2015-2016 Alter Standings: 1005-1146

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Jun 7 11:47:01 2016.

RankAlter Standings: 1005-1146
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1005T7668TDazzledots Lordoftherings Kingston NWBG174
1005T96T13Acozni Karma Chameleon EWSRL174
1005T96T68TSeregon Lily May EWBG174
1005T12110Jezzpurr Fairith of Noahsarche ENBA174
1009T7727Couleesphynx Hot Stuff NWSX173
1009T98118Coonflakes Penny-Lane EWMC173
1009T3293Echoglen Ajaxthebrave MPRD173
1012T116T70Misty Bengals Joker ESBG171
1012T116T18IS*Godheima Helios ESSO171
1012T7866Forestkatz Basia of Lostwoods NWNF171
1015T122T36Yrttitarhan Kuusenkerkka ENOS170
1015T1082Milkymyus Mina AAMKL170
1015T11852Micabliss Coco Chanel ESPS170
1015T122T119FI*Stout-Hearted Rafael ENMC170
1019T7937TSkan Muffet NWOS169
1019T12437TNalittna Miss Malibu ENOS169
1021T119T53TStefilla Violet ESPS167
1021T119T53TGaraboncias Victor ESPS167
1023T125T32TAya Simbircit ENSB166
1023T125T42La Murr*Cat's Sunnyboy ENBS166
1023T125T32TFokus Simbircit ENSB166
1023T125T5Egyptsila Meti ENEM166
1027T129T9Antilles Wedge of Noahsarche ENOL165
1027T129T9Dea Dia Sam ENDR165
1027T12171Spotted Dream Olympia ESBG165
1027T129T120Salexcoon Kashimir ENMC165
1027T6894Mylovetails Silken Flame Drogon GLRD165
1027T804Kaperkats Kramer II NWPB165
1033T2935Atavias Cremie II of Moonglaze MAAB164
1033T12211Aalspotz Rumplestiltskin ESOC164
1033T8127RKGems Petula Amazonite NWAS164
1033T13295La Belleza Ragdolls MacKenzie ENRD164
103710528Acirrekatz Kasper The Naked Ghost SCSX162
10381068Pawdancer's Silver Surfer of Weclaw SCTO161
103910714de Longi Filander SCCR160
1040T13334Bacardi van den Friedes ENSB159
1040T9930Skyvalley Little Pearl EWBI159
1042T8296Whiterockrags Earth Wind and Fire NWRD158
1042T1236So Beautiful Wahine ESBL158
1044833Dreamtime Roobert Rooford NWAUM157
1045T8197Cajunragdolls Kateri Twofeathers SERD155
1045T10810Comix Zen Master SCDR155
1045T6931Vannies Paws Sir Oliver Wallace GLES155
1045T13429TNewtajmahal B'Kamani ENSX155
1045T12429TJune Du Chapelier Fou ESSX155
10505811Camelot Fantasy Martin SABA154
1051T7072Cooper GLBG153
1051T8215Spiritcat Loki SECR153
10534273Equistice Alex SWBG152
105410939Cattrekker Herald Mage Elspeth SCOS150
1055T135T74TCatticartano Kingofhearts ENBG148
1055T3010Rockinahsi Twist And Shout MAJB148
1055T135T74TKruunutallin Muusa Mustikkasuu ENBG148
1055T715Kremlincats Anthony Whiner GLPD148
1055T135T121GardenOfCoons Blue Curacao ENMC148
1060T84T14Curlybears Leviathan/CF NWSRL147
1060T84T76Snopride Icon Edition NWBG147
10625898Marlcreek Everything For Eh Reason NERD146
106310099Corcats Sams Town EWRD143
1064T10915Lesplushes Heureux Hasard AACX142
1064T2732Ju-Feng Pang Hu INES142
1066T3177TAnjou Tanzanite Fire MABG140
1066T86122Mymains Dante Carlo NWMC140
1066T5933Murkse Ganville Bennett NEES140
1066T11077TMiata Edgar Allan Poe SCBG140
1066T10167Elevenweyr Dinozzo EWNF140
1071T111T100Dsjewels Red Hot Cherry Cola SCRD138
1071T111T31Dnilesphynx Mojo Paddy Paws SCSX138
1073T11331TAnnbirwaves Joy To My World SCBI137
1073T8731TAngel Eyes K D Lang NWBI137
1073T7268Winterfell Sawyer Macbrown of RR GLNF137
1073T32T123TSaraJen Bad Habit MAMC137
1073T110101Reddoor Momomi AARD137
1073T32T123TMylancoon Jasmine Vanellope MAMC137
1073T125123TJayzzi de Riviera Coon ESMC137
1080111126Williamina Google of Lesplushes AAMC136
108133127Whatatrill Galen Calling The Moon MPMC135
108210215Acozni Popsicle Purrsalot EWSRL134
108310379Cloudedbengals Paintbox EWBG132
1084T5932Toro SASX131
1084T8325Thedarkside Padawan of Blueyonder SEBU131
1084T1381Polycoon's Karen K Narasaki P ENMCP131
1084T11269Miagola Energia AANF131
1088T8812Tassam Lay Lindisfarne NWBA129
1088T8419Nightmagic Crystal SESO129
1090T11428Walkingstick's Cayuga SCAS128
1090T1042Migatobonito Seamus Awesome EWMCP128
1092T10543Busykitz Fergus EWBS127
1092T602Orchidbobs Flann NEKB127
1094T139T102TCalaquendi Dolls Supernova Olivier ENRD126
1094T8980WildWoodBengals Spocktacular NWBG126
1094T139T3TSymbasStory Marco Simoncelli PP ENMCP126
1094T139T3TLeatherandlace Dim All the Lights P ENMCP126
1094T113102THelichrysum Xander AARD126
1094T10635Forestside Mistical Milady EWSB126
110011470Azureblue Fraeulein AANF125
110111534Whozz Mozart SCES123
1102T859Maytime Jett/CF SETO121
1102T60104Lonerock Kuroi SARD121
1104T12612Aalspotz Smirnoff ESOC120
1104T14216Lykken Curly Ronja ENSRL120
110686128Saragen Olivrundrft of MaggismaianesSEMC119
110787129Bounty Main Coon Caligula Op SEMC118
1108T143T36Klim Hakuna Matata ENSB117
1108T143T33FI*Hobbitqueen's Flirtini ENSX117
1110T12737Bieltshika D'Artannes ESSB116
1110T9040Sinergia John Slattery of Stegra NWOS116
1112T128T81Wild Jumanji's Haashun ESBG115
1112T10723Jophas Petits Bisous EWSI115
1112T3455Farallon Diamond Briolette MPPS115
1112T128T9Fancy Anabel Evrik ESSFL115
11166116Legato Dove SAACL110
1117T108T7Celtic Mist Erin EWBL104
1117T108T82Bundlebengals Icicle EWBG104
1117T61105TAngellcats Prince Gizmo NERD104
1117T88T130TTremethick Shadowdancing Thru Time SEMC104
1117T108T34Shalnavazz Popcorn EWSX104
1117T88T26Schokolade Tuk SEBU104
1117T108T105TRiadarags Quiqui EWRD104
1117T73130TMainevu Dancin In The Moonlight GLMC104
1117T130130TKupinikcoons Best Forever ESMC104
1117T34130TKennebec Shepherd Book MAMC104
1117T14571Ihanas Odd One Out ENNF104
1128T146T134TBianka Daimon Frey ENMC93
1128T74T38Commrade Sochi GLSB93
1128T74T72Swanskovkats Prince Quillan of FarhaGLNF93
1128T35T6Sunbriar Beedoo Beedoo MATA93
1128T146T83Spotznstripz Prince of Chrysoberyl ENBG93
1128T131T56Monella Leon ESPS93
1128T35T134TKittyup Remington 1400 MAMC93
1128T131T35Jisis des Songes D'Abydos ESSX93
1128T11620Howlingcoyote Sam of Kayserai SCSO93
1128T35T16Fenway Freckles of Beaconwood MACR93
1138T13311Angel Ins's Tadeusz/ID ESSF82
1138T9025Crittertales Shadow Mage On Horizon SEHI82
1138T11710Pendragon Tsuki/CF SCTO82
1138T9184Novacoast Happily Ever After NWBG82
1142T118107CaliragsNakoma of Cajunragdolls SCRD71
1142T2873Wilderforest Mandy INNF71
1142T1128Wicca Reeva EWSV71
1142T7685Exotiquebengals Zimba GLBG71
1146T14829Black Celebration Solid Fold of InveENAS60
1146T11516Lesplushes Jiji AACX60
1146T13444Galaxie Des Grands Saules ESBS60