Championship Cat Standings 2009: 2209-2407

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 28 May 2009.

RankChampionship Cat Standings 2009: 2209-2407
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2209T570T108Sodachicats Stormin Norman ENBS149
2209T149T235TLionsmaine Charlie Brown SEMC149
2209T570T64Caroona Dutch's First Born/GC ENBI149
2209T149T351TGogees Be Dazzled of Borntobewild SEBG149
2209T161235TCronus Platinum Edition GLMC149
2209T570T235TDairymaine Lucretia ENMC149
2209T570T351TGlamshine Easy Marmelad ENBG149
2216T162353Snopride Wild Heart of Bengalbasket GLBG148
2216T170140Melody Chanel SCPS148
2216T574T27Malevitch Fancy Face Forseti ENRB148
2216T574T109TJazfire What Acracker ENBS148
2216T131109TNecmines Veritas Almodovar ESBS148
2221T148T97Madicats Bareverly Sills NESX147
2221T576100TMarmatin Wonderful Wendy ENNF147
2221T238T100TAzureblue Norma Jeane of Perkyjean AANF147
2221T238T26Oreno Milk AAAS147
2221T148T16Arietta Zalika of Mausrus NEEM147
2226T240239Carolcollection Abi of Elfingate AARD146
2226T577354Llandar Annastazia of Suntouched ENBG146
2228T150238TSmoochncoons Daja Vue NEMC145
2228T171141Pink Fantasy Foolish Love SCPS145
2228T109238TKoontucky Windjammer of Hapik MPMC145
2228T241T240Reddoor Alice Chalifoux AARD145
2228T241T102Catsai Alexandrite A AANF145
2233T151240TLe Beau Minu Aurora Borealis NEMC144
2233T132T109D Alyse Silver Des Reves Daton ESAB144
2233T183241Echoglen Sweet Evanescence SWRD144
2233T132T23Gelfling's Hijo de La Luna/ID ESSR144
2233T185111Foxall Sapphire The Jewel NWBS144
2233T578240TLangstteich Nice Fable ENMC144
2239T186242Woodpile Aria of Macallans NWMC143
2239T243103Fantarja Monsieur AANF143
2239T18412Magicbobs Snowfox of Kokopellies SWBB143
2242T244243AesopYY Chardonnay Bouquet AAMC142
2242T151112Memere-Pata Katie of Pearadise SEBS142
2242T579T142TD'Eden Lover Eva of Barlandrus/CF ENPS142
2242T579T142TAlindas Little Wishes ENPS142
224658128Pentals Blue Sindri of Nindaranna ENRB141
2247T163355THilltopbengals Lyric GLBG140
2247T18598Bemisu Mr Bubbles SWSX140
2247T152355TCozycountry Perfect By Design NEBG140
2247T245355TJumanji Tito of Medusa AABG140
2251T134244Captivation Du Domaine de La Pegou ESMC139
2251T70T46Michelbeaumont Don Perygnon SAHI139
2251T58233Stagelight Yaz ENBU139
2251T246T113Djursviks Chanelle of Masters AABS139
2251T70T19Lovespell Sally SACR139
2251T246T104Coco Islands Vanja of Lisblanc AANF139
2257T583358Wildsidebengals Playgirl ENBG138
2257T18634Whyndgo Widget of Sableze SWBU138
2257T15311Coastaldreams Thor NEPL138
2257T172245TPudifoote Durango of Snuglcoons SCMC138
2257T105245TCarstutz Harraseeket of Mannahatta MAMC138
2262T248105Dorrymama Fugure of Salablue AANF137
2262T164T8Martycats Tiffanie GLBA137
2262T164T242Anaiya Sedai of Newspring GLRD137
2265T584T359TVondobschutz Ignatius ENBG136
2265T584T243Applause Dancing Queen ENRD136
2265T249T110Brouillard Blue Peter AAAB136
2265T249T359TLlandar Glory In The Flower AABG136
2269T135144Nanfer Fire N Ice ESPS135
2269T586114Joschua vom Sauerlandtor ENBS135
2271T251244Divinelove Oliviea AARD134
2271T136145Caramia Love Potion ESPS134
2271T154247TPetteycats Kilimanjaro NEMC134
2271T152247TBroadsway Firepaw of Royallions SEMC134
2271T58765Taurus Oliva of Raszputyin ENSB134
2271T17327Blackcreekbobis Smidgeon SCPB134
2271T1104Reddazzle BC Wazzdapoint MPLP134
2278T137T47Dante House Tzaruchka ESHI133
2278T588T249Applause Mr Niceguy ENMC133
2278T166361TDivasden Kashia of Albeng GLBG133
2278T588T27Stedam Blue Monday of Rumfoldru ENAS133
2278T137T361TDazzledots Exclusive Sanjay ESBG133
2278T588T115Jofra's Skippy of Hunnybears/ID ENBS133
2284T591T363Rosebob Snowman ENBG132
2284T72T245Rags2riches Stephanie SARD132
2284T18765ZZpaws Evangeline NWBI132
2284T591T250Ruskita Sakima Zeus ENMC132
2284T72T146Magienoire Maria Sem Vergonha SAPS132
2284T25228Lapisamber Beatrice AAAS132
2290T1876Kindredheart Good Luck Charm SWKT131
2290T59366Aylpurrtona Reddy Teddy ENBI131
2290T174147Vonleibchens Tinkerbelle SCPS131
2293T155116Darius Blue Vernissage NEBS130
2293T253251Dabucathausu Riku AAMC130
2295T17571Marleevo Big Kahuna of Trends SCES129
2295T156246TBellapalazzo Katerina NERD129
2295T106246TChicrags Bartholomew Cubbins MARD129
2298188364Sehnsational Cheerlettah SWBG128
2299T594T252TKititas Paul Newmaine ENMC127
2299T139252TCimarosa Des Coons Du Chassin ESMC127
2299T254T106Fearyring Zizi AANF127
2299T254T248TFairymoon Emma Petit of Holybabe AARD127
2299T15799Barecats Miss Pency NESX127
2299T594T117Bluegenerations Midnight Angel ENBS127
2299T594T248TSunrisedolls Fendi My Fairytale ENRD127
2299T17672Grimper Kevin of Monarquiapersa SCES127
2307T158365TBengalair Colette Ma Cherie NEBG126
2307T107100Skyshasphynx Prince Caspian MASX126
2307T74254Jatulmejubad Amigo SAMC126
2307T188111Nightmist Stardust of Abydale NWAB126
2307T167365TPurrlawnrouge Secret Weapon GLBG126
2312T597T367TAzanabengals Tai Lung of Murenacat ENBG125
2312T15966Kotyonok Raskov of Catafay NESB125
2312T597T255Selivestr Arturia ENMC125
2312T168367TDivasden Mochachina GLBG125
2312T153250Pidepipurr von Ritter SERD125
2312T25635Marchhare N Uno AABU125
2318T1773Bayouash Jippsey Rose SCAW124
2318T16911Littlebittykiti Suzy Q GLMK124
2318T599T369Lieutenant Starbuck ENBG124
2318T599T256Big Brother Perfect Cat ENMC124
2322T601T257TWoodpile Mister Beauregard ENMC123
2322T160T112Abyroad Saahmoon NEAB123
2322T160T257TAderondak Sterling Silver Moon NEMC123
2322T601T118Lelaurier Asyoulikeit ENBS123
2326603148Hadfields Chip Leader ENPS122
2327T604107Felis Optatus Viola Tricolor ENNF121
2327T189T16Minksancurls Jessica Fletcher SWTO121
2327T189T370TZazen Imperial Dragon SWBG121
2327T178370TCheetahsden Tsiara SCBG121
2327T11138Bellezza Melody of Arpeggio MPSO121
2327T257259Lachance Minami AAMC121
2333T605T260Finfayola Dallas ENMC120
2333T605T20Kennaz Sunna of Katzenhof ENSG120
2333T14073Lelija Hearts Desire ESES120
2333T17067Basilicblessing Cece Charisse GLSB120
2333T258372Tipard La Dona Giselle of Medusa AABG120
2338T607T119Kimcatz Luey Boo ENBS119
2338T607T261Kirkoonz Celtic Spirit ENMC119
2338T19114Eeyaa American Idol SWTG119
2338T259149Hitomihoenix Daisy AAPS119
234275373Moulinrouge Billion Dollar Baby SABG118
2343T609T108TTrappistini Angaidh ENNF117
2343T609T67Sweet Candy Candy Song Hio ENBI117
2343T189150Unobelgatto Versace of Dreamhimi NWPS117
2343T609T374Mainstreet Maximus ENBG117
2343T76251Darius Zeus Els Quatre Gats/ID SARD117
2343T260T262AesopYY Remi Martin AAMC117
2343T179113Cattrekker Flying Fox SCAB117
2343T260T108TCatsai's Maju of Moukohan AANF117
2351T154151McKatsfancy Monkey Charmed SEPS116
2351T262252Farandoll Ponyo of Fairymoon AARD116
2351T612T68Amisti Takla Makan ENBI116
2351T19017Touch O Katz Tom Tom of Cocoaspride NWEM116
2351T612T120Honeybears Over The Rainbow ENBS116
2351T19228Specialagent Covert Operative SWPB116
23576149Champion Pippastro Pink Panther ENBA115
2358T193375Kalanikats Amber Glow SWBG114
2358T16268Akila Natasha of Silversnow NESB114
2360141110Granboet's Lily Marlen/FI ESNF113
2361T615T376TGlitterglam Phantasy of Giradelle ENBG112
2361T615T152Uliss White Rose ENPS112
2361T171376TTecspot Lyra Wyss of Starkittie GLBG112
2364T191114Nightmist Fiery Vixen of Abydale NWAB111
2364T617263Peppermountz Pepsi of Wizardcats ENMC111
2366T163253Kasseldolls Klarissa NERD110
2366T77153Coventgarden Mamiko SAPS110
2368T112378Bengalgarden Calla Lily MPBG109
2368T19415Eeyaa Heart Strings SWTG109
2368T263154Tussiemussie First Lady AAPS109
2371T16474Sunsoar Too Cute For Words NEES108
2371T618111Noynarock Rhyanna ENNF108
2371T195379Exoticrose Roshan of Sehnsational SWBG108
2374T172380Albeng Ghost Rider GLBG107
2374T264264Guardianangel Cheer Girl AAMC107
2374T155254Riterags Sweet Sensation SERD107
2377T619T14Dreamsong Yahont of Radiantcat ENOC106
2377T619T121Althalus Ellias Herald ENBS106
2377T16515Franciscan Lion of Judah/ID NESF106
2377T180381Ohmy Sugar Plum SCBG106
2377T11352Raksha Sherkina Sidamo MPOS106
2377T619T101Streakers Susumu ENSX106
2383T156112Kopjekaat Christopher Hugosson SENF105
2383T196255Sweetshadow Spirit of Echoglen SWRD105
2383T10869Rossity Timur of Sibirskaja MASB105
2383T16619Klazeekats Blue Diamond NEPD105
2387T16770Rossity Moroshka of Tobolsk NESB104
2387T622T53Schimmel Diablos Daughter ENOS104
2387T622T256Chatandolls Trufl of Rasasayangrags ENRD104
2390T109382TLegacie Next Top Model MABG103
2390T157382TMillwood Lyric SEBG103
2392T142113Cleopatre de Wood Lake ESNF102
2392T173257Bluegrasrags Joy of Adorablerags GLRD102
2392T197384Gogees Kool Daze of Abambu SWBG102
2395T624T114Trappistini Marikki Anja ENNF101
2395T624T14Munchkinlane Milton P Hershey ENML101
2397T168155Jemtock Iris NEPS100
2397T114258Riterags My Monsieur Lepurr Blessng MPRD100
2399143265Belphegore de Gryffondor/ID ESMC99
2400T626T115Elbereth Cocochanel ENAB98
2400T626T385Silverglam Cameron ENBG98
2402T198386Goldenmagi Beautiful Dreamer SWBG97
2402T628115Thorbjornpus Lord Rahl ENNF97
2404T629T16Sakaho Memphis Belle ENSF96
2404T169266Loverboy Rocky of Kitywhiskers NEMC96
2404T629T12Pointocurl Kiwi ENAL96
2407T63175Beautiful Faramir of Flamestars/CF ENES95
2407T19216Lakemountain Jasper NWTG95
2407T78122Gatopardo Linux of Happycathouse SABS95