2018-2019 Kitten Standings: 2007-2205

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 22 13:40:47 2019.

RankKitten Standings: 2007-2205
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2007T220237Wanderduene Ibiza ESRD465
2007T58190Simplyblessed Lotus Lady MPBG465
2007T123T16Kurisumasu Kiracho of Jewelsofmine SEJB465
2007T123T95Baldfantasea Elegant Black Dress SESX465
2007T8165Kattalyst Oceans Eleven MAOS465
2012T157128TPetit-House's Dan AEBS464
2012T307128TAngus AWBS464
2012T22196Black Pearls Olaila ESSX464
2012T8265Altai Augustyn of Currahee MASB464
2016T5948Nu Moon Lily Fey MPDR463
2016T225130Ice Florence Beate Bolero ENBS463
201860238Appledolls Gods Will MPRD462
2019T308235TPiaget AWMC461
2019T222235TLuscinia Odissea Calypso ESMC461
2021T11066Practicalcats Ornery Ozymandias GLOS460
2021T16949Curlydolls Pointof No Rooturn SCDR460
2021T223T15Cadelonia Premier ESSCS460
2021T28237Montecarlo Yinyin INMC460
2021T223T239Methodius Cathleen ESRD460
2021T30961Finience Cirri AWNF460
2027T83T1Magicbobs My Shadow MAABS459
2027T83T1Kitzn Rob Roy MABML459
2027T158T191Sansen Scott AEBG459
2027T129T71Sandy-B Johnny Cash NEES459
2027T129T13Ogrozd Curlove NEACL459
2027T158T240Angeliqdoll Princess Dellacqua AERD459
2033T125238Mainesail Sunrise Ruby SEMC458
2033T9672Dblaze Africa of Roitman SAES458
2035T13912Legendtales Little Surfer Girl NWPB457
2035T310131Gongjue AWBS457
20372268Carney Black Voice vom Sonnenhang ENBO456
2038T22716URFO Esperance ENSCS453
2038T311239Little Girl AWMC453
2038T126241Italiadolls Jackson SERD453
2041T170192Libertybengals Chaotic Cesar SCBG452
2041T131240Dotcom Ragner NEMC452
204329132Carey Blue Ike INBS451
2044T228T27Shelda's Indy ENBL450
2044T16066Cmaterrace Gerbera AESB450
2044T228T95Arisha de Vivien Lollipop ENPS450
204712722Hirsheez Red Maxx SEHI449
2048T13216Synergy Rana of Practicalcats NEBA448
2048T140241Nana Daisy NWMC448
2050133242Sunnybrook Hayley Mae NERD446
2051T23016Tzari Yuri ENSRL445
2051T22517Sirin Icezzy ESTA445
2053T31297Congrats's Cheese AWSX444
2053T61243Adorabledolls Honey Bunny Blu MPRD444
2055T6313Specialagent Medal Ofhonor SWPB443
2055T16173Petit Rinrin's Shunikun AEES443
2055T9796Dclass Aaron SAPS443
2058T23113Singarus Delisia ENSG442
2058T111T67Basilicblessing Ilyanichna GLSB442
2058T111T17Ginchika Do You Believe In Love GLJB442
2061T13497TAnouchka Luna NEPS441
2061T9897TCandance Cat's - Kenji SAPS441
2063T11321Thecatgarden's Poppy GLSO440
2063T23268Bounty Silver Forest ENSB440
2063T162193Catpardo Jasminee of Junglejive AEBG440
2066T17198Nostalgie Little Even SCSX439
2066T31374Dnbinglian's Bun of Longjie's Cat AWES439
2066T163244Gorgeouscats Noah AERD439
206916462Dorrymama Ichiko AENF438
2070T172194Vandolero SCBG437
2070T23334URFO Emperor ENSF437
2070T128133Platon Kis SEBS437
207399245Misi Angash˝awi Ulrick SARD436
2074226242Omkara Pretty Eagle ESMC435
2075T234246Shiningdolls Torvi ENRD434
2075T141243Darmorev Rowan NWMC434
2075T227195BY*Bengamur Cho-Hee Kim Bum ESBG434
2078T165T196Catcrest Gri AEBG433
2078T165T247Farandoll Melon AERD433
2080T16763Dorrymama Monjiro AENF432
2080T314197Abaoshouse Cartier AWBG432
2080T142244Mymains Alivias Pearla NWMC432
2080T13519Emerald Snow Shulamith NERB432
2084T14399TWilden Trinity Bliss NWPS431
2084T22899TDouce Symphonie Oscar ESPS431
2086T173245Colorado Maine Coons Mega Boots SCMC430
2086T64248Darlinlildols Midnight Velvet SWRD430
2088T2354Smeraldas BC Twiggy ENLP428
2088T12975Night Castles Painted Angel SEES428
2090T13662Red Ferne Fawndango of Khamsin NEAB427
2090T100249Abba Angelo Il Migliore SARD427
2092T174134Yulindelight Michelle Zula SCBS426
2092T101246BR*Felina Folia Qyu SAMC426
2094T3076Manggala Potchy The Legacy INES425
2094T85198Jungletrax Infinite Reign MABG425
209617522Silvaliya Belisima of Howlingcoyote SCSO424
2097137199Bengamur Black Princess NEBG423
2098T229200Sundarbengal Lilo ESBG422
2098T102101Laurettas Charlotte SAPS422
2098T16835Kiddyland Elise AESF422
2101T16977Petit Rinrin's Mobairu AEES421
2101T23614Curlpassion Olympia ENACL421
2101T130201Bengaltherapy SGT Silver Domination SEBG421
2104T230T37Ragzcats Mimant ESSI420
2104T86202Bengamur George Clooney MABG420
2104T230T36Hurma&Lukor-Fold Ivanka Trump ESSF420
2107315102Medianoche Bai Diaodiao AWPS419
2108T109250Malfurion Stormrage EWRD418
2108T237135Bukah Underleyhall*PL ENBS418
2110238251Rakhshanda Oopsie Daisy ENRD417
211123299Violin Ayacata's Dreams*ES ESSX415
2112239247Cat's Coon Oxford ENMC414
2113T240203VomWeinBerg Thia ENBG413
2113T176252TRagnificentdoll Aubrey On Fire SCRD413
2113T316252TQusita's Smallxigua AWRD413
2116T14438Stegra Sybil NWSI412
2116T103103Laurettas Delfin SAPS412
2116T65204Coolspots Paprika SWBG412
2116T17069Klim Snejnaya Zima AESB412
2120T241205TVerification Ellwood of Gracenbeng ENBG411
2120T114T248Chemicoons Bilirubin of LAPD GLMC411
2120T138205TOntariobengals Damien NEBG411
2120T17764Bywater Duchess of Ouijakatz SCNF411
2120T114T254TMurmurdolls Momo GLRD411
2120T114T254TMurmurdolls Miya GLRD411
2126T139256Rocknraggies Shining of Cherubdolls NERD410
2126T171207Rockfield Aila of Tokyobengals AEBG410
2126T233T249Ascent Zonda ESMC410
2126T233T104BabyBest Cat Immensita ESPS410
2130T17265Dorrymama Amelie AENF409
2130T24218Akkedi Chingachgook ENTA409
2132T117208TSilverstorm Black Tie Affair GLBG408
2132T62208TJumanjibengals Boy #2 MPBG408
2132T317257Emma AWRD408
2135T318136Small Monky of Peiban AWBS407
2135T235100Nudelook Darkness Delirium ESSX407
2137243258Paramountcy Power Girl ENRD406
2138T140T2Stella Lupi Keep Loving the Cheese NENB404
2138T178101Lunarami Salem SCSX404
2138T140T210Bengallys Metis NEBG404
2138T110105Cattage Bonny Swan EWPS404
2142236250Suryamaincoon Donatello ESMC403
2143T319259True Love Ragandoll*PL AWRD402
2143T11167Shadycombe Morse Code EWOS402
2143T237251Oksane des Sables D'Yon ESMC402
21463168UA*Meori Vigor Vitas INOS401
2147T320T37Uncle Beverly's Vivafairy AWSF400
2147T320T252Xvan Ji AWMC400
2147T179102Major Good Luck Gianluca SCSX400
2150T112T137TKolinga Olivia EWBS399
2150T112T137TAureussnow Patrol EWBS399
2150T13150Blupaw Rio Dancing SEDR399
2150T17338Mi-Ko Family Tsukimi AESF399
2154T104211TCasafrida George Harrison SABG398
2154T142211TAkerrs Dark Horse Plead the 5th NEBG398
2154T63260Adorabledolls Chevy Azzaro MPRD398
2157T17413Bouquet de Rose's Dio AESCL397
2157T322139Mo's Family Tiantian AWBS397
2159T323261Rockcreek Yaphets of Vaynedolls AWRD396
2159T114140Astralcharm Crazy Stupid Love EWBS396
2161T175141Star Wave Maria AEBS395
2161T32412Munchkitty Eisa AWMK395
2163T176142World Star Musashi AEBS394
2163T180253Tuftsntrills Genesis SCMC394
2163T64262Furreal Gods Grace MPRD394
216618112Chupacabra Catcher SCLY393
2167T18251Curlydolls Beautiful Mess SCDR392
2167T238254Cankcats Dodge Dakota Point ESMC392
2169T1322Bob-Mignon Rio Raya of Catoos SEKBL391
2169T11831Javahut Abigail Amber GLSFL391
2171T14339Diza Dara of Klazeekats NESI390
2171T66263Appledolls Gods Will of Sweetheaven SWRD390
2173T145255TNutella Grey Claws RU NWMC389
2173T67255TCalicats Bandit SWMC389
2175T115213Seregon Polly Shelby EWBG388
2175T146264Bakerviewrags Samson NWRD388
2175T133T52Nada Never Go Outta Style SEDR388
2175T133T40Jellybeantoe Delta Dandy SESI388
2179T24432Bastet Home Ambassad'or ENSFL387
2179T239103Milamuria Teddy ESSX387
2181T13523Hirscheez Selena SEHI386
2181T32578Hendon Tiara AWES386
2181T11633Frau Damiana Imperial Wild Flower EWSFL386
2184T18339Smoky Sky SCSF385
2184T177265Jellorags Goldbaren AERD385
2184T24063Greenville Elleganzza ESAB385
2187T14769Stegra Zahara NWOS384
2187T8779Purfurvid Pirouette of Rivabell MAES384
2187T144266Angellcats Sir Leonard Snart NERD384
2187T245257Bearcloud Bella Ciao ENMC384
2187T117143Bomond Le Charm Artic Bear of Ohkoa EWBS384
2192T326144Longlong Cat Druid AWBS383
2192T241258Oops Andco ESMC383
2194T32717Queeniedolls Luoluo AWMNL382
2194T184104Lunarami Lilo SCSX382
2194T17824Minamifuji Hanako AEHI382
2197T148214Sansoucicats Scarlett Sarafina NWBG381
2197T2463BobStyle Noora ENKBL381
2197T185106Mishkittens Chandler Bing SCPS381
2200T3264Superbee Ghana INAB380
2200T24218Leonprime Celesto ESMNL380
2200T6822Marvee-Lus Ritzy-Ruki SWBU380
2203T11970Synergy Acapella GLOS379
2203T328259Dabao AWMC379
2205T24723Somalissa Rogday ENSO378
2205T11828Kimcatz Ariana Bright Star EWBL378
2205T13670Sasha?Nie?Ny Urwis SESB378
2205T88215Bengaland Sparticus MABG378