2018-2019 Kitten Standings: 3018-3173

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 22 13:40:47 2019.

RankKitten Standings: 3018-3173
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
3018T165315Stonehengecatz Midnight EWBG128
3018T248T94Silphyde Ice Lolly AESB128
3018T248T367TYamazakura Vega AEMC128
3018T255395Countrysiderags Jean Raphio SCRD128
3018T157367TNebraskcoons Jazzy Mae GLMC128
3023T250T55Strow Berry Baby Seisa AEAS127
3023T256316Colormyspots Firecracker SCBG127
3023T250T396TReddoor Silas AERD127
3023T250T89Dorrymama Baden of Fairyfarge AENF127
3023T432T195Mei Bao AWBS127
3023T432T396THoneyqueen Crystal AWRD127
3029T378T135Sphynxplanet Olery ESSX126
3029T434T16Leike AWMK126
3029T158T55Chipmunk Raggie Annie of Sahja GLSI126
3029T33035Oweyn du Royaume des Muses ENBI126
3029T158T398TNoblerags Flirtatious Too GLRD126
3029T253T398TDimond Dolls Souffle AERD126
3029T253T41Bouquet de Rose's Dior AESFL126
3029T378T369TCankcats Pontiac Parisienne ESMC126
3029T253T317Kanesei Haruto AEBG126
3029T434T196Meijin AWBS126
3029T253T369TMcHolic Lisa of Catsclaw AEMC126
3029T253T90Jadegreen Abby AENF126
3029T378T369TIzaak Forestking*PL ESMC126
3042T160318Prada Luna Rossa of Echoes GLBG125
3042T436T197C&Z Dumbledore AWBS125
3042T436T400Meow Breeze AWRD125
3045186401Sunnybrook Sunday School Special NERD124
3046161319Starkittie Metallah GLBG123
3047T18795Welica Siberian Magic NESB122
3047T858Miragecats BC Marley MPLP122
304925722Caliblu Blue Mists Romeo SCRB121
3050T16625Stenbury Aoife EWTA120
3050T162320Spotsnglitz Grand Slam Minnie M GLBG120
3050T121372TArchie MAMC120
3050T188372TDotcom Susan Storm NEMC120
3054T381T198TVienna Westside Eminem ESBS119
3054T163T321TClazzykittenz Jet Fire GLBG119
3054T163T22Lakeshore Rocky of Summerwood GLSV119
3054T438T402Rabbitdoll Whitney AWRD119
3054T438T198TQianchong Kate AWBS119
3054T381T374American Native Evie Frye ESMC119
3054T163T321TAloracats Tosca of Savoirfaire GLBG119
3061T1669Tatvan Tessa Feray GLTV118
3061T440375Sasa AWMC118
3063T167323TSilverglam Jet Setter of KatzkybengaEWBG117
3063T197T376Mainemarie Tengri of Aoi Neko NWMC117
3063T145T323TLovelyrita Aretha SABG117
3063T331200Coelus Larvik*PL ENBS117
3063T258403TAmmycrystal Benika AERD117
3063T167403TBlue-Gems Piercing Blue/CF GLRD117
3063T145T323TKatarik Takiri SABG117
3063T197T22Ellizabeth D'Juli Moor of Hopefold NWSCS117
3071T332T12Wildjungle Toy Rikky ENTG116
3071T16816Synergy Electra of Nudawnz GLOL116
3071T189326TSundaribengals Running Rampant SEBG116
3071T332T377TSilver Darlings Geraldik ENMC116
3071T383326TSherekhan Tiger Tatiana ESBG116
3071T332T136Krasa Egypta Bonna ENSX116
3071T16837Kimcatz Tickety Tockety Bloo EWBL116
3071T259T405TDivinelove Sheryl Francois AERD116
3071T259T30Blue Drop La Tache AESO116
3071T259T377T7storm Decima AEMC116
3071T332T326TCats Pskov Zevs ENBG116
3071T259T42Jasmintea Smile Kewpie AESFL116
3071T199405THeavenlyrags Aslan NWRD116
3084T200T153TWallycats Giget NWPS115
3084T14719Vlad Lancer SAACL115
3084T263T329TVentus Aurum AEBG115
3084T16923Summerwood Voulez Vous Pasha GLSV115
3084T384T153TStarseed Odin ESPS115
3084T263T379TPopokilani Sarah of Koshihikari AEMC115
3084T336T329TJulie ENBG115
3084T190T20Curlzz Beatrix SESRL115
3084T384T137Anukis S. Pequemiau ESSX115
3084T441T407TBastetmeow Edward AWRD115
3084T190T329TBearbrook Loverboy SEBG115
3084T169379TBellinghams Caipirinha EWMC115
3084T189329TBengallys Pegase NEBG115
3084T263T379TMcHolic Scar AEMC115
3084T263T379TMcHolic Lia AEMC115
3084T263T379TMcHolic Alli AEMC115
3084T441T71TMaurex Walu Walu AWDR115
3084T336T20Macrory Kalimeris ENSCL115
3084T441T407TJerry AWRD115
3084T200T71TFacehuggers Caprice NWDR115
3104386333Leopardcats Goa of Hypnoticbengal ESBG114
310517017Rugrunners Beatriz GLMK113
310619236Rumblepuff Par For The Course SEBI111
310725889Minghou Gypsy Rose of Karissimakat SCOS110
3108T171334Spotsnglitz Miss Angie GLBG109
3108T259409Familytimerags Joli Minou Marie SCRD109
3110338335Bengart Osaka ENBG108
3111339384Jessy-J Angel Savage ENMC107
3112T170201TWhiskeyeyes Treacle of Hengard EWBS104
3112T268T11Supersweet Jade Miew AETO104
3112T387T385TSI*Melly'S Mao Iras ESMC104
3112T387T385TLionheartcoon Chanelle ESMC104
3112T268T56Lamagiechat Liberty AEAS104
3112T26017Cloudcity Singto SCTH104
3112T268T96Cicci AESB104
3112T172T410TRagalong Ms Lily of Sissidolls GLRD104
3112T387T111TLusi Maor White Astra ESES104
3112T202336Bengaluxe Lylla Rose of Novabengal NWBG104
3112T387T410TCaitlin Blue-Eyed Dream Of Metho/ID ESRD104
3112T268T201TKanesei Wako AEBS104
3112T268T385TMcHolic Saesol AEMC104
3112T268T111TFirst Love Impact AEES104
3112T172T56Charjanie Jakies Spiritkeeper GLSI104
3127T20357Stegra Always and Forever NWSI102
3127T261T8Oberlin Lady Liberty Rustica SCHB102
3127T261T23Mr Milky Way SCSCS102
313039137O'Lune Cannelle Des Clayes D'Eden ESBI101
3131122113Chonilee Calypso Time MAES100
313226397Damman Amur Orsolya of Berstuk SCSB98
3133T19073Zoltan Magic Elite NEDR96
3133T9443Diam-and Anastasia of Pams Persians SWSFL96
3133T34033Murburg Crazy Girl ENBU96
3136T392203MagicMoments Yoyo ESBS93
3136T444155Jesvin Leo AWPS93
3136T27498Entroikasib Aimee of Yukitemari AESB93
31393937Galadhrim O Mao Boy ESEM91
314019357Willowblue General PAtton SEAS90
31411949Livinglegend Ali Mcclaw SEPBL89
3142T20478Anatoles Tutmoses NWAB88
3142T1237Ashknoll Eroon MAKM88
314417412Rugrunners Turn The Paige GLMKL87
3145T39424Oseille Du Coeur Des Terres ESSCS86
3145T124337Gianniebengal Queen Jane MABG86
3147T27558Lamagiechat Ulleung Island AEAS82
3147T43T338TKellybengals Leila INBG82
3147T43T18Samson Datou INMK82
3147T125204Queen Ashley Blu MABS82
3147T264T156TPersia SCPS82
3147T395338TDolce Leia El Embrujo ESBG82
3147T95412TCrazylove SWRD82
3147T43T388Montecarlo Snow Max INMC82
3147T148156TMisilove Teresa SAPS82
3147T264T412TMisiangashnawi Aurora SCRD82
3147T175338THighcaliber Golden Girl GLBG82
3147T43T338TGuanjingbengal Fei-Fan INBG82
3147T43T38GoldenstarTW Nova INBL82
3147T205156TEnvypurrs Jewel of Hollowhills NWPS82
3161T396T389Opium Du Chabeaute ESMC78
3161T396T13Moya Myra Dor Davidoff's Q-Bulochka ESMKL78
3163T39826Olive De La Mer De Marmara ESTA77
3163T206114Hollowgills Chantilly Lace NWES77
316517139Amadeus From Area Sacra EWBL76
316619124Mysavannah Jasmine NESV75
3167T399T205TWishing Well Riana ESBS71
3167T192414TToskharags Lovely Dream NERD71
3167T276T414TSungglerags Tony Stark Cleverdoll AERD71
3167T399T138Secret Shade Dark Side of The Moon ESSX71
3167T276T342Marvelouscats Blizzard of Kirarakan AEBG71
3167T341205TInfinity Jewel King of Beauty ENBS71
3173T401343TUniquebengals Luigi ESBG60
3173T48416Remington Patience INRD60
3173T278207TMocola Ca Pucca AEBS60
3173T342T207TMini-Akan ENBS60
3173T342T343TFlaconDelEsprit Raffaello-Campari ENBG60