2014-2015 Household Pet Standings: 201-446

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 18 May 2015.

RankHousehold Pet Standings: 201-446
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
20112Primrose Everdeen MP2375
202T29Sir Bowie Cat GL2337
202T7Domino AA2337
20413Batman MP2301
20522Lily NW2295
2067Tais Tailless SA2263
20710Gerar EN2258
2088Alec Ackles AA2229
20920Bizca SC2224
21017Squeeky Fred NE2215
211T11TBamse EN2200
211T11TMarsinis Yaba Daba Doo EN2200
21332Franklin SE2197
21430Hammer Head Red GL2176
21521Indiana Jones SC2158
21631Brewster van Porch GL2141
2178Gatuxo SA2104
21813Jacqueline EN2082
21920Black On Black Foxtrot SW2072
22014Toyali EN2024
22122Kaywinneth Lee Meow Meow SC2022
22217Frosty Austin MA2005
22333Avery SE1991
22416Chloey of Sphynxhaven EW1968
22532Trixy GL1958
2264Al Mehdi ES1946
2279Churras Kinho SA1933
22823Buddy The Explorer SC1929
22924Bamm Bamm SC1927
23015Asterway Kudrya EN1880
2319Pucci AA1872
23233Meowth Paws GL1855
23334Simon GL1808
23414Rusty MP1799
2355Pandoraprincess ES1791
23634Little Miss Firecracker of Usapurrs SE1779
23716Viva La Vittoria EN1772
23817Filur EN1758
23923Aggie NW1750
24010Ojyaru AA1740
24118Mr Aslan EN1738
24219Ukkonen EN1735
24318Michael MA1733
24424Kevin NW1731
24511Yuzu AA1724
24625Miss Sasafrass SC1721
24735Splash SE1720
248T20Mikkel EN1716
248T35Baiter Allexandros of Starkittie GL1716
25026Charlie Chaplin SC1712
25125Mischievous Silver Storm NW1707
25236Noodle of Sunnyshores SE1703
25317Willomar EW1702
254T36River GL1701
254T18Twilights New Moon NE1701
256T27Gold Gizmo SC1695
256T26Cafe Mocha Valencia NW1695
25819Chuck of Purrlin MA1684
25920Polar Vortex MA1673
26028Ambersophia SC1647
26118Chilli EW1627
26237Slippers Angel GL1624
26329Princess Crissee SC1608
26437Sexys Back SE1599
26515Carols Friskie MP1579
26621Maxwell SW1575
26719Lexi EW1566
26838Muskie GL1546
26921Cloverlily MA1539
27019Mis Chief Misha of Foxlair NE1538
27120Buddy EW1532
27227Robert NW1525
27320Miraclemorin NE1523
2746Simbil ES1516
27539Anna Belle GL1515
27610Aron of Muusa SA1510
27721Vadik EN1507
27822Kisonya EN1500
279T23Sofochka EN1474
279T40Paint Me A Masterpiece GL1474
28124Tonton EN1472
28238Chelsea Butcher of Jasperhall SE1471
28311Chumbinho SA1456
284T39Chinese Yinyang SE1406
284T25Okkimoki EN1406
28630Itty Bitty Little Dalya SC1401
28741Raven GL1399
28822Fromrussia Withlove of Benegesserit MA1380
28942Maksim GL1357
29023Suna MA1351
29112Brita Ho AA1339
29240Erica Roberts of Jasperhall SE1332
29331Buckley SC1331
294T22Littleman Chase SW1328
294T43Elgin GL1328
29632Scamper Ninja Kickstand Purrbox SC1303
29733Que Bella SC1295
29816Sashimi MP1281
2997Parazs ES1274
30041Dusty Rusty SE1227
30142Robert Redford Graham of Jasperhall SE1216
30244Paisley GL1214
30345Denzel GL1203
30434Sparky of Bluebonnet SC1202
30535Googly Bear SC1196
30643Sienna Sunrise of Andredie SE1185
30746Miss Audrey Rose GL1182
30826Ivan The Vikings Valkyrie EN1175
30912Loli SA1165
310T8TLisi ES1164
310T8TLotti ES1164
31247Mario GL1152
31336Jerry SC1133
31413Zayken SA1121
31513Pon Kan AA1117
31637Augie Ojeda SC1113
31748Ike GL1102
31827Rafael EN1100
31944Eloise Enchanted of Jasperhall SE1096
320T10Hercule ES1094
320T21Nibler EW1094
32228Pongo Houdini Perleafhave EN1087
32345Simplee Marbleous SE1081
32446Nekee SE1075
325T38Princess Jasmine SC1070
325T47Chris Tiger of Spiritcat SE1070
32714Xiao Mao AA1064
32829Mimi EN1055
329T11TLencsi ES1010
329T11TGyomroi Tigris ES1010
33128Pixies Miloh NW1009
33248N Everything Nice of Careycats SE1005
333T49Mickey Our Southern Comfort SE1002
333T49Libertybelle GL1002
33513Shumba ES1000
33639Otis George of Sparklineyes SC962
33717Kalinda MP955
33850Maximum Chunkofcoal SE937
33951Bree Bunny of Careycats SE929
340T22Wannabe A Star EW918
340T24Trooper MA918
34215Derek Chang AA910
34352Ginger Paulie Hancock SE904
34450Phil A Buster GL896
34514Mica ES879
34651Rhoade Trash GL877
34723Orlando EW874
34823Loriland Sunshine SW865
34924Boo EW861
35040Ewe SC855
35118Kormir MP853
35252Megatoe Agent Shiloh GL842
35325Mr Bagpuss of Cwtchycats EW828
35430Kuzma EN824
35553Hazel Grace GL819
35654Rafael GL817
35741Mig SC806
35855Blackie GL796
35919Morgana MP783
36056Lacey Marie GL782
36157Apache GL776
36253Turqouise Gwen SE758
36329Adelaide NW751
364T31Sophia Loren EN735
364T54Tranquil Topaz of Careycats SE735
36655Tater SE734
36726Foxylady EW725
368T21Ive Got Dreams To Remember NE720
368T58Jeebie of Birchbark GL720
37042Katness Everpurr of Kaos SC718
37124Marilyn Meowroe SW702
37256Diesel of Pentaclecats SE682
37327Avalaviniagardner EW681
37432Adjany EN676
37543Okaloosa Dunes of Snowpaws SC672
376T44Tuffy SC665
376T20Fabio MP665
37857Gabriel SE658
37945Izzy of Cajunragdolls SC657
38059Annie GL652
381T58TYikes SE643
381T21Fear Not Flicka of McInkats MP643
381T58TEna Alexandra SE643
38460Hambone SE634
38533Mimi Lee EN632
38615Maxi Tikka ES598
38716Danzel ES587
38814Tina SA582
38961Toby of Rags2riches SE581
39017Wall E ES580
39128Lorelei EW571
39230Charles Diego Aka Diego NW553
39322Hoarr Odin MP551
39462Duchess Talulah Mae SE533
39515Zeyko SA528
39631Madigan NW521
39725Jefferson SW513
39823Casper Tito MP510
39960Sir Lance Alot GL499
40061Alfonso GL465
40134Mad Radek EN460
40246Summer Breeze of Hellokitty SC457
40363Minnie Mouse SE434
40447Domino SC426
40564Ringgo SE425
40665Bear Bear SE423
40732Teaka NW409
40833Napoleon NW405
40966White And Nerdy SE393
41067Lil Miss Cant Be Wrong of Andredie SE377
41168Joe Kool of Careycats SE371
41229Pooh Bear EW362
41362Jinx GL356
41463Tula GL355
41548Pluto of Cajunragdolls SC352
41630Felek EW351
41764Sugar N Spice of Chrischat GL349
41869Flip Flop Rosie SE343
41935Misu EN340
42022The Big Kahuana NE290
42170Alexa Hancock SE265
42234Charlie NW219
42365Shock Le Blue of Weclaw GL216
42471Bob Marley SE210
42535Mercy Mercy Mr Percy NW208
42626Jackson SW171
42749McSpot of Sazikatz SC154
42850Chippie Do SC143
42972Dylan SE142
43051Rlar No Name SC132
431T36TMason Bonsoir NW123
431T36TAqua Eyes Billy Bob Thornton NW123
43331Abi EW121
43452Pearly Girly SC120
43527Stripes SW112
43623Thunder Cloud of Uppervalley NE110
43753Travis Wilsman SC93
43873Samuel of Andredie SE62
43928Operetta of Mewsicatz SW60
44024Princess Winnifred MP4
44174Jack Wagner of Jasperhall SE3
442T75P2 Casper SE2
442T54Peek A Boo SC2
444T38Pepper NW1
444T29Angie SW1
446T16TTT AA0
446T16TManfred Richthofen SA0
446T16TNix SA0
446T76Dalton SE0
446T55TMac SC0
446T16TTyr SA0
446T16TMickeysu Incense AA0
446T55TRustsragdolls Magical Merlin SC0
446T55TJill SC0
446T55TMarlon SC0
446T16TTrapito SA0
446T24Joymagic Boudha NE0
446T16TJoselito SA0
446T55TIt's A Mystery of Emblemystic SC0
446T66TNutzandbuttz GL0
446T55TSnowy SC0
446T66TDakota Jacqueline GL0
446T55TMickey SC0
446T66TSpring Mud GL0
446T55TRlar Daria SC0
446T55TXoticsweetspots Zoe SC0
446T55TXoticsweetspots Ima Peanut SC0
446T36Tigervisions Rico EN0
446T55TRlar Rita Hayworth SC0
446T66TBooboo GL0
446T16TBlanquita SA0
446T16TChatran SA0
446T25Shadow MA0
446T66TOxford GL0
446T55TRlar Tabitha SC0
446T39Meadow NW0