Household Pet Standings 2013: 201-495

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 17 May 2013.

RankHousehold Pet Standings 2013: 201-495
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
20122Kiley of Ziadolls SC1847
20218Maxwell SW1793
20321Liddle Louie GL1783
20423Abbey SC1773
20524Sunni SC1767
20619Night Rider MP1758
20715Bucket Brush Gator NE1732
2084Lili SA1731
209T7Shumba ES1730
209T13Ukkonen EN1730
21117Red Rocket Express MA1716
21225Aston Martin SC1714
21318Jack Frost of Rugrunners MA1709
214T5Don Bruce SA1692
214T22Rhoade Trash GL1692
21623Auntie Muffin GL1656
21722Etty Boop NW1614
21826Drain Pipe SC1576
21923Oprah W of Entrechaton NW1575
22028Big Orange SE1572
22116Meredith NE1569
22214Hansen EN1544
22327Maddy SC1536
22415Varvara EN1518
2257Pitch AA1516
226T20Foxylady EW1506
226T24Drama Queen NW1506
22824Atom of Kingsransom GL1486
22928Pebbles of Annbirwaves SC1475
23029Paytyns Patty Cat SE1473
23130Juke Joint Jezebel of Catsanhata SE1467
23229Ewe SC1466
23316Belyash EN1442
23425Callie GL1441
23530Ghost SC1426
236T17TSypathy EN1424
236T17TBismark EN1424
23821Comet EW1396
239T25TRaven Fiona NW1372
239T25TOh Henry of Cocoaspride NW1372
239T25TCafe Mocha Valencia NW1372
24231Hugo SC1360
24322Dante of Cwtchycats EW1347
2446Linda SA1329
2458Simbil ES1318
24631Jack Wagner of Jasperhall SE1308
24719Juulia EN1301
248T20Slynglen EN1299
248T32Yeai Yeai Tsai SE1299
25028Princess Ov Hearts NW1296
25119Penelope SW1292
2529Parazs ES1274
25319Work Release MA1269
2548Mame AA1241
25532This Cat Is On Fire SC1239
25633Lola SC1235
2579Legendaryboboy AA1221
25810Petit Fleur Kurumi of Aquarose AA1220
25926Maksim GL1214
260T33Faustina of Andredie SE1213
260T20Doodle Bug Cat SW1213
2627Lazaro SA1212
26334Just Peachy of Sazikatz SC1199
26435Hayden SC1197
26521Girey EN1195
26636Red Robin of Odesseycatz SC1186
26722Ceasar EN1176
26827Sonny GL1134
26937Catulli Carmina of Melrose SC1128
27034Get Rhythm SE1125
27128Hillary GL1114
27229Itty Bitty NW1091
27330Lily NW1089
274T35Mary Cassie SE1086
274T11Marshmallowchan AA1086
27623Gabi EW1077
27729Bizzibea GL1070
27824Corporal Carrot EW1067
27912Fu AA1065
2808Anastacia SA1060
28131Steve Shotgun Dibbs NW1056
28220Not Your Average Sock Monkey MP1052
283T23Ninja EN1049
283T17Lady Annie of Foreverland NE1049
2859Felipa SA1036
28624Ivan The Vikings Valkyrie EN1033
28725Filur EN1028
28825Lotusblossom EW1016
28920Holy Toledo Look At Those Feet MA1014
29026Tikhon EN1013
291T27Mishel EN1010
291T10Tommy ES1010
29330Denzel GL1007
29421Bugha Dhu SW994
29536Gabriel SE982
29611Felix ES977
29731Jitterbug GL970
29828Blue Fluff EN968
29921Kassias Silver Lining MP966
30021Hanna MA953
30129Rami EN950
30222Agnes MP942
30318Breaking Dawn of Foreverland NE924
30430Tomas Black And White EN922
30537Callie May of Littlepurrs SE921
30613Aoi AA917
30732Ms Frizzy NW916
30838Pats Beauty Cat of Katlapatda SE910
309T14Sachi AA906
309T10Yang SA906
31122Birgitta SW905
31212Barron of Airjordan ES901
31332Mister Roberts GL899
314T31Margo EN889
314T33Knobby GL889
31638Zeus The Moose SC888
31722Sophie Rose MA885
318T33Penelope Princess Pumpkin NW874
318T23Lulu Belle MP874
32011Arya SA873
32134Franklin GL872
32223Miss Minnie MA854
32332Marsel Exupery EN848
32412Sil SA840
32539Lil Road Rider of Hellokitty SC830
32635Marcasite A Gem Ofakitty GL825
32715Green Jewel Suite AA824
32836Princess R Wen GL823
32940Mels Amazing Metis SC819
33034Madisen Breeze NW814
331T37TKestrel GL805
331T37TLacey Marie GL805
33319Delilah NE804
33435Gabriel Maljour NW800
33516Raggazamurai Juju of Atelierys AA796
33617Serisierpyl AA774
33739Blue Steel Magnum GL765
33840Half Stache of Rouletii GL764
33939Benson SE754
34041Marocco Kenya SC734
34118Mint of Jykfield AA730
34240I Valentine SE718
34341Paisley GL708
34420Sidney NE697
34513Puhi Tumbev ES691
34642Louie SC685
347T24Miss Trailer Trash MA680
347T36Texas Tom NW680
34943Turkish Delight SC671
35042Samara GL662
35121Duster NE654
35233Pelle EN653
35314Ali Baba ES643
35441Dusty Rusty SE636
35543Ms Venus of Tennispro GL635
356T26Cybil EW632
356T42Razzy B SE632
35822Painted Lady NE626
35923M A D G I K Ratman SW600
36034Glafira EN599
36135Elsa EN593
36224Jake MP588
36336Homer EN587
36437DF Snowball NW584
36544Trixie of Cutetins SC581
36644Blue Ginger GL580
367T45Chloe GL576
367T37Mac EN576
36938Osya Osnovinsky EN573
37038Turtle NW570
37139Grenada EN568
37239Sabrina of Entrechaton NW566
37323Mis Chief Misha of Foxlair NE561
37413Sasha SA559
37543Carnival Destiny of Jasperhall SE553
37644Patches SE544
37725James Bond MP533
37824The Big Kahuana NE526
37926Mittzi MP525
38025Couch Po Tato NE519
381T45Summer Breeze of Hellokitty SC515
381T46Bo Bear GL515
38324Ziggy SW511
38419Kroon of Lynfield AA510
38547Vlad of Kremlincats GL509
38645Brianna Teresa of Tanasi SE507
38726Steven NE489
38825M J SW488
389T27Honey Bear NE486
389T27Pikwick EW486
39125Heidi MA485
39220Alec Ackles AA483
39346Dak Attack SE480
39428Fast Eddy NE475
39526Cinnamon Spice SW474
396T47Amberleeanne SE472
396T40Nobel Benjamin EN472
39848Robert Redford Graham of Jasperhall SE470
399T46Uncle Sam I Am SC461
399T41Miku The Barbarian EN461
40148Luna Lovegood of Ypsivans GL458
40249Ena Alexandra SE455
40350Sonny SE451
40447Flipper Magee of Chalkmtn SC446
40551Ricky Bobby SE441
406T29Cody James NE437
406T40Charles Diego Aka Diego NW437
40827Furby SW436
40921Jian Guo AA431
41028Peach EW428
41141Erik The Red NW426
41252Holly SE419
41326Eisenhower MA416
41415Danzel ES411
41529Cream EW395
41649Missy Little Emily GL376
41728Merlins Magic SW374
41829PJ SW367
41942Pokey NW366
42053Coo Coo Nut SE364
42130Dusty Miller SW357
42227Holy Toledo More Big Feet MA352
42327Honey MP341
424T30Siri EW340
424T31Josey Girl SW340
42648Scamp of Greystoke SC302
42743Contessa NW296
42844Benjamin of Dramatails NW292
42949Oscar of Melrose SC291
43032Miss Cream Puff SW285
43154Baddd To The Bone of Careycats SE283
43228The Magical Emerald City MA271
43342Hemi EN270
43414Chichi SA262
43555Brutus Ritley SE255
436T50Bailey GL248
436T28Pixy Stix MP248
43856Phoebe SE240
43943Vadik EN238
44045Rocky NW210
44146Robert NW195
44229One Eyed Callie of Marbleglen MA186
44333Jayne SW185
44451Must Be Cat Magic GL183
44534Sophie SW179
44630Marble Rye NE176
44747Max The Silent Growler NW175
44857Charlies Gift SE173
44958Remington SE172
45016Weckl ES170
45135Miss Gracie SW169
452T36Simon SW168
452T30Delaney MA168
45437Jackson SW164
45559Sophie Rose of Jasperhall SE152
45638Jefferson SW147
45760Mollys Bella SE142
45850Black And Gold SC138
459T31Carbon Copy Cat NE137
459T44Ashan EN137
46139Halle Blue Berry SW126
46251Izzy of Cajunragdolls SC125
463T29Tank MP120
463T48DF Gizmo NW120
46540Yew SW116
466T32Kava NE104
466T31Puffs Flash EW104
46833Belleaimee NE85
46932Daisy Mouse EW72
47031Sarabande MA71
47133Jessie EW60
472T30Gwynn MP10
472T61Reddrodeo SE10
474T31Bleutbad MP9
474T41Mr Roo SW9
47652Skeeter of Purrfectdreams GL8
477T45Martyshka EN7
477T42Grabby SW7
479T52Graystone SC5
479T49Ren NW5
479T43Spats SW5
482T44TLula Belle SW4
482T44TSuri of Mewsicatz SW4
482T53Ike GL4
485T53James of Boutiquecats SC3
485T46TRushie SW3
485T46TTubby Tabby SW3
488T54Ulysses S Grant GL2
488T62Bob Marley SE2
488T46Baronboy of Rumin EN2
491T54TBlackjack of Sazikatz SC1
491T22Cute Guy AA1
491T54TLucy SC1
491T32Elvis MP1
495T50TCupidsragdolls Mittens NW0
495T50TCupidsragdolls Joshua NW0
495T63Falmari Elfvis The King of Noldor SE0
495T34Joymagic Boudha NE0