This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 27 May 2008.

RankHousehold Pet Kitten Standings 2008: 1-200
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
11Drops O Jupiter of Cristalcats NE6391
21Courtney MA6302
31Furarri MP6203
41April of Kingsransom GL6128
52Annie GL5979
61Miss Pixie2magic SW5934
72Miss Lacey SW5914
82Daddys Lil Memory of Marbleglen MA5886
93Painted Pony SW5874
102Salt City Sadie of Purfur MP5870
111Silvr Nugget of Luvpurrs SE5798
122Purrhiss Hilton NE5777
133Red Rocket Express MA5690
14T4TGarth MA5682
14T4TFiona MA5682
162Ga Marlos A Caribbean Breeze SE5542
176Furla MA5533
187Hunter MA5492
193Legolas MP5477
201Ay Chihuahua of Txnkats SC5409
213B J of Pentaclecats NE5405
224Spencer NE5342
238Saber MA5264
243Troubleshooter SE5263
259Miss Vivian MA5248
264Bayou Silver Bell SE5247
274Maggie MP5193
282Embers And Fire SC5128
291Fruity Pebbles of Dramatails NW5057
305Delilah MP5051
315Bear Bear SE4950
325Nicole RRR Itchy NE4838
3310Gandalf The White of Luvpurrs MA4711
342Swarte Piet of Alleykatz NW4518
3511Menolly Miracle MA4431
363Rio Hondo NW4422
376Poly D of Graffiticat SE4418
384Paperbag Princess of Alleykatz NW4397
3912Mia Feral MA4393
407Hershey SE4391
413Wylie GL4387
426Chicopee Ma NE4338
435Jennymanydots of Alleykatz NW4334
448Hambone SE4328
453Tilly of Ittybittypaws SC4271
464Maximilian GL4235
479Corwyn SE4157
484Lil Giz SW4145
497James NE4142
508Tiger Lily of Klassykittens NE4137
515Dolly SW4104
526Miss Little Dee SW4078
539Dangerous Ninja Throwing Kitty NE4056
547Hot Shot SW4046
55T5Touched By An Angel GL4004
55T8Ashley SW4004
5710Sundance Kid Aka Junior SE3998
589Last Straw of Specialagent SW3971
596Solara GL3966
6010Cold Fusion SW3964
614Ms Ooh La La of Ringletranch SC3963
627Heath GL3959
635French Manicure of Txnkats SC3930
646A Classic Mr Hottie SC3853
6511Little Bear SW3835
6611Lil Stewart SE3833
678Aay Jay Sook GL3832
68T7TRowdy SC3775
68T7TLady Elektra SC3775
709Montero GL3758
716Casey of Alleykatz NW3735
7212Penny of Goldenmagi SW3608
7312Beebop Baluebop Shes My Baby SE3597
7413Domino Effect MA3569
757Aleksei of Alleykatz NW3553
7613Mad Madam Mim SE3552
7713Batman SW3548
7810Odyssey Akchanohk GL3518
7911Peashot GL3390
801Noranyans Papasu of Medusa AA3377
8112Sleeping Beauty GL3372
828Jellybean NW3350
8313Aria of Dreamquete GL3345
841Secret Liaison Hally EN3325
852Salami AA3300
869Peek A Boo Eye See You of Txnkats SC3197
8710Say Hello To My Little Friend SC3188
882Tigertim Viking Warrior EN3181
8914Maxine of Tremethick MA3143
9015No Jacket Required MA3101
9116Pennie Lane of Mysticpurrz MA3098
9211Filthy McNasty of Kidori SC3088
9314Megatron GL2857
9415Jazz of Dreamquete GL2852
9516Indee GL2818
9610Malek NE2809
9714Petite Mamselle of Snowangels SW2801
9811Sephora of Radzacatz NE2742
9912Justin Thyme NE2703
10013Butterfly Kisses NE2679
10117Quatro GL2662
1023Amadeus EN2660
10314Bayou Oliver SE2657
10414Maeve NE2625
10515Joshua NE2560
10616Skiddles of Superdolls NE2533
10715Bunni SE2515
10815Elf SW2472
10916Chester SE2455
11016Sampson of Marblerose SW2450
11118Beatrice GL2415
1129Cinnamon Mini Buns of Dramatails NW2363
11317Im Not A Tonkabob of Luvpurrs SE2353
1146Wikkit MP2350
11510Paisley NW2309
11618Owen Hobo SE2273
11719Mandy GL2247
11817Pornchai Varuna of Sarsenstone SW2243
1191Danyshi of Aasgardians SA2240
12017Killer Bee of Rugrunners MA2237
12120Thing2 GL2204
12221Firebolt GL2203
123T17Tsunami NE2192
123T18Lacy P Willow SW2192
1252Branca de Neve SA2191
126T22Princess GL2177
126T19Motorhead SE2177
12820Nibbles Hobo SE2176
1294Cippora EN2162
13019Sparkle Plenty SW2160
13121Nighty Hobo SE2154
13223Andy GL2148
13311Felix NW2130
13424Andrew GL2111
13522Brianna SE2097
13612Bumblebea NW2045
13720Lisa of Goldenmagi SW2026
13825Gene GL2024
1397Abracatdabra of Mystquefelines MP1978
14013Flutterbaby NW1946
14123Jeffie SE1902
14224Julius Hobo SE1901
14312Sobakasu Mushi of Txnkats SC1882
14413Baron McNasty of Kidori SC1879
14525Noah SE1875
14618Ticket To Ride MA1869
1475Stella EN1863
14826Bayou Blueberry Pie SE1857
14914Mr Blue Purrs SC1837
15019Dahlia MA1835
15126Snowcone GL1819
15215Mommas Lil Loverboy SC1815
15316Esmeralda of Annbirwaves SC1804
15427Ernie SE1781
15520Jenna MA1776
15628Andrew Hobo SE1766
15717Buddy SC1750
15814Tumbleweed NW1748
15915Snickers NW1746
16029Scooter Pooter SE1743
16127Wolfie GL1731
16221CJ MA1726
16322Cigar MA1714
16423Devil of Rugrunners MA1710
16518Sire Nayoumi NE1709
16630Clartice SE1704
16716Doodle Bug NW1688
16824Baby Bluebelle MA1687
16918Dressed For The Ball SC1683
17028Buster GL1643
17117Serget NW1638
17219Black Diamond NE1626
1736Zephiepayne Harmony EN1624
17419Penny Purrsalot of Surcats SC1602
17520Master Chase NE1599
17618Mango NW1594
17729Wiskers GL1593
17820Emily of Ittybittypaws SC1591
17921Bigoudie NE1588
1808Tamale MP1580
1819Basil MP1572
18219Smudge NW1571
18331Pledgor SE1561
18420Goofee Twister NW1549
185T21TJack of Victorian NW1539
185T21TFinnigan of Alleykatz NW1539
185T25Autumn of Rugrunners MA1539
18826Sir Whyle of Rugrunners MA1528
18921Tigris of Pawsabilitys SC1527
19022Zoya of Geocats SC1525
19132Cupcake With Icing SE1511
1923Betina of Deabaete SA1510
19323Prince Harry NW1506
19424Peanut NW1482
19533Bayou Bucane SE1479
19623Charmaine of Velvetwrinkles SC1474
197T27Razamataz MA1473
197T10Ginger MP1473
197T25CHCS Bon Gee NW1473
20030Kiki GL1472

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