2013-2014 Kitten Standings: 401-600

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon May 5 00:31:28 2014.

RankKitten Standings: 401-600
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
40131Speakeasy Dream A Little Dream BG2687
40232Tuminello Polar Eclipse BG2678
403T19Laves Ciel ES2667
403T1Catcurls BC Aibhlinn LP2667
40539Dsjewels Ember of Ragnificentdoll RD2650
4063Jetblack Purrrfection BO2640
40713Alexandrite Kingslayer SB2635
40816Salomon Kingdom Barbara BS2616
40915Abysing Challenger Niffel AB2609
41040Willowtreerags Rock Star RD2604
41117Magnacatta Oren Ishi BS2599
4126Agato Orion Warrior Prince SV2593
41351Nascat Satsu MC2590
41441Regencyrags A Season Abroad RD2583
4159Norsestar's Aksel Olie Anderson NF2573
41614Destynys Baby Ruth SX2562
4177Alist Savannahs Lady Lightning SV2551
41814Balihoo Hugo OS2549
41933Snow Tundra Juniper BG2548
4208Starghatts Kachinadancer BI2527
4214Arietta Panhsj Safi EM2521
42215Chicago Snow Prince Junior SI2501
4234Lovintonks Thai of Silver Ash TO2495
4242Milkymyus Merumo MK2489
42552Bigrivercoon Orange Julius MC2485
4264Jera Rogneda BO2484
42714Timberbend Mitskya of Silversnow SB2479
4285Kotickee Logan Wolverine of Comix DR2478
42915Smart Valter of Distinct SX2472
4303Kitti Kat Thor de SueÑo Neval SRL2468
43142Dollheaven Social Butterfly RD2461
43213Russellers Casey Boy of Coppelia AS2452
43343Tatjana's Ice-T of Hovicastle RD2442
43416Mollercats Fudge Ripple of Sukhotai SI2439
4355Wyndchymes LL Cool J JB2435
43644Bellapalazzo Patryck RD2434
43718Loismhor Tartan of Magnacats BS2433
43815Musrafy Yagodka Malinka SB2431
43934Savoirfaire Cashe of Thunderrrpaws BG2423
44017Xiu Grey Goose SI2421
44132Starolympus Paris of Djuancecats PS2411
44233Softrax California Dreamin PS2406
4434Acozni Red Hot Love SRL2404
44414Bayouash Cayenne AS2400
44516Pampa Zafrina AB2394
44635GSB Bengals Charlotte Rhead BG2380
44745Pacificats Carolina Blue RD2379
44818Flutterby Wild West Hero SI2377
44919Tamago Diablo SI2349
45010Tiganlea Lord Johan NF2347
45111Prince & Princess Lovely Mimi NF2341
45246Siempreamar Sola Gratia of MirumkittRD2339
45320Hojpoj Moonlight of Minghou SI2338
45447Laladoll Priscilla of Farandoll RD2333
45519Vasilisa Justinahome BS2330
45636Cascaderim Tiramisu BG2327
4579Golden Fleece Abricos HI2323
45817Jodie Foster d'Or Ptitprince/FI AB2322
4595Sopan Armide of Vidi Vici/CF SG2318
46048Lovestory Treasure Me Bi Design RD2311
46116Smart Unbelive SX2305
4622Bleujeanne Indigo CX2293
46349Siempre Amar Boulahrouz RD2292
46416Mystic Melody Boris Zakharovich SB2287
4655Thedarkside's Damn Yankee BO2274
4664Havacat Macho Guapo Montecristo HB2273
46715Synergy Lupine OS2265
46853Woodpile Rex of Mainewood MC2263
46917Luniktyen Garmoniya SB2260
47018Front Range Oh Dear!! of Thai's StarAB2258
471T50Amoredoll Indigo In Love RD2255
471T37Russicats Sauvage Finik BG2255
473T5Tonkville Erin Go Braghless TO2254
473T7Synergy Aster OL2254
47520Newexoticat's I'Hello Kitty ES2249
4766Abbysangels The Fire Fox OC2248
4776Katzalano Kiss Me Kate SG2246
4788Northeast Pampage On The Seryngeti SV2245
47920Mountteine Crystal BS2243
48021Modany Mumin of Viennawestside BS2233
48154Summerplace Cocktail MC2219
4828Kuriliangem Polina Krasa KBL2213
48355Mainevu Lemurs King Julien MC2210
48456Poespassions Bullet MC2198
485T22Chaldee Glachier of Kla BS2194
485T51Methodius Tia Maria RD2194
48738Darkmoon Shimmering Ice Cold Cinder BG2174
48852Gavigat Bymus RD2172
48919Intuition Aoi AB2166
4903Tasurt Tefnut CU2164
49153Adorabledolls Masey of 5starrags RD2163
49221Azorez Celestial Eyes of Ulthar SI2160
49322Susu's Kara of Glor-ee SI2157
49417Natura Cats Yoda SX2145
49515Dealles Aghata II AS2140
4966Vanderpawz Ko Ko JB2136
4977Sweetlife Marzipan BU2123
4985Mainefolds Sir Lancelot BL2111
49918Skinsosoft Madame Butterfly SX2106
50054Galaxyrags Uncloudy Day RD2105
5013Balimoor Adorabelle BA2104
5024Jakoi Yakusoku O Mamoru JBL2098
5038Burmara Radioactive BU2090
50455Angelheart Zorros Mask RD2089
50539Shangripaw Meu of Therealms BG2086
50640Jungletrax Perpetual Flair BG2073
50756Hovicastle Prince Michael RD2072
50834Santiagos Fantastic Blue of StarolymPS2070
50941Catzpurr Captain Black Caesar BG2069
51057Adorabledolls Sterling Percy Blu RD2068
5115Dramatails American Pie SRL2065
512T5Javahut Sweet Chocolate Mocha HB2063
512T4Alpinelegends Little Lynx PBL2063
51419Joser Honora SX2054
51523Encinstorf CC Skye BS2044
51624Thistlevine Easy of Britishempire BS2043
51735Starolympus Amelia of Dbasteth PS2039
5181Glittakitz Suki Su SN2037
51942Fractal Crystal Blue Purrsuasion BG2028
52020Danakil's Herodes AB2025
52143Tatsu Shiro BG2020
5224Bayoufoxes Black Jack SO2019
52357Migatobonito Oompa Loompa MC2018
52416Beauchador Delicia of Hostahaven AS2016
52523Quatra Vents Andrea of Bengallys SI2015
52617Ironforge Burning Love AS2009
5275Jakoi Minna Yume No Naka JBL2004
52858Lionheartcoon Jasmine MC1999
529T3Sarsenstone Sir Percy Blakeney TH1995
529T21Whozz French Connection ES1995
53158Izzadorablerags Blue Moon RD1991
53259Holybabe Lalique of Angeliqdoll RD1990
5335Kirydashi Makoha EM1988
5349Miamber Whiskey A Go Go of Nfusion BU1986
535T20Ayacatas Dreams Morocco of Yoruba CaSX1981
535T22Ibiza de Saint Urlo ES1981
5374Hylanderclans Steppenwolf TA1980
538T59Tropikoons South Beach of Nascat MC1978
538T21Abyfelis Instinct AB1978
54060High Power Z Matrixu CZ MC1977
541T61Kiyaras Un Dos Tres MC1975
541T60Rags2riches Jaxon of Keepurrs RD1975
54310Sacredspirit Savanna BU1974
54436Pasha's Love Dream Isatys PS1971
54562Somersisle Simius MC1968
5467Sayang M's Princesa Lea SG1967
54712Dorrymama Hawkald of Pixieforest NF1965
54810Purrstar Once In A Blue Moon HI1955
5491Overear Theincrediblejourney ACL1954
55013Prince&princess Toranosuke NF1953
55121Moon Pet Odessa SX1950
5524Alicats Superstorm Sandy TH1947
5536Grymlyns Kordelia of Chisholmtrail DR1944
55461Blossom Angelica Kiss Love Song RD1942
55562Siempre Amar Yasmine RD1938
556T23Deabaete Maya ES1934
556T6I'Cifora Sweetlife The Cats Love BO1934
55814Prince & Princess Fouga NF1932
55963Angeliqdoll Princess Angelina RD1926
56022Yoruba Cattery Aaron SX1925
56118Amelie Taymur SB1924
5626Russlers Lancelot of Fultonblue SR1918
563T24Zendique Zsa Zsa Gabor ES1916
563T37Wallycats Angels Kiss PS1916
56564Farandoll Vivian RD1913
56615Zorg Z Krainyasgardu NF1907
5679Diam-And Gabriel SFL1906
56816Kuanjin Gypsy OS1904
569T63Woodpile Can We Keep Her MC1897
569T6Kimcatz Amazing Grace BL1897
571T10Divo-Divnoe Angelique Noire SFL1889
571T64Tremethick Athena Rose of Bigmeow MC1889
57365Usapurrs Liberty Stands For Freedom RD1888
5749Mikasu Kennadee BI1886
57516Herbalmeow Fjord NF1884
57644Silverstorm Purrfection BG1881
5772Primecurl Nate Archibald ACL1879
57822I-Furtif Silver d'Alyse Pagerie AB1876
57910Jingle Bell Karamit Nova BI1874
58065Royalmainlys Value of Migatobonito MC1872
58166Idesia Blakmoon de La Rosa Alba MC1871
5826Vanderpawz Ah Choo JBL1868
58367Chatile Shido MC1866
584T11Tinaz Chantilly Lace HI1865
584T45Therealms Phenomenal of Bluewater BG1865
586T46TJulamor Wedding Bells BG1864
586T46TWildgold Lei Aloha BG1864
58825Toxicate Eartha Kitt ES1859
589T7Mainefolds Blue Velvet BL1854
589T48Spotsnglitz Creme de La Creme BG1854
59123Skeenville Kalila of Randazzleme SX1852
59224Yoruba Cattery Bianka SX1850
59323Cedarwood Sass And Class AB1849
59418Dealles Athena AS1846
59517Littlemew Lapis Lazuri NF1841
596T49Aloracats Gabriella BG1838
596T66Farandoll Matryoshka RD1838
59818Swanskovkats Siriann NF1836
59911Owhl Tiny Bubbles SFL1833
60025Shalnavazz Jelly Bean SX1832