Championship Cat Standings 2011: 1601-1800

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 26 May 2011.

RankChampionship Cat Standings 2011: 1601-1800
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1601T148218Poshpaws Fire In The Sky EWBG387
1601T9661Lostwoods Reagan of Redcanyon SWNF387
160322869Fussili de La Vallee Du Lys/ID ENBS386
1604T22969Wildpuma Beatris ENAB385
1604T97219Alibris Blue Ribbon of Aspengold SWBG385
160698165Megailee Skylee of Preciousdolls SWRD384
1607T9610Dore Annabella GLTA383
1607T14470Abydale Lionheart NWAB383
1607T16830Beautyburm Faberge ESBU383
1607T8013Jennelrex Shiloh Rose MADR383
1611T93T21Cedarwood Tobias NESO382
1611T169220Divine Idylle Eden Park/LO ESBG382
1611T93T183Hollishill Evangeline of Kelimcoons NEMC382
161423052Bounty von Mittelmeijer ENSB381
1615T95221Azanabengals Too Hot 4 U NEBG380
1615T231T53Amalia of Russianirbis ENSB380
1615T170184Tojo Polaris Vanessa Adams ESMC380
1615T12112Wizardgate Bippity Boppity Boo SEBO380
1615T231T18Quintano Tiano of Marmorensy/ID ENSF380
1620T233T11Rich of Miomio ENSS379
1620T10371TOhmy Que Tesch SCAB379
1620T233T71TOmniamea Rosa Nera ENAB379
1620T17265Latin Lover Ossian of Arirang AAES379
1624122222Yuletide Darkdora of Alirose SEBG378
1625T235223Destinybengals Golden Charm ENBG377
1625T8655Bemisu Sir Winston Montgomery MPSX377
162723613Neuheidebergen Oxana of Ebonycatz ENBO376
1628T8162Epona Kyrre MANF375
1628T171T185A Winerau's Emely/FI ESMC375
1628T99224Bbbengals Roll The Dices SWBG375
1628T149T54Katyenka Sasha of Luniktyen EWSB375
1628T149T66Zendique Vivienne Westwood EWES375
1628T171T36Eric Le Rouge of Dechatterley ESBI375
1634T23712Milka of McVelvet ENSS374
1634T97225Spotsnglitz Monsoon GLBG374
1634T14556Vecchiomulino Obsidian NWSX374
163798226Birchbark Ebony of Albeng GLBG373
1638T2384Smeraldas BC Else ENLP372
1638T173227Silverstorm Ice Breaker ESBG372
1640T17437Fairfax D Highland ESBI371
1640T173T13Yukiusagi Samidare AAJB371
1640T173T186Fairypaw Phoebe Jr Paz AAMC371
1640T14625Christacats Princess Anica NWRB371
1640T96114Fountainhead's Deluge of Nymews/CF NEPS371
1645T239T187TCoogans Agent Smith ENMC370
1645T17567Befalsetto Rosemary AAES370
1645T151T166Dcdolls Daio EWRD370
1645T239T187TBearcloud Peek A Boo ENMC370
1645T78115Kalimero de Tierra de Aras SAPS370
1645T151T70Admirari Toblerone of Sheephouse EWBS370
1645T9750Klazeekats Karley of Rugosarose NEOS370
1652T175189Ercules de Morelia ESMC369
1652T9910Synergy Blue Spruce GLOL369
1652T15363Raffkin Tallahasse Talulah EWNF369
1655T10013Specialagent Reconnaissance SWPB368
1655T1005Deltabobz Delta Dawn of Jabocats GLBB368
165724120Remus Satysfakcja ENCR367
1658T101228Koppiekatz Magic Image SWBG366
1658T17664Cherubin Blue Dahlia of Dorrymama AANF366
1660T17622Arunaguban Cassiopeia ESSO365
1660T242T14Gorgeus of Golden Line/ID ENBO365
1660T147229Magyar Lucy In The Sky NWBG365
1660T242T167Calaquendi Dolls The Lady Annica ENRD365
16648757Sundancenbare Make Me A Star MPSX364
1665T8271TMaksbritishcats Taras MABS363
1665T8871THome&hearth Puddifoot My Muggle/CF MPBS363
1665T10125Kaws A Little Bit of Peanutbutte/CF GLAS363
1668177230Anjali Cohn AABG362
1669T24473Hotchocolate Prince Sindbad ENAB361
1669T123231Rowan Marjorie of Serenitybengals SEBG361
1669T178168Katrinelund Anna Sui of Bluecoins AARD361
1672T102169Supurrrags Saffire GLRD360
1672T24511Balkankedi's Orchidea/CF ENTA360
167410439Cattrekker Dawnfire SCSI358
1675T103T170Bwbabydolls Shiloh GLRD357
1675T103T55Windrifter Sir Raja of Heavnzsent GLSB357
167724674Orangemarmelad Tiara ENAB356
1678T89T7Orsipetrika Ivana of Purrsia MPPD355
1678T89T73Castlkatz Grawp of Mugglecats MPBS355
168024768Ispahan Myth Bird-of-Beauty/CF ENES354
1681248232Tamleopardens Us Star ENBG353
1682124190Broadsway Hollis SEMC352
1683T24975Africandreams Alisha/ID ENAB351
1683T98191Catz-Azz Daylangel of Gglegacy/CF NEMC351
1685T179192Tara of Baccaracoon/FI AAMC349
1685T10556Vonleibchens Merlin Timosovich SCSB349
168717774Airjordan Elizabeth/ID ESBS348
1688250233Leopardcats Xtreme's Masterpiece/ID ENBG347
1689T251T234TTamleopardens Lady Gaga ENBG346
1689T251T234TAlshar Blazing Heart ENBG346
1689T83234TAvenir Sings Softly To Me of Anjou MABG346
1692T10257Barin Volzskaja Krasa SWSB345
1692T178171Eliott de Monte Stello ESRD345
1692T14869Parti Wai Ex Blue Jean Baby NWES345
1695T253T70Mellowcherry Candy King ENES344
1695T253T193Coonation's Alpha Beat/FI ENMC344
1695T1033Kokopellies Painted Feather SWBH344
1695T10651Maracai Erik The Red of Pengar SCOS344
1699104172Izzadorablerags Lindor SWRD343
1700255237Big Marshal Palmira ENBG342
170110521Cattail's Dancing In The Moonlig/AC GLCR341
1702T25676Osiris v Heart of Gold/ID ENAB340
1702T179116Monella A Thousand And One Delight ESPS340
170484238Aluren Alice And Wonderland MABG339
1705T154194Kassaro Tahoe EWMC338
1705T85239Starangel Leep A Fate MABG338
1705T9158Sundancenbare Winchester MPSX338
170886240Wildfx Crystal Gem MABG337
1709T18014Yukiusagi Hotaru AAJB336
1709T180T75Belami of Double Delight/FI ESBS336
1709T180T117Jelliebeans Idol of Bigpurrs ESPS336
1712T9977TCharmedabys Bob NEAB335
1712T25777TFletchers Young Star/FI ENAB335
1712T107241Starglitter Ice Princess of Ohmy SCBG335
171518171Befalsetto Lay The Hope AAES334
1716T105173Calirags Mr Biggum SWRD333
1716T87195Amayalynx Carbon Ftprints of MTNest MAMC333
1718T258196Dktimita Capella ENMC332
1718T1065Acapella Kalossi of Javahut GLHB332
1718T888Leprechaun Cityboy of Rugrunners MAML332
1721149242Matahari Ice Cube of Cocoaspride NWBG331
1722106174Stardolls Paul Bunyan SWRD330
1723155243Bluewater Its A Steel of Poshpaws EWBG329
1724T18265TBatcave Olympia ESNF328
1724T156197TMabalakat Eagle Rare EWMC328
1724T10711Aytasi Gulunc Sevgisi GLTV328
1724T125T9Josiesmunchkins Dreamweaver SEML328
1724T125T197TJavacats High Tea of Pantherhill SEMC328
1724T18265TCresentview Ribobon of Glassyeyes AANF328
1730107175Beachcityrags Spence of Ragbenchers SWRD327
173118338Backkara's Frozen Mind/ID ESBI326
173210852Bershar Bonnie SCOS325
1733T9231Mme Butterfly Samson MPBU323
1733T109118Vicketales Blue Cheese SCPS323
1733T15776Blueridgecats Miss Dior EWBS323
1736259176Haidit Chamaat of Flufyluf ENRD322
17378915Afthors Absolut Abba of Vindouro MABO321
1738T158244Bengalcharm Nikiski EWBG320
1738T100177Willowtreerags Silk Stocking NERD320
1740T260T245Batifoleurs Jaby ENBG319
1740T260T12Curly Milky Way Junior From Sham ENSL319
1742184199Amayalynx Leviathan ESMC317
1743T15039Bojobirmans Gurdie NWBI316
1743T11053Ranchcats Jewel of Radiance SCOS316
1743T12777Castleray Hot Tamale of Holyfold SEBS316
1746T18367Celestite AANF315
1746T15978Kimcatz Bonnies Dream EWBS315
1748T262200Finfayola Dallas ENMC314
1748T108178TSnugglerags Abigail SWRD314
1748T151178TIzzadorablerags Magical Tune NWRD314
1751T185T180Skydolls Gizmo ESRD313
1751T184201Williamina Trixie AAMC313
1751T152246Bengalsprings Silverbullet NWBG313
1751T185T25Thueringen's Dreams Come True/CF ESHI313
1751T7979Purrceptive Ogilvy of Imagine SABS313
1756T10159Lanion Mimoza de L Eden NESX312
1756T2636Ghislaine of Chrysanthe/ID ENBA312
1758T15314Kaperkats Hummer NWPB311
1758T187181Pawsnwhiskers Busterbrown ESRD311
1758T16068Tiganlea Princess Dayna/GB EWNF311
1761T12880Cookcyn Huey SEBS310
1761T109119Snugglebug Magic Maker SWPS310
1761T807Camelotfantasy Andres SABA310
1761T161202Mabalakat Pablo Picasso EWMC310
1765T185120Garbera Orchid AAPS309
1765T15426Dreamscape Pinot Noir NWAS309
1767111182Cajunragdolls Voodoo Magic SCRD308
1768T264203TBajuncat Polundra ENMC307
1768T1885Pepsi From Box of Tricks/NE ESBL307
1768T186203TWilliamina Sylvanas of Orientique AAMC307
1771T129T12Lakota Cherokee Magnolia SETO306
1771T129T27Felicitykits Kitterick SEAS306
1771T11240Birmnsrus Justified Glory SCBI306
1774T113T72Zanycats The Dominator SCES305
1774T265205Troublemaker Juicy Lucy ENMC305
1774T18712Darlingmitsu Sure Queen AAMK305
1774T113T79Aksum Long Cool Woman of Ohmy SCAB305
1774T162247Junglefire New Moon of Hotfuzz EWBG305
1779T266206Lioncoon Tayga ENMC304
1779T188248Jeongs Muze of Dazzlingrosette AABG304
1779T18926Yanina's Zorro of Ste-Colombe/CF ESHI304
1782T13158Nikarl Yuri of Shadowlawn SESB303
1782T110183Trexdolls Brigadoon of Crackonoon SWRD303
1784T189T13Marimaki Yukina AATO302
1784T189T69Fantarja Sir Elder AANF302
1784T26780Omniamea Regina Di Sole ENAB302
1787T102184Ragangels Leaf NERD301
1787T10859Timberbend Abrikoska GLSB301
1789T191T207Kirdcoon Riki AAMC300
1789T16318Spookipawz Maynard EWSG300
1789T132185Sunnyshores Persephone SERD300
1789T191T81Surfin Viola Alice of Stellamaris AAAB300
1793T19081Alibistory Emy ESBS299
1793T268249Sumarum Diamond Lion ENBG299
1793T1332Snowcats Evening Star SESN299
1796T1116Kokopellies Polar Mist SWBB298
1796T81186Shadowlawn Kimee of Sulraggies SARD298
1798T103208Dracoonfly Lucciola of Beigatti NEMC297
1798T11514Odesseycatz La Diva of Sparklineyes SCTO297
1800T26982Super Aby Carolina ENAB296
1800T19128Lynzkatz Swissy Wyatt ESAS296
1800T11215Karessence Be Delicious SWTO296
1800T10460Sundancenbare Diamond In The Buff NESX296