Household Pet Standings 2012: 201-465

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 04 June 2012.

RankHousehold Pet Standings 2012: 201-465
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
20115Cybil EW1906
20235Juke Joint Jezebel of Catsanhata SE1893
20336Bud Bud SE1887
20411Kurikuri Maron AA1839
20521Megatoe Agent Shiloh GL1836
20616Bertie EW1821
20722Kestrel GL1812
20823River GL1777
20937Chaize of Mountaincats SE1751
21038Chesney SE1746
21119Lucky The Paws of Thai's Star SW1745
212T14Bismark EN1730
212T17Ncis Abby Sciuto SC1730
21415Curie EN1714
21524Cocomotion GL1709
21625Bo Bear GL1708
2174Caramel ES1705
21816Homer EN1704
2192Churras Kinho SA1697
22019Charles Diego Aka Diego NW1687
22120Bonitas NW1681
22239Bama Belle Blue SE1573
22321Contessa NW1505
22422Daemons Are Forever NW1504
22540Ivan SE1497
2265Shumba ES1494
227T3Afro SA1488
227T14Shoot The Stars Sam MP1488
22923Chip NW1474
23024Lady Bug NW1453
23112Marshmallowchan AA1450
23220Bugha Dhu SW1449
23317Joshua EW1429
23422Furby MA1408
23518Avalaviniagardner EW1397
23621Minta SW1352
2374Linda SA1351
23823Sugar Cookie of Tremethick MA1347
23919Just Jack of Purebliss EW1307
24018Dirty Sexy Silver SC1305
24141Sir Kingston Ofthecastle SE1301
242T13Aoi AA1263
242T22Duchess SW1263
24442Carnival Destiny of Jasperhall SE1253
2455Samuel of Rybakcattery SA1252
2466Bonitaprincess ES1241
24726Me Oh My Oh Razzmatazz GL1237
24825Chaos NW1221
24920Delilah NE1218
25024Miss Serenity MA1203
251T7TGangster ES1197
251T7THerr Stresemann ES1197
253T19Ghost SC1188
253T21Lady Aoife O Mordha NE1188
2556Lazaro SA1175
25614Dai AA1169
2579Dar Es Salaam Darry ES1133
258T10Tora Tora Tora ES1120
258T17Kysya Musik EN1120
26025CJ of Bellesandbeaux MA1109
26120Hadd Milk of Solacefarm SC1102
26243Chloe of Littlepurrs SE1100
26326Madisen Breeze NW1098
26418Krecik EN1088
26526Kenny MA1079
26627Rum Tum Tugger MA1069
26719Kissy EN1055
26827Miss Ariel NW1046
26915Green Jewel Suite AA1039
27016Yuzuki AA1037
27121Rudolph of Kakatz SC1036
27220Nightshade of Shimmerclaw EW1010
27344Petipaw SE1000
27417Pashiko AA999
27522Lady Annie of Foreverland NE998
27645Miz Taylor of Littlepurrs SE997
27721Corporal Carrot EW991
278T23Snoball SW989
278T46Rhett SE989
28028Darwin NW982
28147Jazzie Jade of Careycats SE980
28222Corry EW972
28322Summer Breeze of Hellokitty SC956
28424Cinnamon Spice SW948
28529Oh Henry of Cocoaspride NW946
28623Sandwich EW944
28728Holy Toledo More Big Feet MA942
28818Mikelan AA923
28948Mindy SE913
29020Emma EN911
29149Ducati SE908
292T7Baltazar of Salvador SA906
292T27Salsa GL906
29450Bad Mommy Tom Tom SE902
29551Briannas Lil Blue Bubba SE887
29630Pekoe NW885
29719Atelier Ys Luv Lily Dali AA879
298T21Pelle EN868
298T20Raggazamurai Juju of Atelierys AA868
30021Lincoin AA857
30152Ms Sushi Ofthe Wharf Cats SE854
30253Charlies Gift SE849
30315Morgana MP847
30422Miku The Barbarian EN840
30528Missy Little Emily GL839
30623Theodore Thunder SC834
30729Ashton GL823
30823Couch Po Tato NE819
30916M A D G I K Ratman MP815
31031Nonameforme NW808
31117Gwynn MP805
31225Karakora SW803
31330Haile Heartbar GL796
31454Presley SE790
315T23TMisseperdita EN780
315T55Edgecomb Addy of Johnsbay SE780
315T23TNopo EN780
31824Mis Chief Misha of Foxlair NE779
31932Mow NW770
32056Ena Alexandra SE762
32157Mollys Bella SE751
32233Opie of Entrechaton NW747
323T58Matilda of Johnsbay SE746
323T11Troy ES746
32518Cagney MP736
32631Zayna GL733
32729Holy Toledo Look At Those Feet MA715
32832Sleeping Beauty GL712
32926Blackjack N Spades SW705
33027Miss Gracie SW698
33125Painted Lady NE693
33230Cocoa MA692
33328Grabbys Shadow SW691
33429Ajax SW688
33519Gimme S More MP671
33633Kabukicat Del Salvaje GL657
33759Barney SE654
33834Fur Ever Amber GL653
33926I Will Rock You NE642
34027Buffalo NE632
34120Elvis MP618
34260Prince Charming I SE605
34325Rami EN604
344T24Puffetty EW603
344T35Toe Neil GL603
34634Traycee NW602
34736Kodak GL598
34861Benson SE596
34925Littleman Raffles EW594
35028Bucket Princess Anastasia NE591
35137Kens Flame GL572
35231Heidi MA570
35338Baiter Allexandros of Starkittie GL567
35412Danzel ES565
35526Rascal EW561
35621Jake MP552
35724Prada SC549
35827Chloe EW538
35925Mackenzye Rain SC528
36030Gretchen SW519
36131Butter SW516
36229Huckleberry NE515
363T26Coco SC505
363T28Autumn EW505
36532B A R K S Peter MA504
36632Sparkle of Lamancha SW502
36722Keyia MP495
36833Sniffles SW479
36929Luna Star EW478
37022Alec Ackles AA472
37127Benji SC470
37233Annie MA461
373T39Cinderella of Designerstripes GL445
373T26Aslanashes EN445
37513Freddy ES440
37634Simon SW434
37734Daddys Lil Cuddlebug of Marbleglen MA424
37823Cute Guy AA417
379T62Feather SE395
379T27Mac EN395
38135PJ SW393
38223Marie MP390
383T63Gabriel SE388
383T28Samia SC388
385T36Jollie SW386
385T40Must Be Cat Magic GL386
38729Luca Mikel of Kenluki SC378
38835Izzy MA369
38924Spidercat MP368
3908Panchito SA362
391T30Tigger SC361
391T30Duster NE361
39325Batman MP359
39435Sir Azure NW354
39536Tom Paris MA350
396T64Alabama Amelia of Careycats SE346
396T37Birch Paw MA346
39814Barron of Airjordan ES340
39936Scout NW337
400T37Mercy Mercy Mr Percy NW334
400T9Sasha SA334
40241Miss Kaleidescope of KCsJungleBabes GL333
403T42TMr Squiggles GL324
403T42TJitters GL324
40565Cobbler SE320
40637Idomenea of Mewsicatz SW319
40731Peppermintpatty of Inkblotz SC316
40844Knobby GL315
40938Billy The Kid of Marbleglen MA313
41066Daphne Samantha of Jasperhall SE307
41139O Malley MA303
41232Angel SC299
413T45Lucky Luke GL285
413T67Brianna Teresa of Tanasi SE285
41538Lady Purrl Grey NW281
41668Robert Redford Graham of Jasperhall SE273
41730Jackamo Casanova EW236
418T46Andre GL233
418T39Cat With Many Names Aka Eynsteinn NW233
42040Piper NW230
42133Ajax SC204
42215Sandy ES203
42341Ralph NW200
42431Cody James NE199
42534Mackenzie Ant SC195
42647Atom of Kingsransom GL188
42732North Point Sherman NE186
42848Prince Phillip GL183
42969Jojo SE180
43035Skinny Minny SC177
43149Adonnis GL174
43224Scpa Kiki AA170
43326Kassias Silver Lining MP169
43440Larenzo MA168
43533Frankie NE163
43670Oliver Matthew of Jasperhall SE152
43771Justin Time SE150
43836Pete SC149
43941Benny Boo Boo MA145
44038Gisele SW144
44172Maggie SE143
44237Uncle Yoda SC142
44327Prince Zorro MP137
44450Skeeter of Purrfectdreams GL130
44573Rubberband Man of Careycats SE122
44631Jinshar EW120
44774Sweetie SE119
448T28TJo Jo MP116
448T28TRu Paul MP116
450T42Missingparts MA82
450T75Luvnmuffin St Nick of Cortezcats SE82
45230Honey MP72
453T51TBently GL11
453T51TEtoile GL11
45576Ryan Atwood of Jasperhall SE9
456T53Z Girl Zena GL8
456T38Lil Road Rider of Hellokitty SC8
458T77TEileen SE5
458T77TMymy My Delilah SE5
460T31Bastets Soul Sekhmets Hunter Spirit MP2
460T79Gimme Shelter of Catsanhata SE2
462T32Jeffrey Jeffie MP1
462T39Ira Gershwin of Mewsicatz SW1
462T43Onyx MA1
465T16Odour Oriental Magic ES0
465T10TTigra SA0
465T34Joymagic Boudha NE0
465T10TFelipa SA0
465T80Sir Leo of Littlepurrs SE0