2013-2014 Kitten Standings: 1001-1200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon May 5 00:31:28 2014.

RankKitten Standings: 1001-1200
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
1001T109Eulalie Zanna RD1101
1001T28Lancarrow Jazzminh OS1101
1003110Ragakitty Ingold RD1097
1004111PL* Dollyland Ushi RD1096
1005T44Briarvalley Renewal of Trendsetters AB1095
1005T4Mondschein Silver Blaze RB1095
100729Bershar Just In Tyme OS1093
100812Howlingcoyote Koda of Bayoufoxes SO1089
100984Ohmy Okemah Native Son BG1088
1010T11Yukiusagi Honami JB1087
1010T85Snopride Jupiter of Starkittie BG1087
1012T126Fairy Paw Aoi MC1085
1012T45Des Cavalier Bulbash of Vertucat AB1085
10149Arietta Akten Ra EM1084
1015T39de Bliss Octavia SX1083
1015T127Muusa Bashira MC1083
1017T17Diam-And Gucci SFL1082
1017T5Dressedinblue Farah CX1082
101930Jubatus Demetria OS1080
102027Angelur of Veresk Line Pyzhyk SB1078
1021T11Rainingrexes Bitsy Rose DR1077
1021T112Ragmagic Cruise RD1077
1023T11Barmont Topo Gigio CR1076
1023T46Rubinrose Fiona AB1076
102586Leopardspride Methylin Mirage BG1075
102612Chisholmtrail Odin of Santa Ana OC1073
102765Katzeye Grand Illusion/CF PS1071
102818Harvey van d'Ekster BU1070
1029T28Bayouash Monsieur Boudreaux AS1069
1029T87TLunakatz Rumour Has It BG1069
1029T87TGoldeye Mori BG1069
1029T9Thedarkside Cripes A'Mighty BO1069
1033T32Ranchcats Lydia SI1067
1033T128Suzucoon Niedliche MC1067
103566Du Marais Candy PS1065
1036T129Coon Casa Zaina of Decasa MC1059
1036T28Eva Luna Stashkot*PL SB1059
1038T6Aasgard Wizard ACL1058
1038T18Minamifuji Hange SFL1058
1038T89Starangel Girl On Fire BG1058
1041T5Caterablu Creek of Katanga RB1056
1041T42Mystic Castle Caroli BS1056
1043T90Maracaja Vijay Singh BG1055
1043T12Kyapark I Can Tantalize U DR1055
104567El Zaburs Magic Moon of Deabaete PS1054
1046T12Ewan Magic Star CR1051
1046T113Usapurrs Mr Holmes of Excaliburcats RD1051
1046T42Marleevo Avatar ES1051
104943Lofoten Alan ES1050
105010Fencroft I'm Walking On Sunshine BL1049
1051130Kiyarasuwharrie MC1048
1052T33Velpaws Hairy Houdini SI1047
1052T44Instapurr's Tani Mara ES1047
105447Merindalee King of Tides AB1046
1055T114Marula Dream's Hello Kitty RD1044
1055T48Pampa Colo Loco AB1044
10574Balihoo Blue Iris BA1043
10586Lesplushes Iggy CX1042
1059T68Deabaete Mabel PS1041
1059T131Sarajen Momentum of Windwalker MC1041
1061T13Sunfox Happy Fool of Lacornaline SO1040
1061T69Persilius Betty Boop PS1040
1061T15Irroko de Shweli Sittang BI1040
1064T91TBeauxmondes Home of The Brave BG1039
1064T91TBengaland Midas Touch BG1039
1066T93TBengallegends Another One Bites The BG1036
1066T93TMirringa Sochi BG1036
1066T15PL*gregorious-Cat Krystyna SG1036
1069T115Marlcreek Sweet Emotion RD1034
1069T132Lavi Grey Shadow*PL MC1034
107119Jasmintea Smile Patricia SFL1033
107212Yukiusagi Mitsuboshi JB1032
1073133Pani Monika Stars Quality MC1031
1074134Valentina Iuxa Fontem MC1030
1075T5Alchemy Girls Just Wanna Have Fun BA1028
1075T135Mainesail Redmond MC1028
1077116Crabapple Annibale Carracci RD1027
10781Maximilian Supreme Bobs Tiam KB1025
107913Calumet Cats Incognito OC1024
1080T29Ironforge Legacy Inverness AS1023
1080T13Kirembo Azikiwe Obi SV1023
1082136Le Beau Minu Smokey Robinson MC1021
108395Leopardkind Chanel of Floridabengls BG1020
108434Oyate Winter's Bone SI1019
10852Magicbobs Delilah ABT1018
1086T96Zazen Apollo of Tadashicats BG1017
1086T45Bontempscats Karol of Dclass ES1017
1086T35K'rafty Fro Siomar*ru of Trulya SI1017
10892Caitria Spitcurldiva of MinusdetailsCY1015
1090T31Miyoko Black Pearl OS1014
1090T36Ksnorskatt Banner NF1014
1090T7Curlinglight Marlene ACL1014
1093T7Vancity Ofke of Halima TV1013
1093T9Cloudcity Taro TH1013
1093T46Exotiquesamour Givenchy ES1013
1093T36Xiu Willie Nelson of Radiance SI1013
1093T40Ayacatas Dreams Koko Txanel of Yoru SX1013
109897Cazpurrcaptain Nemo of Atlantica BG1012
109914Kirembo Josephine SV1011
110011Lunamorena Inti BL1006
1101T117Blossom Muri Sage of Methodius RD1005
1101T37Littlemew Tsubasa NF1005
1103T47Blooddiamond Olivia ES1003
1103T98Garra de Kato Edelstan BG1003
1105T32Yugo Amaryl Di Gattinata*PL OS1001
1105T99Authenticats Opal Cosmic Wind BG1001
1107137Assur Yaroslava MC997
110813Marsparadise Bruno DR993
110938Littlemew Airi of Salablue NF991
1110100Pocketleopards Vanilla Chai BG989
111143Thistlevins Diesel BS988
1112T138TKizzacoons Eirien MC987
1112T138TMakalina Nevado MC987
1114140Waterproof's Zydeco Zelda MC985
111530Murrznpurrz Mr Purrbody AS983
1116141Bearcloud DR Jeep MC982
1117T49Nightmist Black & Blue AB979
1117T41Huntalbo Sphynx Fergie SX979
1119T142Woodpile Plays With Fire MC977
1119T39Ida de Kath Bro Norvegia NF977
112170Stefilla Queen of Catwalk PS975
112271Inochi de L'Yvarie PS974
1123T143Nascat All Fired Up MC973
1123T101Bengalivo Arctic Clouds BG973
1125T144TArgencoon Heathcliff MC972
1125T144TBigrivercoon Bodacious Bonnie MC972
1127T118Sulraggies Amon RD970
1127T8WHSPRNWHSKRS Whistling Dixie ACL970
1127T50Indiabi Won Bin of Abyqueen AB970
113015Spreewood Gia La Grande HI967
1131102Sunshimmer Hallelujah BG966
1132103Wildwoodbengals Isabella BG965
113316Idwall de Chatterley BI964
1134T119Angellcats Jack Frost RD961
1134T146Mainlysilver Goddess Luna MC961
113610Sweetlife Queen of Hearts BO960
113719Imille of Korshan The Cats Love BU957
1138T147Bajacoon Cora Coralina MC956
1138T2Alpengold Loving You MKL956
11405Eeyaa Ties TG955
1141T104Anjou Cardinal Rule BG953
1141T148Witchcraft Sweet Chilli Fireball MC953
1141T10Cloudcity Leto TH953
114412Boucles Soo Zee Pee SR952
1145120Sunnybrook Ella RD951
11463Kokopellies Painted Sky ABT949
1147T16Honey's Mio HI948
1147T13Kaylee Kiss From A Rose CR948
1149T105Amazongold Alain Delon BG946
1149T17Myrabirmans Bose BI946
115172Marmis Super Star Teddy Bear PS945
1152T29Mysticmelody Samwise Gamgee SB944
1152T73Patlen's Deja Vue Darling of Elagan PS944
1152T44Katareece Vanna Vixen BS944
1155121Darlinlildolls President of UsapurrsRD943
115617I' Mahrez Du Joyaume Saharien HI942
1157T31TBeauchador Delicia AS941
1157T31TDealles Mailon AS941
115945Kalame Hope of Gratitude BS940
1160T6Designerstripes Turquoise TG938
1160T122Romancenrags Glory In Grace RD938
1162T6Wychwood Larkspur RB936
1162T40Dorrymama Win of Smile Fairy NF936
1164123Hugaragdoll Bella Rina RD934
1165124Creekcats Shelby of Rubyridgerags RD930
1166149Chatile Crea Violed MC928
11678Kattegat Kikkoman PB927
116816Kazalano Ode To Joy SG926
1169150Ohedo Hinomaru MC924
1170151Williamina Phil The Lefty MC923
117118JCV Randy Quaid HI919
117230Belkaton Sensay-Malinka SB918
117317Otello vom Merlion SG917
117474Belamy's Starlet PS916
1175T18Igloo de Chatterley BI914
1175T106Simplyblessed Dinner By Firelight BG914
1175T42Marirose Sweet Lady SX914
1178T18Flicflac Wicked Lil It SG913
1178T14Santa Ana Ozzy OC913
1180152Felina Folia Freddie Zeppelin MC912
118146Britilicious Betty Boop of Precious BS910
118213Russellers Heavenly Grace SR909
118375Aventurine Tuxedo PS908
1184125Adorablerags Tempest of Kasseldolls RD907
1185T47Chaleen Zum Rimbecker Tor BS906
1185T20Celebrity Fendi of Sweetlife BU906
118748Your Majesty Cosmo Together BS905
1188107Kingsmark Obsidian Shard BG904
118933Narkiayun Danubio OS903
1190T51Brightstarru Nicole Kidman AB902
1190T2Catalons Moses ABS902
1192T48Myzots Jubilee of Deserhita ES901
1192T15Loch Ness Pawz Gracie SF901
1194153Kyaras Resident Evil MC900
11959Nite Wind Mocha Cino de Minko SRL899
119649Empireofglamour Night Blossom BS898
1197T14Frontrange Bibble-Boppity-Blue SO897
1197T108Hei Bao BG897
1197T14Tex-Lapkatz Jadis of TX-Elfkatz DR897
12001Hillwizard Valentine KT895