2014-2015 Championship Cat Standings: 2818-2970

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 2818-2970
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
2818T59Candy May Dokkoisho AS118
2818T171Bernard Kingdom of Monako BS118
2818T15L'Oree Boreale Armaghedon PB118
2818T21Britishempire Bentley BL118
2822T60Birjanji's Wifi Hotspot of Sazikatz AS117
2822T302TInstant Karma de La Passion d'Aden MC117
2822T302TVelsbechmann Noma MC117
2822T23Susan Die Fesche Lola TH117
2822T273Furreal 2Hot2 Handle of Amazndolls RD117
2827T103Vincekeller Fenix of Ternura ES116
2827T304Pitho R8 Spyder MC116
2827T51Kissyfurs Jitterbug of Partypaws BI116
2830T369Suntouched Calisto BG115
2830T305Kiyaras Maracana of Cascademtn MC115
2830T47Howlingcoyote Martha My Dear SO115
2830T33Sunnanordica Surf of Lazurite RB115
2830T167TKatzeye Some Kind Oh Wonderful PS115
2830T21Kiwanga Tom SV115
2830T105Cherubin's Blue Sapphire of Mirinae NF115
2830T104Carolcollection Bogie ES115
2830T124TCerisier Cat Abbie SX115
2830T274Diamond Dolls Safari of Bluehear/WC RD115
2830T34Capital Heights Bart SF115
2830T167TPurrpals Fairytail of Rarebreed PS115
2830T124TElla SX115
2843T306Coonwood E'Christian/ID MC113
2843T172Onnie Blue Galaxy BS113
2845126BaldFantasea Mylicoricedream SX111
2846173Britisland Diamond Dee BS110
2847T28Lukor-Fold Lacoste SFL109
2847T370Lagallerie Catching Fire BG109
2849T48Skeemen Aditi SO108
2849T275PL*Raggato Gagatek RD108
2849T61Silver Ash's Sierra Mist AS108
2849T169Glamoor Valeria PS108
2849T12Karrklan Sonofchip OC108
2849T74Blue Topaz Windsor SB108
2855T174TK-La Kate Middleton of Sezmoi BS107
2855T50Dixylan Stanley James DR107
2855T16Candy May Kosara MK107
2855T174TCesmin Princess Katango, CZ BS107
2855T276Sunnybrook Springtime Serenade RD107
2855T18Milky Orenge SCS107
2861T29Legato Donna SFL106
2861T371Albeng Sergeant Chrome BG106
2861T170TPantufa's Vilma PS106
2861T170TCob Hill's Oh Donna PS106
2861T307Aloa's Rolex of Larhae/LO MC106
2866T14Medimal House's Torakichi MKL105
2866T277TRivercityrags Elsa RD105
2866T75TRozhenitsa Ana Moon of ArcticeclipseSB105
2866T277TDE*Solenzara's Victoria Secret RD105
2866T19TAmber Snow Princess of Folded Scots SCS105
2866T277TBluegrasrags Clark of Catsindoor RD105
2866T75TElizar Formula Uspekha SB105
2866T372Frombengalhouse Smoke Plume BG105
2866T75TBeresklet Blue Veil*RU SB105
2866T19TTandem Avatar SCS105
2876T280TRiterags BlueOfNile RD104
2876T1Alomi's Klaskepot HS104
2876T78Valkiriya Verooka SB104
2876T280TArcattarags Romeo of Ariaragdolls RD104
2876T6Smeraldas BC Millionizer LP104
2876T105Befalsetto Candied Celery ES104
2876T308Bentley Crystal Amulet MC104
2883T176Reyesdesilva Bella BS102
2883T309Moving Spirit Bacardi Oakheart/WC MC102
2885177Chin Chin Di Marmo*UA BS101
2886373Amazongold Dalila BG100
2887T374Dazzledots Fashion Show BG99
2887T106Inka Du Royaume De La Moska ES99
2887T178Uil Grand Maxelpoint BS99
2887T127Naked Soul Celebrity SX99
2891T375Risnsun Boris BG98
2891T34Kourni of Katanga RB98
2891T128Angelsoftbc Toni Lou of Bdellium SX98
2894T42TTalitoe's Waltzing Bazilda BU97
2894T79Vonleibchens McDreamy Thelmanova SB97
2894T376Heavensdoor Chrome of Silver Pride BG97
2894T42TTalitoe's Dancing Choochoo BU97
2894T282Eria Pro Galliandro RD97
2899T283Cherrydolls You Are The Sunshine/ID RD96
2899T377TCheetahsden Tiara of Bengalflats BG96
2899T17Candy May Korin MK96
2899T377TSierraslove Olfas Captured Muse BG96
2899T377TAmarillofields Lady Luck BG96
2904T30Shalom Scarlet SFL95
2904T172Cob Hill's Babette PS95
2904T88Tigerflower Once In A Blumoon AB95
2904T16Toygerart Ottis TG95
2904T80Mikarl Theodosia SB95
2904T21Idaho The Chessy Cat SCS95
2904T284TDetty Hope Of Meli's Dolls RD95
2904T284TBetunes Lia RD95
2904T284TCatsIndoor Oliver Blue Star RD95
291335Bella Szafirek RB94
2914T15BoSa MKL93
2914T310Ali Ababwa of Reigning MC93
2914T22Splendid Ebony Pearl SCS93
2914T287Marlcreek Oreo of Cherrydoll RD93
2914T89Aimable Ryan of Insuubunkai AB93
2914T20Jeminai de Saint Paer TA93
2920T380Dazzledots Strike A Pose BG91
2920T173Stefilla Nefelejcs PS91
2920T21Geraylar Oreanda of Ladakedi TA91
2923T31Best Smile Mio Mio SFL90
2923T381Wildwoodbengals Mystik Mirage BG90
2925106Sunshimmer Zelandoni Belle NF89
2926T382Lunakatz Khaleesi BG88
2926T49Almoras Nagila Nubia SO88
2926T51Neskarex Babushka DR88
2929T35Cat Moo's Magi SF87
2929T62Candy May Bikke AS87
2929T383Snopride Vega of Starkittie BG87
2929T174Show Felines Brimley of Sabrinamews PS87
2933T384Tucsonbengals Frozen BG86
2933T81Russianirbis Christian SB86
2933T288Angellcats Princess Jazzy Jasmine RD86
2933T54Flutterby Forever Yours SI86
2933T32Cairdeas Minou's Wild Thing SFL86
2938T13Rock Me Baby of Noahsarche BA85
2938T16Orchidbobs Nicki KBL85
2938T311RoyalMainlys Sky MC85
2938T175Snugglebug Boodhas Journey PS85
2938T23Strawberry Baby Chunchun SCS85
2938T129Adelfsh John Lennon SX85
2938T385Bengallys Satyre BG85
2938T36Candy May Soara RB85
294624Scottish Hill's Hecat Anassa Eneri JSCS83
2947T289TVera RD82
2947T289TGaja Global House*PL RD82
2947T289TDarlinlildols Shaggy Of Hovicastle RD82
2947T18White Base's Ruu MK82
2947T107Demorcats Pimpao ES82
2952312Black-Jack Trail/WC MC81
295325Mick Maxelpoint SCS80
2954T292Briar Glen Triffani RD79
2954T22Selectexotics Shaka Zulu SV79
295618Kremlincats Dolly of Skinsin PD78
2957T23Sonnenblume Flower SV77
2957T130Silkstockings Layla Rose SX77
2957T63Bayouash Monsieur Breaux AS77
2960T131Smart Tender Whisper SX76
2960T28Ja Da In Honor of Marybee SR76
2960T386GSB Bengals Charlotte Rheadd BG76
2963T16Amorcatz Bruno Mars TO75
2963T387Chalkmtn Lady Izzabo of Bengalmanor BG75
2963T82TFernando Rosa Fria SB75
2963T3Hillwizard Silver Frost Queen KT75
2963T50Danakil's Rhapsody in Blue SO75
2963T82TStimics Gioconda SB75
2963T52DevineDevons Despereaux DR75
2970313Unikuun Daybreak Dragon MC60