Kitten Standings : 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu May 23 21:19:49 2013.

RankKitten Standings : 1-200
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
11Randazzleme Promise Me This SX7742
21Sarajen Ezra Brooks MC7494
31Berryhille Sookie Stackmouse ES7447
41Batifoleurs Jamila BG7360
51Azwegie Whooz Yur Daddy NF7344
61Whozz Sneak Peek of A'tien PS7271
71Mysticmelody Lombardi of Rockinashi SB7257
81Ironforge Arabesque AS7221
91Pointocurl Vivienne AL7045
101Catzanova Harry Cipriani SO7017
111HMS Oliver Twist of Dreako BS7005
122HMS Tartan BS7004
132Toxicate Tahini PS6943
142Skeenville Skindependence Day SX6924
151McInkats Shoofly Sophie OS6868
162Chemicoon Firelight of Concordance MC6832
171Flutterby Fortunate Son SI6819
181Amisti Alice Springs BI6812
193Bigrivercoon Puma of Smokeycoons MC6787
201Chisholmtrail Zeus of Dreamfinder OC6783
211Oberlin Cuba HB6782
221Purr-Star's Solar Power HI6781
232Sensay Annie Getyourgun OS6753
243Blueridgecats Trade Winds BS6752
253Radiance Rollin In The Deep OS6751
264Amayalynx Wolfgang MC6749
272Beauchador Starbuck AS6742
281Rumfold Nadya Says Wow!!! Honey Owl SF6730
292Kissyfurs Jitterbug of Partypaws BI6729
303Beauchador Strawberry Swirls AS6724
311Descavalier Jewel AB6704
322Authenticats Copper Onyx Aurora BG6680
33T1Furreal Immanuel of Snugglerags RD6661
33T4Bershar Houston OS6661
352Epona Skylar NF6625
363Cullykhan Pussy Galore PS6587
372New Exoticat's H'Alizee ES6572
381Istinnaya Lady Magic Star CR6559
393Starbourne's Big Bang Theory ES6550
402Zinfelmax Petit Sirah AB6549
412Judge's Choice Simply Angelic CR6542
425Mainelyclassic Night Mist MC6523
433Herbalmeow The Hero King Gilgamesh NF6498
444Caprimoon Extravaganza of Maranello PS6468
454Fantarja Princess Ophelia NF6442
461Swaldiphary Kamiko RB6425
472Hezekiel de Viazie SI6417
485Zukadream Peace of Tussiemussie PS6389
494Inverness Lancelot AS6367
503Annbirwaves Johnny Come Lately BI6337
511Kitti Kat Kyanite SL6323
524Sunsilk Jack Sparrow BI6307
536Williamina Red Ryder MC6258
542Marclay's Fergalicious of Pkay's/CF HI6245
556Softrax SH Boom of Ahura PS6225
563Bengaland Midas Touch BG6220
577Sarajen McCarthys MC6201
581Kurisumasu Koji of Careycats JL6198
597Wallycats Lonestar PS6197
60T1Chamourais Hayate SG6196
60T8MTNest Sweet Baby James of Medoz MC6196
621Marsparadise Aoihime DR6173
632Furreal Here I Am of Ragmagic RD6162
642Lisio Shouen of Starchild RB6132
654Speakeasy Rolling In The Deep BG6123
665Intowishin Rio Samba NF6121
679Megacoon Bonjovi MC6097
685Ironforge Ice Breaker AS6096
692Heol Des Rive de L'Eaulne AL6092
703Rubinrose Fiona AB6089
7110Fairy Paw Outstander of Kirdcoon MC6079
722Mystic Melody Moves Like Jagger SB6072
736Azwegie Peter Rabbit NF6048
744Descavalier Haneen AB6016
755Radiance Sara Smores of Tinaz OS6000
764Instapurrs Mzbehavin ES5997
773Adorabledolls Colton Levi RD5987
781Beauchador Wired Wave of Hostahaven AW5978
7911Assur Moroz MC5973
806Everrett Elsa AS5928
815Abyfelis Haby Rouge AB5918
821Ladakedi Falcon TA5917
834Laladoll Toast Lemifa RD5903
8412Pajocoons Theobromine of Chemicoons MC5901
851Minusdetails Playin With Fire MX5892
8613Sarajen Tequila Sunrise of Calicoon MC5888
871Treepaw Imagine of Tonkville TO5884
881Bell Mio Mio SS5874
895Bellapalazzo Oliver Twist RD5873
903Beaconwood Cutting Loose CR5850
918D'Eden Lover Hanae Star/CF PS5848
9214Williamina Kagura of Ohedo MC5840
933Mystic Melody Bazinga SB5836
945Minamifuji Clara BG5833
956Hatmehyt Din Extremis OS5816
961Arietta Hilmi Hamal EM5802
971Kayserai Kiro TV5796
984Mittelmeijer Taptalana Verooka SB5793
997Dears Kaiser of Nekomori AS5790
1004Joker de Richibell CR5783
1011Autumnsun Moonshine BA5772
1026Batifoleurs Tanzania BG5762
1034Mountteine Komurasaki of Catreine BS5760
104732flavors Eleanor Roosevelt OS5746
1055Hoscar Du Domaine Du Magnolia BS5742
1061Vindouro Abby Sciuto of Katsnklamms BO5733
1075Dreamquete Gravity Storm ES5726
1087Rainforest Lasya Ling BG5723
1098Ironforge Classic Image AS5721
1108Amazongold Harita BG5717
1116Muse Lady Sophie of Royalbrits BS5706
11215Coon Casa Wishbone of Macconner MC5696
1131Sacredspirit Victoria Secret BU5694
114T9Russellers Captain Fantastic AS5681
114T6Darlin'Lil'Dolls Golden Penny RD5681
1165Horus Du Royaume Des Muses BI5680
1177Miss Blini of Phoenix BS5673
1186Stinger Instant Karma of Bravura AB5666
11916Migatobonito Pixie Lott MC5645
1201Wyndchymes Canterbury Tails JB5644
1213Tassam Indee SI5639
1221Carchet Heugo CX5626
1232Kazzakatz Jolly Time SG5624
1241Mirror Alvin of Alcyone SR5618
1251Balihoo Aisha OL5606
1262Alchemy Candy O OL5603
1272Ajatarah Bang Tango EM5595
1282Burmara Lorenzo BU5589
1297Snugglerags Cool Hand Luke RD5582
1302Ginchika Pachinko JB5571
131832flavors Populus Nigra of Synergy OS5542
132T2Bayoufoxes Yazoo SO5535
132T5Creole Ida Red CR5535
1342Zarafet Dreamquest Reilley TA5534
1352Curlyheart Cashforkisses SL5495
1367Dakarai's The Katzenjammer Kid AB5483
1378Holybabe Beluga of Farandoll RD5478
1383Balimoor Lilley White of Noracoon OL5452
1399Riterags Sweet Melody RD5435
1403Ginchika Lambeau Leap of Rouletii JB5420
1416Leostar Tango Noir ES5418
1422Lesplushes Heureux Hasard CX5417
1433Destynys Hope Springs Eternal SX5414
1442Peachtails Doodlebug Dante TV5412
1458Smitten Kitten Heaven Cloud Nine BS5404
1462Vindouro Crazy Train BO5402
1477Intowishin Espresso NF5400
1482Pikespeak Fiero OC5387
1499Sensay Soulseeker OS5386
1504Gobsgobblins Supa Jelly of Nada SX5379
1514Wyndchymes Hinomaru JB5372
1529Almafelina Firulais BG5366
1535Almaz Precious Moment SB5358
1543Psepia Piano SG5348
1558Dakarai Asurbanipal of Elamante AB5335
1562Rainingrexes Blossom Plenty DR5315
15717MTNest Rodenbach of Valcoons MC5314
15810Russellers Catcartel Tinydancer AS5287
15910Sinergia Spinnenmann of Stegra OS5262
16011McInkats Ramblin Rocksie OS5258
1615Nada Haute Mess SX5224
1623Amisti Olaganustu Diane TV5221
1639Ohmy Flying Squirrel of Castlegard AB5218
1641Kirembo Zarina Isoke SV5203
16510Calirags Sitting Bull RD5198
1663Chisholmtrail Ice Spinner OC5197
1674Tamangembira Snowwhite of Singville SG5196
1683Sunspirit Champagne Wishes HI5189
16918Williamina El Halcon of Suzucoon MC5183
1703Burmau Aphrodite of Beautyburm BU5170
17110Bengaland Mohegan Sun BG5153
17211Starglitter Zelda of Zorlacbengals BG5149
1735Catsindoor Nuggets SG5145
1741Holodetc Free Hunter KL5140
1759Himiehaven Stella McCatney PS5130
17611Willowtreerags Hanselina RD5107
17712Bengalflats Fanning The Flames BG5090
17813Rowan Ride O' The Valkyries BG5084
1791Potomac Artful Dodger PB5067
1804Katsnjazz Elvis Catstello BU5055
18110Hitomihoenix Ururu PS5006
18211Mexicats Sophie PS4997
1836Musrafy Kuskin Sin SB4976
1842Rumfold Black Bull SS4965
1858Gbcharismakat Polar Star NF4939
1869Miagola Largo NF4925
1879Mountteine Rikimaru BS4920
18812Furrdreams Pop Quiz PS4907
1892Balihoo Blue Ivy BA4904
1902Luvpurrs Magic Carpet Ride TO4888
191T5Yukiusagi Kaname JB4851
191T7Sunspirit The Lion King ES4851
1934Dal-Bo's Galinda of Gilvtales HI4845
19410Dakarai Troya of Katanga AB4843
19513Deabaete Valentino PS4836
19614Pur-Snickity Vin Diesel PS4829
19710Modany Gentleman BS4776
1983Talisker Ryder RB4771
19919Bigrivercoon Xena MC4765
2001Wildfx Seekin Glory TG4764