2015-2016 Championship Cat Standings: 2818-2954

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Jun 7 11:47:01 2016.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 2818-2954
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2818T290T33Unchaton Mary AASO119
2818T290T263Reddoor Aglaia of Burst AARD119
2820T224183Your Majesty Jelly-Belly NWBS118
2820T292T23Marimaki Nozomi AATO118
2820T201T7Gbarbranch Carol Anns Butch Catsidy SEPBL118
2820T379327TFoggycoon Addis ENMC118
2820T22963Whimzeerex Helga Hufflepuff EWDR118
2820T292T111Princeprincess Loveri Momo AANF118
2820T292T327TCanon Fushigi AAMC118
2820T201T317Bearbrook Drako of Sunmoonbengals SEBG118
2828T38028Energizer of Marvellous Choice/WC ENBL117
2828T295112Littlemew Honey Caramel of Salablue AANF117
2828T203137Baldfanatasea Zooey SESX117
2831T195155TSantiago Bingo/CF SAPS116
2831T296T264TWindmill Elsa AARD116
2831T296T264TEglantine Amandine AARD116
2831T381138Skinzin Hobbitually Beautiful ENSX116
2831T296T9Satsuki Pet's L-Gin AAOC116
2831T230184Kimcatz Luey Boo EWBS116
2831T204155TKatzeye Roly Poly Odie SEPS116
2831T8821Britzocurl's Goldie Hawn SWSRL116
2831T124114Blue Tiger INES116
2840T168T39Owhl Bambi GLSFL115
2840T125266E I Cat's Cromwell INRD115
2840T23117TQaulie Sunnheim*LV EWSCS115
2840T398T113Pengolodh Milanor ESNF115
2840T398T17TLiloo Di Garbo ESSCS115
2840T299318TLaulea Aj AABG115
2840T38243Lady Love Vieland ENHI115
2840T225157Buttaflykiss Sugar And Spice NWPS115
2840T168T68Balihoo Kopi Susu GLOS115
2840T216318TAoki SCBG115
2850T38387Zhikharka Verooka ENSB114
2850T139185Schoenweg Vanni Timothy of NewchoiceNEBS114
2850T170267Rags2Riches Ventura Highway GLRD114
2853T40013Don De Luna Tayssia ESSCL112
2853T30024TStrawberry Baby Cathy AATO112
2853T21724TCalitonk R Reagan SCTO112
2856T40126Du Reve De Louna's Japeloup ESTA111
2856T218139de Bliss Stellina Di Notte SCSX111
2858T402T268Oasis Supurrsonic ESRD110
2858T402T29Lunargentas Elaiza ESBL110
2858T126320Adamtale General of Up INBG110
2861T127T269Vonimp Belle Belle INRD109
2861T38433Ruskis Veroschka of Katzenhof ENRB109
2861T127T115Amysbowzi Bingo INES109
2861T40410Amiel Goshen Independence ESEM109
2865T226T10Dreamtime Hillary NWAUM108
2865T196158Pantufa's Vilma SAPS108
2865T226T69Chipmunk Olivia NWOS108
2865T140186Amber-Rose Feliand NEBS108
2865T40534Almoros Wild Paprika ESSO108
2870T228T270Maleficent of Bakerviewrags NWRD107
2870T228T11Dreamtime Kulan NWAUM107
2870T406116Sevemth Heaven ESES107
2873T301271TReddoor Jessika of Fluorite AARD106
2873T407321Just Une Evidence Du Bout Du BonheurESBG106
2873T129271TBetterdolls Lankawi of Missqragdoll INRD106
2873T141271TAngellcats Princess Annabelle NERD106
2877T232140Mauricio Persona Grata EWSX105
2877T408159TLorien Cats J'Adore ESPS105
2877T20588Goldensima Wicca of Arcticeclipse SESB105
2877T302T159TCandy May Yuupopo AAPS105
2877T302T329Candy May Ma-Buru AAMC105
2882T304T274Puppy-Toy's Icing AARD104
2882T409161TMonarch's Oliver ESPS104
2882T230161TDaisy Rose NWPS104
2882T304T322Catcrest's Shelley AABG104
288630656Candy May Konpeito AAAS103
2887T23337Rumba Xquisite Lady EWBU102
2887T219323Bengaluvrs My Hearts Desire SCBG102
2889T410T275TMake It Mine Skye ESRD101
2889T410T275TReflection Romeo*PL ESRD101
2891T412141Wictor Ma Benediction ESSX100
2891T38522Abcsavannahs Splash Dot ENSV100
289313011Xiao Ban Deng INMK99
2894T41314Mafdet Mint Sugar Boy ESSCL98
2894T142277Bellapalazzo Ryleigh NERD98
2896T78324Wildlegacy Pretty In Pink MPBG97
2896T234114Loki de Ramatuelle EWNF97
2896T143278Radiantrags Titanium NERD97
2899T22035Starlas Arendelle Icela SCSF96
2899T2069Sir Rudy Tudy Fresh and Fruity SEPB96
2899T231187Silverbrook Duke NWBS96
2902T38614Salexcoon Xochipili PP ENMCP95
2902T131142World of Warcraft INSX95
2902T19720Singburi Mocca SATH95
290589325Angelsiam Fuyouto of Sonoita SWBG93
2906T232T143Fantcfur Phobie NWSX92
2906T414T11Egyptsila Mafdet ESEM92
2906T232T23DamaraExoticcat Catalino 524 NWSV92
2906T414T35Arunaguban Hedy Lamarr ESSO92
291023524Sonnenblume Clematis Thumbelina EWSV91
2911T17136McPurrz Chips And Salsa GLSF90
2911T22110Coloradopixies Okies Little Marly SCPB90
2911T307144Cerisier Cat Cameron AASX90
2914T416145TUrsula Esmeralda Azul ESSX89
2914T387330Luchsley's Guy Ritchie ENMC89
2914T236T64Dixylan Luna Lovegood of Whimzeerex EWDR89
2914T144145TRoky of Malichat NESX89
2914T30834Candy May Shadow AARB89
2914T236T53Alana *Nays Nisha EWBI89
2920T388T19Merrlen French Kiss ENSCS88
2920T388T331TCoonificent Ayla of Atlantic Acadia ENMC88
2920T41789Chaming Siberian Sapphire ESSB88
2920T145331TAtlastcats Veruka Salt of Marikoons NEMC88
2924T9721Sandypoints Cattleya MATH87
2924T14690Lundberg Rofey NESB87
2924T390326Guru Dude Dream ENBG87
2924T20765Blupaw Holly Golightly SEDR87
2928T147188TSatin Saphira D'Oaxaca NEBS86
2928T198279CatsIndoor Nutella SARD86
2928T172188TBritishroyalcats David-King GLBS86
2928T208923janes Spicy Nutmeg of CayonKatz SEAB86
2932T148T6Odyssey Ximran of Althea NEKM85
2932T20928Nite Wind Soleil of Moonlake SESR85
2932T148T36Kahalicats Chipmunk NESO85
2932T148T280Angellcats Princess Grace NERD85
2936T418190Unno Dos Agua*ES ESBS84
2936T13212The Hobbit Murong Zhaoju INMK84
2938T133T327Saphirs De Lune IxFile INBG82
2938T133T115TNorwywood Silvester INNF82
2938T133T115TMani Dolls Coco INNF82
2938T7911Thaisilk Fur Elise MPBA82
2938T151333Karmacoons Annabell of Srcoons NEMC82
2943T15220Miss Cocoa of Blue-Peaches NESCS81
2943T41993Abyko's Wind Song of Abystlyle ESAB81
2945T39135Chai-Lai Sweetheart Sally ENSG76
2945T199281CatsIndoor Cacau SARD76
2947T2347Faerietail Joja Peach NWMX75
2947T392334Elisey from Conte-Di-Cavour ENMC75
2947T153282Angellcats Princess Jazzy Jasmine NERD75
2950T309T13Sakuramochi Atom AAMK71
2950T393T7Picketfence Cupcake ENMKL71
2950T309T328Kirarakan Message of Rock'n Rouge AABG71
2950T393T11Ilveslinnan Amir Akanyildiz ENTV71
2954136329StarbengalSZFB Annabeth INBG60