2017-2018 Kitten Standings: 401-600

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 22 May 2018.

RankKitten Standings: 401-600
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
4014315Doudou Tsumugi AABS2641
402402Raksha Viennese Waltz of Stegra NWOL2638
403308Glor-ee Maximilian MASI2634
404416Facehuggers Liberty NWDR2632
405492Qipretty Bvlgari INACL2619
4064216Nobel Prize Biscuit Cat/WC NWBS2615
407354QT-Tonks Traveling Man of Sazika/CF SCTO2611
4084324Wasillia Lil-Bit-of-Fairy-Dust/CF NWPS2610
4091059Hataricoon Winterfell SAMC2606
410T2617Nudawnz Maybe Baby of Grape Arbor SWAB2605
410T2860Dracoonfly Freight Train NEMC2605
4122613Nudelook Cacharel ENSX2599
4131361Mainelyours Rocky Road of Ttcats MPMC2586
4141162Coonwildco Hiromi SAMC2578
4151460Furreal Gods Mercy MPRD2570
4164411Chipmunk Dreamin Mo Snow NWOS2565
4175061Queeniedolls Edith INRD2556
4182663Migatobonito Dangerous Woman EWMC2551
4192718Crossfire Loki of Grapearbor SWAB2546
4205164Brownbear Ruofengbaby INMC2540
4212941Saphira Captain America NEBG2531
422364Starghatts Osirus of Txsbirmans SCBI2521
4232762Allweneedis Quality Time ENRD2520
4242765Coonflakesuk McFrenemy Mine EWMC2518
4251566Whatatrill Willow MPMC2515
4265214Sphynxkingdom Akira INSX2514
4272867Mainesuspect Rocky Racoon SWMC2513
4283015Na Petite Robe Noire Du Royaume/LO ESES2511
429313Livinglegend Blake Shelton MAPB2510
4303163Softnsweet Pippa ESRD2500
4313017Plaidplus Tortilla Chip NEBS2499
4323268MTNest J R MAMC2490
4333125Pearlypond Mrs Santas Sister NEPS2478
434371Coloradopixies Okies Thunder SCPBL2477
4351626Toy Tricksy Lilybelle of Chanteu/CF MPPS2473
4363242Angelicbengals Valent of Willowblue SEBG2472
4374569Coonamor Flash NWMC2470
4383364Riterags Mister Congeniality SERD2464
4393370Tremethick Narsil MAMC2441
440389Radiance Sage of Hojpoj SCSI2437
4415343Zzhouse Sunny INBG2422
4421211Beauchador Angelique of Gacrux SAAS2400
443T3415Baldfantasea We Believe I Can Fly SESX2399
443T463Heavenlyhairles Roza Rozie NWPD2399
445342Cheshirepoint Rose Quartz Lion MATH2397
4461319Aconcagua Ramses SAAB2395
4474471Versus Yamato of Yamazakura AAMC2392
4483272Heart Stealer White Knight ESMC2391
4493544Giannisbengal Queen Cream MABG2388
4502865Hovicastle Jimmi Jupiter ENRD2372
451T2945Arkham Firefly SWBG2360
451T3916Major Agathon of Mysticjewelssx SCSX2360
4534766Ragalong Mr Blue Danube NWRD2356
454T334Estilia Dream Maker ESBU2355
454T2620Rulissa Bonnie Blu of Briarvalley GLAB2355
456404Valnika's Ace Is High/CF SCRB2341
4572815Koh-I-Noor Taymur of Lizzara/WC EWSB2338
458484Katzalano Covered In Stardust NWSG2334
459414Kayserai McGee SCTV2318
460T4967Ragalong My Eeyore NWRD2317
460T2946Batifoleurs Alem ENBG2317
4625468Rocknraggies Dolly of Yzseven INRD2312
4631416Orozul Tabitha SAES2306
464305Securitazz Qrizpin ENBU2304
4653212Beauchador Roxy NEAS2296
4664518Mountteine Sapphire AABS2285
467421Branbarrel Steel Magnolia SCCY2283
4682916Yaroslav Mudriy Manchzhury EWSB2279
4693369Bellapalazzo Valoree NERD2266
4703147Frozen Beauty's Aurora/ID ENBG2264
471T5517A Zha Dada Paris of Unclenine INES2253
471T1527Betunes Alvinho of Deabaete SAPS2253
473T431Sazikatz Poppy Seed SCBM2245
473T3673MTNest Argent Reprise MAMC2245
475507Facehuggers Bobs Your Uncle NWDR2243
4761617Kristofer Talan SASB2230
4773019Astralcharm Diamond In The Sky EWBS2223
478325Lionsealcats Alisha ENHI2221
4795670Teeny Kitty INRD2187
480465Worldstar Blue Ruby AARB2164
481305Tonkville Jazlyn of Sontse SWTO2159
4821713Covercats Pitagoras SAAS2155
4831748Wildernesswell Tezcatlipoca MPBG2152
4844774Kanesei Meri AAMC2146
4853449Speakeasy Craving You NEBG2140
486276Karissimakat Colonel Parker GLHI2139
487T31T50Arkham Deadshot SWBG2138
487T31T6Lunarkatz Hyperspace SWTO2138
4893375Cascademtn Bohemian Rhapsody SWMC2134
490378Megarex Wake Up Call MADR2129
491344Specialagent Polymalus Shadow SWPB2125
4923428Marmis X Lollypop ESPS2123
493T4871Laladoll Mof Rion AARD2118
493T3820Silvercharm Signed Sealed Delivered MABS2118
4953372Siempreamar Fayette ENRD2116
4963129Persilus Misaki/GC EWPS2101
4971876Whatatrill Smitten MPMC2095
4982851Akerrs Vanna Rusa GLBG2086
4995710Gaultier v Trollberg INNF2078
5004911Dorrymama Kain of Worldstar AANF2077
5015152Mountainmist Chianti NWBG2070
5023453Berlingold Camille ENBG2064
5035873Moedolls Cappuccino INRD2059
5045974Teeny Chicken Dinner INRD2057
5052954Foxcreekbengals Keeping Faith GLBG2056
5064475Blue Dolls Jasmine SCRD2053
5071976Adorabledolls Alena of 5starrags MPRD2049
508T3218Sayadaws Glorious Raze of Rusik EWSB2046
508T1818Betunes Kaique SAES2046
510506World Star Forty-One/ID AASF2044
5113377Londondoll Rosemary EWRD2041
512396Pocketcharm Little Bo Cheep MASR2038
513352Goldentowncoon Chitos ESMCP2037
5143621Bombproof Netflix And Chill ESAB2024
515516Vert Pico Monaca AARB2019
5161917Yorubacattery Olivia Royale SASX2004
517353Rakiscats Tupile SEBA1996
5182078Darlinlildols Bentlee of 5starrags MPRD1995
5193530Anouchka Lucifer NEPS1984
520523Mishikoonz Parvati Pass NWMCP1975
521T303Nudawnz Ashiato of Ja-Koi/CF GLJBL1974
521T5277Fairypaw Still In Love AAMC1974
521T4519A'tien Hubba Bubba of Whozz SCES1974
5242078Patacoonia Wences SAMC1968
525352Egyptsyla A'reina Elizabeth/WC ENEM1961
5264010Synergy Felonius Monk of Kinzelkats MASI1952
5274620Whozz All That SCES1941
5286055KTLC Keke Tangguo Sugar INBG1937
5293711Beautifulstars Sargas ESSI1936
5303579Thelittlemiaow Snowy of Newmoondoll SWRD1927
5315322Herus Spellbound NWAB1925
5323631Riverbin Hoss Catwright SEPS1913
533T3179Whatatrill California Girl of LAPD GLMC1910
533T3421Zendique Jiminy Cricket EWES1910
535369Golden Elf Hillary/WC NEDR1907
5366180Pinkblue Blue Star INRD1899
537323Emmers Love To Hate Me GLSCS1898
5384181Riterags Vanda of Rocketbell MARD1892
5392182Adorabledolls Our Romantic Bethany MPRD1886
5403521Skyota Jada EWBS1885
5414722A'tien Tiara of Whozz SCES1875
542T377Gilvtales Just Jack SEHI1871
542T3619Mysticmelody Trickster Angel SWSB1871
544363Aalspotz Beauty And A Beast EWSV1862
5454256Jungletime Talladega Nights MABG1860
5463857Gulfbeach Southerncharm of Darkmoon SEBG1856
547372Shalnavazz Darya EWLY1852
548377Rexplus Roses Are Red SWCR1846
5493680Mishikoonz Syl of Leatherandlace ENMC1838
5506283Chirpydoll Dabao INRD1836
551396Blueriver Renegade of Andredie SEJB1817
5524010Blupaw Electric Barbarella SEDR1814
553384N'shere Khan de La Brique Rose/ID ESTG1806
554393Hunnybears Famous Girl ESBL1801
5554812Siblings Kayenne of Kayzie SCSI1792
5564984Familytimerags Calamity Jane SCRD1789
5574185Sunnyshores Deep Blue Sea SERD1786
5583858Equistice Amaya SWBG1785
559T6359Kellybengals Bonbon INBG1784
559T398Rexplus Ghetto Fabulous SWCR1784
5616460Mascot Boreas of Bossbengalcat INBG1782
5623386Keepurrs Cammie GLRD1778
563407Nirvana By Flash Arian/FI ESRB1773
5646587Puffydolls Chopper INRD1769
5653488Keepurrs Give Your Love Sweetly GLRD1766
5664361Bengaland Midas Touch Jr MABG1761
5675081Dawntreader Texas Calboy SCMC1760
5683814Mowgleaves Maleficents Pride EWAS1759
569418Russicatblue Proud N Loud ESRB1757
5704222Puck-Lynn van Black Lake/ID ESBS1752
5713718Sphynxsroyals Lagertha NESX1749
5725419Skinisin Miss Agatha NWSX1745
573T3532Purrsianpals I Wished For You/CF GLPS1741
573T3882Koonstler Timothy O Sullivan NEMC1741
575373Vinnimur Caramelka ENACL1737
576T6689Teeny My Overlord of Maroonblue INRD1736
576T427Tortiesrus Invictus SEJB1736
5783962Wildwaters Beau EWBG1732
579515Jubalkatz My Teddy Winked SCTG1728
5805283Tuftsntrills Lady Bella SCMC1727
5813920Sterlingcatz Libby NESB1724
5826721Cieloch Princeps INSB1721
583T5513Somsinai Skys The Limit of Stegra NWSI1719
583T434Lildarlynns Never Seen In Paris ESMNL1719
585T4484Sherlynx PC-Kauffman of Sarajen/ID MAMC1716
585T406Oneofthefamily Ragnar Rothbrook EWBU1716
587456Sunbriar Holiday Lights MATA1714
5884063Akerrs Bruno Marvelous NEBG1710
589361Foxcreekbengals Big Kash Money GLBGL1707
590215Dolcesguardo Cecilia SABI1698
5915312Pippastro Prince-Hairy/GC SCOS1697
5925664Dreamquest Venus NWBG1693
5934123Khamsin Monte Carlo NEAB1691
5942223Deabaete Marieta SAES1687
5953890Hovicastle Dekker ENRD1681
596T5724Velvetdamour Captain of Starlore NWES1679
596T4685Sarajen Bacardi Razz Rum MAMC1679
5985824Nightrox Sprout NWAB1677
599445Chamourais Nuitdereve ESSG1676
600T454Siamotal Diamond Black Velvet ESPD1652
600T223Sarsenstone Lucilla of St Valentine MPTH1652