Alter Standings : 401-597

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu May 23 21:19:49 2013.

RankAlter Standings : 401-597
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
4013Spidersweb Kenyacatchme SV1523
40228Fanydoll Vivianite RD1513
403T12Double H Heddy BS1508
403T4Lesplushes Fruit de Lamour CX1508
40552Woodpile Winchester Jesse Jake MC1505
4065Dressed In Blue Atila CX1502
4079Dachakoshka Maksim SB1497
40853Coongals Facundo MC1480
40926Ephebe Du Clos Des Huitives PS1479
410T9Jadecats Domino of Dreamquete JB1475
410T5Rainingrexes Luminara DR1475
41229Betunes Rhonda of Catsindoor RD1467
413T4Odesseycatz Violet TO1460
413T93janes Bama Tidal Wave AB1460
415T17Bareassets Astroboy SX1458
415T54Tremethick Gwaihir MC1458
4178Bangles Terraincognito of Kittikat SR1457
41810Fin Link Rosa Mau AB1454
41910Chittagong Coco Callista BI1452
42055Penogacats Jagger MC1451
42156Sunnywood Mojo of Johnsbay MC1435
42222Bluedryad Brion NF1434
42323Shiningmoon Hamachi of Laon Supia NF1418
42412Dar-Liz Encore ES1416
42510Munchranch Vanyel Ashkevron SB1412
42618Okonor Rama SI1406
42724Rainforest Wasabi BG1405
4286Chaparral Tinamou SG1396
42913Parti Wai Ex Dylan ES1395
43018Ru* Talialda Her Majesty Fleur Nue SX1393
4315Vert Az RB1380
43257Richcoon's Constantin MC1379
433T2Kindlycat's Jaclyn SS1368
433T14Deabaete Luciana ES1368
43511Trendsetters Tangled Up In Blue AB1363
43624Azureblue Queen NF1362
43713Chagall's Isbjorn BS1353
43814Excalibur Mirra Boo of Shanacee BS1352
4397Darling Purs Pointdexter of Pkay's HI1348
44012Kigali's Enyo AB1343
44158Lucienargas I Wish MC1340
4426Vert Roura RB1336
4433Sun Stroke Feel Love SF1335
44427Snowballrus Peter Pan PS1334
44528Too Tall Sterling PS1332
446T3Orangecat's Obama Red SS1328
446T19Lakshman Faeton SI1328
446T30Ktownblues Addy Tude of Arcattarags RD1328
449T3So Beautiful Azrael BL1324
449T25Batcave Tristan NF1324
4514Gattobello Firework SV1320
45259Sunnywood Sparkling Snow Bear MC1318
45311Bewitched Katania SB1303
4547Rudeskiev Koshka RB1296
45560Isadoryou Houdini MC1286
45661Esanes Marduk MC1285
4578Luckyripples Jasmin RB1276
4583Karol Verina Davis JL1275
4595Dclass Onix CR1274
4604Macrory Erebos SF1273
46119Kitnkrazy Daisy SX1272
46220Ranchcats Liz Taylor SI1271
46362Purewing Daxing MC1264
46415Excalibur Pickles Picasso BS1258
4656Lesplushes Frotti Frotta CX1255
46631Ladydoll Boadicea RD1247
4675Gorgeous of Golden Line BO1244
468T26Azureblue Randa NF1241
468T29Sharbet Monalisa of Lacumparsita PS1241
470T5Macrory Bon Bon SF1240
470T63Kalash Long Meadow*ru MC1240
472T9Rusdekiev Yamalia RB1234
472T11Harrods de Chatterley BI1234
4746Creole Sugar Bee CR1231
47530High Emotion's Eddy Murphy of Youth PS1230
476T32Finerpointrags Briseis Cleverbeauty RD1225
476T8Catclass Murilo HI1225
47820Mayamia K. Gavrosh SX1221
47933Rags2riches Rock A Roll of Soberano RD1219
48034Rouletii Stairs To The Stars RD1213
48127Forestkatz Aby N Disguise of Aradia NF1212
482T35Reddoor Venus of Fuzzjp RD1205
482T64Mishikoonz Magical Merlin MC1205
48436Fuzzjp Yoshitsune RD1196
485T37Betunes Bono RD1192
485T31Glauben Suria PS1192
48721Delhi de L'Audaline SX1190
48865Blackmoons Gem of Hypercoons MC1189
4891Vibrations Ashoka AW1184
49066Shonancats Johny MC1183
49115Zendique White Tie Affair ES1182
4927Lesplushes Flamme Regard CX1178
49310Bluewind Stich RB1177
49412Sarahssiberian Higor SB1170
49525Owlsdene Mr Darcy BG1169
49628Kachiko Lesny Chochlik*PL NF1165
4975Stonearch Chatri TH1162
49838Lionsroyale Napoleon of Nabidoll RD1161
49939Ragalong Ambruse RD1160
5006Rickats Jack Trickortreat BO1159
50126Batifoleurs Chico BG1158
5029Viser Dolly HI1156
50332Anoucka Allegria PS1147
5041Noijoy Silurik Tyndareus PD1144
50540Bluegrasrags La Luz of Ziadolls RD1140
5066Ipekkedinin Birinci Bebek TV1137
50767St. Carlino de Sol Horatio MC1131
50824Shigaon Benedikt OS1129
50912Florestan de Chatterley BI1127
510T68Coonificent One Wild And Crazy Guy MC1115
510T41Macablessing Princess Audrey RD1115
5122Snowcats Dream Catcher SN1113
5132Javanut Expresso Tre HB1112
514T16Dclass Michael Jackson ES1109
514T69Calicoon Release The Kraken MC1109
51625Odour Oriental Magic OS1108
51717Coventgarden Invasor of Oboecats ES1106
518T4Galilee Des Glens SS1104
518T10Katzenhaus Lyndon of Knebelkatze HI1104
5206Magical Sir Bedevere DR1100
52142Rouletii Alexander The Great RD1096
52270Jina Johnson MC1084
52343Fairymoon Tony Tony Chopper RD1083
52418Maradan Caotica ES1082
52571Ishcus Red Devil MC1081
52644Becharmed Little Boy Blue RD1079
52733Bet Star Lada Dance PS1078
52834True Habibi PS1076
5294Goldcharm Cherryamber of Kitti Kat SL1075
53045Regencyrags Aristocratic Ring RD1073
53110Kaw Amber Rose of Dore/CF AS1071
53219Maatkara Rihanna of d'Licats ES1060
53329Twikke's Doc NF1054
53446Sunnybrook Tiki Tiki RD1053
5351Brumeux Oscian NB1052
536T13Almaz Gordeus SB1050
536T9Oriana Phooey Louie SR1050
538T27Jcbengals Short Bus Flash Card BG1048
538T47I'LL Blow My Own Bubble RD1048
54010Lamancha K B SR1046
54130Rien Frey NF1038
54214Luke Nevskoe Tsarstvo SB1034
54331Redcanyon Cats Nyx NF1033
544T8Chanlokmeow Cactus Jack of KLM BA1025
544T22Skeenville Bare Naked Lady SX1025
54614Khinkat Ringo BU1024
54728Cerex Ramses Walhalla*PL BG1022
54820Vonrhein Aragon ES1016
549T21Murkse Granville Bennett ES1014
549T11Dazy Hills Epilogue AS1014
551T29Gemirror Tiffany BG1011
551T72Whatatrill Bart of Gattobello MC1011
55373Smokeycoons Mariachi MC1009
55474Fenris Grey Shadow MC1000
55526Myfortune Sara OS999
55675Amir As Sadat Almazcoon MC993
55776Hyrcane de La Pensee MC989
55812Fairy 4 U Brown Sugar AS985
55911Bangles Terra Nova of Susens SR984
560T8Lesplushes Favori Du Papa CX980
560T12Bright Star's Hercules SO980
562T15Toriland Lord Philip Evangel BU978
562T21Sultsinan Something Yammie SI978
56423Stormy SX975
56513Beauchadoux Merlin of Sir Poilu AS967
566T16Kimcatz Lord Montgomery BS964
566T27Glor-ee Onyx OS964
568T48Dolcemadre Anzu RD962
568T30Magiccastle Rahat Lukum BG962
57077Katzapurrin Tucker MC957
571T3Catherder Lowredo of Gatoamarosa MK954
571T49Happycathouse Gala Guzman RD954
57378Kankoonkats Sir Sheb Woolly T MC953
57479Velsbechmann Igor Karkaroff MC952
575T13Front Range Dudley Do Right SO950
575T35Catclass Maya PS950
575T13Shwechinthe Chanjoycheri BI950
578T50Eros Du Domaine Dantot RD946
578T11Rudeskiev Akim RB946
580T14Kaw Arron of Dore AS945
580T51Faelinis Indiana Jones RD945
582T36Catcharm Johnny Cash PS939
582T24The Kittens House DagtaŅan SX939
584T37Starlore Virgo PS933
584T13Insuubunkai Akari Smile AB933
58614Smeraldas Hungry Heart SO932
58780Pirateslair Tekins Boo Ya Moon MC929
58825The Kittens House Vrolok SX928
58952New Spring Joelin RD926
59081Night Racers Exclaim MC924
5912Primprau's Silver Tamruat KT919
59214Amberberry Caesar Gaius Iulius AB914
59328Hypnotique Tweezer of Hojpoj OS909
594T82Tekanewa's Cristobal MC906
594T38Kiara Geronimo PS906
59615El-Pumbaa Her Majesty AB904
597T32Santamary How Do I Say NF901
597T83TCrusader Belgarion MC901
597T7Hestia Devon Ostoja*PL DR901
597T83TShonancats Mars MC901