2019-2020 Household Pet Standings: 401-572

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon Mar 23 14:59:02 2020.

RankHousehold Pet Standings: 401-572
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
4015Baozi AW880
402Nick --874
40350Alexander SE873
40428Nilu MP867
40525Panda GL863
40628Winky NE859
407T29Slinki Malinki EW851
407T24Pelusa SA851
40925Ramon SA847
41051Bob Our Dreamweaver of Tntdolls SE844
41129Kazuki Bengals Mango NE841
41226Lady Circe GL832
41325Cesare ES825
41430Lady Saphira NE824
41530Chin Chin SW822
41627Artemis GL821
41755Viola of Mollywood NW820
418T31Wombat SW813
418T52Brenda Lee SE813
42053Ringgo SE799
42126Bonnie SA791
42229Sire Ocelot The First MP786
42326Udi The Pirat ES781
42454Sushi Coffee Lamborghini Marcus RainSC780
42527Alaska ES770
42630Atheena MP768
42731Aglaea Graycie MP767
42855Rlar Morgan Earp SC758
42932Gucci Suh MP756
43033Bansky MP746
43128Lil Freya of Javahut GL743
43254Rinka SE742
43356Bigfoot SC740
43427Traks EN736
43529Suigeneris Hank GL734
43628Porro EN725
437T30Haribo EW720
437T34Fraiser MP720
43957Halloween Bennett SC715
44028Modany Ilja ES714
44132Max SW707
44229Brian ES704
44330Summer GL696
44431Jenelle GL694
445T13TBome AE693
445T55Ooney SE693
445T13TKoon AE693
448T29Moko EN692
448T31Jelly Beanie of Sweetascandy NE692
45032Gynsyng GL682
451T33Boudicca GL681
451T30Sisu EN681
453T30TRon Ron ES680
453T15Mei AE680
453T30TKarotez ES680
45631Alura Love in a Mist of Ayshazen EW678
457T58TFlame True Tail SC675
457T58TPink SC675
45932Holmes ES670
46013Ember AL MA654
46156Callie-Rose SE649
46257Manny Quinn SE645
46331Pi EN643
46432Turbo EN637
46560Bam Bam of Countrycats SC633
46635Lulu Muck MP632
467T33Donna ES626
467T16Jin AE626
469T32Tigress EW621
469T56Patches NW621
47158Angus Mhor of Kapekatz SE618
47259Maximus SE615
47361Rambo Leon SC610
47433Kaku EN604
47560Woogy Oogy Oogy SE602
47633Jerry EW599
47736Chocolategem Onyx MP588
478T61Master Tahitian Pearl SE587
478T33Karma SW587
48057Toth's Conway Twitty NW574
48134Mei-Mei GL573
48217Cyaco AE571
48362Vivian SE566
48463Chewbacca SE562
48514Gulliver Gossips on the Yacht MA560
48634Tiiti EN554
48734Kaczor Kiraly ES549
48864Dolly SE527
48935Ballo The Bear ES515
49018Seiya Takeuchi AE510
49135Leggo My Diego GL496
49236Small Fry GL476
49332Teddy Bear Bear NE473
49436Pizza ES471
49533Fiona NE456
49637Maisel GL443
497T38Tito GL440
497T34Scott Calvin SW440
49958Fancy Pants NW438
50037Ammon ES421
50162Brene Grace SC411
50238Raggy ES410
50339Ace ES401
50427Pet SA400
50559Parker NW384
50635Tarjae SW366
50739Vernon Ulysses Macthumbs GL355
50834Saharan SunriseGB EW346
50936Kismet SW345
51063Avallach of Stonehaven SC344
511T35TShewa EN340
511T64Quentin Terrortino SC340
511T35TNublu EN340
51440King Louie ES330
51537Purrfect Pebbles The Rebel MP324
51637Buddy SW300
51765Ginger Purr SE286
51840Aretwo GL282
519T28Bigotes SA280
519T38King George The Purrd MP280
52166Stella Grace SE279
52265Augustus SC278
52339Avery MP267
52441Aya ES263
52540Powder Puff MP261
526T41Captain Orion GL258
526T67Nero of Kapekatz SE258
52866Dixiedumplin of Txsbirmans SC250
52968Quasi SE249
53069Billy SE246
53137La Luna EN231
53229Misho SA230
533T67Donatello Sno Xu SC226
533T42Simba GL226
53530Paul Benito SA225
536T60Gibson NW220
536T38Mickey Blue Eyes EN220
538T41TBunny MP207
538T41TSire Duke MP207
538T34Pretty Girl NE207
541T31Don Oso SA203
541T43TDaisy GL203
541T43TKya GL203
54468Outlaw of Conexa SC201
54569Rlar Drew Scott SC191
54632Zeus SA187
54770Benito SC181
54838Phat Baby SW163
54943Whiskey Tango Foxtrot MP162
55070Novacore Commander SE161
55135Georgy Porgy EW154
55271Inc SE150
55345Kee Kee GL148
5543Candy IN143
55544Purrscilla Queen From The Desert MP137
55672Alexis SE135
55773Adrestia's Fireworks SE130
55845Rusty MP129
55946Spaz MP128
56046Isabella Rossellini GL124
56174Claude SE117
56275Hakeem SE115
563T42Claire ES110
563T76Lil Red Riding Hood SE110
563T36Jess EW110
56647Bee Bee GL106
56739Trigger SW93
568T47TZephyrus Mero Dio MP71
568T77TTimmy SE71
568T47TOreo MP71
568T77TMojo SE71
572T49Minou MP60
572T61McCloud NW60
572T39Marusya EN60
572T40Loriland Tinkerbell SW60