Championship Cat Standings : 3023-3088

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu May 23 21:19:49 2013.

RankChampionship Cat Standings : 3023-3088
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
3023T50Vert Sugar RB91
3023T284Tajeschidolls Ziva of Beludru RD91
3023T196Beautytracks Daisey BS91
3023T24Bedazzlecats Zsa Zsa SL91
3027T190TFara of Honet Car*by PS90
3027T190TEvanescence Blanche de C'Lan PS90
3029T197Kimcatz Lady Sasha BS89
3029T16Rockinashi Ere Comes The Son JB89
3031T39Kathevin King Arthur of Blueyonder BU88
3031T118Virginis Del Sol Sonrisa*PL SX88
3031T84Aga Sultan Chan OS88
3031T198TCheshirelady Rada Gypsy BS88
3031T198TCheshirelady Dushka Charlotte BS88
3036T55Aiko Ketta BI87
3036T24TPurebliss Jasmine of Sonnenblume SV87
3036T24TA1 Savannahs Adora SV87
3036T90TBrian Sirkad NF87
3036T200Cheshirelady Miss Hudson BS87
3036T90TRien Gloria NF87
3036T406Wildstyle Cooler Than You BG87
3043407Artattack Kirara's Sara BG86
3044T408Rasui Azizi BG85
3044T201Catwalk's Very Much Expected BS85
3044T313TMainelynx Borneo MC85
3044T119Shalnavazz Cinnamon SX85
3044T313TSmoochncoons Gypsy of Marikoons MC85
3049T120Amenophis Avesta Brazen of Bemisu SX83
3049T409Heliade Degeries Land BG83
3049T315Arlecoon Be Best MC83
305237Northerntail Shining Star SO82
3053T7Dala Speed Hanky Panky KT81
3053T20Sunbriar Windsong of Antioch TA81
3055T92Reinebecks Azziza NF80
3055T21Bosbengels Ziva ML80
3055T192Youth Dew Soulman Ben PS80
3055T202Fontain House Kintoki BS80
3055T410Lil Foots La Te Da of Bengalmanor BG80
3060T46Mywaves Cyclone DR79
3060T51Gilou de Taiga RB79
3060T121Dearrow Amelila Purrheart SX79
3063T105Mischel SB78
3063T411Drinkwater Baghera of Shaghera BG78
3065T285Romancenrags Love At First Purr RD77
3065T122Barebabies Black Tye Affair SX77
3067T412TCheysuli Chamoise Chic BG76
3067T203Anahata Queen BS76
3067T4Traadyliooar Lus Y Chadlee MX76
3067T412TS*leopardettes Never Ending Story BG76
3067T10Triple Tiara Bitter Gianduja LP76
3072T414TDazzledots Full Disclosure BG75
3072T414TBengalflats Captains Tapestry BG75
3072T25TNite Wind Cover Girl SL75
3072T123Gatewatsphynx Taboo SX75
3072T52Cairncats Raszka's Wonder RB75
3072T25TAristorex Funky Freestyle Waver SL75
3078T316TOnocoon American Eagle MC71
3078T416Realcat Rachel of Platinumcat BG71
3078T316TLongtostone Peach MC71
3078T316TNoopureo Marie MC71
3082T319TAnnashoney Cara MC60
3082T27Precioushearts Artemis SL60
3082T319TYunahobbycat Marble MC60
3082T124Kelmars Candy SX60
3082T122Caramia Mind Your Manners ES60
3082T319TAmangroup Konatsu of Yunahobbycat MC60
3088T322TGoldie de Laf MC0
3088T286TWillowtreerags Gena of Rouletii RD0
3088T417TEllie Mae of Albeng BG0
3088T322TLindhardt's Sweet Clementine MC0
3088T417TExotiquebengals Bebe of Birchbark BG0
3088T106TRossity Jackpot SB0
3088T26Artemida Andromeda TH0
3088T23Holly Starsnstripes of Magicalwoods PB0
3088T24Fon-Tomas From Kurilian Country KL0
3088T286TGloryberagdolls Angels At Calvary RD0
3088T322TBlackwood's Kleo Queen MC0
3088T286TRouletii Just Checking RD0
3088T417TCitybengal Glitter Silky de La Baie BG0
3088T23Gina de Portzmoguer CX0
3088T417TBindi Bengals Ayo BG0
3088T193TBrettachtal's Franklin PS0
3088T193TMissionhill Wind Dancer PS0
3088T106TBasilicblessing Sempurna Sugarspice SB0
3088T204TTeo Blue Bear Sun&snow of Aura Bry BS0
3088T322TFulongcoons Redmen MC0
3088T125Joser Richard SX0
3088T417TAzai Hanki Ktutz BG0
3088T322TPrinceton Cloud 7 Noah's Ark MC0
3088T417TSaphirs de Lune G8 BG0
3088T193TVoyelle de Sloremont PS0
3088T322TLeaena Silver Surfer MC0
3088T107TEmerald of Wonderlove AB0
3088T417TLookmaewdao Winning Mood BG0
3088T417TLeopardcats Im Definately Wurthy BG0
3088T322TNemesis of Teanau MC0
3088T50TInverness Leon of Rodonit AS0
3088T417TBengora Afrodita BG0
3088T322TTuscaloosa Im Neniel of Ynyswitrin MC0
3088T193TEarth-2 Red Fire PS0
3088T40Caramel of Infinity Charm BU0
3088T286TRaggtown Halley's Comet of MooncrestRD0
3088T417TCorona Austrina of Starkittie BG0
3088T417TShopard Lira BG0
3088T322TAngtinis Adam Flint MC0
3088T322TGalahad Actarus MC0
3088T15THelio's van't Wulvenrijk BL0
3088T322TGigantcat Sofi MC0
3088T28Camelia Cats Zaneile SS0
3088T50TGR8 Plains Just A Wigler AS0
3088T417TFoxcreekbengals Artemis BG0
3088T15TFalco of Great Fate BL0
3088T56TMahaboodhi's Peggy Sue BI0
3088T417TGlitterglam Maurice BG0
3088T322TDreamcoon Jumanji MC0
3088T417TCacchiones Alishya BG0
3088T286TFurreal Here I Am of Ragmagic RD0
3088T107TBriarvalley Akela AB0
3088T322TSnzcoon's Big Barbara MC0
3088T322TWoodpile Tiffany of Witchcraft MC0
3088T417TInfinite Purrblis BG0
3088T417TAzai Aratak Sensational Star BG0
3088T417TOwlsdene Scarlett Majorette BG0
3088T106TOblomov-Yurik Fialka/FI SB0
3088T322TAmarylliscoon Orlando MC0
3088T417TOsirisbengal Greystoke BG0
3088T10TZaika Mozaika of Wild Style*by KB0
3088T322TShercoon Impress Me MC0
3088T193TPersianjewel Bacchus PS0
3088T204TLa Balilla Narciso BS0 And Indigo Volga-Don-Coon MC0
3088T58Lionsealcats Sweet Kiss HI0
3088T322TLog Cabin Shags Jelly Bean MC0
3088T322TCoonung Nitingale of Wistariantale MC0
3088T417TBindi Bengals Zuri BG0
3088T417TJamalbengal Graffity Du Jardin Du B BG0
3088T417TAbsoluteangels Turbo Rocks BG0
3088T106TEos Iz Odissei SB0
3088T322TCoonity Waterlily MC0
3088T193TSmaragdtempel's Porsche Cayenne PS0
3088T322TParadiseisland's Lunarossa MC0
3088T322TShercoon Cassidy MC0
3088T322TWaterproofs Upcoming Gameboy MC0
3088T107TMoth Charlie of Chocolatecherry AB0
3088T322TD'Banzai MC0
3088T417TEwing de L'Ile Fantastique/ID BG0
3088T56THylda de Polaris Du Royaume Des/FI BI0
3088T106THeaven Deja Vu SB0
3088T322TGraziella de C'Hacqueville MC0
3088T417TBatifoleurs Ghali BG0
3088T417TAstarte Kotiya de La Baie Du Bengal BG0
3088T417TSilver Dream von Palandes Du Jardin BG0
3088T417TLeopardettenss Mos Eisley BG0
3088T10TKomandor Perry KB0
3088T193TStarcastle Doro PS0
3088T322TElf Foggyson MC0
3088T286TOlympodolls Queen of Skydolls RD0
3088T322TCarolcoon Captain Jack Sparrow MC0
3088T56TGraciously Yours Du Royaume Des Mus BI0
3088T417TSumarum Unique BG0
3088T417TMissery Platina BG0
3088T322TGangstercat H'Chicago MC0