Championship Cat Standings 2012: 1405-1603

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 04 June 2012.

RankChampionship Cat Standings 2012: 1405-1603
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1405T109195Dadaelis Cool Breeze of Dreamquest NWBG481
1405T216135Calaquendi Dolls Sunni Grace Cheri ENRD481
140710310Chateaubleu Eva of Forevermoor GLCX479
1408110102Templeparlor Ruby Sekhmet NWPS478
140910459Cesalia Star Dreams GLBS477
1410T114136Turtledove Adonis of Mistyragdolls SERD476
1410T14411Precioushearts Chicago ESSR476
1410T80196Redearth Diva of Paragonbengals SCBG476
141314544Robinia Marcowe Migdaly ESSB475
1414T74137Sulraggies Nefertiti SARD473
1414T819Calitonk Sequoia Pepperdine SCTO473
1416T217T197Murenacat Eis of Kissana ENBG472
1416T217T145D'Banzai/ID ENMC472
1416T11513Wyndchymes Jethro Gibbs SEJB472
1416T8230Bumblebe Here Comes The Sun SCBI472
142083138Dollhouse Royal Diamond of Dsjewels SCRD471
1421T75103MLP Yuni SAPS470
1421T11660Suvikasteen Otso SEBS470
1421T84139Sunnybrook Siberian Winter NERD470
1421T8428Shiekspurr Tortellini SCHI470
1425T11729Mipaws Woodbridge of Catley Crue/CF SEHI468
1425T21961Eskimo Gold Blueberry ENBS468
1427T220T140La Belleza Ragdolls Fantastico G/WC ENRD467
1427T220T14Quintano Tiano of Marmorensy/ID ENSF467
1427T118T59Pentaclecats Indigo Moon SEAB467
1427T220T146Waldemaine Brigitte ENMC467
1427T118T6Autumsun Midnight Hole SEBB467
1432T22316Alexandroff Mc-Bella-Belissima/CF ENDR466
1432T14620Gossip Girl Du Temple Des Pharoa/WC ESCR466
1432T7611Blue Melody Kitty of Dressedinblue SACX466
1435103104D Eden Lover Bolero of Jemineve EWPS465
1436T12030Purr-Star Touched By An Angel SEHI464
1436T16132Fantarja Black Jaguar AANF464
1436T104198Seregon Rodriguez Sandiargo EWBG464
1439T71141Aknightstail Butterfly Dust MPRD463
1439T224147Antocatdk Its Me ENMC463
1441T22531Lafere Cant Take Me Home ENSI462
1441T121142Riterags Don Juan SERD462
144316262Mountteine Coco AABS461
1444T16323Silverlake Madama Butterfly AARB460
1444T7245Rozhenitsa Alexander Kusmichoff MPSB460
1444T226T53Dainty of Temptation/ID ENOS460
1444T226T148Kiyaras Hip Hop Diamond ENMC460
1448T164149Williamina Sayaka of Ohedo AAMC459
1448T77143Palacedolls Cleopatra of Sulraggies SARD459
1450T9410Royalnefertt HRH Papprazzi SWEM456
1450T14763Icon Bell Arden/ID ESBS456
1452105105Popup Louis Vitton EWPS455
1453105144Kittyhaven Paint By Numbers GLRD454
1454T106145Rouletii First Love GLRD453
1454T63199Silverbelle of Bengaland MABG453
145673146Bluestone Livin On The Edge MPRD452
1457228150Ravenflocks Loki of Neobiotas/ID ENMC451
1458T107106Mystic Rose Partimon of Dreamque/CF GLPS450
1458T85200Kiabindhi Cafe Americano of Astarte NEBG450
1458T111T17Rainingrexes Fly Robin Fly NWDR450
1458T12253Insta-Purr Easy Going SEES450
1458T111T32Stegra Jolonie NWSI450
1463T148151TLangstteich's Magnum Blue/LO ESMC449
1463T229151TUfacoon's Harley/WC ENMC449
146578107Dangelo Nando of Luxvitae SAPS448
1466T11314Evergreen Coyote Sunset NWPB447
1466T10664Suntrek Lily Lullabye EWBS447
1466T16524Kazu Dozu's Lake of Littlelion/ID AASG447
1469T14954Firmin Des Figulines ESES446
1469T23028Beautyburm's Elka Show/WC ENBU446
1469T107201Guyus Miss Millions of Wildwaters EWBG446
1469T79147Shadowlawn Kimee of Sulraggies SARD446
1473T150T15Fairyberendey Gleiz of Snowpixie ESPB444
1473T150T108Benesere's Beatrice/WC ESPS444
1473T10811Owhl Chubby Chaser of Woodpile GLSS444
1476108202Pantherajedi Caramel Swirl EWBG443
1477123148Rags2dazzle Alicya SERD442
14788554Cattrekker Kethryveris SCOS441
1479T23124Bluemystery Amanda ENRB440
1479T11446Eros Wild Taiga of Snowykitten NWSB440
1479T86153Koerncoon Majestic Sabor NEMC440
1482T10910Minkitty Crystal Blue Purrsuasion GLTO439
1482T109203Suntouched Oscar EWBG439
1482T15260Deeablo Fire Walk With Me ESAB439
1482T80109Coventgarden Mamiko SAPS439
1486T81T204Tigrinus Savage of Dealles/ID SABG438
1486T232154Nascat Rev Up N Fire Thru ENMC438
1486T16665Picasso From Sham of Blueamber AABS438
1486T95149Razldazldolls Crystl Blu Purrsuashn SWRD438
1486T81T31Valmont Homan of Alkimia SAHI438
1491T86205Lagallerie Shoichi SCBG437
1491T153155Williamina Trixie of Wistariantale ESMC437
1493154206Koppiekatz Killer of Saphirsdelune ESBG435
14946418Koro Molly MADR434
1495T167150Silktree Maya of Helichrysum AARD433
1495T8756Sugartownbabies Isis of Sangroyal SCSX433
1497115110Night Winds Blunote of Hollowhills NWPS431
1498T1248Munchlets Porsche of Munchkinskiss SEMK430
1498T15561Kronhede Exquisite Ella ESAB430
1500T88T31Bayouash Teaser SCAS429
1500T8332Sirenia's Fleur de Lis/CF SAHI429
1500T168156Williamina Mayu AAMC429
1500T88T5Bluebonnet S Calliope SCML429
150411066Adecish Summerspells EWBS428
1505T233157Edoras de Sulena de Tengri Nor ENMC427
1505T9013Bayoufoxes Pop Goes The Weasle SCSO427
150716912Azureblue Meconopsis Grandis AASL423
150896207Avenir Lollipop Lollipop SWBG421
1509116208Dawnfire Isabella NWBG420
1510T15612Aristorex Flokati of Ynyswitrin ESSR419
1510T234209Dreambengals Jinx ENBG419
1512117151Rhapsody Calypso of Whiterockrags NWRD417
1513T235T47Kapriz Onix Gloria ENSB416
1513T235T111Persefelis Jesse James ENPS416
1513T11112Overear Chattanooga Choo Choo EWAL416
1516T170112Zukadream Sparkle Honey AAPS414
1516T157210Sierragold Gitonga of Jaipursangels ESBG414
1518T17114Leostar Flora AASO413
1518T1252Pirateslair Hannah Mt of Autumsun SEBH413
1520T118211Belgobengals Cjwurthy of Junglejem NWBG412
1520T158T13Fly Me To The Moon de Chyouilhan/LO ESTA412
1520T9762Dakarai Kiss Me Kate of Equistice SWAB412
1520T158T158Tuscaloosa Im Neniel of Ynyswitrin ESMC412
152423767Gabriel British Beauty ENBS411
1525T16015Silverado Lacy Star Rumfold/ID ESSF410
1525T6525Arietta Puccini MASG410
1525T112212Springmeadow Amethyst EWBG410
1528T16131Backkara's Make My Day/WC ESBI408
1528T84159Coongals Tamara of Candelaria SAMC408
1530T126213Poolside Kitty Gaga SEBG407
1530T17233Dorrymama Capuccio AANF407
153287214Sniper of Spotsstops NEBG404
1533119160Carstutz Lola of Mistycoons NWMC403
1534238152Pacificats Katy Crumble ENRD402
1535T17312Fiorire Romanee AACX401
1535T2396Pienpeto Kratti ENTH401
1535T66215Metastar Junglejazz MABG401
1538T16268Tomas of Kiriatcat ESBS400
1538T74153TTranquilvalley Peaches N Dream MPRD400
1538T110153TPidepipurr Jagger of Rockinblues GLRD400
1541T11133Vannies Paws Rise-of-The Phoenix/CF GLHI398
1541T240161Finchamberlain Heart of Mine/FI ENMC398
1541T163113Brettachtal Franklin ESPS398
1544T24134Rimturser Love Is In The Air ENNF397
1544T113162Navarri Cassandra EWMC397
1544T12069Catwalks Very Much Expected NWBS397
1544T127155Bordeaux LTD Sassafras of Sal-Shire SERD397
1548T16463Abypersona Demi Moor ESAB396
1548T128163Mainesail Jack Dancer SEMC396
155012955Sybarit Yvonne of Sunrisefold SEES394
1551T130156TRaggymay Portia Vecelli SERD393
1551T91156TEria Pro Blue Jewel SCRD393
155324255Elvenpride Wabansior ENOS392
1554T121216Wildcharm Sapphire NWBG390
1554T165164Broadsway Tigress of Silverscoon ESMC390
1556T24357Sitara Queen Katrin/ID ENSX388
1556T174T70Mountteine Cherry Blossom AABS388
1556T174T165Amangroup Lelouch of Chatjardin AAMC388
155998217Aspengold Thunder Ridge SWBG387
1560T75218TSpotsofgold Lenox MPBG386
1560T88218TTailspin Firestorm of Tapastree NEBG386
1560T11271Laziblues Uncle Sam of Brigattos GLBS386
1563T13132Sanx Angel's On My Mind of Caroc/CF SEAS385
1563T166220Kanpur Playmate ESBG385
156517664Carolcollection Love Me Chan AAAB384
1566113166Coonscross Desdemona GLMC383
1567167221Bengalstolosa First Lady ESBG382
1568T114114Tufftybee Paris In Spring EWPS381
1568T177222Mesakatz Boa Hancock of Misticmuse AABG381
1568T89158Kasseldolls Chocolate Tekila NERD381
1571T244T167Pillowtalk's Da Vinci/ID ENMC380
1571T92223TKatznjamr King George of Jdare SCBG380
1571T90223TSpeakeasy Got Whatever It Is NEBG380
1571T244T65Abikenaz Bumblebee Fenix ENAB380
157517825Supersmile Subaru of Vert AARB379
1576T11533Abicasa Isadora EWSI378
1576T132159Rags2dazzle Luna of Fancatistic SERD378
1576T168168Gandalf of Beyrouth/ID ESMC378
1579T169T115Marko ESPS377
1579T6772Blain Kittys Village MABS377
1579T169T34Dantes Vassily of Caramia/ID ESHI377
1582T76225TSnopride Gabriella MPBG376
1582T13358Madicats Funny Face SESX376
1582T91225TKlassikbengals Dunrite Again NEBG376
15859313Cutetins Zeus SCSR375
1586T94160Ragbenchers Royalkeeper of Dsjewels SCRD374
1586T116169Spirritz Sandpiper EWMC374
1586T1717Kastanjeback Tinkerbelle ESBL374
1589T77227Junglecreations Miss California MPBG373
1589T11459Bemisu Estralia of Lockandkey GLSX373
1591T11748Musrafy Rurik of Marielle EWSB372
1591T78228Junglejem Takoda of Saris MPBG372
1593T17935Azureblue Hana Icibaan AANF371
1593T246229Mainstreet Happy of Amazongold ENBG371
1595T247230Kattiklaanin Jonayla ENBG368
1595T172116Precioushearts Twice As Nice ESPS368
1595T18012Kawaiiko Prince Liszt AASS368
159879161Victoriantresur Hope MPRD367
1599T248170Origami Perfect Cat ENMC362
1599T11873Kimcatz Bonnies Dream EWBS362
1601173171D'Harane de Gryffondor ESMC361
160217434Laetee Siam's Fausty/LO ESSI360
1603T249172Shercoon Cassidy ENMC358
1603T134162Simonsezz Jasmine of Mistysragdolls SERD358