2018-2019 Championship Cat Standings: 3217-3341

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 22 13:40:47 2019.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 3217-3341
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
3217T385T279TSnow Valley Ca. Happy AEBS116
3217T385T279TMinamifuji Marie Bubu AEBS116
3217T68341CK4 Lovely King INMC116
3217T383313Bengabelle Giuliana ENBG116
3217T13458TWillowblue Private Mollie Bean 47NC GLAS116
3217T385T58TSangureisu Ca Furan AEAS116
3223T468T314TF.Ramone's Bengal Cat Dorian ESBG115
3223T468T314TSilvercrown Odessa ESBG115
3223T19723Heavenlyhairles Roza Rozie NWPD115
3223T468T371Erijadolls Quanita ESRD115
3223T388121Dorrymama Melissa AENF115
3223T65T14TBounding Maines The Winter King MPMCP115
3223T65T14TBounding Maines Cloud Raven MPMCP115
3223T6911Wa Wa of Weiya INMNT115
3223T468T13Irion Von Eschnapur ESTO115
3232109316Jungletime Coeur DeLion of Anjou MABG114
3233T171342Call Me Punto Valentino EWMC112
3233T47279Brule Gintarine Sirdis of Ragzcats ESOS112
3235135148Gold Olimp Chiara/WC GLSX111
3236T38936Sangureisu Luke AESCS110
3236T22438Katareece Melody Elise SCSFL110
3238T384T6Smeraldas BC Rackeline Hollakind ENLP109
3238T473372Nevermind of Snowdolls ESRD109
3238T384T80Magnifikowen Kenji ENOS109
3238T169343Le Beau Minu Bliss NEMC109
3238T186317Elysian Staardust of Sakura SEBG109
3243T225T344TSportingfields Didn't Start The FireSCMC108
3243T225T344TMTNest Texas Ranger of Magnacats SCMC108
3243T17033Rexkwizits Golden Cinder NECR108
3243T390122Jadegreen Abby AENF108
3247T136149Daniella Mur Margot GLSX107
3247T474346Osha of Cadazz ESMC107
3249T156T155Sheron Cats Leza SAPS106
3249T156T373TOlympodolls Calinda SARD106
3249T475373TCassius Richenza ESRD106
3249T171141Yassie of Chicago/ID NEES106
3249T70110Superbee Nepal INAB106
3254T187318Wildlegacy On A Wing and A Prayer SEBG105
3254T386T281THenrdrikje Lady van Dacemewi's choicENBS105
3254T198281TCheshirelady Harita of Beautytracks NWBS105
3254T17247Chapulio Lilac Smoke of Marblesky NESF105
3254T476T27Vox Felis Nuance ESBL105
3254T386T142Sajoma's Ella of Phalkean ENES105
3254T71375TRagalon Dazzle's Daze INRD105
3254T476T150Osee Just For Love ESSX105
3254T22780Kajigo Maroon Bells of Summitrex SCDR105
3254T476T375TIsla de Bretema Aladin ESRD105
3264T38839Singarus Berenis ENSG104
3264T18816Curlzz Beatrix SESRL104
3264T77T26Amethyst Thumbelina SWMK104
3264T72377Supermodel Alan of Numberforty INRD104
3264T158143TStarolympus Catalina La Grande of FiSAES104
3264T39135Samotsvet Jasno Solnyshko AERB104
3264T77T143TIvy Cat Soul On Fire of Pawkavenue SWES104
3271479319Berioska Gold Prince ESBG103
3272T480T151Black Pearls Pikachu ESSX101
3272T480T81Pninacats Amaretto of Purrsquad ESDR101
327417348F-Elsa NESF100
3275T1722Whitestar BC Masik Aurumrus EWLPS99
3275T38936Swaldiphary Hunter Hearts ENRB99
3277T482120Lavr Morozko ESSB98
3277T392378THolybabe Jessica of Angeliqdoll AERD98
3277T228347TDawntreader Bailey of Myluckystars SCMC98
3277T174347TSuncoon Chances R of Le Beau Minu NEMC98
3277T110378TJerseyragdol Princess Fiona MARD98
3282T22940Singville Neko of Pura Pride SCSG97
3282T393349Chatile Monet AEMC97
3282T199283Rufina Greek Stone NWBS97
3282T173123Kajulaz Yezie EWNF97
3286T394124Fearyring Victoria of Marsparadise AENF96
3286T483T23Mary Krav Sherbet ESSCL96
3286T483T28Evening-Star Dorothy ESBL96
3286T175284Pudra Kates Akis*LT of Pepandlotte NEBS96
3290T48582Loving Life Diana ESDR95
3290T395350TCandy May Borushia AEMC95
3290T159350TBajacoon Nix SAMC95
3290T189152Vintage Tracy SESX95
3290T73285Kiecatz Blue Virgin Mojito INBS95
3295T39016TWhitefield's Nuriyah ENMCP93
3295T48616TOccitane P Bay Highlands ESMCP93
3295T160T320Golden Crown Luxor SABG93
3295T74125Fabris INNF93
3295T160T40AR* Chez Tillous Mishka SABI93
3295T39639Traum Katze Willam AESI93
3295T11181Synergy Alma of Leafdance MAOS93
3302T39124Special Dreams Zoran ENSCL91
3302T487321Manekineko's Nala ESBG91
3304488286Sansa de la Fortaleza ESBS90
3305T397145Candy May Yuito AEES88
3305T392287Vanilla Sky von den Wasserkatzen ENBS88
3307T176380TKiro Kaszmirowydotyk NERD87
3307T398380TReddoor Stacy of Petitchaton AERD87
3309T174156Shadowstorm Eartha Kitt EWPS86
3309T489T14Octave De La Mer De Marmara ESTA86
3309T489T382PL*Angel Dolls Chico ESRD86
3312T137T16Moonspire Gojira of Theehouse GLSV85
3312T491T29Lunargentas Elaiza ESBL85
3312T20024HeavenlyHairles Hans Papa Peter NWPD85
3312T491T126Gobi Montegancedo *ES ESNF85
3312T137T34Permanent Waves Miss Guinness GLCR85
3317112153Nocoatkitty Gisele MASX84
331839340Meltmyheart Nastasja ENSI83
3319T394T17A1Savannah's Auriel ENSV82
3319T394T30Xsenia Gold Bomond ENBL82
3319T394T17Katrin's Curly Onix Blue ENSRL82
3322493127Panky Bosques Del Zar*ES ESNF81
3323T17733Catsgomeow Nori NEBU80
3323T494146Jem Dandy Fiesta of Dicasagrande ESES80
3325T495T18Only You de La Deesse Selenee ESSRL78
3325T495T147Lusi Maor Prince Timoty ESES78
3325T495T322Ginger Badi'a ESBG78
3325T39722Curlpassion Odin ENACL78
3325T13918Phatkatz Canon of Closduchat GLSV78
3330T23025Muse Minka Choo SCSCL77
3330T399T16Candy May Tappon AEBO77
3330T399T24Sansen Chubert AESO77
3333T39810Betonica's Heir Azul The Blue Star ENOC76
3333T178121Pavlushka Peysli Makuna Matata NESB76
3335T498T383TNethi Aux Joyaux Bleus ESRD75
3335T498T157Nepal de La Deesse D'Artemis ESPS75
3335T39918TGoldentowncoon Chester ENMCP75
3335T23118TDawntreader Marie SCMCP75
3335T175288Bradbritz Pippa Blue Skye EWBS75
3335T190383TUSApurrs American Kaleidoscope SERD75
3341T162148Pantufa's Sol of Mycat SAES71
3341T400352Jupiter Favourite of Summer Rain ENMC71