2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 1002-1201

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 22 May 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1002-1201
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1002115109Catcrest's Leo/ID AABG1051
1003T60138Purrrealdolls Stella Rose NERD1050
1003T975Janet de Saint Evroult/LO ESHB1050
1003T8957Raincoastca Luna NWBS1050
100611335Starforest Thomas INES1049
1007T9049Sunvuelle Invictus of Missionhill NWPS1048
1007T116139Ammycrystal Renge AARD1048
10096336Blupaw Gigolo of Bravlion SEES1046
10109116Stegra Raphael NWOS1045
1011T11458Zet Golden Florenc Mysterious INBS1043
1011T11730Rain Real Love AANF1043
1013T118140Appledolls Himawari AARD1042
1013T10634Cat Cheshirskiy Vizantiysky Podarok ENSB1042
1015T5712Karissimakat Colonel Parker GLHI1040
1015T77124Tuftsntrills Lady Bella SCMC1040
1017T5545Blandior Pandora SASX1038
1017T9859Fionn Cattalya ESBS1038
1019T11511Bluevika Moonlight Joy INRB1035
1019T588Carney Gideon GLBU1035
102142110Jungletrax Preservation MABG1032
102270141Ajax Ragbritta EWRD1030
102361111Kamausha Bengal Nirvana of Lesbe/ID NEBG1029
102411631Azureblue Raven of Magicmori INNF1026
1025T9913Hunnybears Tigerschneck ESSR1025
1025T107142Bluegrasrags Sameen ENRD1025
1027119143Vavidoll Blue Knight AARD1024
1028117144Londondoll Chocolate Pie of Yadolls INRD1023
1029T1205Laladoll RSB Dunkel AACX1022
1029T7835Vostorg Volzhskaya Krasa SCSB1022
1031T71112Bengalheritage Snowdon EWBG1021
1031T10060Modany Almost An Angel ESBS1021
103379125Dawntreader Hercules SCMC1016
10347217Naomi Bersia EWOS1015
10358032Fantarja Matthew of Azwegie SCNF1013
1036733Shalnavazz Teddy Lupin EWLY1010
103712112Diamond Dust Sarah of Terumin BL/CF AARB1009
1038T1087Queenanne Vladmir of Wildjungle ENTG1006
1038T64113Callista Tritan of Sunmoonbengals SEBG1006
1040749Jomarc Bell of The Ball/GC EWBU1005
1041928Primaria Quintavius/ID NWSF1004
10427512Overear Copper Cloud EWACL1000
104341114Penasquitos Blazing Sun SWBG999
1044T5937Three Wishes Thanks A Latte GLES997
1044T9316Pawcitys Vegas Lights NWMNL997
1046601Foxcreekbengals Big Kash Money GLBGL996
10478136Prekrasne Missouri Mosely SCSB995
1048101115Brownsugar Viky ESBG994
1049T5637Yascrava Zaimka SASB991
1049T7638Black Pearls Narino/CF EWES991
10519410Angeleyes Mighty Valhalla NWBI990
1052109126Redaddicts Fricka ENMC988
1053102127Jupiter Galkin Coon/ID ESMC987
1054T42145Ragissa Tibet of Dolly Ave/CF SWRD986
1054T5750Betunes Alvinho of Deabaete SAPS986
105665128Coberman Thom of Mainelyclassic SEMC983
1057T8239Dclass Macedonio SCES982
1057T588Luna Morena Zarzuela/ID SABL982
1057T9512Dramatails American Pie NWSRL982
1060T83129Le Beau Minu Firefly of Spirithill SCMC980
1060T11861Suke INBS980
10627746Nudus Deus Never Ever/WC EWSX979
106378116Hotfuzz Zazu EWBG978
1064103117Brownsugar Bridget ESBG977
1065T11913Fieldmoon Lavender/CF INRB972
1065T596Beyondlimits Amelie SAPD972
106766130Mainelyclassic Sundanz of Mainesail SEMC971
10688447Taberetb Broadway SCSX970
1069T122T146Kiwimagic The Magic In Me/ID AARD966
1069T122T6Milkymyus Chaco AAMK966
1071T9648TElysium Iliana/ID NWSX965
1071T3048TNewans Toffee of Dare2bnaked MPSX965
1071T6713Purr-Star Solar Storm SEHI965
1074T1108Lanacats Nargiz ENSO962
1074T1042Selectcats Gasira ESSV962
1076434Sunbriar Holiday Lights MATA959
1077T43118Arkham Firefly SWBG957
1077T62147Bellapalazzo Twilight Mist NERD957
107985131Beargapcoons Augustus of Magnacats SCMC956
108012033Snow Eden's Edelweiss of Magic M/CF INNF955
10811114Diesel Don Mary Bianco of Dunkan/WC ENDSK954
1082112119Dimira Best's Vin Diesel/WC ENBG951
108361120Badabing Gryffindor of Savoirfaire GLBG950
10849718Chipmunk Safaria NWOS949
1085113148Siempreamar Elijah ENRD946
108644121Equistice Iris SWBG945
1087121149Reflection Whiskey/WC INRD944
10881144Elizabete's Caprice III/WC ENSCL942
108910512Flicflac Firlefanz ESSG941
109010640Cattage Barbie Doll ESES940
109131122Solanaranch Patience MPBG938
10921155Ornella of Diord/WC ENSCL937
10939862Mollyanna Purr Kins NWBS936
109486132Dawntreader Elizabeth Swan SCMC935
109511650Moon Pet Charlize Theron/FI ENSX934
1096T1077Siamotal Diamond Black Velvet ESPD933
1096T11763Don Papa Rum Made By God ENBS933
109812434Miagola Uno Lino AANF931
10991189Arcticfold Guinevere ENSF930
1100T6051TBlandior Esperanza SASX928
1100T9951TSphynxcraft Yuki Marvelous NWSX928
1100T122150Candicedolls Liu Liu INRD928
110310814Magic Dream Charming ESHI925
1104T10051Missionhill Mystical Illusion NWPS924
1104T61151Sulraggies Shiva SARD924
1104T32T10Graymark Venus MPBU924
1104T32T53Scantilyclad Quite Quintessential MPSX924
1108125152Helichrysum Grace AARD921
1109627Alicats Charlemagne of Timez GLTH920
11101017Legendtales Fitzi NWPB919
11116213Boucles Brisa SASRL916
1112123153Bellapalazzo Muse of Melifluo INRD915
11137964Albafold Winston Churchill EWBS913
1114T4515Countrygal Majestic of Cherrybir/CF SWHI912
1114T8010Daisy Tinkerbelle EWSF912
111681133Mabalakat Northern Lights EWMC911
111710941Lusi Maor Little Prince/CF ESES909
111811017Ashley Mariposa ESDR903
1119111154Darlinlildols King Merlin ESRD902
11201128Mystic River de L'Oree Boreale/LO ESPB900
1121102134Bigrivercoon Violet of Larhae NWMC897
112210319Chipmunk Trillium of Stegra NWOS893
1123119135Mainewood Agrafena of Forestbeauty ENMC891
112411354Nudelook Amleto To Be Or Not To Be ESSX889
11258716Sartoris Prufrock of Bayouash SCAS888
11266355Destynys Wild Child NESX887
112744123Jungletrax Essential Elements MABG884
11286816Crittertales Tiki Moon SEHI883
1129T8838Sestra Russell Taylor Skyclover SCSB882
1129T114T7Myrtille Des Pebbles Cats/LO ESSCS882
1129T12635Dorrymama Moco Moco AANF882
1129T114T6Composercat Jamesbrown-Stevroult/CF ESHB882
1133T8942Elamante Toruck SCAB878
1133T1209Catika's Cashmere Mist of Fryga/ID ENSO878
1135116155Hugo Skalia ESRD877
1136121136Yelisey From Lukoshkino ENMC876
113711742Jerba Nicol's Caballero/CF ESES874
1138T699Hermes Nevada/ID SEBL873
1138T46137Mainesuspect Sheru SWMC873
1140T124138Noracoon Rincewind INMC872
1140T6310Gavigat Ismael of Larivera SASO872
1140T122156Dollheaven Travelers First Class ENRD872
1143T12514Fcfcats Ada/CF INCR871
1143T1042Catcurls BC Allyshiah NWLP871
1143T12717Birdie Super Daigo AAAS871
1146T11865Quick Stepp vom Thennersee/WC ESBS870
1146T82124Bengair Felisidad of Suntouched EWBG870
114812839Soulcat Hakuna Matata Arthur AASB869
114963125Akerrs Better Make Miracles GLBG867
11501233Iridium Soul Flux ENEM865
115190126Bengaluvrs Snickers of Lunakatz SCBG864
115211910Melody Des Ptis Kachotiers/LO ESBL860
115370139Carolinameows Senoras Spirit SEMC857
1154T4711Marvee-Lus Knick-Knack/CF SWBU856
1154T838Austen EWSCS856
1154T12615Cadelonia Eumann INSFL856
1154T7143Aksum Carbon Copy of Blueriver SEAB856
1158T12411Iskander Merrty's/WC ENSF855
1158T72157Pagatos Pied Piper of Oakside/CF SERD855
11601258Shimmon Thai Shining ENTH854
1161T7343Starbourne Spaceodity of Blueyonder SEES853
1161T1269Letizia Thai Shining ENTH853
1163127127Cheetahli Venus of Amazingbengals INBG851
1164T12766Galeksy's Golden Everest/ID ENBS848
1164T6456Joser Frank/ID NESX848
1166T6411E-Addison Ariosto of Greys/WC SABL847
1166T74140Carolinameows Furrari of Kattarose SEMC847
116834128Coolspots Saphira of Rubicon MPBG845
1169T12020Jubatus Marilyn Kerro/WC ESOS843
1169T10544Ashlin Zots Powder Puff Girl/CF NWES843
11718467Aizek of Gerulis/WC EWBS840
11723521Bajimbi Botany Bay Bell of McInkats MPOS839
11736444Rulissa Hamilton of Briarvalley GLAB838
117412815Joy of Janis Rexink/FI ENCR837
11756522Synergy Hello Sweetie GLOS836
11766645Abysaint Aednat of Pierremont GLAB835
117767141Cuzzoe Gillian of Pierremont GLMC834
1178T12910Spotsandpoints Aquarius ENTH833
1178T6540Minin Siberian Magic NESB833
118013018Naavanutun Neitoneilikka ENSI831
11811215Shanna's Lavender Latifah/FI ESTA824
11828568Burleaway Bojanglez of Bedazzlecats EWBS818
1183122158Diamantiblu Lindor ESRD814
11848619Flutterby Silk Cobwebs EWSI811
1185T6545Sherezada Papo SAES810
1185T123159Ruby Chantall Kendrick/ID ESRD810
1187124129Brownsugar Garnet ESBG807
1188T87130Authenticats Platinum Night Voyager EWBG805
1188T6616Rexkwizit Butler NECR805
119075142Caesarheadcoons Finn SEMC802
11917617Barmont Runaway Love SECR801
11921294Hanabi Yuna AAMKL799
1193T67143TMarikoons Disco Lemonade NEMC793
1193T131143TLapurrd Kylo Ren of Velsbechmann ENMC793
1195T125T57Bare-Naked Carla-Lovegood Luna/ID ESSX790
1195T125T145Thunder Junior de Guillade/FI ESMC790
1195T3614Susens Help Me Rhonda MPSR790
11986658Hayana Masai/FI SASX789
1199T77146Cloistercoon Graymoor of Royallions SEMC788
1199T12746Brettachtal's Joli Coeur/CF ESES788
120112846Cellani Siena Usanie/LO ESAB787