2013-2014 Championship Cat Standings: 1802-2001

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

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RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1802-2001
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
1802T43Star AS452
1802T15A1savannahs Backnblk SV452
180418Nyan-Nyan Gona Be A of Renge SO451
1805T32Nianguaview Apollo of Ranchcats SI450
1805T213Whatatrill Tatsuya Od Deosiris MC450
180775Descavalier Dream Song AB449
1808T97Cheshirelady Polina BS448
1808T214Floscoons Bear MC448
1808T12Donna Graciella Akkari Ainu KBL448
1811T119Mystimitts Mister Jinxcyfer PS447
1811T56Amenophis Ile de Re SX447
1811T23Candy May Vorkl SF447
1814120Starolympus Amelia of Dbasteth PS446
1815T9Lasjoyasthai Iago TH445
1815T19Skeemen Good News SO445
1817T162Dollheaven Wall E RD444
1817T98Empireofcats Arnold BS444
1819T19Kitti Kat Terra Rhodochrosite SR442
1819T163Rags2dazzle Kush of Razldazldolls RD442
1821T61A Proendlag's Vivian NF441
1821T76Merindalee King of Tides AB441
1823T164Malattdolls J'Dore of Blumenkatzen RD440
1823T11Dramatails American Pie SRL440
1825T99TAlder Garden's Gaffy BS439
1825T13Fon-Tomas Kurilian Country/ID KBL439
1825T99TMikado Emilio Chelsea BS439
1828T215Hataricoon Black Jack of Destellos MC437
1828T77Petrovna Gagarin AB437
1830T48v* Grand Sineglaziy Angel SB436
1830T101Dariy Veronica Vincento BS436
1832T102Plusharistocrat Andromeda Galaxy BS435
1832T49Landysh Sibaris*ru SB435
1832T33Klazeekats Faerydae of Rugosarose SI435
1835T44Dealles Botija Linda AS434
1835T55Shagio-Chen Joey OS434
1837T165Sunnybrook Hayley Noel RD433
1837T20Dramatails Blue Jasmine of Modany SR433
1839166Farandoll Angel French of Ragdonuts RD432
184078Dakarai Mark of Artycat AB431
1841T67D'Eden Lover Heva of Pantufa's ES430
1841T121Panda Pers Jonathan of Planet Love PS430
1841T28Angel Eyes Jaded Lady Jinxie Joy BI430
1844167Willowtreerags Gabriella of Stafra RD429
1845T168Ragalong Mordecai RD427
1845T21Blackcats Daisy of Doudou SR427
1845T216Coonificent Gunnar MC427
1848T62Norse God Queen Roddy NF425
1848T33Rexplus Unfinished Business CR425
1848T217Langstteich's A'Grandprix/ID MC425
1848T50Elizar Formula Uspekha SB425
185220Zitt Cat's Rabi's Filiz SO424
1853T122Echo de Narcisse Hasta Siempre Comm PS423
1853T79Briarvalley Akela AB423
1853T103S Bokbackens Fideli of Singlike BS423
185611Hiwy 2hevn of Noahsarche BA422
185735A Flashpaw's Queen On Earth RB421
185811Fiorire Montblanc CX420
1859T12Fiorire Iori CX419
1859T169Pawsnwhiskers Anne Gora RD419
1859T12Balihoo Iyania BA419
1862T45Candy May Espoir AS418
1862T63Santamary Once In A Lifetime NF418
1862T57Bemisu Algonquin Peu Ballot SX418
1865T68Vonn-Bliss Heat Lightening/CF ES416
1865T29Bumblebe Joie de Vivre BI416
1865T58Gobsgobblins Here Comes Trouble SX416
1868218Merrimac Jaynie MC414
1869T219A Winerau's Quentino MC413
1869T170Gaffiti de Kind of Magic RD413
1869T197Jungletrax Sweet Spice N Spots BG413
1872220Skysupernova Thunder Storm MC412
1873T221Hakuna Matata de Saint Paul MC411
1873T171Angellcats Princess Charity RD411
1873T11Os Sherman PB411
1876T222MTNest Whatever Lola Wants MC410
1876T80Eastwick Mischief Brewing of SoleadoAB410
1876T104Feniks Misiowe Marzenie BS410
1879T172Calirags Bittersweet Symphony RD409
1879T12Vancity Ayran of Mandelas TV409
188159Sphynxantiquus The Highlander SX408
1882T7Caaleigh Snowberry CY407
1882T123Fluffygrape's Chocolate Dip PS407
1882T34Flower Hilari SI407
1882T69Karabel Hello Dolly of Sunspirit ES407
1882T60Dearrow Amelila Purrheart SX407
1887T28TFacehuggers Miracle Max DR406
1887T173Carolcollection Atom RD406
1887T124D'Eden Lover Adrenalin PS406
1887T28TColumbia Rexclusive DR406
1891T198TSimplyblessed Silver Streak BG405
1891T198TWFB The Great White BG405
1891T105Modany Gentleman BS405
189470Laureden Hi Handsome of Purrznpauz ES404
1895T71Caramia Cool Dude of Pawkavenue ES403
1895T125Lark Hill Snow Angel PS403
1895T223Coonificent Lucy Liu MC403
1895T5Arohanui BC Tuolumne LP403
1899T106Sharman v. Armani BS402
1899T2Aramis Pom Sar KB402
1899T36Bluewind Dreame RB402
1902T200Kamisha Voodoo Spirit BG401
1902T19Cairdeas Party Cat SFL401
190451Rozhenitsa Alexander Kusmichoff SB400
190513Ginchika Kagami of Yukiusagi JB399
1906T30Curlydolls Peakavroom DR398
1906T81Cedarwood Vnity Fair AB398
1906T201TLeopardspride Sessrumnir of Rowan BG398
1906T201TSnopride Jupiter of Starkittie BG398
1906T72Secret Himmy Love Ishayu ES398
1911T64Malfalathiel's Quirin NF397
1911T24Stephy's Cats Garbo SF397
1913T28Inferno The Cats Love BU396
1913T21Cedarwood Prince Dekkar SO396
1913T174Angelpride Ripley Believe It Or Not RD396
191634Ronroneos Paco CR395
1917126Katzeye Set Fire To The Rain/CF PS393
1918T13Salomonkingdom Renzo BL392
1918T1Catalons Bam Bam ABS392
1918T224Hermione de Cimiez MC392
1921T16Russicats Saveliy SV391
1921T30Ifrane Des Moulins de Busset BI391
1921T203TGus of Hand Sonnenberg BG391
1921T225Gloriasterra Nottingham MC391
1921T203TSolanaranch Hopes And Dreams BG391
1926T31Colorini Glitter Xmas DR390
1926T31Himalaya de Chatterley BI390
1926T65Quadzilla's Taiji NF390
1929T226TWinerau's Quendy MC389
1929T37Arisu Paradise Bird of Gamachare RB389
1929T61Bdellium Black Magick Mr Jetson SX389
1929T175Reddoor Aglaia of Burst RD389
1929T20Minamifuji Ashitaba SFL389
1929T226TKapusta Afonya Coon*ru MC389
1935T22Nitewind Banjo Moon of Moonlake SR388
1935T205Lileopard Thyme After Thyme BG388
1937T176TRouletii Sweet Garden RD386
1937T206Jungletrax Electric Slide BG386
1937T176TMar Malattodolls RD386
1940T25Felinexpress Amaya of Singalegance SG385
1940T7Strawberry Baby Shimajiro MK385
1940T22Candy May Armenia SO385
1943T32Bumblebe Kadbury Bunny BI384
1943T178Ragtimeblues Tigerlily RD384
1943T29Graymark Metallica of Vindouro BU384
1943T207Koppiekatz Cesar of Goldenlegend BG384
1947T16Laganjalina Diva ACL383
1947T228Mainefield's Al Capone MC383
1947T179Palacedolls Morpheus RD383
1950T45Hamapola Du Jardin de Myosotis HI382
1950T180Bordeaux LTD's Alan of Jalnandolls RD382
1950T208Russicats Infinity From AstrunbengalBG382
1953T107Britilicious Betty Boop BS380
1953T229Helle Sesuvos MC380
1953T17Wyldthingz Bewitched SV380
1956T33Mikasu Kennadee BI379
1956T181TRoxana Charming Eyes RD379
1956T181TRouletii Just Checking RD379
1956T230Sassietat Mattie MC379
1956T108Navy Fan Fair Lady BS379
1961209Kotykatz Leo Minor BG378
1962109Boss v.kay BS377
1963231Shedoros Balthasar of Muusa MC376
1964T2Smeraldas BC Lia Levana Speedy LPS375
1964T127Darlingmitsu Honobono PS375
1966T16Say Yes Tolove Ideal Cat LT PD374
1966T232Louisa Admiral MC374
1966T110Catusparkunio Maria BS374
1966T14Kimcatz Storm Chaser BL374
197017Tiffany Only My PD373
1971T4Faerietail Soraya MX372
1971T23Sable Klan Gabin Jean Legendary SO372
1971T210TTamerlan Fleuramour of Oldrace BG372
1971T210TAbrim Frankly BG372
1975T233Dharma Baccaracoon, CZ MC371
1975T212Hatsukoi's Tiger Tim BG371
1975T38Magnifique Cat Camouflage *PL RB371
1975T46Greystoke Sugar Bear AS371
197982Helga Silver d'Alyse Pagerie AB370
1980T213Batifoleurs Matu BG369
1980T11Midnitemoon Running With Lyons OC369
1980T13Columbleu Hailee CX369
1980T14Markel KBL369
1984T73TMotas Tita ES368
1984T2Magicbobs Swiss Miss of Deercreek ABS368
1984T56Silver Ash Kimiko OS368
1984T15Atim of Favorit Tails KBL368
1984T73TViana Yussef ES368
1989T18Purrsia Ivan The Great of Topshots PD367
1989T62Thcsphynx Mind The Gap SX367
1989T18Topshots Mia Ow of Miragecats SV367
1989T214Mariebengal Taegeuk BG367
1993T30Graymark Autumn BU366
1993T83Odakota Fearghus of Majorus AB366
1995T18Hajja Molly By Golly EM365
1995T23Nite Wind Sportster SR365
1997T111Anahata Zorro BS364
1997T84Pentaclecats Primrose of Gumbeaux AB364
1999234Coonwood*ru E'Christian MC363
2000215Sonnenblume Diamond Geezer BG362
200185Ipope Du Vianey AB361