2017-2018 Household Pet Kitten Standings: 202-333

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 22 May 2018.

RankHousehold Pet Kitten Standings: 202-333
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
2025Narnia de La Grace ES1265
20324Burbuja SC1264
20416Snowstorm EW1253
20519Duck MP1251
20634Tiberius SE1247
20735Boomerang SE1246
2086Boris SA1242
20911Andre SW1237
2108Maybelline NE1225
211T25Ewok of Aloracats SC1220
211T17Kathy EW1220
2137Gatachica SA1214
214T26Mostacho SC1209
214T8Lucas SA1209
21620Million IN1208
21726Lumen GL1199
21820Patrick MP1198
21927Mickey McTrouble SC1196
22021Menglu IN1186
22112Jon Snow of Kingturks SW1182
222T27Lil Freya of Javahut GL1181
222T36Ghost SE1181
224T9Tommy NE1170
224T2Secret Bob Nikolaev's Pride*ru EN1170
224T37Tigrrrrr SE1170
22713Wyatt SW1165
22810Iris NE1153
22914Gusteau SW1149
23028Brian SC1143
23115Marcell SW1138
232T22Qiqi IN1120
232T11Quincy NE1120
23421Mulan MP1118
23516Idgie Threadgoode SW1115
2362Rumi Okubo AA1108
23722Roman MP1102
2383Fireball EN1100
239T29TRue SC1093
239T29TEmory of Aloracats SC1093
24131Kevin SC1088
24212Monroe NE1087
24323Spark MP1072
244T3Shiori Mikami AA1064
244T18Secret Stirling EW1064
2469Lady Arya SA1056
24723Kingkong IN1043
248T6Clelia ES1022
248T38Jamisson SE1022
2504DK Boholdt Hulk EN1010
25124Violet MP1003
25225Luster MP1001
2535Karol EN1000
25432Usain Bolt of Balam SC986
25524White White IN961
2564Kurosuke AA955
25726Olivia MP951
25839Alani SE924
25940P Paprika SE923
260T27TGoose MP907
260T27TIvar MP907
26241Graylee SE885
263T19Artemis EW880
263T25Anglo Boer IN880
26528Romeo Charmant Prince GL868
26629Patrick MP857
26729Bailey GL851
26826Shaoye IN830
26927Doradai Rourou IN824
270T33Brody NW808
270T28Balvenie IN808
27210Almendra SA802
27342Rhinestone Cowboy of Carolinameows SE799
27429Budweiser IN797
27530Lundo MP791
27630Singleton IN775
27734Lil Bit O Love of Endelosglede NW770
27843Joe SE747
27944Finn SE731
2805Caramel AA730
281T45Pearl SE714
281T33TGoldie SC714
281T33TGabe SC714
284T13Leonardo Desphynxy NE709
284T31Yui IN709
28620Crystal EW698
28730Toybob Griff GL693
28831Lillie GL692
28935Baby Button NW687
29035Misty SC681
29136Ziu NW680
29232White White IN670
29333Liang Dao IN648
29446Winter SE642
29511Rodolfo Valentino SA616
29634Mianmian IN615
297T35TB-Maxto Blerone IN605
297T35TYello IN605
29936Peter SC604
300T37Newt SC598
300T31Teepo MP598
30237Oreo IN583
30312Hikaru SA582
30438Salem SC577
30517Sally SW566
30613Orange SA560
30718Flower SW533
30819Anna Nicole SW522
30920Holly SW521
310T38TFellix Katusa IN517
310T38TXena IN517
31221Lolly SW512
31322Nicole SW511
314T6TRiku AA510
314T6TRoku AA510
31647Mighty Whitey Mufasa SE474
31740Meysie IN473
3189Ely MA450
31948Brittany SE346
32014Marvel Nach SA340
321T41TBunny IN324
321T41TJJ Smile Prince IN324
323T43Deukie IN313
323T37Stellaartois NW313
325T44TSenior IN302
325T44TSenior IN302
325T44TJJ Smilesmall Butterfly IN302
328T47TStar Forest Apple IN291
328T47TForest Momo IN291
33049Huahua IN220
33149Brandy SE155
33215Fey SA60
333T21TBoucles Monsieur Malin EW0
333T38She Is Beautiful NW0
333T21TJezebel Electra EW0
333T50TPrince Willow SE0
333T21TSummerspride Sambuca Kisses EW0
333T39Prince Pudge Lovingood SC0
333T7Leonprime Belle Epoque ES0
333T32Vindouro Slate Expectations GL0
333T50TPatriotkatz Voodoo Princess SE0
333T10Livinglegend Linus Trexjr MA0