2016-2017 Championship Cat Standings: 1806-2004

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

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RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1806-2004
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1806T235183Ragdollcatdoll Kobe INRD456
1806T104124Misskin Finsceal Beo EWBS456
1806T20121Lyuboburm Luciano of Rangpurcat ENBU456
1809T104169Sofysticats Alluring Topaz NEBG455
1809T236T125TOscar Sun & Snow INBS455
1809T236T125TFilibuster INBS455
1812T20215Kimcatz Storm Chaser ENBL454
1812T23842Feicui INAS454
1814T163T14Monjes Azules *es Timur SCCX453
1814T105170Mangosteen Tsar of Wildnsweet NEBG453
1814T163T121Fortunescats Penny of Concertomoon SCPS453
1814T23926Blooming Merci Beaucoup of Vert INRB453
1818T191T184Ragville Forget Me Not ESRD452
1818T191T127Air Jordan's Inessa ESBS452
1820T19325Silverado Lacy Star Rumfold ESSF451
1820T123185Betunes Lia of WRsemi SARD451
1820T203192Atlantic Acadia's Ocean of Katahdin ENMC451
182320456Danakil Happiness ENAB450
1824T4385Moon Pet Jamaica/ID MPSX449
1824T17922Hikoma A Chirara AABU449
1824T205T193Aveiro Vini*PL ENMC449
1824T205T14Asylum's Minion Joke ENJB449
1828T124194MTNest Kitai of Coonwildco SAMC448
1828T207122Moro Milo of Cuzzoe ENPS448
1830T24057Shadeaby Aaron of Aiolos INAB447
1830T12435Melkatz Knockkk-Outtt of BibiKatz NWSI447
1830T208128Katrin's Giacint ENBS447
1830T10686Blueberrysphx Night Sparkle Apache NESX447
1834T2098Wildangel Fandor-In ENBO446
1834T125186Bleu Regard Doux Belinda/FI SARD446
1834T19432Ariella Mystery Fortuna ESDR446
1837T18036Marimaki Kanna AASI445
1837T51171Jungletrax Midnight Ecstacy MABG445
1839T241129Bentlsy Mur Timon INBS444
1839T126195Argecoon Damaris SAMC444
1841T24243Yqcat Star General Ye INAS443
1841T134123Night Castle Daenery of Sandkatzle SEPS443
1843T19520Wicca Yumiko ESTH442
1843T127124Star Olympus Colombianita SAPS442
1843T6457Mysticmelody Fight The Faeries SWSB442
184624326Xiao Nuomi INSF441
1847T13522Opanache My Little Jack-O-Lyn SEHI440
1847T6596Ivy Cat Soul On Fire of Pawkavenue SWES440
18496658Siberian Beauty Pavel SWSB439
1850T12887The Kitten House Bronx SASX438
1850T165187Thebluelion I Love Lucy SCRD438
1852T136T172TFloridabengls Windy Daze SEBG437
1852T136T172TCazpurr Captain Nemo of Bearbrook SEBG437
1854T105174Purebliss Poppycock EWBG436
1854T244130Happy Goldenbri INBS436
1854T19688Eliot Hamby Cattus ESSX436
1857T18133Fairy Grand Ume AADR435
1857T21065DK Smedegaard's Ronja Rovardotter ENNF435
1859101188Highlanddolls Donnie GLRD433
1860T18224Tinytiny Bond AASFL432
1860T107189Elviussdoll Austin of Whispurrlane NERD432
1862T18397Two Witches lev of Leo Star AAES431
1862T10613Overear Mischief Managed EWACL431
1862T211196Lapurrd Kylo Ren of Velsbechmann ENMC431
1865T10715Windleaves Mr Blue Skies EWSRL430
1865T1253Mishikoonz Morgan Pass NWMCP430
186719745Rock'N'Cats's Jumbo ESOS429
1868T10810Von Anomis Uma of Leberceau NEBA428
1868T138T190Usapurrs American Businessman SERD428
1868T138T175TheRealms Felicity of Bengaltherapy SEBG428
1868T138T98Starbourne's Penny! Penny! Penny! SEES428
1868T138T20Oshkosh Never Miss A Beat SEBI428
1868T19889Joser Kortney ESSX428
1868T16623Ganeshcattery Sherezade SCHI428
1868T10225Cattail's Charlie The Little Tramp GLCR428
1868T138T58Bearbrook Akasha Queen Ofd Damned SEAB428
1877T52176Jungletrax Lilting Limerick MABG427
1877T199131Golan Royal-Harrison ESBS427
1879T108177Silverstorm Wildest Dream EWBG426
1879T167191RTT Violets Super Stella SCRD426
1879T1034Royal Choice Ke-Ho GLSCL426
1879T129T132ELgatopardo Amancay SABS426
1879T24514Dazhuang INACL426
1879T129T125Alegiba del Falco de Oro SAPS426
1885T200T178TSpice Mango Chutney ESBG424
1885T184T27Minamifuji Cloe AARB424
1885T1094Migatobonito Pfunky Feet EWMCP424
1885T200T126Kranewitter's African Queen ESPS424
1885T184T178TGoldeye Mokuisha Anger AABG424
1890T1269Origamicats Bruck NWSCS423
1890T104192Bluegrasrags Sealy Dan GLRD423
1892T202T197Somacoon's Just Crazy About you ESMC422
1892T202T24Royal Class Beatris ESHI422
1892T1279Rosethorn Mustang Sally NWMX422
1892T110180Gsbbengals Malik Kairo EWBG422
1892T24644Change INAS422
189713116Kitti Kat Aurora of Curlysue SASRL421
189824712Murmulet Larry INMNL420
1899T24859Chris INSB419
1899T18613Cats Roses Momoko AAMNL419
190118715Mercimomo Micch AACX417
1902T204198Summerplace Espaso ESMC416
1902T249T127Shiny Stars Athena INPS416
1902T11121Sandypoints Rising Sun of Wicca EWTH416
1902T249T193Judysdolls Melon of Clumsy Angle INRD416
1902T12821Angel Eyes Mighty Valhalla NWBI416
190711290Charm & Bald Alien's Kiss EWSX415
190853181Gulfbeach Cabana Boy of Babbling MABG414
1909T21260TMikael Talismen Udachi ENSB413
1909T25160TElarin Sibirushka Krasa INSB413
1911205199Well Being Ginger ESMC412
1912T16811Odesseycatz Zane Quincy SCTO411
1912T13246Narkiayun Odalisca SAOS411
1914T13311Reyegipcio Elvis SAKBL410
1914T11362Musrafy Shishka EWSB410
191621391Vandvis Sweetest Perfection ENSX409
1917T16992Tashi Diamonds Zachery SCSX408
1917T25299Louis INES408
1919T105182Spotsnglitz Freida GLBG407
1919T25317Regumeow's Anna's Curly Cherly INSRL407
1919T109194NY Divine Dolls Julius Caesar NERD407
1919T6717Albert Toten & Silver Bullet SWPD407
1923254200Kenneth INMC406
192417093Bemisu Marcus Aurelius Augustus SCSX405
1925T255T37Milk INSI404
1925T206128Liam Au Clair De Loire ESPS404
1925T255T195Edison INRD404
1925T21463Charodey Ermak ENSB404
1929T257T94Amenophis Manga INSX403
1929T257T196Aiolos Miracle of Doll Kingdom INRD403
1931T259T133TWeisen Cat Yike INBS402
1931T259T38Romantic Melody's Cherie INSI402
1931T207T133TMyosotis du Clos Des Sistres ESBS402
1931T207T201Kupinikcoons Cordelia ESMC402
1931T171197Cajunragdolls Azure SCRD402
1936T4414Savvypaws All That Swag MPSV400
1936T188T5Milkymyus Mint AAMKL400
1936T261198Keepurrs Kevin of Tanyangelfcats INRD400
1936T1294Kaperkats Radar NWPBL400
1936T188T202Amangroup Melody AAMC400
1941T262199Winona Purring Doll Pl INRD399
1941T68183Coolspots Destiny SWBG399
1943T19022Shwetsun Macomo of Suzukaze AABI398
1943T698Luis Zvezda Velesa SWDSK398
1945263203Petpalace Carmeliya Newell INMC397
1946264204Auras Reiki More Lin INMC396
1947T17216Howlingcoyote Meet Me In Malta SCSO395
1947T2155Home Favorit Una Cara ENSCL395
1949T173184Mukulaal Chisholm of Ohmy SCBG394
1949T20959Holylandcats Florentin ESAB394
1951T265T95Eva INSX393
1951T265T135Blueberry INBS393
1953T174205Prairiebaby Proshka of McRuff SCMC392
1953T106185Barrottsdream Captain Kirk GLBG392
195517525Vicketales Skittles SCHI391
1956T19128Starchild Kagetora AARB389
1956T210T200Love Me Tender de L'Epine De La RoseESRD389
1956T216206Forest Beauty D.Veresk ENMC389
1956T210T129Dclass Absolut of Agapimou ESPS389
1960217130Diamond Rain Amadeus ENPS388
1961143186Boydsbengals Night Fury SEBG387
1962T11464Musrafy Boyarinya EWSB386
1962T212T201Methodius Gallina ESRD386
1962T267136Cutest Plan Count INBS386
1962T212T207American Native Autumn Rose ESMC386
1966T17696Vandvis Sweet Truffle of Teoli SCSX385
1966T26845Qiuqiu INAS385
1966T134187Hekster Hejmo Maya II SABG385
1969T192T27Queen Arms Kiwi Junior AASF384
1969T192T29Luckyropples Diamond Lily AARB384
1969T5497Lucidsphynx Babe Marley/CF MASX384
1969T269202KOC-Pol Cat Ra 11/CF INRD384
1973T270T203Vavidoll Sunflower of Sweety HT INRD383
1973T270T46Mike INAS383
197519498Cerisier Columba AASX381
1976T218T204Regencyrags Potter ENRD380
1976T218T208Deescoons Honey ENMC380
1976T218T188Batifoleurs Mirabelle ENBG380
1979T17723Vindouro Chocolate Diamond SCBU378
1979T19566Futurperfect Ingmar Birdman AANF378
1979T144T131Coco Channel Piper of Sandkatzle/CF SEPS378
1979T144T99Brio Sofi SESX378
1983T196T17Mofunyans's Averia of Milkymyus AAMK377
1983T27228Jenny INSF377
1983T7026Darling Purs Maybe Woo SWHI377
1983T196T189TBengal Family's Aoi AABG377
1983T107189TBarrottsdream Loki of Bakersbengals GLBG377
1988T110209Whatatrill CA Dreamin of Marikoons NEMC376
1988T713Udar Daisy Bucurlan SWAC376
1988T10826Tamriel Kiss of Filagrewaves GLCR376
1991T13527SheronCats Liberty of DeAlles SAHI375
1991T221205Make It Mine Chuck E.'s In Love ENRD375
1993T22228Spreewood Royal Diamond ENHI374
1993T109137Silvercharm Scarlet GLBS374
1993T146206O'Malley DDolls Asher of Rags2richesSERD374
199672100Caramia Cool Dude of Pawkavenue SWES373
1997T55210TUnicum Duncan MAMC372
1997T147210TMysticoon King Creole SEMC372
1997T214138Marcello From Murlandyia ESBS372
2000T1309Nefertiti Maus Marvel NWEM371
2000T27347Mengxixi Gri M Jo INOS371
2000T11522Diamantidiluna Maximillian EWTH371
2000T136191CougarCats Daenerys SABG371
2004T178T34Tex-Lapkats Hope of Tex-Lonestar SCDR370
2004T274212Real Love Felicia/WC INMC370
2004T137101Orozul Carlota SAES370
2004T178T23Lillian Gish of Dianysus SCTH370
2004T198192Kanesei Julia AABG370