis De LAF 126392 ESAB474
1771T13056Veresk Line Aksinja of Tavaloga/WC SESB473
1771T2284Ferrari/WC INMKL473
1771T119179Cajunragdoll Adam Holiday SARD473
1774T17519Hikoma A Sarara AABU472
1774T18730Curlycloverleaf Philomene ESDR472
1776T1208Legato Griss SASCS471
1776T16031Kotickee Logan Wolverine of Comix SCDR471
177816120Securitazz Lizbeth of Katsnklamms SCBU470
1779229180B-Coffedoll Alisa INRD468
1780230181Hej Hotku Willi INRD467
17815082Destynys I Will Have Another MASX466
1782T23141Quicksilver INAS465
1782T188122Oskar Vom Wurzburgerstern ESBS465
1784T121119Viestmaden Jarvis SAPS464
1784T23243TMengXiXi Flower Fairy INOS464
1784T9943TElemental's Black Bart GLOS464
1787T101166Sundara Lord of Sofysticats NEBG463
1787T189190Mainefield's Lucky Charm ESMC463
1789T10262Snowrock Queen of the Damned EWNF462
1789T162191Myluckystars Capella A SCMC462
1789T23317Mirror Juicy INSR462
179217663Fantarja Oscar AANF461
1793T17783Les Pleiades's Mario AASX460
1793T10323Amigos Calvin Mio Mio EWSFL460
1793T100182Hugaragdoll QTLucy of Highlanddolls GLRD460
1793T131T24Godz Pharaoh Katooza of Spiritcat SECR460
1793T102120Chamourais Labellehistoire NEPS460
1793T131T10Catpal Feliks Focalin Fudge SEKBL460
1799T123123Blue Bird NWBS459
1799T23495Buojue INES459
1801T122167TTrigrinus Savage of CougarCats SABG458
1801T4284Sweet Berry Araya Hope/WC MPSX458
1801T17855Blizzard Black Jonif Abysing AAAB458
1801T190167TAlfacat Sweetlana ESBG458
1801T20064PL*Nordrasill Yordan ENNF458