2016-2017 Championship Cat Standings: 1604-1801

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Mar 28 11:51:38 2017.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1604-1801
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1604T122T150TCazpurr Captain Nemo of Bearbrook SEBG437
1604T122T150TFloridabengls Windy Daze SEBG437
1606T14595Happy Goldenbri INBS436
1606T95152Purebliss Poppycock EWBG436
1606T124173Willowplace Bigfoot of Sassietat SEMC436
1606T16679Eliot Hamby Cattus ESSX436
1610T16929Fairy Grand Ume AADR435
1610T18358DK Smedegaard's Ronja Rovardotter ENNF435
161217022Tinytiny Bond AASFL432
1613T9611Overear Mischief Managed EWACL431
1613T184174Lapurrd Kylo Ren of Velsbechmann ENMC431
16159714Windleaves Mr Blue Skies EWSRL430
161616735Rock'N'Cats's Jumbo ESOS429
1617T125T81Starbourne's Penny! Penny! Penny! SEES428
1617T908Von Anomis Uma of Leberceau NEBA428
1617T125T154Usapurrs American Businessman SERD428
1617T125T153TheRealms Felicity of Bengaltherapy SEBG428
1617T125T19Oshkosh Never Miss A Beat SEBI428
1617T10024Cattail's Charlie The Little Tramp GLCR428
1617T125T52Bearbrook Akasha Queen Ofd Damned SEAB428
1617T16521Ganeshcattery Sherezade SCHI428
1625T16896Golan Royal-Harrison ESBS427
1625T48154Jungletrax Lilting Limerick MABG427
1627T166155RTT Violets Super Stella SCRD426
1627T1014Royal Choice Ke-Ho GLSCL426
1627T121T110Alegiba del Falco de Oro SAPS426
1627T121T97ELgatopardo Amancay SABS426
1627T14612Dazhuang INACL426
1632T171T155TGoldeye Mokuisha Anger AABG424
1632T169T155TSpice Mango Chutney ESBG424
1632T171T26Minamifuji Cloe AARB424
1632T983Migatobonito Pfunky Feet EWMCP424
1632T169T111Kranewitter's African Queen ESPS424
1637T1149Origamicats Bruck NWSCS423
1637T102156Bluegrasrags Sealy Dan GLRD423
1639T99157Gsbbengals Malik Kairo EWBG422
1639T171T175Somacoon's Just Crazy About you ESMC422
1639T171T22Royal Class Beatris ESHI422
1639T1158Rosethorn Mustang Sally NWMX422
1643T185176Wistariantale Prince George ENMC421
1643T12315Kitti Kat Aurora of Curlysue SASRL421
1643T394Fujicats Aurora of Kasanovakatz MPBM421
164614710Murmulet Larry INMNL420
1647T17311Cats Roses Momoko AAMNL419
1647T14855Chris INSB419
1649T17413Mercimomo Micch AACX417
1649T14913Mark INMK417
1651T150T112Shiny Stars Athena INPS416
1651T173177Summerplace Espaso ESMC416
1651T150T157Judysdolls Melon of Clumsy Angle INRD416
165410080Charm & Bald Alien's Kiss EWSX415
165549158Gulfbeach Cabana Boy of Babbling MABG414
165618656Mikael Talismen Udachi ENSB413
1657174178Well Being Ginger ESMC412
1658T16711Odesseycatz Zane Quincy SCTO411
1658T12436Narkiayun Odalisca SAOS411
1658T187113Lionsealcats Linus ENPS411
1661T12510Reyegipcio Elvis SAKBL410
1661T10157Musrafy Shishka EWSB410
166318881Vandvis Sweetest Perfection ENSX409
166416882Tashi Diamonds Zachery SCSX408
1665T103159Spotsnglitz Freida GLBG407
1665T15216Regumeow's Anna's Curly Cherly INSRL407
1667T16983Bemisu Marcus Aurelius Augustus SCSX405
1667T175179TBacchus Captain Kirk AAMC405
1667T91179TChemicoons Dora Maar of Koonstler NEMC405
1670T15336Milk INSI404
1670T175114Liam Au Clair De Loire ESPS404
1670T18958Charodey Ermak ENSB404
1673T154T84Amenophis Manga INSX403
1673T154T158Aiolos Miracle of Doll Kingdom INRD403
1675T15637Romantic Melody's Cherie INSI402
1675T176T98Myosotis du Clos Des Sistres ESBS402
1675T176T181Kupinikcoons Cordelia ESMC402
1675T170159Cajunragdolls Azure SCRD402
1679T4013Savvypaws All That Swag MPSV400
1679T176T3Milkymyus Mint AAMKL400
1679T176T160Keepurrs Kevin of Tanyangelfcats AARD400
1679T1164Kaperkats Radar NWPBL400
1679T176T182Amangroup Melody AAMC400
1684157161Winona Purring Doll Pl INRD399
1685T17920Shwetsun Macomo of Suzukaze AABI398
1685T578Luis Zvezda Velesa SWDSK398
1687158183Petpalace Carmeliya Newell INMC397
1688159184Auras Reiki More Lin INMC396
168917116Howlingcoyote Meet Me In Malta SCSO395
1690T17853Holylandcats Florentin ESAB394
1690T172160Mukulaal Chisholm of Ohmy SCBG394
1692T160T99Blueberry INBS393
1692T160T85Eva INSX393
1694T173185Prairiebaby Proshka of McRuff SCMC392
1694T104161Barrottsdream Captain Kirk GLBG392
1696T117162Rainforest Bennett of CamasLily NWBG391
1696T17423Vicketales Skittles SCHI391
169816282Lyukorn Rowen Ratana of Star Forest INES390
1699T179162Love Me Tender de L'Epine De La RoseESRD389
1699T190186Forest Beauty D.Veresk ENMC389
1701191115Diamond Rain Amadeus ENPS388
1702130163Boydsbengals Night Fury SEBG387
1703T10259Musrafy Boyarinya EWSB386
1703T180163TMethodius Gallina ESRD386
1703T163100Cutest Plan Count INBS386
1703T180163TCleverdoll Silky Sugar AARD386
1707T126164Hekster Hejmo Maya II SABG385
1707T17586Vandvis Sweet Truffle of Teoli SCSX385
1709T18122Queen Arms Kiwi Junior AASF384
1709T5087Lucidsphynx Babe Marley/CF MASX384
1709T164165KOC-Pol Cat Ra 11/CF INRD384
1712T165166Vavidoll Sunflower of Sweety HT INRD383
1712T131165Callista Tritan of Sunmoonbengals SEBG383
1714T192T167Regencyrags Potter ENRD380
1714T192T166Batifoleurs Mirabelle ENBG380
1716T17623Vindouro Chocolate Diamond SCBU378
1716T132T88Brio Sofi SESX378
1716T18259Futurperfect Ingmar Birdman AANF378
1716T132T116Coco Channel Piper of Sandkatzle/CF SEPS378
1720T183T14Mofunyans's Averia of Milkymyus AAMK377
1720T183T167TBengal Family's Aoi AABG377
1720T105167TBarrottsdream Loki of Bakersbengals GLBG377
172310625Tamriel Kiss of Filagrewaves GLCR376
1724T12724SheronCats Liberty of DeAlles SAHI375
1724T194168Make It Mine Chuck E.'s In Love ENRD375
1726T19525Spreewood Royal Diamond ENHI374
1726T107101Silvercharm Scarlet GLBS374
1726T134169O'Malley DDolls Asher of Rags2richesSERD374
17295883Caramia Cool Dude of Pawkavenue SWES373
1730T51187TUnicum Duncan MAMC372
1730T135187TMysticoon King Creole SEMC372
1730T181102Marcello From Murlandyia ESBS372
1733T118T7Nefertiti Maus Marvel NWEM371
1733T118T189Mymains Loretta Lynn NWMC371
1733T16637Mengxixi Gri M Jo INOS371
1733T10317Diamantidiluna Maximillian EWTH371
1733T128169CougarCats Daenerys SABG371
1738T167190Real Love Felicia/WC INMC370
1738T177T30Tex-Lapkats Hope of Tex-Lonestar SCDR370
1738T12984Orozul Carlota SAES370
1738T177T18Lillian Gish of Dianysus SCTH370
1738T185170Kanesei Julia AABG370
1743T9217Tinytoy Rus Cattleya of Singville NESG369
1743T108103Maksbritishcats Macies Rainbow Girl GLBS369
1745186171Angelrose Fauna of Bellagiojp AABG368
1746596Halima Arya Winterfell of Kingturks SWTV367
1747T130117Almathea Jeremmy SAPS366
1747T168104TElvis Goddnrd Jerome INBS366
1747T109104TCrystal Love Wanda GLBS366
1750T18289Vintage Xantus ESSX365
1750T1041Kivox Texas Fox EWSN365
1752T6060TSangha Shalu Spirit SWNF363
1752T110T60TSakeen's Sky Full of Stars of SwanskGLNF363
1752T110T38Tomcat Arakan of Albeng GLOS363
1755T17960Ul'Yan Maris Stella of Winterbrook SCSB361
1755T18762Littlemew Tsubasa AANF361
1755T9314Feline NESV361
1755T16990Cotton INSX361
1759T183T118Santentin's Kashkai ESPS360
1759T11226Thundapurr Kalea GLHI360
1759T183T91Gatodouro Quel Amour ESSX360
1762185191Louise De Blus Coons ESMC359
1763180170Romancenrags Believe In Miracles SCRD356
1764T529Sunbriar Clairette MATA355
1764T188172Medusa Exposes Scandals Spotlight AABG355
1764T19639Eirecogteils Amarula ENOS355
1767186192Indira Laguna Leo ESMC354
1768T94171Kasseldolls Devils Delight NERD353
1768T18923Cartier Cat Muscular Man AASF353
1768T197193Assur Miroslav ENMC353
177119861VinniMur Sherlock Holmes ENSB352
1772T12085Zotcatz Sawyer Brown of Livingcolor NWES351
1772T136T14Thatsthepoint Jingle SEJB351
1772T136T173TMRK Aurora of Primalbengals SEBG351
1772T113173TAnademant Frederick Finnegan GLBG351
1776T19963Porkarvan Slayer ENNF349
1776T121175Bengalflats Maverick NWBG349
1778T18711Varyag Lesnoy Tsar' ESKBL348
1778T122172Marlcreek One Last Chance NWRD348
1778T41194Danlions Sterling of Ttcats MPMC348
1781190173Irisplace Strawberry Parfait AARD347
1782T131195Woodpile Honey of Patacoonia SAMC346
1782T170106A-One big hot milk INBS346
1784T188107TJanicke Sens Lavres ESBS345
1784T171T107THerculeso of the Pepper King INBS345
1784T171T107TTommy INBS345
1787123174Im The Pied Piper of Bakerviewrags NWRD344
1788T9540Sinergia Daisy Mae of TLU NEOS342
1788T20092Muggleborns Blukatti Veyron ENSX342
1788T13817Moonlake BamBam SESR342
17911398LivingLegend Eva Gapurr SEPB341
1792T191110Winter Fairytale La Canela Tierna AABS340
1792T96T26Wave Dancer's Tundra of Rexkwizit NECR340
1792T96T175Keepurrs Even Steven of Marlcreek NERD340
1795T173T35HuiJian INAS338
1795T201T11ToygerEurope Nala of Macrory ENTG338
1795T173T111Lemurcat Finist INBS338
1795T140176TBearbrook Sunriser SEBG338
1795T201T176TBatifoleurs Malaika ENBG338
1795T105196Dotcom Crazy Beautiful EWMC338
1801T181T62Solacefarm Terik Nuriovich SCSB336
1801T19215Rising Savannahs Swannie AASV336
1801T181T197Myluckystars Akahanas Cassiopeia SCMC336