2016-2017 Kitten Standings: 1805-2002

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sat Jun 24 17:26:04 2017.

RankKitten Standings: 1805-2002
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1805T10729Daisy Tinkerbelle EWSF553
1805T133228Macao de Kind Of Magic ESRD553
1805T18027Joy of Jagger Rexink*PL ENCR553
1808100163Golden Crown Bagira SABG552
1809134229Methodius Baby Doll of AfroditedollsESRD551
1810T17411Foxy Lola SCPD550
1810T135T53Artus Dorofei ESSB550
1810T106164Medoz Diamonds And Pearls GLBG550
1810T135T240Louise Des Blus Coons ESMC550
1814T175T241Tropikoons Trackside of Nascat SCMC549
1814T181165Silverstorm North Star ENBG549
1814T274T230Siempreamer Jasmine INRD549
1814T175T30Milena Queen SCSF549
1814T274T69Lovebaby'Leo INES549
1819T15770Hami Qianlong AAES548
1819T17771Ma-Falda of Abbarides Des Amazones dSCSX548
1819T276166KTLC Shan Ji INBG548
1822150231Excaliburcats Indy the Adventurer SERD547
182313443Rainingrexes Mariposa NWDR546
1824T15871Cat House Petton's Cadet AAES545
1824T277T8Tinachan Subaru INMKL545
1824T277T113Meowneko's Blue Golden Green INBS545
1827T137T242Honor For Adonis Of Amazing Tigers ESMC544
1827T135108Alpineridge Bronx NWPS544
1827T137T49Mise A Feu De L'Improbable ESOS544
1830T101167TTomazini Analu SABG543
1830T107167TBarrottsdream Cina of Bakersbengals GLBG543
1830T279232Belialqing Merida of Shinysnow INRD543
1833T10812Goldencity Gaston EWSCS542
1833T17840Dianysus Dixie Diva of Siblings SCSI542
1833T15128Barmont Song Bird SECR542
1833T10872Carriekatz Amber Mystique GLES542
1837T280T50Faraon-Show Salem INOS541
1837T15913Cattery Kitty House's Bell AAMK541
1837T109114Thistlevine Braylee of Fencroft GLBS541
1837T280T4Molimoli Mengmeng INMNT541
1841T13654Chardoey Layla of Wintermist NWSB540
1841T5841Tinji's Radical Robbie MPSI540
1843139169Dipavalibengal Maissa ESBG539
1844T282233TChinesedolls YaYa INRD537
1844T9855Sterlingcatz Hetti Dior NESB537
1844T179233TAnkara Kirov Thanos SCRD537
1844T16073Izumo Cattery Shimapi AAES537
184859170Coolspots Game Changer of Angelsiam MPBG536
1849T283235Darlinlildols Ivanka INRD535
1849T182243TMoving Spirit Demetra Divina ENMC535
1849T152243TBountymainecoon Loki SEMC535
1849T99243TMarikoons Little Miss Dynamite NEMC535
1853T14056Yashma Onix Gloria of Fusalandia ESSB534
1853T15317Wyndchymes Gallifrey of Blueyonder SEJB534
1855T15415Caterablue Pokie SESG533
1855T141246Butterfly Sky Beiruth, CZ ESMC533
1857T284T236365acebaby Captain Sully INRD532
1857T155171Barrottsdream Cinnamon Kiss SEBG532
1857T284T36Big Brother INAS532
1860T180109Di-Saronno Objet d'Art of Elagans SCPS531
1860T110115Wabisabi's Jersey Lilly of Fencroft GLBS531
1860T100172Brooklyn NEBG531
1863T14272Adara ESSX530
1863T13710Carchet Marseillaise NWCX530
1865T18353Paris Somarineko ENAB529
1865T102247Marsise Coon Gullliver SAMC529
186728637Silver Angus of Xiaolong INAS528
1868T143T116Honeybears Anastasia Steele ESBS527
1868T143T57Sedevr Manchzhury ESSB527
1868T18426Rumfold Pepper Blush Shu-Ko ENSFL527
1871T748Halima Sansa Stark of Kingturks SWTV526
1871T138173RainForest Bennett of CamasLily NWBG526
1873103248Marsise Coon Chicoca Leyla SAMC525
1874T287T31Rongcat Coming INSF524
1874T18554Anubis Somarineko ENAB524
1874T287T174Kellybengals Ken INBG524
1877T289T249Danhuang INMC523
1877T289T14Two INMK523
1877T289T110Shina Star's Hera of Tianlong/CF INPS523
1877T1864Bennevis All Magic ENSCL523
188115632Tesoro Bello Tribu SESF522
188210958Sayadaws Effie Trinket EWSB521
1883T18151Siblings Pop Top To Go SCOS519
1883T16110Safarimagic Road Show AASV519
1885T182117TGolden Crystal Medium/ID SCBS518
1885T7513Toygerwelt Virtuoshow of Eeyaa SWTG518
1885T292117TBlue Andy of Xiaolong INBS518
1888T293237Dreamtw Bertie INRD517
1888T111175Savoirfaire Jasper GLBG517
1888T187T9Russpixi Monarch ENPB517
1888T101111Pearly Pond's Great Red Bear Anicka NEPS517
1888T187T4Margotte P Justocoons ENMCP517
18937620Beautyburm's Valentin of Bon Marche SWBU515
1894T189250Forest Beauty Volga ENMC514
1894T14514Made In Romania Soul Man ESSRL514
1896T190238Hovicastle Kyla ENRD513
1896T15715Highlandkatz I Love Lucy SESRL513
1896T11252Chicago Snow Mystique GLOS513
189977251Mainelyours Heartbreaker SWMC512
1900T60T42Da Bruddahs Jacaranda of McInkat/CF MPSI511
1900T183239TCatlana Texas Primrose of Bluerags SCRD511
1900T60T239TUsapurrs Loverboy of 5starrags MPRD511
1900T146T73* T Bare-Naked Bagheera-Blake Oreo ESSX511
1900T146T112Seventh Heaven Violet ESPS511
1905T1912Egyptsila Cetx ENBM510
1905T158241Dolsragdolls Finneas Lad 4 Cailini SERD510
1905T29416Tess INSRL510
1908T19255Miss Dior Silver de Lord Chester ENAB509
1908T18474Lunarami Chanel SCSX509
191014811Ragzcats Nebula ESTH508
1911T69176TGiannisbengal Queen Cream MABG507
1911T78176TArkham Azrael SWBG507
1913T1857Celestial Spots Milky Way SCEM505
1913T104113SugarCats Calinda SAPS505
1913T159178Boutiquecats Riversong of Rubyclaw SEBG505
191611074Zendique Raspberry Beret EWES504
191719356Danakil Happiness ENAB503
1918T111T179Vom Kranichsberg Barista EWBG502
1918T186252TSpirithill Halfpipe SCMC502
1918T111T252TMarelax Pride Jason Hunter EWMC502
1921T18775Chiselled Mistery Tanita/WC SCSX501
1921T11333Marifolds Princess Fiona GLSF501
1923T11418Ginchika Say Goodbye To Hollywood GLJB498
1923T295T242Eria Pro Doughnut of Diamond INRD498
1923T160254Carolinameows Mister Prancer SEMC498
1923T295T5Meiko INMNT498
1927T29759Guozhenyang INSB497
1927T13975Sunspirit Velvet Sneakers NWES497
1927T149119Amelie Amourfelide ESBS497
1930T105T12Targareyenthai Lyanna SATH496
1930T113120Starryeyed Diamonds R Furrever EWBS496
1930T105T114Moronis Anuel SAPS496
193329829Xiao Hui INCR495
193479255Coons'kin Shayna Maydella SWMC494
1935T6276Dawn Of The Sphynx Ruby Faith MPSX493
1935T29976Qingqing INES493
1935T194T57Monkey Cat Harmony ENAB493
1935T194T115Mine d'Or Neves du Lagon Blue ENPS493
193980243Creekcats Dream Catcher SWRD492
1940T256TDeescoons Belle of Lincoln --MC491
1940T196256TAlpha Cephei Olimpian*RU ENMC491
1942T11558Pierremont Hagen GLAB490
1942T300121Blue Generals Jelly INBS490
1942T19712Luckykot*NL Enigma Temple In Love ENPD490
1945T30144Gelb INDR489
1945T102116Anouchka Eye of the Tiger NEPS489
1947T30215Sanwu INMK488
1947T19860Nevaslegend Napoleon ENSB488
1947T188258Mojo Maines Trillian Astra SCMC488
1947T116180Medoz Pearl Jam of Highcaliber GLBG488
1947T1405Kapercats Misty May NWPBL488
1952T161259Mysticoon King Creole SEMC487
1952T150122Magicmoments Queeny ESBS487
195470260Katcoons Durham MAMC486
1955T3036TheHobbit Huawuque INMNT484
1955T11713Alicats Another Hawkeye GLTH484
1955T15121Mia De L'Asaliah ESHI484
1958T162181Gulfbeach Barron SEBG483
1958T30456Wilderforest Toffees INNF483
1958T15277*MT Bare Naked Blue Fairy Uma ESSX483
1961T19914SpotsAndPoints Arthur ENTH482
1961T162T57Queen Panther's Jona AANF482
1961T162T244Neon AARD482
1964T189117Garnicats Luccida SCPS481
1964T11853Nerikha Monet of Chicago Snow GLOS481
196610759Aconcagua Jack Daniels SAAB480
1967T114118Dafne EWPS479
1967T14113ShortfootFalls Baileys and Cream NWMNL479
1967T163123Sezmoi Winston of Bodaciousbrits SEBS479
1970T14261Wintermist Holly Berry NWSB478
1970T71182Tailspin Romeo of Giannisbengal MABG478
1970T153261Oliver Malten Bohemia ESMC478
1970T16458Azureblue Tara of Newslabel AANF478
1974143183Traipse Forged In Fire NWBG477
197510877Folierouge Chimuelo SAES476
1976T164262Hopecats Axl Rose SEMC475
1976T30578Xing Mang INES475
1978144263Woodpile Sharpshooter NWMC474
1979T306T264Good Girl INMC473
1979T200T5Salexcoon Colombina PP ENMCP473
1979T200T119PL*Jantar Miss Gaga ENPS473
1979T306T245Blooming Ms. Future INRD473
1983T119246Bluegrasrags Sealy Dan GLRD472
1983T1653Katsmists Bobby Toni SEAUM472
1985308184Jumpertw Wendy INBG471
1986T16559Evilmagic Mocham AANF470
1986T309124Chacha INBS470
1986T109T45The Kitten House Elena SADR470
1986T154247Siempreamar Ruby ESRD470
1986T109T13Salomonkingdom Liam SASCS470
1991T202T265TForest Beauty I.Sunrise ENMC469
1991T155265TCascademtn Trixy of Coopercoons ESMC469
1991T202T185Legion Nayada of AmberYard ENBG469
1994166120Sandkaztle Surfin Safari SEPS468
1995T310248Datou of Meow INRD467
1995T204T62Verbena Siberian Samotsvet ENSB467
1995T204T267TStarquality Jade ENMC467
1995T167267TSciroos Kenzo SEMC467
1999T145186Traipse Bit O Honey NWBG466
1999T72125RoyalPlushBrits Hera MABS466
2001156121Marengo du Lys De Cristal ESPS465
2002T206122Hiladoras Aysha ENPS464
2002T73T269TSherlynx Like a Tiger of SaraJen/WC MAMC464
2002T11521Pantherajedi Ripple EWBU464
2002T31127O*Kay Vanilla Marycat INSFL464
2002T73T269TAtlastcats Fianola of Merrimac MAMC464