This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 27 May 2008.

RankKitten Standings 2008: 1002-1200
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1002T93107Dynamicragdolls Whiskey Sour SCRD690
1002T98144Purrbodies Aiedail SWBG690
100475133Blazinarrow Isildur of Tremethick MAMC689
100588134Oldestage Jossies Whale NEMC687
1006T93145Bengalscape Tutankhamun GLBG685
1006T9430Ouijakatz Moria of Ksnorskatt SCNF685
1008109135Rowanridge Eli of Hookedoncoons NWMC683
10099427Bagira Willafried of Boobella GLES682
101099108Echoglen Mireya Sunshine SWRD681
101180136Ossoarer Forte AAMC679
1012T11027Zeedaz Pogumen Opica NWSI678
1012T8131Dorrymama Caspar of Herbalmeow AANF678
10149528Adobe Topper SCSI677
1015T82T32Joliequeue Luca AANF675
1015T82T137Williamina Astro Boy of Kirdcoon AAMC675
1017T100T29Sarsenstone Jet Teausson SWSI674
1017T100T14Pikespeak Dona Isabel SWOC674
101996146Bengalmanor Mister Darcy SCBG673
1020T975Aledo Ulu Kartopu SCTV671
1020T8048Alexy Gypsy Rose SEAB671
1020T111147Gogees Tamika of Junglejem NWBG671
1023T157138Noemi of Usacoons/Id ENMC670
1023T81148Drinkwater Sunbeam SEBG670
1025T8233Winterfyre Serrafina of Hattkatts SENF667
1025T11224Dreamhimi A Star Is Born NWHI667
1025T986Kayserai Inci SCTV667
1028158139Moonrakers Papa Noel ENMC665
1029T89T40Advent Hill Henley NEBS664
1029T89T72Radzacatz Calliope NEPS664
1029T95109Keepurrs Skyler GLRD664
1032113149Dazzledots Extreme Knockout NWBG663
1033T10221Dzrtnite Eskimo Pie SWBI662
1033T74150Bangles Louis Cyphre MPBG662
1035T159T151TPurebliss Curtain Call ENBG659
1035T159T151TPurebliss Kukiko of Ajooba ENBG659
1037T114140Woodpile Willow NWMC657
1037T9135Mythmakers Azizah NESX657
10393749Ladifference Cicciolina ESAB655
1040T995Minusdetails Guccis Legacy SCCY654
1040T84141Lachance Keisuke AAMC654
1042T2941Lionsneeze Ciboulette SABS653
1042T161153Junglecubz Lara Croft ENBG653
1042T10031Vonleibchens Daisy Mae SCSB653
104596154Tecspot Bishop of Albeng GLBG650
1046115110Catnip Haley Marie NWRD649
1047T16210Sarikakings Amilynd Spring ENSR648
1047T8511Vert Ariel AARB648
1049T163155Blissnmore Painted Lady ENBG646
1049T83111Riterags In Your Dreams SERD646
105192142Mainleyclassic Katherine Hepburn NEMC645
105216436Misfits Tea For Two ENSX644
1053165156Batifoleurs Marblerose ENBG643
105438143Moulincrecy Captain J ESMC642
10559314Beauchador Shakira NEAS641
105616632Alexandrite Drusilla Mishka ENSB640
105786112Laladoll Jog Sage AARD639
105816733Kiskasiberians Gem ENSB638
1059T11622Evergreen Colordo Shoshone NWPB637
1059T76157PSBengals Prodigy of Indiancreek MABG637
1061T101T144Coonopry Haggard SCMC636
1061T101T8Kurlipurrz Maestro SCSL636
1063T94113Bellapalazzo Joliee NERD635
1063T16837Woozles Joseywales ENSX635
1065778Magicbobs Wooly Bully of Deercreek MABB634
1066T75114TFurreal Bella Nina MPRD633
1066T103114TRockcreek Walking On Sunshine SWRD633
1068T1173Ittybittypaws Valenteeno Pawtootie NWMK630
1068T8438Smoothies Say It Isnt Soso SESX630
107010423Alpinelegend Hard Rock SWPB628
1071T95T34Tazkatz Pertsovka of Khamsin NESB627
1071T95T158Boulderridge 2 Hot 2 Handle NEBG627
1073T105116Mendelian Henry SWRD625
1073T85159TKoppiekatz Custom Image Jr SEBG625
1073T76159TLakemountain Sierra Blanca MPBG625
107686161Tailwinds Captain Incredible SEBG624
1077T10634Sassafraskat Frihet of Macchaskog SWNF620
1077T10350Bo-Kitty's McDreamie SCAB620
107977162Gogees Newswurthy of Snopride MPBG618
108087117Laledolls Lalique of Rags2riches SERD617
1081T87118Carolcollection Lucy of Angelarrow AARD615
1081T9735Ymir Rak Kandy GLNF615
1083781Arohanui BC Smoke On The Water MPLS613
108498163Divasden Phantom of Leopardfuzz GLBG610
1085T16911Sarikakings Amilynd Flossy ENSR607
1085T3913Lovelylynx Peaseblossom ESSO607
1087T97164Cukkla Genie In A Bottle NEBG606
1087T88145Lachance Mizuki AAMC606
1089T9815Beauchador Guizmo of Sirpoilu NEAS603
1089T10439Velvetwrinkles Ditto SCSX603
10911706Pointocurl Bruce Willis ENAL602
1092T171T42Passion of The Lilac Star/Id ENBS601
1092T171T146Mabalakat Cleopatra ENMC601
109411873Arrowlakes Cascading Lights NWPS600
109589119Proud Mamechibi AARD598
10967935Starberian Chantlylace of Bewitched MPSB597
109710728Rarebreed Lady Guinevere SWES596
10989943Alcmena Sweet Kate NEBS590
1099T80120Celestrail Sebastian MPRD589
1099T7814Rampageous Stemmeblu of Desertmoon MASO589
110110074Shaynacats Daddys Lil Girl Jacklina NEPS588
1102882Graffiticat Lolita SEBH586
110399165Albeng Sweet Tabatha GLBG583
1104T11928Zeedaz Blue Velvet NWOS582
1104T173147TLuipinacoons Lara Croft ENMC582
1104T90147TCanon Hanako AAMC582
1107913Yukiusagi Seiya AAJL581
11081204Susitna Ladys Katja NWHB578
110912122ZZpaws Da Mouse NWBI574
11101229Kitti Kat Batman of Dramatails NWSL573
111112323ZZpaws Endeavour NWBI572
1112T174166Korshki Back To The Future ENBG570
1112T101121Brightstone Chirochino Luque NERD570
111489167Zendada Sun Dancer of Bahiya SEBG566
1115175168Glitterglam Clarence ENBG565
111681122Furreal Streakers Mariya MPRD564
1117T40169TCalanda Keora ESBG562
1117T124169TMajesticpride Sterling of Wildcharm NWBG562
1119100171Birchbark Domino Pips GLBG559
1120T101123TCelestrail Ranger of Angelheart GLRD557
1120T17629Caprimoon's Roslynn of Mr Bean's/Id ENES557
1120T82123TRivercityrags Big Kahuna MPRD557
1123T83172TAluren Star Power of Snopride MPBG556
1123T177172TZawadi Sade ENBG556
112592125Cas-Sus Aslan of Rokka/Fi AARD555
1126T90T149Mysticoon Glenmorangie SEMC554
1126T90T174Azanabengals Adonis of Bluewater SEBG554
1126T1789Lorrentino Tiger-Lily/Gc ENDR554
1129T17915Juliecat Sweet As Chocolate ENOC553
1129T102175Albeng Lacerta of Starkittie GLBG553
1131T10330Synergy Latif GLSI552
1131T180176Spotagious Ladybee ENBG552
1133T1059Qttonks Charity SCTO549
1133T10430Dreamquete Fire And Ice GLES549
113512515Nightrox Some Like It Hot NWSO544
1136795Munchlets Rascal Dazzle MAML542
1137T105T126TCelestrail Lucinda P Eliot GLRD541
1137T10831TVelpaws Sweet Revenge SWSI541
1137T105T31TSavuti Misa of Sanmaurs GLSI541
1137T92126TRiterags Truly Scrumtious SERD541
1141126128Whiterockrags Roxanne of Ridgerags NWRD539
114280177Jungletrax Rose Petal MABG538
1143T10633Radiance Bailimos of Sholine SCSI537
1143T107178Wildisle Spin A Dream GLBG537
1143T812Mistyblue Obi Wan MAKT537
11468440Nakedvalley Lightning Stryke MPSX535
1147181150Katmea Cinema ENMC534
114812724Legendtales Louis Vuitton NWPB532
114918251Abychat Missteak ENAB530
115082179Bengaland Venetian Goddess MABG529
115110225Felival Liberace In Lilac NEHI528
1152T85129Furreal Promesa MPRD527
1152T109180TEncore Prince Tigather SWBG527
1152T93180TBengalpride Penny Lane SEBG527
1155T30130Kasseldolls Giulietta of Capriccio SARD526
1155T9312Bluewind Flower AARB526
1157T183182Xclusive X Factor of Suntouched ENBG525
1157T94T131Bambini Hillary of Reddoor AARD525
1157T94T13Vert Pismo AARB525
116010736Soonerstate Oscakhan Kuznetskalatau SCSB524
1161T9414Katrusca Silver Belle of Rubanthom SERB522
1161T184183Glitterglam Bangles ENBG522
11638644Foxall Vernonia of Excalibur MPBS521
1164T185T16Wildroads All That Jazz ENSO520
1164T185T184Glitterglam Ooh La La ENBG520
1166128185Exoticrose Island Girl NWBG517
1167T129151TAhwannacoon Brook of Bigrivercoon NWMC516
1167T108151TNascat Gitty Up Go of Valnika SCMC516
1169T87186Sierragold Jungle Odyssey MPBG515
1169T4129Cattycats Mushu My Gift ESOS515
1171T8810Natsugoro Ijkalaka MPSL514
1171T8341Destynys Skindred Spirit MASX514
11731039Autumsun Xena of Angelbobs NEBB513
1174109187Balicats Silver Shadow SCBG512
117511025Rockstar Blondie SWPB511
117684132Dollheaven Incredibly Debonair MARD510
117711137Twocomrades Marina SWSB509
1178T96188Zephyros Rocky AABG508
1178T130133Cashmererags Stiletto NWRD508
1180T9736Meane Riesling AANF507
1180T1105Magnoliachat Chaka Diva Divine SCPD507
1180T112189Legacie Pawsitive Energy SWBG507
118398153Ossoarer Shumari AAMC506
11849917Azumacats Makoto AASO505
1185T100134Farandoll Poseidon of Alice AARD504
1185T13110Rainingrexes Rainier NWDR504
1185T11130Bonsikatz Tequila Talkin SCOS504
1188T187T154Coontessential Freedom ENMC502
1188T101135TDivinelove Madonna Blue Auslese AARD502
1188T187T135TParadiesquell Yadira of Faelinis ENRD502
1191T104T10Nitesongs Hercules of Angelbobs NEBB501
1191T4275Cerise ESPS501
1191T104T31Berryhille Bubblbutt of Cristalcats NEES501
119485137Chicrags Sir Alaric MARD500
1195189155Tuscaloosa Im Neniel of Ynyswitrin ENMC499
119610631Suemc Chaps NEOS498
1197T89190Snopride Touchofclass MPBG497
1197T19012Lelaurier Cowboy Boots ENSR497
119919142Opusone Mr Sunshine of Merloni ENSX495
1200T192156Apollocoon Ellorian ENMC494
1200T11237Katpenn Stjernebrann SCNF494

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