2013-2014 Championship Cat Standings: 1201-1399

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon May 5 00:31:28 2014.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1201-1399
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
120127Es*siestadream Niobe SB894
1202124Kamisha Light Up The Sky BG893
120359Thistlevine Lucy BS891
1204T38Classicori's Haunting Heaven OS890
1204T117Mitzi Dendera of Sulraggies RD890
1206140Top Coon Fabian MC889
120760Grace Brylantowa Elita of Regalis BS888
1208T118Blossom Angelica Kiss Love Song RD887
1208T12Baccara von Nafys Zarafa OL887
1208T28Mittelmeijer Lisaveta SB887
121119Chez Tillous Quitterie BI885
12129Flodocats Ellada Dea BL884
1213T22Pharoahsgems Mystique of Pfieffurn SI883
1213T40Mirinae Memory Star NF883
1213T9Elegant Exotics Hobbs SV883
121636Jaded Genetics Havana de Luxe SX881
1217T2Hillwizard Valentine KT880
1217T30Murrznpurrz Midori AS880
1219T48Fenix Believix AB879
1219T43Barlandrus Blue Poem ES879
1221T9Havacat's Havanity HB878
1221T20Singville Odysseus SG878
122344Templeparlor Tiphereth Ra ES877
1224T125Mesakatz Havoc of Kindredkatz BG875
1224T21Starstrutter Desireee of Katsnjazz BU875
122622Rusdekiev Baltika RB873
122749Carolcollection Mei AB872
1228119Ragalong Sheldon RD871
1229T141Mainelynx Wila MC869
1229T126Zazen Apollo of Tadashicats BG869
1229T83Katzeye Phoenix Rising/CF PS869
123234Fluffy Charm Armani of Sirenias HI868
1233142Tojopolaris Charlie Haden MC867
1234T23Swaldiphary Mariko RB866
1234T143Hunter Des Musty Coon's MC866
123612Dalbodre Gyul SF865
123750Tijah Raising The Bar AB864
1238120Reddoor Cherie Pearl of Cielring RD863
1239T84Elitegems China Doll PS862
1239T121Razldazldolls PRPLMGNM of MagnadollzRD862
1239T8Qttonks Butterfinger of Sazikatz TO862
124245Shelauria Cocaine ES861
1243127Moulinrouge Hebe BG858
1244T128Dadaelis Black Dahlia of Traipse BG856
1244T35Karissimakat Cassandra of JCV HI856
1246T129Ohmy Gillette of Mukulaal BG854
1246T19Kleomaus Leonardo CR854
1246T85Mo-Yem Grestly Fae Dull PS854
1249122Galaxyrags Uncloudy Day RD853
125046Befalsetto Emblem of Peace ES852
125113Cairdeas Black Bart SF851
1252T51Dushara Jahmet Joto AB850
1252T41Santamary Once In A Blue Moon NF850
125410Amazolou Mr Brightside SRL849
1255T123Darlinlildolls President of UsapurrsRD846
1255T86Missionhill Timeless Enchantment PS846
1255T39Ranchcats Deets OS846
12582Smeraldas BC Juluka LP845
12593Me Ane Byong Kwon MKL844
126020Spiritcat Her Royal Majesty Fatima CR843
126147Virrivinda's Piruett ES842
1262130Jungleicious Karl Lagerfeldt BG838
126318Jobara's Tudi of Golden Dew DR837
1264T124Monfort Happy RD836
1264T13Majorus Coinneach SO836
12662Birjanji Jr AW835
126710John Travolta of Kotoffski BL832
126812Egyptsila Honsy EM830
126948D'Eden Lover Valentin of Maele ES828
1270T52Pampa Zafrina AB827
1270T37TTaberetb Ophelia SX827
1270T37TIsis of Newtajmahal SX827
1273T125Caliragsmardi Gras RD826
1273T61Holly Cat de La Goutte d'O Douce BS826
1275T14Dutchfold Izaura SF825
1275T144TLeana The Unique One MC825
1275T144TCandycoon's Big Lebowski MC825
1275T53Dushara Rumour Running Riot AB825
1275T87Snugglebug Gunner PS825
1280126Rags2dazzle Paskudnyak RD823
1281146Chatile Shido MC821
1282T62TBreeston of PW BS820
1282T62TLussie Silvery Snow BS820
1284T147TPopokilani Satsuma MC819
1284T147TPoes Passions Bullit MC819
1284T54Ikebana Du Vianey AB819
1287T131TAbrim Spirit Walker of Cmwreiou BG816
1287T131TBrownsugar Ermione BG816
1289T127Furreal Jaffe Chaim RD815
1289T10Balimoor Isabelle BA815
1291T88Ferrkat Ganter of Sanpietro PS814
1291T55Jasmine Lily Child of Sun*ru AB814
1293T21Ideal Dream Habanita CR813
1293T18Miomio Simon of Divinity* SFL813
1295133Alfacat Edward of Silward Victory BG812
12968Curl Essence Sir Kingsley ACL810
1297T10Yukiusagi Hotaru JB809
1297T64British Wynton Diamond of BritishempBS809
12998Cloudcity Kestrel TH808
130042Me-Ane-Lueey NF807
130114Zarina SO806
1302128Riterags Sweet Melody RD805
1303T16Precioushearts Excalibur SR804
1303T89Dclass Celine Dion PS804
1303T24Blue Mystery's Yanush/WC RB804
1303T49Newexoticat's Harmonie ES804
1307149Silverscoon Grace MC803
1308150Chippewaarowmist of Arbor Vitae/FI MC802
130943Azureblue Solbaer NF801
1310134Traipse Clouded Cocoa Dexter BG800
131150Tom Nero Spot Eleese of Comilfo ES799
131215Sunfox Happy Fool SO798
13138Legendtales Ducatis Triumph PB797
131440Cattrekker Stargem OS796
131511Lebombay Lucy BO793
131611Ilveslinnan Amir Akanyildiz TV792
131744Dorrymama Arthur NF790
1318T90Mo-Yem Geatly Fae Dull PS788
1318T12Wildangel Fandor-In BO788
1318T9Ferdinand Psotny Chochlik ACL788
1318T51Unibicotri Hanya ES788
1318T15Owhl Tiny Bubbles SF788
132391Ephraim's Zenzero Dolce PS787
1324151Bigrivercoon Christi of Macconner MC786
132510Havacat Havenessa HB784
1326T152Betunes Tamara of Deabaete MC782
1326T135Gensaurea Gilly Jr of Almafelina BG782
132823Topeng Mini Me of Kattalyst SI781
1329129Vavidoll Final Fantasy RD780
133029Amurin Hulda SB779
1331T65Snow Queen's Winston Churchill/ID BS778
1331T45Fantarja Queen Rita NF778
133336Brigantina Silver Fox of Micifuz HI776
1334130Forbes Dorwil*PL RD774
1335T10Fiorire Fliezia CX773
1335T131Dollheaven Social Butterfly RD773
1335T136TSolanaranch Swooned By The Swallows BG773
1335T136TTraipse Epitimees Trinity BG773
133931Ironforge Ice Breaker AS772
1340T24Alchemy Mr Brightside SI771
1340T25Rusdekiev Emmerald RB771
1342138Exotiquebengals Bebe of Birchbark BG770
1343T139Corona Austrina of Starkittie BG768
1343T92Kaiwiai of Elviskitkat PS768
1345T93Dclass Tom Sawyer PS767
1345T153Windtara Island Girl MC767
1347T25Koosie van Tutte's Something To SharSI766
1347T132TEchoglen Miss Holly Would RD766
1347T132TCajunragdolls Apache Warrior RD766
135010Chudo Iturupa Stierlitz KBL765
1351T154Williamina Lionheart of Lionwoods MC762
1351T39Destynys Xavier of Scantilyclad SX762
1353134Ragdoll's Song Kolin RD761
1354140Alfacat Heart Breaker BG760
135530Blue Topaz Relax SB759
1356T141Serenitybengals Crixus of Bluewater BG758
1356T8Chisholmtrail Fire Power OC758
1356T46Tingoskattens It Happend/FI NF758
1359T16Catsofoz Mackenzie of Mainefolds SF757
1359T41Casadecano's Dresden of Inksspots OS757
1361T66Kotoffski Yaroslav Mudry of MukascatBS756
1361T19Inka of Applause/WC DR756
1361T21Fagervoll James Bond of Katzalano SG756
1364T40Nudelook Verus Derus SX753
1364T52MLP Triton of Sherezada ES753
136667Eliot Zolotoy Zamok BS752
1367T42Tikal Kim OS751
1367T32Vibration's Silver Angel von SchlossAS751
1367T47Vibeke Icemoon*PL NF751
1367T68Earigami Sterling Star of Katareece BS751
1371T135TKasseldolls Ember of Liziciousdolls RD749
1371T155Marikoons Riff Raff MC749
1371T135TDolly-Chiny Faithful Noah RD749
137456Orange Marmelad La Niomana Houligan AB748
1375T22Rexplus Shady Business CR746
1375T17Angel Ins's Tadeusz SF746
1375T53Be Falsetto Captain Marco ES746
1378T4The Gift of God Izjum MKL745
1378T18Freya Grand Fenix SF745
1378T37Shishido Lethe HI745
1381T137Rags2dazzle Jeffie of Renasragdolls RD744
1381T3Hillwizard Lady Blue KT744
1381T142Seregon Rodriguez Sandiargo BG744
1384138Cajunragdolls Comanche Warrior RD743
1385143Mystre Spicy Hot of Boutiquecats BG741
1386T13Hatmetyt Du Fort de La Bosse Mar/LO EM740
1386T20Golden Dew Monel DR740
1388T139Rags2dazzle Jasmins Last Bebe Sage RD739
1388T13Edens-Pearles Steely Dan of RokstarrBO739
139022Candy May Idolatress SG738
13913Magicbobs Sugar Bear ABT733
139243Natuche OS731
1393T140Galatea of Fishbone RD730
1393T94Amberdreams Ocean of Love of MonarchPS730
1395T156Le Beau Minu Sinbad of Coons'Kin MC729
1395T11Ginchika California Dreamin JB729
1397T10Curlpassion Isys ACL728
1397T144Akerrs Justified BG728
1399T54D'Eden Lover Inuit of Betunes ES727
1399T145Hotfuzz Paper Moon BG727