2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 1803-1999

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 22 May 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1803-1999
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1803210198Praslin Dante ESBG353
1804182251Mimo Le Eria of Sapphirebaby/CF INRD351
1805T21178Pyrampepe Rosa Di Casa Grande/CF ESPS350
1805T130217Kuniza Tinatin EWMC350
1805T12564Sunspirit Black Tie Affair SCES350
1808212218Yvonne Caramellocoon ESMC349
1809106252American Hero Velykinadiyi SERD348
1810T198T110TMountteine Lilian AABS347
1810T12685Distinct Unbelievable Legacy SCSX347
1810T109253Ivyroseragdolls Summer Rose NERD347
1810T1995Egyptsila Svarog ENEM347
1810T198T110TKanesei's Ryota/ID AABS347
1815T20013Rumfold Walking On Cars AASCS345
1815T200254Nobleangeldoll Justice ENRD345
1817T201199Manmoss Tenshin AABG342
1817T1316Ayshazen Arfur Crown EWAUM342
1817T2018Gobsgobblins Feniks ENLY342
1817T10022Starghatts Intl Intrigue GLBI342
1821T202219Redaddicts Lucia ENMC341
1821T10162Basilicblessing Beloved Johanna Joy GLSB341
1821T213255Monfort Happy ESRD341
1824T10212Designerstripes Red Garnet GLTG338
1824T21425Sweety La Luna/WC ESSF338
1824T132200Softspot Scorchio EWBG338
182757201Anjou Hunter of Giannisbengal MABG337
182820363Basilicblessing Maks of Verooka ENSB335
1829588Pantessa's Elza/WC MADSK334
1830T183256Winston Koci Eden INRD332
1830T13317Murburg Avatar of Supurrnova EWBU332
1832T21565Chulpan Red Cloud/CF ESES330
1832T110220Le Beau Minu Bliss NEMC330
1834202257Farandoll Dai of Charlietabuohi AARD329
1835T168112Embery Ulsa-Agnes/ID NWBS328
1835T20324Strawberry Baby Himekon/ID AAAS328
1835T11154Finnishline Shannon NENF328
183812729Dandycurls Kambly Irresistible SCDR327
183920464Reindeer'Dom Cat Veles/WC ENSB326
1840T12837Kuanjin Little Black Dress SCOS325
1840T112221Mainetales Daisy Buchanan NEMC325
1840T16965Iva Sibaris of Wintermist NWSB325
184310730Blupaw Electric Barbarella SEDR324
1844T204113Kanesei's Kinoko/ID AABS323
1844T205222Windinwillows Delight ENMC323
1846T21679Norma Jin of Lodgegarden ESPS321
1846T205223TChatile Zio AAMC321
1846T129223TTremethick Brethil of Ranchcats SCMC321
1849T206T258Cookiedoll Cookie AARD320
1849T206T55Smilefairy Verdandi AANF320
1849T10313Ginchika Water Under The Bridge GLJB320
1852T20680Silverdance Rendezvous For Night/CF ENPS319
1852T13066Starolympus Fantastic of Whozz SCES319
1852T217114Modany Xanadu ESBS319
1855T13186TRich Gift Your Love of Dnilesphy/WC SCSX318
1855T10886TShelgren Tokyo Valentine SESX318
1857T102225Bajacoon Le Lis SAMC316
1857T21867Jobiniere Noa/LO ESES316
1857T20825Strawberry Baby Ib/ID AAAS316
1857T17031Facehuggers Belleruth NWDR316
186176226Mainelyours Califorina Chrome SWMC315
1862T1346Savmania Uziri EWSV314
1862T20966Spiritofsiberia Crystal Rock AASB314
1862T5488Scantily Clad Happily Ever After/ID MPSX314
1865T1718Halima Guinevere of Sovalye NWTV313
1865T13225Creole Sugar And Spice SCCR313
1865T20767Nika Danvel ENSB313
1868T21056Catsroses Lydia AANF312
1868T21914Glamisway Neapolis ESSCS312
1870T21126Vanessa/IN AASF311
1870T133202TBengalias Anuak SCBG311
1870T184202TCheetahli Yadina of Amazingbengals INBG311
1873T13557Norskwood Sweet Pea EWNF310
1873T13426Sazikatz Reddy To Rumble SCAS310
1875T113259Brightstone Jadore Mi Amore Delamer NERD309
1875T778Tonkville Jazlyn of Sontse SWTO309
1877T11413Wildfx Light Seeker NETG308
1877T136115Yasmine British Flowering EWBS308
1877T10467Nudawnz Osez Moi GLAB308
1880T557Wyldthingz Cricket In The Thicket MPSV307
1880T596Ashknoll Dharma MAKM307
1880T18523Backkara's Tabasco of Silkyangel/WC INBI307
1880T20826Eirecogteils Alamos ENSI307
1884T212227Ohedo Langley AAMC306
1884T220116Magicmoments Ronja ESBS306
1884T13520Imaginecattery Duchess Dunraven SCBL306
1887T221T260Horus Dior of Diamantiblu/ID ESRD305
1887T20914Tigervisions Amuritus ENTG305
1887T221T117Ralette Lapis Lazuli ESBS305
1890T18621Monidgi Celebrity Macho INMNL304
1890T1364Ttcats Ginger of Dawntreader SCMCP304
1892T1099Catiators Ch53e Super Stallion SEOC303
1892T210228Foggycoon Robin Hood ENMC303
1892T187261Supermodel Alan of Numberforty INRD303
1892T1057Rugrunners Nick In Time GLMK303
1896T18858Azureblue Luna Ballad of Magicmori INNF302
1896T172229Pureyell Kona of Williamina NWMC302
1896T13712Lanacats Ratibor of Howlingcoyote SCSO302
1899T10668Prekrasne Gaudemaude of Pawsitively GLSB301
1899T10368Makelas Floyd Ciro II SAES301
1901T21359Diamond Dust's Eye-of-Nature/CF AANF300
1901T173118Home Hearth Dollyanna Purr Kins NWBS300
1901T1078Yuleene Flamboya of Chateaumane GLTA300
1904T11014Wyndchymes Party Angel SEJB299
1904T223230Migatobonito Blue Suede Shoes ESMC299
1904T13769Lyndongraey Grigori EWSB299
19071156Korrigan Nymphadora Anna Sophia NEMKL296
1908174231Monterini Versus of Larhae/FI NWMC295
1909T21420Joy My Soul Prince AASRL294
1909T2118A1savannahs Auriel ENSV294
1911T104232Sina's Little Giants Affascinant/WC SAMC293
1911T21516Supersmile Petite Praline of Vert AARB293
1911T11168Blueriver Copy Cat SEAB293
1911T138262Misiangashnawi Hikari SCRD293
1915T212T9TNaomi Campbell de La Vallee Des/LO ENLY292
1915T609TCatitude Luscious Leloo MALY292
1915T212T9Wrinkleface Ghost Rider ENDSK292
191810512Beyondlimits Bromelia SAPD290
1919T106233THarley Ethereal of Bajacoon/ID SAMC289
1919T214T233TGinnifer Caspian Prairies ENMC289
1919T189263TMeow Saga of Cynthiadolls INRD289
1919T214T263TRagmagic Mischief Managed ENRD289
1923T116235Koonstler Timothy O Sullivan NEMC288
1923T216T60Fantarja Enigma AANF288
1923T216T9Rumfold Mulberry of Tinytiny AASCL288
1926T1089Sirena's Belle of Belfast/FI GLTV287
1926T190119Silvermoontw Odlin INBS287
1926T22489Kamilla Solfrio ESSX287
192921861Dorrymama Puck AANF286
1930T175204Dreamquest Andromeda NWBG285
1930T13911Chupacabra Dharma SCLY285
1930T225236Wistariantale Jaina of Vademar ESMC285
1930T219265Cielring Meeko of Vinculo AARD285
1934T13821C Black Magic Plus Ultra EWBL284
1934T11269Bearbrook Akasha Queen Ofd Damned SEAB284
1934T14021Cloudcity Kestrel SCTH284
1937T17632Windy Girl Devondream NWDR283
1937T11324Crittertales Josey Wales SEHI283
1939T114266Lottarags Camille of Oakside/CF SERD282
1939T21670Almaros Wild Honey of Fryga ENAB282
1939T17770Matthiola Valentina of Militza NWSB282
1942T226120Amici von Rowa-Cats/ID ESBS281
1942T11527Beauchador Andre of Willowblue SEAS281
1944T141237Gattacamoon Rob Lowe/FI SCMC280
1944T227267Soulmates Blueberry Princess ESRD280
1944T11726Rexkwizit Cruella NECR280
1944T13913Jezebel Little Bear EWPD280
1944T1168Catpal Butterscotch Belviq SEKBL280
1949T21710Happy Folds X'Hitomi/WC ENSCL279
1949T22821TFarah Del Giardino Delle Favole/ID ESSFL279
1949T10724Aiko Takumi SABI279
1949T178121Feliland Spike of Beautytracks NWBS279
1949T5621TChattan Lindsey MPSFL279
19542209Bluetreasure Graceful Mu AACX277
1955T11718Hart2hart's Greatest American He/CF SEBU276
1955T10881Moroniscattery Anhuel SAPS276
1957613Metastar Deedee MABGL275
1958T118268Adorablerags Lindy of Whimsyridge SERD274
1958T22117Bluewind Silver Shine AARB274
1960142238Nascat Finished SCMC273
1961T17971Herus Dianes Love NWAB271
1961T140122Kimcatz Apollo EWBS271
1961T109269Betunes Luciano Pavarotti SARD271
1964T14190Rich Gift You Must Be Yummy/WC EWSX270
1964T62205Ksbengals Caramel Chaos MABG270
1964T229270TChinesedolls Someone Like U ESRD270
1964T180123Home&hearth Willow Lou Purrkins/CF NWBS270
1964T109270TAngelpride Sophie GLRD270
1964T1189Savvypaws King Drax Brimaz NESV270
1970T2228Drmunchkin Carong AAMK269
1970T11982Samlilah Mozarts Requiem SEPS269
1972T191206Hotsytotsy Sansa INBG268
1972T142124Regaliscats Marmot Soul EWBS268
1972T14371Astera Alinka SCSB268
1975T14425Shiekspurr Corzetti SCHI267
1975T11033Theavengers Anya Kuro Jedi SADR267
1975T11910Doneden Mysh NEDSK267
1975T23019Estilia Afgoo ESBU267
1979181272Bakerviewrags Harley Girl NWRD265
1980T63T239Sarajen Boodles MAMC263
1980T63T27I Musici Andres Segovia of Glor-/CF MASI263
1980T23122Lunargentas Elaiza ESBL263
1983T6515Wildfx Sumatra Star MATG262
1983T14383Dazelem Pixie Dust EWPS262
1983T22391Yogurt Best Show*ru of Cerisier/ID AASX262
1986T218207TMarsoma Rafiki ENBG261
1986T12072TSterlingcatz Bella Dior NESB261
1986T66207TAnjou Pepin Fitzcharlie MABG261
1986T18272TWintermist Holly Berry NWSB261
1990T219T11Rainsy Irena ENSCL260
1990T219T240Tabularasa Owen ENMC260
1990T23272Abyfelis N'Aby Bleu/LO ESAB260
1990T1209Catpal Dynamite Dima Dexedrine SEKBL260
1990T12162Sweetwood Apollo NENF260
1995T22122Saimon Varadero ENTH259
1995T7813Tajhara Caliente Project SWSO259
1997T224273Reddoor Sweet Maple of Cielring AARD258
1997T14538Sydsu Flight Plan of Konekokatz/CF SCOS258
1999T144T16Purebliss Chieftain EWTG257
1999T144T20Siberia Charlesbur/FI EWBU257
1999T192274Miss Miao Akuma INRD257
1999T12114Balimoor TN Honey of Autumnsun SEOL257