2013-2014 Household Pet Standings: 201-447

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 15 May 2014.

RankHousehold Pet Standings: 201-447
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
2017Romeo MP2589
20210Cosmos II Prince Nevsky EN2571
20329River GL2566
20420San Gabriel Simone SC2563
20519Gillis EW2561
2069Sueno Neval Celeste SA2519
20720Snoball SW2500
20821Gustav Holst of Mewsicatz SW2497
2097Yuzu AA2411
210T30Miss Audrey Rose GL2403
210T8Littleguy Azul MP2403
21231Indy GL2346
21311Viva La Vittoria EN2330
21423Madisen Breeze NW2328
21532Maxwell Housecat of Tatvan GL2325
21615Harlequin NE2308
21721Imma Missing Something SC2279
21824Sassi Girl NW2274
21912Ivan The Vikings Valkyrie EN2265
22017Luck Ofthe Irish Finnigan MA2264
22116Salem NE2222
2229Tank MP2221
2234Parazs ES2218
22433Bud Bud SE2216
22513Pongo Houdini Perleafhave EN2215
22622Sugar Cookie of Allearz SW2174
22734Awwsome Amber of Careycats SE2172
22817Daisy NE2148
2295Libellule ES2139
2308Yamato AA2134
23122Just Peachy of Sazikatz SC2128
23214Niuniek EN2106
2336Chanel ES2088
23420Kivox Miss Princess EW2041
23525Aggie NW2038
23633Rafael GL2031
23715Mimi EN1998
23823Ms Buddy of Strayinc SC1922
23926Shasta NW1894
24024Chey Chey SC1885
24118Santiago Seis Dedos MA1877
242T27Adelaide NW1866
242T34Hillary GL1866
24416Rafael EN1846
24521Erwic EW1830
24635Jude GL1820
24710Sueno Neval Perla SA1818
24825Scamp of Greystoke SC1787
24910Batman MP1780
25028Jaspre NW1778
25111Fabio MP1726
25236Picturepurrsfect Aly GL1686
25337Caribbean Calypso of Articstorm GL1657
2547Wall E ES1642
25538Master Rupert GL1631
25626Abi The Tabi of Strayinc SC1628
25727Atticus SC1623
25812Mr Sampson of Katsnjazz MP1615
25913Morgana MP1613
26039Maksim GL1610
26135Abbygail Brown SE1605
262T14Wind Hammer of Dreamfinder MP1599
262T40Sugar N Spice of Chrischat GL1599
26429Raven Fiona NW1597
26528Chaotic Mess of Cajunragdolls SC1570
26641John GL1543
2679Sakuramochi Alex AA1532
268T29Catulli Carmina of Melrose SC1520
268T17Elsa EN1520
27018Marble Rye NE1507
27118Ukkonen EN1498
27242Da Mighty Mike GL1496
27310Nanako of Nenneko AA1493
27419Belyash EN1481
27519The Big Kahuana NE1480
27643Lovey GL1456
2778Tommy ES1447
27830Call Me Maybe of Melrose SC1444
27936Erica Roberts of Jasperhall SE1438
28015Riddick of Dreamfinder MP1422
28144Atom of Kingsransom GL1406
28245Franklin GL1391
28320Mishel EN1390
28422Caoimhe EW1374
285T9Shumba ES1373
285T16Mochalatte MP1373
28720Painted Lady NE1366
28830Hunter NW1362
28931Ms Sahara SC1339
29019Raffie MA1338
29146Jeebie of Birchbark GL1321
29217Primrose Everdeen MP1317
29337Sir Cuttles Fish SE1296
29421Osya Osnovinsky EN1285
29521Tobias NE1278
29622Sofochka EN1263
29718Nancy Grace MP1261
29832Am I Blue SC1251
29923Bandit EW1242
300T23Filip EN1240
300T22Skiddles of Superdolls NE1240
30233Gold Gizmo SC1226
30347Alabama Belle of Luvpurrs GL1225
30423Gromit SW1217
30548Avasugarbabe GL1216
30634Hayden SC1207
30719Jumpin Jack Flash From Tucson MP1194
30810Lencsi ES1169
30920Heidi MA1158
31031Cafe Mocha Valencia NW1148
31149Commander Data GL1120
31235Ewe SC1117
31336Hedwig Went Waltzing SC1114
31432Floyd H Crews NW1097
31537Maddy SC1083
31650Lacey Marie GL1074
31738Bizca SC1063
31833Eloise Violet NW1062
31951Hey Hey Holy Mackerel GL1055
32039Sunshine SC1051
32138Nellie Belly SE1038
32224Tiiti EN1021
32311Simbil ES1010
32439Gimme Shelter of Catsanhata SE1008
32524Gabi EW1006
32652Seneca GL998
32734Mr Mollie NW990
32821Skeeter MA984
32925Ceasar EN983
33023Steven NE981
33124Cleopatra NE970
33212Mile ES966
333T40TJazzie Jade of Careycats SE953
333T40TNekee SE953
33524Merlins Magic SW933
33640Pippin of Melrose SC930
33713Gyomroi Tigris ES927
33825Molly EW922
33925Bucket Princess Anastasia NE920
34020Not Your Average Sock Monkey MP905
34142Ricky Bobby SE901
34226Reja EW900
34353Black Raspberry GL892
34414Aleks ES884
34543Toby of Rags2riches SE880
34627Gold At The End Ofarainbow EW877
34725Mr Mocha Truffles SW872
34841Otis George of Sparklineyes SC871
34911Tsukasa AA868
35028Baloo Bear EW861
351T42Mojomagic of Odesseycatz SC852
351T15Poussinette ES852
35316Kaji Meiko ES850
35426Tonton EN818
35521Rude MP814
35654Me Oh My Oh Razzmatazz GL812
35755Princess R Wen GL803
35843Menschy Sunset of Howlingcoyote SC796
35935Pippi Larue NW787
360T27Blue Fluff EN780
360T44Scarlett In Patches of Strayinc SC780
36229Cloudfall EW742
36328Misu EN730
36412Lincoin AA713
365T30TMaxy of Cuddlemonster EW709
365T30TMolly EW709
36722Fate Would Have It MA703
36822Coco MP687
36956More Cheez Pleez GL676
37057Annie GL668
37145Odie SC666
37236Miss Sakura Jade of Supurrstition NW664
37358Charles Anthony GL663
37446Walter Whiskers SC654
37559McEnroe GL653
37632Piglit EW648
37733Meika EW646
37817Dado ES637
37947Itty Bitty Little Dalya SC635
380T26Operetta of Mewsicatz SW621
380T37Penelope Princess Pumpkin NW621
38229Mimi Lee EN610
38323Beanie Baby MP592
38448Black And Gold SC567
38549Slick Willy of Dsjewels SC560
38644Maximum Chunkofcoal SE511
38745Samuel of Andredie SE485
38846Bob The Cat SE484
38924Justus MP477
39034Abi EW461
39147Robert Redford Graham of Jasperhall SE449
39226Fast Eddy NE437
39327Birgitta SW432
39450Sassenach of Angelbear SC427
39538Erik The Red NW422
39623Goldenshadows MA412
39760Buster GL403
39851Flipper Magee of Chalkmtn SC365
39948Daphne Samantha of Jasperhall SE364
40049Occhi Blu of Mixologies SE348
40150Ena Alexandra SE339
40235Pooh Bear EW334
40361Blue Steel Magnum GL333
40452Rattles SC332
40539Keiserinne Mash Allah NW308
40662Jelly Bean GL305
40724Care Bear of Rugrunners MA301
40828Jefferson SW296
40927Sheba NE285
41029Jay Jay SW284
41151Barney SE264
41252Frodo Baggins SE255
41353Jack Wagner of Jasperhall SE250
41453Louie SC235
41554Minu SC234
41654Mazda Hybrid of Careycats SE231
41736Siri EW230
41863Shadowblu GL224
41955Turqouise Gwen SE215
42056Alexa Hancock SE197
42157Miss Eowyn SE193
42255Allikat SC189
42358Diesel of Pentaclecats SE186
42413Jian Guo AA176
42564Trixy GL167
42659Ms Purrl SE144
42756Indiana Jones SC135
42840Markus NW126
42937Shaniis Wild Dream EW110
43060Ms Coral SE105
43125Work Release MA94
43226Red Rocket Express MA83
43341Gabriel Maljour NW69
43430Jackson SW68
43565Chloe GL60
43625Rusty MP17
43761Bob Marley SE8
43857Peek A Boo SC4
439T62Sophie Rose of Jasperhall SE3
439T58Littlebig Man of Strayinc SC3
441T63Louise SE2
441T26Tequila Sunrise MP2
441T59Drain Pipe SC2
441T31M A D G I K Ratman SW2
445T64Squeezably Soft Charmin SE1
445T14A Mei Mei AA1
447T60THoneysuckle SC0
447T18TAvskogalund Little Lucy ES0
447T60THolly SC0
447T42TCupidsragdolls Mittens NW0
447T18TGino ES0
447T32Kritsana Thiwa SW0
447T42TCupidsragdolls Joshua NW0
447T28Joymagic Boudha NE0