2014-2015 Championship Cat Standings: 601-800

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 601-800
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
60129Dandyblue Cedric of Brittasweet BS1882
6028Pandora Zoey BO1874
60367Williamina White Cloud MC1873
604T15Abyfelis Jolie Mome AB1867
604T30Pookie Million Reasons*PL of Sezmoi BS1867
6065Fiorire Hime CX1865
60710VJMufasa Krom BI1861
60861Bellapalazzo Pierce Bronson RD1856
60916Nightmist The Heat Is On AB1852
61061Purebliss Purrfection BG1851
61131Du Du BS1847
61211Kiri of Katanga RB1840
61344Riascatz Dirty Dancing PS1829
6145Afina Alore Moet Mansion PD1823
61562Artattack Kirakira Ryuga BG1821
61610Lamancha Kokomo of Makinwaves SR1814
6176Royal Elf Fainna of Hostahaven DR1812
61862Raggymay Claudette of Crabapple RD1807
61963Marlcreek Julius of Regencyrags RD1806
62020Imperial Du Saut Du Loup ES1805
62112Supersmile Pripri Pretty Of Vert RB1804
6226Rumfold Prince Tiare SFL1797
62315Siberian Dynasty Dylan SB1796
624T17Rubinrose Francesca AB1795
624T5M.S.I'S Dixie Of Medusa SO1795
624T68Riddlecoon N. Best Wishes MC1795
62769Mainewoods Ugo Boss Afonya Coon*RU MC1790
62845Genasaqua's Reign of Penobscot PS1779
62916Solacefarm Stripe Ruzovich SB1778
6306Calumet Cats Galadriel of Santa Ana OC1763
63118Lugwe's Indian AB1760
632T7Marsparadise Elzahime DR1757
632T64Creekcats Just Like Jesse James RD1757
63419Zinfelmax Gouget Noir AB1753
63532Boston of President West BS1750
63616Ranchcats Baby Doll OS1742
63733Anahata Casper BS1739
63821Deden Lover Heva of Pantufas ES1738
63917Estrella del Sur Asali OS1736
64065Wattuwarpaan Wihgre Sulewi RD1735
64119Beaujolais Alien Invasion SI1732
64266Furreal Triscan of Maocattery RD1731
64334Pudra Kates Akis BS1727
64411Purrstars Romeo of Gilvtales/CF HI1721
64535Amarena Kitten Cafe BS1719
6465Eeyaa Asian Czar TG1717
64717Timberbend Lumiere SB1715
6485Geraylar Ozbeg Khan TA1711
64936Gratitude Alexander BS1707
65010Graymark TNT BU1705
65122Russeller's Alabama Boy of Rodonit AS1702
6521Anesa's Hilla-Hermione II/WC SCL1701
6537Minamifuji Hange SFL1698
654T18Landysh Sibaris*RU SB1696
654T70Popokilani Herbert MC1696
65646Cullykhan Hercules PS1688
65724Prince Princess Whitening NF1686
65863Starkittie Mintaka BG1680
65923Otomi George of Gatodouro SX1678
66020Azorez Celestial Eyes of Ulthar SI1677
6618Miomio Halva of Fearghas SFL1675
662T9Splendid Felix SFL1671
662T6Arunaguban Geronimo SO1671
66467Willowtreerags Cannoli of Amethyst RD1670
66564Moulin Rouge Jungle Love BG1668
666T18Radiance Maverick of Savoirfaire OS1664
666T7Scheriat -El -Kebir Vana Noel SO1664
6688Catzanova Just A Gigolo SO1662
66919Berylla Boffin Lenori*RU OS1657
67065Bengalivo Triple X of Seemann BG1648
67147Latin Lover G' Loulou/LO PS1647
67268Heartnsoul Hylian Hierarchy RD1646
67310Divo Divnoe Donatello of Chattan SFL1643
674T1Primprau's May Seet Say Choop Khon KT1640
674T20Argentia Slinky Black Dress OS1640
67669Regencyrags Loic RD1639
677T37Britz Braveheart of Magnacatta BS1636
677T24Bluesapphire Lazarus of Destynys SX1636
679T11Mirror Adair/CF SR1634
679T70Rouletii Sweet Patriarch RD1634
68166Purrfectdreams Maggie BG1628
6826Skogbekken's Nandi SV1616
68371Spirritz Fire On Ice MC1615
68471Renasragdolls Poppy of Rags2dazzle RD1614
68511Bumblebe Lilith Faire BI1613
68625XLNT Choice Born af Hjortnas NF1611
68720Abysaint Babilonia AB1610
68825Nudelook Noomi Rapace of Bemisu SX1608
68967Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo BG1598
69026Robertchat Heros SX1596
69121Swancamelot Gladness And Joy OS1591
6927Sabine Sweetfolds SF1588
6932Amaure Dark Archer EM1587
69422Minghou The Joker OS1586
695T11Graymark Iron Man of Iconickatz BU1579
695T48Buttaflykiss Boy George PS1579
695T38Pasha Secret Recipe SK BS1579
695T72Mainelyclassic Zoey of Irishcoons MC1579
69968Rainforest Rocknroar of Dreamquest BG1577
70039Archivald v. Armani of Favorit SilveBS1576
70112Kopy Kapp's Indigo of Gil-VTales/CF HI1575
70240Keturah Centaur of Gratitude BS1572
703T21Eastwick Back In The Mojo of Aradia AB1571
703T7Sonnenblume Gazania Apache SV1571
70572Sal-Shire Nudge RD1570
70622Jack ES1568
707T14FortKnox Taystee of Beaconwood CR1563
707T26Littlemew Wakka NF1563
70921Enpointe Eartha Kitty of Velpaws SI1553
710T23Chipmunk Blu Moon Rising of Stegra OS1552
710T12Partypaws LMAO Giggles BI1552
71273Boonland's Baked Alaska/FI MC1551
7132Mistysprings Badabing! MX1550
7145Kayserai Komuton TV1548
7156Kitti Kat Thor de Sueño Neval SRL1545
71674Coonyham Carmel of Cherry MC1539
7179Dushara Road To Gundagai SO1534
71869Cascaderim Simbas Pride of Ripcity BG1533
71975Caluados of Frizzle MC1532
72022Raksha Rythlehar Belledas SI1529
7219BlackLabel's Ofeliya BO1525
72222Ohmy Sweet Thing AB1518
72313Fluffy Cats Amazing HI1516
72441Glucksbarchi's Athene BS1513
72527Apriori Naked Merida SX1509
72611Rumfold Eduardo of Mowglis SFL1506
72770Gensaurea Gilly Jr of AlmaFelina BG1503
72849Patlen Deja Vu Darling of Elagan/CF PS1502
72913Rusdekiev Emmerald RB1501
73071Serenitybengals Crixus of Bearbrook BG1500
73176Coonections Kentucky MC1499
73277Peos Passion Bullit MC1497
73372Traipse Tiger Mountain Tigress BG1496
73450Gatykey Sir Dali/ID PS1494
735T78Nascat Saleen Mustang MC1492
735T73Riterags Eros Blazer RD1492
735T15Beaconwood Black Lace CR1492
735T51Katzeye Kiss N Tell of Elviskitkat PS1492
73927Intowishin Rio Samba NF1489
74028Ri-Kar Katts Aharon/CF NF1488
74119Mittelmeijer Everest SB1485
742T52Shiekspurr Gigli PS1484
742T73Orchidhouse Juliet Capulet BG1484
7443Pangaea Argemone of Sarsenstone TH1482
74528Katzmeow Too Sexy For My Fur SX1480
7466Primecurl Nate Archibald ACL1479
74774Ragakitty I'Bambi RD1475
748T29Tom Cruise de Miming Stars NF1474
748T8Grymlyns Kordelia of Chisholmtrail DR1474
7501Catcurls BC Omari LPS1473
75179Nascat Talladega MC1471
7523Arietta Hilmi Hamal EM1470
75320Lundberg Rofey SB1468
754T42Quarterback Vom Muhleneck BS1466
754T80Cabanasur Betty Boop of Bajacoon MC1466
75674Maracaja Gumball of Tomazini BG1465
75723Rakiscats Drusus Lela SI1463
75813Goldenseal Leonardo BI1458
75914Micifuz Louis Vuitton of Bluestarts HI1457
7606Gulfcats Easy Ryder of Angelbear JB1455
76175Rockinblues Maserati of Amethyst RD1450
76275Risnsun Glacier BG1444
76376Fuzzjp Nozomi RD1442
76481Nascat Arnage MC1436
76576Silvercastle Creator of Ventus BG1432
7666Chateaubleu Felix of Dressed In BlueCX1431
76777Marclreek Copper Cooper Of Ragville RD1428
768T77TTraipse Crash Into Me of Speakeasy BG1422
768T77TSpotsandstripes Furia BG1422
768T12Sacredspirit Montmartre BU1422
771T53Anouchka Juliette PS1421
771T7Composercat Bellini HB1421
7736Kastanjeback'S Tinkerbelle BL1419
774T79Rainforest Mango Mojito BG1418
774T78Biiru RD1418
776T6Purrsia Mousse Au Chocolat PD1417
776T9D'Yuri Makovka of Blupaw DR1417
77823Shardi Cover Girl of Tajhara AB1415
7794Timez Jazmine TH1413
78080Rainforest Mochi BG1411
78114Kissyfurs Lana Purrner of Partypaws BI1404
782T16Creole Ida Red CR1395
782T82J'anette Nova Axis Star Cz of DeAbaeMC1395
78443HMS Oliver Twist of Dreako BS1394
78579Rags2riches Holiday of Methodius RD1391
78644Charming Modus Vivendi BS1387
78781Sumarum Poseldon of Catridingtrees BG1386
788T29Doroty Prioritet*LV of Gatodouro/WC SX1385
788T10Dreadlock Lilly In The Moonlight DR1385
79011Mywaves Cyclone DR1383
7916Meandra Frostty of Sazikatz TO1377
79223Mellowcherry Argent Papillon/CF ES1373
79321Angelur Veles of Siberian Beauty SB1371
79483Megacoon Mistral of Bigrivercoon MC1367
79580USA DS Jewels Han Solo RD1366
79624Klazeekats Truffles of Ranchcats OS1365
79781Cajunragdolls Blue Jean Baby RD1363
798T15Irroko De Shweli Sittang BI1359
798T84Coonwild Catleya MC1359
800T5Alicats Superstorm Sandy TH1357
800T82Gentletouch Lady Annika RD1357
800T10Felis Cou-Cou Zaffiro of Sous Le SauOL1357